Review of Eurowings flight Berlin Düsseldorf in Economy

Airline Eurowings
Flight EW9053
Class Economy
Seat 23F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 15 Nov 21, 15:45
Arrival at 15 Nov 21, 16:45
EW   #5 out of 18 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 76 reviews
By 540
Published on 5th December 2021

Hello everyone, welcome to another trip report! On November 15, 2021, I flew Eurowings from Berlin to Düsseldorf, after a 4-weeks vacation in the beautiful capital city of Germany. I come from a suburb outside of Düsseldorf, which is why I fly there whenever I visit relatives. I had a wonderful and unforgettable time in Berlin and was a bit sad to leave, but I was also looking forward to the flight and to see family members again! I hope you enjoy this report! :)

photo 8a9e47d8-73e4-4bec-b817-8761436a4e89

Enjoying one of my last nights in Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate.

photo fa633823-c2e1-4a8d-b55c-2d1bd323bcda

A walk along the Spree river is definitely a must when visiting Berlin! Here you also get some nice views of the Reichstag! :)

photo e5a094be-aa6c-42fd-bbef-c5b6274ea34a

Alright, time to get to the flying part! I know this page is actually supposed to contain airplane pictures only, but I thought that it might be interesting for you to see some impressions of Berlin as well. :) I love taking pictures and it is always fun to share them with everyone! :) My aircraft for this roughly one-hour flight was an Airbus A320, a twin-jet airliner, which is specifically designed for short-to medium-range flights. The very first Airbus A320 was delivered in 1988 and was the first civil aircraft with a fly-by-wire system. 
To be more specific, this Airbus was an Airbus A320neo, designed with ‘‘Sharklets“. NEO stands for New Engine Option and means that this Aircraft is 15% more fuel-efficient than the previous models.

photo 679caf75-8e2a-4d64-b491-047fb7827022

Boarding started at around 3pm. Since the aircraft was parked a little further away from the terminal, we were taken there by bus and boarded via stairs. I was lucky to get a window seat! :) My seat was 23F, which is behind the right wing. As you can see, the weather was not very nice, and I was looking forward to see the sun very soon, which is one of my favorite things about flying. No matter what the weather is on the ground, you always get to see the sun! :)

photo 5ceeb966-1f3d-40e9-94d5-714c85175590

I found this funny! :D Luckily, I never need a puke bag, and it would be bad if I did, because I am in flight school and want to be a pilot. I have never been a nervous flyer and have never gotten sick in the air, but I still like to read what it says on the bag, because airlines can come up with the funniest phrases! :)

photo c5cf80a5-0c4a-43f5-9775-3a962162d9f9photo 2d8d017c-cbd4-440e-a35c-fadf655490ec

The flight was pretty empty and I had several seats to myself. This has probably to do with the pandemic, and airlines try to keep multiple seats vacant.

photo 9d86a7fc-444a-473d-b831-68f1bb00c2c5

Pushback started a little after 3:30pm, which was our scheduled departure time, but the flight time was expected to be less than an hour, so we would still land on time. We also had a relatively short taxi to the runway, which was Runway 07 Left.

photo 165a1ed8-dce2-4aae-82e5-17f247879875

As a student pilot, I am able to view airport and weather charts and even create realistic flight plans. As you probably know, pilots use iPads nowadays to save on paper and reduce workload. The app that is very popular to use is called ForeFlight. This app truly works wonders as it makes all of the calculations for you. I have taken a picture of the airport map of Berlin Brandenburg, where you can also see our path from the tarmac to the runway (red line).

photo 13ac4142-7325-4dd9-b930-f9cbd28935ed

On our way to the runway I got to see some other well-known airlines, such as this Lufthansa Airbus A320neo. I am hoping to fly for Lufthansa some day, but I also apply for other European airlines to have more options. In the distance you can see two Ryanair Boeing 737s as well as another Eurowings Airbus A320.

photo 8b1bea6e-c1d4-4779-8f46-ff156c0234a5photo 39ac2996-e9ff-4b01-964c-076bc0b909e5

At around 3:40pm local time we lined up on runway 07 Left and immediately received clearance for takeoff. As you can see it was a bit foggy, which is why the lights were on. At night or in fog, when the visibility is limited, these lights are very helpful. Back in the old days, at the very beginning of aviation, airplanes used to fly only when the weather was good, until technology became more advanced.

photo d07abf08-b788-451c-b650-08b15b1e7bdc

Bye bye, Berlin! :)

photo a21982b1-e14d-4eab-824e-35c403118a96

Down there is the Autobahn A113, which connects the city center of Berlin with the airport.

photo 9b49c8cc-f841-4f21-ad2f-bc351a06bb8f

Climbing out of the clouds and finally seeing some sunlight. :)

photo dcb14100-4e5b-43aa-a1d5-51e85fb29230

We reached our cruising altitude about 20 minutes after takeoff. The flight attendants offered some snacks and beverages for a small price, but I decided not to order anything. I just listened to some music while enjoying the breathtaking view. :)

photo f0fba741-70d8-4a52-864b-2772197c9b07

A while later, the First Officer made an announcement and updated us on the progress of the flight as well as the weather conditions in Düsseldorf. He told us that we were presently flying over Hannover, which is in the state of Lower Saxony; about half-way between Berlin and Düsseldorf. The weather there was a bit misty, with a temperature of 7 degrees Celsius (44 degrees Fahrenheit). Typical German weather. :)

photo 82e927e6-1f7f-41ce-9914-5298f6415585

As the sun started to set, we commenced our descent into Düsseldorf. As you can see, it was just overcast skies, and I tried to enjoy every minute of seeing the sun. :)

photo 86c60962-5161-4386-bcb8-b0f3ee3c8c6d

Starting to make some turns. We expected a landing on runway 05 Right, which points to the northeast, just where we were coming from. So we had to fly past the runway and then make a couple of turns to the left to line up. This type of approach is called a
´´left downwind“:

photo 675d8d66-b464-407d-8fb1-3d0c2c89b34bphoto 194c6af0-79cd-4d50-b3a3-f95c685d317d

Enjoying the sun for a few more minutes before descending into the clouds… :)

photo 0ce12450-da28-41c9-a058-6a1cfb1f5332photo 0a935314-bd51-41ee-8634-b843f099fc8f

Here is a video of our landing in Düsseldorf. I hope you enjoy! :) Please also take the time to visit my YouTube channel and have a look at my other travel videos. :)

photo 372c71f7-8953-4d7d-9f7f-ae6238fb1f19

We landed in Düsseldorf at about 4:45pm and parked at Terminal A. Because of the pandemic, everyone had to remain seated until their row was called up. Since I was in row 23, it took a few minutes until I could get up and disembark, but this was my only flight for the day, so I had plenty of time. :)

photo f3d6881f-6cc7-4b7f-ac8c-9d0ee566e3c8
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Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu7.0

Berlin - BER


Düsseldorf - DUS



I really enjoyed this flight, even though it was pretty short. When it comes to Eurowings and their overall performance, I would say that I would fly them again, although they could improve on on-time performance. It is also true that, just like with any low-cost airline, they only allow one checked luggage and a small carry-on that must not be bigger than 40x20cm. Since I only had a small bag about this size, I didn‘t have any problems, but during boarding, I saw passengers not aware of this policy and they started complaining. In the end, they agreed to pay an extra fee to be able to take their carry-on bags onto the aircraft.
Just be careful when you book on a low-cost carrier, and be sure to carefully read their guidelines!
Other than that, I would say Eurowings is okay. :)



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  • Comment 588288 by
    flyLars 56 Comments
    Hallo Yannick,
    Nice report and definitely cool that you added some pictures of Berlin at the beginning. Though it would have been better if you had added pictures of the new Berlin airport, too and not directly started at boarding.
    To be more specific, this Airbus was an Airbus A320neo, designed with ‘‘Sharklets“. NEO stands for New Engine Option and means that this Aircraft is 15% more fuel-efficient than the previous models.

    The information are correct, but your plane was definitely not a NEO, but yes an A320-2 SL, which means a normal A320 CEO with Sharklets. Eurowings doesn't even have NEOs in their fleet.
    • Comment 588548 by
      Yannick AUTHOR 14 Comments
      Glad you liked my report! :) Thanks for the advice regarding pictures of the airport. I will do that next time. :) Thank you also for the clarification regarding the aircraft type! My mistake. :)
  • Comment 588302 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6346 Comments
    Hi Yannick, thanks for sharing another report!

    Cool to see a review of Eurowings since we don't get too many. When I saw 10 for cabin comfort I thought...that can't be right?...and then I saw you had a whole row for yourself, which is always nice! That hasn't happened on domestic flight here in the US since the beginning of the pandemic. Flights are absolutely packed now,

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 588549 by
      Yannick AUTHOR 14 Comments
      Hi Kévin, thanks for your comment, I am glad that you enjoyed my report! :) Yes, I gave Eurowings a 10 for cabin comfort, because I was really satisfied with legroom and all of that. I was actually surprised to experience this on a low-cost airline! It is definitely enjoyable to have an entire row for yourself, and, I might also add, no screaming kid on board, haha.
      Thank you and take care! :)

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