Review of Lufthansa flight Frankfurt Palma De Mallorca in Business

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH1152
Class Business
Seat 88A
Aircraft Boeing 747-8I
Flight time 02:05
Take-off 07 Aug 21, 10:20
Arrival at 07 Aug 21, 12:25
LH   #60 out of 92 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1561 reviews
By 801
Published on 28th December 2021

Hello everyone !

In June, everywhere on social networks was announced a strong demand to the island of Palma de Mallorca for the coming summer, as well as the setting up by Lufthansa of jumbo jet on 4 Saturdays during the summer, with the 747 from FRA.

The opportunity to travel in business on 747 will not come soon, since these devices are positioned on long-haul destinations.

Go to FRA

Waking up at 5AM, then after a road without traffic jams on the roads of Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse, I arrived shortly before 7AM at FRA and left my car in the parking, at the online price of 29€ for the weekend .

photo img_4759

I have to follow the signs to T1 where the Lufthansa flights depart.

photo img_4761photo img_4763

For LH, you have to go down to the right!

photo img_4765

I finally arrive in the terminal where there are quite a few people, but I don't think as much as in the summer of 2019.

photo img_4766

The beautiful FIDS from Frankfurt ;)

photo img_4767

I go to the check in to have my boarding pass. The agent check my vaccination certificate and QR code for Spain.

photo img_4768

Now let's go to security check.

photo img_4769

Today I can use the Gold Track.

photo img_4770

Then you have to go through the duty free.

photo img_4771photo img_4773

The lounge

To comply with the health regulations in force in this region, you will need to show an up-to-date PCR test or vaccination to access the lounge and register on the Luca application or complete a paper form.

photo img_4774

We found a quiet place in the lounge.

photo img_4779

With a view of the planes.

photo img_4781photo img_4778

It's time to discover what the lounge has to offer in the morning.

Bananas and sweet drinks, I haven't tried the beer. 

photo img_4784

And here, bretzel, candy…

photo img_4785

Yoghurt and fruit salad.

photo img_4786

And here, ham and cheese sandwich. They also had eggs and mushrooms on a hot offer.

photo img_4787

My choice for this morning.

photo img_4788-69394

A man appears with a trolley, he passes in the lounge and offers goodies to passengers, to thank them for traveling with Lufthansa after this period of restrictions.

photo img_4790

Here I am the happy owner of a beautiful LH gourd and a remove before flight :)

photo img_4791-93212


We leave the living room, to go to the gate, and take some pictures on the way.

photo img_4793

This A350, are going to Seattle.

photo img_4794photo img_4804

Many 747 are on the gates, that's impressive.

photo img_4806photo img_4807photo img_4808

This A330 come from Dallas.

photo img_4815

Before the door, again goodies, card games for children and sunglasses are distributed as well as an ice cream, all to get in the atmosphere of Palma.

photo img_4817

And now, the Queen of the sky for this flight, Several people photograph this beautiful plane.

On bord

It's time for boarding !

photo img_4827photo img_4830

Big nose for the 747.

photo img_4831

Very warm welcome at the door, the cabin crew seemed very enthusiastic about this flight!

photo img_4834photo img_4835photo img_4836

After climbing the stairs, arrived at my seat. The cabin on the upper deck has the impression of being in a small plane only equipped with Business seats, and makes the flight even more exclusive and intimate.

photo img_4840

The IFE is not very modern. It will only be used for geovision for this flight.

Boarding completed !

photo img_4858-52608

Ready for take off !

The cabin was full at the upper deck.

photo img_4904

time to eat !

After take off, the trolley arrives.

photo img_4917

The distributed by the flight attendant. Two kinds of bread were offered, baguette bread or whatever I chose, hot cheese bread.

photo img_4918

The plate consists of a small salad of potatoes, slices of ham and grilled vegetables.

photo img_4921-23805

The dessert, a mousse with pieces of pistachio and a passion fruit coulis.

photo img_4919-31888

Belgian chocolate.

photo img_4924

Cheers !

photo img_4928

We cross the Mediterranean, here the two engines in action.

photo img_4934

The traditional Lufthansa chocolate is distributed.

photo img_4940

We are approaching the Mallorcan coasts, under a bright sun.

Touch down!

photo img_4957photo img_4958photo img_4959

Welcome to the paradise of low cost airlines!

photo img_4960photo img_4961photo img_4962

The staircase arrives and the buses are arriving to disembark everyone.

photo img_4966

the landing

Now is the time to leave this magnificent plane, it will be photographed without stopping, it is not every day that we can land a 747 on foot!

photo img_4967photo img_4969

The GE engines which worked well for this unusual short flight!

Bye bye queen of the sky !

photo img_4976

A bus ride and here we are at the terminal

photo img_4979photo img_4982

Last picture of this 747 !

photo img_4986

There are a lot of people to go out.

Last check of health documents before being able to leave.

photo img_4997photo img_4998photo img_5002

I return the next day in the afternoon, I join El Arenal to spend the night there.

A bus deserted the whole coast to my destination for the price of 5 €.

photo img_5005

Nice sea view from my hotel room.

photo img_5007

I’m enjoying the afternoon at the beach.

photo img_5010

I leave you under this beautiful sunset, thank you for reading!

photo img_5011
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Cabin crew8.0

Lufthansa Business Lounge A13 - A


Frankfurt - FRA


Palma De Mallorca - PMI



Very good first experience of travel in business class, in this beatiful plane.
FRA: Very fluid, a lot of passengers, it’s nice to see.
Lounge: I found the offer a little low, no pastries available.
LH: too bad that the drink and tray service is not synchronized, some passengers have finished their tray even before the drinks are served.
PMI: Output is slow with controls

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La durée moyenne des vols est de 2 heures et 3 minutes.

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  • Comment 590482 by
    YGeorgeW SILVER 262 Comments
    Hi Dany67,

    Thanks for sharing this flight. Lovely to see the Queen on such a short leisure flight. Always a pleasure to fly in the upper deck as well.
  • Comment 591066 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6424 Comments
    Hi Dany, so cool to see a report on the beautiful Queen of the Skies these days! With so many airlines having prematurely retired their 747 fleets since the pandemic, it's nice to see LH retained theirs, even the older 744s.

    It's impressive how much traffic there is between Germany and the Baleares in the summer, even during Covid to warrant some flights on a 748i! Air Berlin had a mini-hub there, and other German airlines filled the void after AB's demise. It's nice to see these routes stayed successful despite these uncertain times.

    The catering looks fine for this length of flight, though a bit of a shame to see a cold plate--though I guess this flight was before LH rolled out their short-haul J catering improvements. It's nice that they had proper glasses, while US carriers were still using plastic in short-haul F/J cabins (and some still are!).

    Too bad they weren't able to serve drinks in synch with's very important on shorter flights like this and takes away from the experience if you wait for your drink and the food gets cold (in this case it was already cold) or just eat with nothing to drink, which isn't very premium. I get that this is a large J cabin on a very short flight, though, so not the easiest to do a quick service.

    Thanks for sharing!

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