Review of Singapore Airlines flight Seoul Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ15
Class Business
Seat 11K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 06:30
Take-off 12 Nov 13, 19:35
Arrival at 13 Nov 13, 01:05
SQ   #3 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 701 reviews
Published on 15th November 2013
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I arrived at the terminal
photo 201311SQ22_0275photo 201311SQ22_0276photo 201311SQ22_0277

The Terminal was very airy and light-filled
photo 201311SQ22_0278photo 201311SQ22_0279

The SQ check-in counters were still closed
photo 201311SQ22_0280

Almost one hour later they opened with two dedicated to Early Check-in
photo 201311SQ22_0281

I've was asked for my continuation ticket leaving Singapore because my itinerary had 5 differents tickets.
No fast track in ICN, but at this time there were not too many people and immigration/security check didn't last more than 15 minutes.

I headed to the OZ Business lounge
photo 201311SQ22_0282

I'm told that there is a SQ lounge and that my gate is in that satellite; therefore, I should take the Shuttle train to reach it.
They ended up letting me in anyway.
photo 201311SQ22_0314

The OZ whale
photo 201311SQ22_0313

The lounge was very large, airy, and pleasant with different areas
photo 201311SQ22_0312photo 201311SQ22_0311

There was even a piano


And an area with tables
photo 201311SQ22_0299photo 201311SQ22_0284

I found a quiet place with a sofa to crash because I was quite jetlagged
photo 201311SQ22_0283

Then I intended to eat a bit

A small salad bar
photo 201311SQ22_0285

Hot drinks
photo 201311SQ22_0286

Breads and baked goods (a bit weird as it was 1:30pm)
photo 201311SQ22_0287

photo 201311SQ22_0288

Soft drinks and beer
photo 201311SQ22_0289photo 201311SQ22_0290

photo 201311SQ22_0291

Noodles cups
photo 201311SQ22_0292

Some sushi
photo 201311SQ22_0294

Pretzels, nuts and tacos
photo 201311SQ22_0295

And one hot dish : brussels sprouts with tomato sauce
photo 201311SQ22_0296

From the time I got to the lounge I saw a lot of cooks coming in and out, crossing in front of the quiet area with trolleys, so I just tried to find a menu and when it was obvious that there wasn't a menu, I decided to wait for the other hot dishes to come out.

But, in fact, nothing came and the brussels sprouts stayed as the only hot dish !

Most people were eating noodle cups
photo 201311SQ22_0305

BTW there was not really another choice for a hot dish

I was still believing that something else could be offered later and that was my selection to wait
photo 201311SQ22_0306

photo 201311SQ22_0308
the croissant was dry

The Wifi password
photo 201311SQ22_0307

Corporate picture
photo 201311SQ22_0309

The cooks were crossing from left to right and right to left in front of my seat without filling my stomach !
I sent a tweet asking why all these cooks are around if it wasn't to prepare food… but never received an answer

I decided to leave and headed to the satellite using the Shuttle train
photo 201311SQ22_0315

In the satellite I saw another OZ lounge but didn't stop there! Not again with the cooks' waltz

I stopped only when I was at the entrance of the SQ lounge, where a SQ girl was waiting to greet me
photo 201311SQ22_0317

An overview of the lounge beginning with alcohol
photo 201311SQ22_0318

Sparkling Cava
photo 201311SQ22_0319

photo 201311SQ22_0320photo 201311SQ22_0322

photo 201311SQ22_0321

Cheese and nuts
photo 201311SQ22_0323

photo 201311SQ22_0324

photo 201311SQ22_0325

photo 201311SQ22_0326

Samosas and wedges
photo 201311SQ22_0327

A soup
photo 201311SQ22_0328

Hot dishes
photo 201311SQ22_0329photo 201311SQ22_0330

And of course the trendy noodle cups!
photo 201311SQ22_0331

Hot drinks
photo 201311SQ22_0332

A few tables close to the buffet
photo 201311SQ22_0333photo 201311SQ22_0334

The lounge is a long room with spotter unfriendly windows
photo 201311SQ22_0335

As I was taking pictures, I was asked by a lounge attendant why I was taking so much pictures
I didn't think she really understood my answer (english ?) but she went away

My selection : really not good
photo 201311SQ22_0336

I'm fond of soup but this pumpkin soup was too sweet :(
photo 201311SQ22_0337

At the end of the lounge is a charmzone with a free 15 minutes facial massage
photo 201311SQ22_0338photo 201311SQ22_0339

Wifi password
photo 201311SQ22_0340

A few newspapers
photo 201311SQ22_0341

About one hour and half before the ETD I decided to take a shower
photo 201311SQ22_0342photo 201311SQ22_0343

and to have a facial massage with these creams : I was told they were sold at 280usd each!!
photo 201311SQ22_0344photo 201311SQ22_0345

Not an unforgettable experience even if the masseuse was a very charming young girl

I was feeling a bit hungry so I decided to eat one of these famous noodle cups
photo 201311SQ22_0346

Quite disappointing :(
Not even good as the noodle cup I bought in Singapore the following day

I went to the restrooms and it was dirty
photo 201311SQ22_0347

The flight was delayed because of the late arrival of the aircraft from San Francisco but I wanted to walk so I headed slowly to the gate
photo 201311SQ22_0348

It was almost time to board
photo 201311SQ22_0349photo 201311SQ22_0350

9V-SWM, first flight on the 19/02/2008, was the 77W flying to SIN
photo 201311SQ22_0351

First class seats
photo 201311SQ22_0352

The Business mini cabin
photo 201311SQ22_0353

My seat 11K : On each seat was a pillow and a blanket
photo 201311SQ22_0354

The Menu

The footrest is much bigger at this row and exit rows: other rows have a kind of shoebox
A Korean Airlines whalejet was following
photo 201311SQ22_0381

Take off
photo 201311SQ22_0384

A nice SQ girl was taking orders
photo 201311SQ22_0385

An oshibori was handed out
photo 201311SQ22_0386

Seat control
photo 201311SQ22_0387

Eyeshades and some kind of slippers
photo 201311SQ22_0388

More champagne
photo 201311SQ22_0389

The IFE was switched on
photo 201311SQ22_0390

An average choice of music but a large choice of movies
photo 201311SQ22_0391

Service began with the satays : good as usual
Satay with onion, cucumber and spicy sauce
photo 201311SQ22_0392photo 201311SQ22_0393

and more champagne
photo 201311SQ22_0394

I finally found something great to listen
photo 201311SQ22_0395photo 201311SQ22_0398photo 201311SQ22_0399

The table was set

The bread selection was not as rich as usual except the garlic bread but it was very dry
photo 201311SQ22_0402

Sauternes was my second choice and I was eager to pair it with the foie gras
photo 201311SQ22_0400photo 201311SQ22_0404

Duck foie gras with shaved fennel-orange salad, beetroot and mizuna
photo 201311SQ22_0401

What a shame…this foie gras doesn't even come close to real foie gras, any paté bought in a supermarket could be better!
It was a totally tasteless mousse :(

My main meal choice
Roasted halibut with potato gnocchi, broccoli, green peas and wild mushroom a la Grecque
photo 201311SQ22_0406

The show must go on, even after a bad start, but in fact it was still a disappointment : the green peas and the broccoli tasted like frozen vegetables that had just been boiled.
The rubber mushrooms and the tasteless knorr-like sauce couldn't save the flavourless fish!
I prefered to forget the potato gnocchi that stuck to the teeth.

So I asked for another main…
Korean style grilled short rib of beef, seasonal vegetables and steamed rice
photo 201311SQ22_0409

Not great but good, especially the beef.

Listening to David Bowie while waiting for the dessert
photo 201311SQ22_0410

The service was not as great as usual: two SQ girls were taking care of me but one of them seemed a bit lost
She never addressed me by my name, she brought me white wine instead of Sauternes when I asked for a refill
She brought me the dessert when I was waiting for my second main (she has been rebuffed by her colleague)

Speaking about my second meal : the flight attendant was taken aback by my request, she mumbled that she had to ask her colleague.
By the way, it was the same reaction when I asked the purser for a second dessert because I hadn't been given the choice for the first
He mumbled me that they didn't have any more just as her colleague was just bringing it to me!

I was just given an ice cream as dessert without anyone asking me for my choice.

Haagen Dasz strawberry ice cream with mixed berries coulis
photo 201311SQ22_0411

The ice cream was insipid and too hard : I had to look at the menu to guess the flavour :(
At least it was not served in the original plastic cup like a lot of companies are doing

So I asked for the cake I intended to have when the cheese and fruits trolley came
photo 201311SQ22_0412

Chocolate and orange cake
photo 201311SQ22_0414

It turned out to be great! not too sweet with a nice balance between chocolate and orange
I had to refrain myself from asking for a second one ;)

Gourmet coffees & selection of fine teas, with pralines
photo 201311SQ22_0415

Only the latter for me

Then I turned my seat into a bed to have some rest
photo 201311SQ22_0416photo 201311SQ22_0417

Undoubtedly the best business bed in the air

I'm quite bulky but I felt perfectly at ease in any position
photo 201311SQ22_0418photo 201311SQ22_0419

After a nap the descent was starting
photo 201311SQ22_0420

Soft landing with the delay partly recovered

Train to go to the main terminal
photo 201311SQ22_0423

Immigration was a breeze except that the agent was a little grumpy not finding a space on my passport to stamp it
photo 201311SQ22_0424

And let's go to the ground tranport desk because there wasn't public transportation at this time
photo 201311SQ22_0425
See more


Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Singapore Airlines Silverkris Lounge


Seoul - ICN


Singapore - SIN



All in all it was a good flight with SQ.

When I travel with SQ my expectations are very high so do not think I'm too fussy or snobby in my remarks.

The Flight Attendants did a great job and were always smiling and no other FAs are close to SQ girls, they have something special...but they were stammering at my unusual (but not so weird !) requests.

The catering was undoubtedly the disappointing and weakest part of this flight.

Information on the route Seoul (ICN) Singapore (SIN)

Les contributeurs de Flight-Report ont posté 11 avis concernant 2 compagnies sur la ligne Seoul (ICN) → Singapore (SIN).


La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Singapore Airlines avec 8.7/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 5 heures et 51 minutes.

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  • Comment 92915 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6744 Comments
    Incheon is a very pretty airport. OMG, I want that model of the OZ's huuuge! The OZ is gorgeous; I'm surprised about the lack of choice of hot dishes. Brussels sprouts before a flight isn't a very good idea...makes people farty, LOL. The Charmzone sounds more like a massage place in Thailand than in a lounge ^^ Yay Ellie Goulding! Always a good choice. Shame about the foie gras. How funny that the FAs were taken aback by your requests for another dish...I'm sure it's not that rare. You would think that they are used to it. Maybe they wanted to eat the leftover J class dishes and you took it from them, LOL. I mean, you must've been really hungry since you didn't get to eat up the lounges like you normally do, LOL. They knew you were coming so they hid the hot dishes from you :-)
  • Comment 92925 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    Thanks for taking us along on another enjoyable ride. ICN is considered one of the best airports in the world from what I've read and I can't wait to experience it soon.

    The OZ lounge looks very nice, but the catering does not seem up to par with other Asian lounges, especially when you consider that this is a hub for OZ. As for the tacos, I think you mean nachos. Nachos with cheese or salsa are very common in the U.S. but I did not expect them to be that popular in Asia. I wonder if the large U.S. military presence there has had any influence and introduced some Americanization into the culture.

    Brussels sprouts as the only hot dish is revolting, and the waltz of the cooks with their food trolleys feels like a foreplay gone wrong. How disappointing!

    I'm surprised to read about the service on SQ. There was more than one faux pas here with their failure to address you by name and the second main dish and dessert confusion. It must have been embarrassing for the purser after telling you that there was no more dessert and then having the colleague bring you one right afterwards.

    I would imagine that you are not the first passenger in J to ask for a second meal nor the last one. Were you able to reserve a meal through Book the Cook? I ordered a Hainanese chicken rice and plan to request a second meal on my flight just to sample another dish. I am not planning to eat both dishes entirely, just take a few nibbles. I'm not a glutton ;)

    Sorry to hear about the lackluster meal. How can you go wrong with foie gras? Not to mention a simple Mediterranean dish with sauteed vegetables. That does not bode well with the catering out of ICN. I thought that Haagen Dasz ice creams were pretty infallible. So much for consistency I guess.

    Hope the rest of your SQ flights are better and that this one was just the exception.
  • Comment 92929 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    I forgot to mention that I had my disappointment with SQ as well. I visited a few airline's sales offices to get some promotional stuff and confirm some reservations. Yes, I could have done that over the phone and through the computer, but I still think face to face contact is compelling and that gives me the excuse to acquire some souvenirs.

    Anyways, OZ gave me a nice ceramic mug in a box, CX offered me chocolates while I waited in the lobby handed me a luggage tag and pen, but SQ nothing, nada, rien. I also emailed SQ and no answer so far. Is this the airline that everyone raves about and supposedly is the best in the world?
    • Comment 284119 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6744 Comments
      I think SQ has been under financial pressure over the past few years with the stiff competition from the ME3, especially on the Kangaroo Route that used to be their bread and butter. From reading reports over the years SQ, although still an excellent airline by any standards, seems to be less and less awe-inspiring than they once were. I also think that the introduction of A380s is also to blame, somewhat like the introduction of 747s hurt PanAm's reputation in the 70s.
  • Comment 92931 by
    AirCanada881 1616 Comments
    A good report, I've never flown SQ before and maybe this is why I feel this way but I wasn't too impressed with this flight. Your previous flight seemed much much better to me :) I hope the SIN-EWR flight will be better ;)
  • Comment 92955 by
    KL651 TEAM 4534 Comments
    Thanks for this FR.
    The Asiana lounge would be a great one with a better food offering, as its library feeling is quite nice...
    A disapointing meal on SQ in C? I wouldn't have thought it to be possible!
    I hope the following looooong flight was better.
  • Comment 92971 by
    PAT62 4953 Comments
    Asiana Lounge is very nice but with a very poor meal offer,
    except if you are a noodle fan :)
    Very confortable SQ business seat
    Except few détails a very nice flight
    Thanks for this report !
  • Comment 92975 by
    Leadership TEAM BRONZE 5472 Comments
    Thanks 007 for this new report,

    ICN seems to be a pleasant airport, but as you said Asiana fails to impress with that lounge, maybe you were not at the right time (still not an escuse).

    Regarding the SQ lounge, I found the alcohol selection stingy with the CAVA iso Champagne, food selection is not plentiful yet sufficient.
    Shower is nice

    SQ cabin is always impressive and feels so roomy

    Nice picture of the KE A380 by night

    Do you have any picture of the menu?

    Satay looks tasty and better presented than on MH

    Shame for the foie gras, it doesn't look like whole foie gras for sure.

    Neatly presented fish, (I don't like broccoli though) but the beef seems better.

    Clearly an unaceptable set of crew during the service, and far from what you can expect from SQ!

    Nice seat in bed mode, will it make more sense to sleep upside down (with the head on the ottoman) for the first rows?

    All in all an OK flight but I am let-down by the lounges and catering.
  • Comment 92983 by
    Durian 1171 Comments
    Thanks for the report!
    Looks like you lost the SQ lottery ;) Surprising for foie gras, I'll go for a mistake, it can't be mistaken for foie gras indeed. I got foie gras once on SQ and it didn't look like this. Instead of tweeter OZ about the food, why didn't you talk to the staff lol
    Am surprised there is no soju at the SQ lounge, only western spirits.
    At least you got 2 main course while on some French airlines you don't even get your first choice.
    Bon voyage ! Look forward to reading your next FR !
  • Comment 92998 by
    Papoumada GOLD 7321 Comments
    A disapointing experience may be the title of your report.

    Was it the wrong day to have a meal on board SQ but it looks (and tastes) very different to Durian's many experiences.

    Hope the service and the catering improve during the flight to come.

    The OZ lounge looks cosy but the food offer is miles away from TK's in IST.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Read from you soon.
  • Comment 93034 by
    A380B77W 4295 Comments
    Thanks for this really good FR but I can't wait for the next ^^ !

    Beautiful First and J cabin in this 77W ! And awesome catering, of course, this is SQ ^^

  • Comment 93192 by
    East African 1592 Comments
    Thanks for great FR with, according to your experience, lot of disappointments
  • Comment 93350 by
    pititom GOLD 11491 Comments
    It looks like a great flight that receives poor grades because expectations were really high. It's SQ and everything should be perfect, so when it's not...but imaging receiving this from AA ;)

    The lounges are nothing to talk about...strange because both OZ and SQ are high quality airlines and ICN is really a place where they could express themselves (one of the few airports you're glad to be Skyteam Elite+ ^^)

    That IS cuisine : they made foie gras from an anorexic duck !! Put butter on that and you get rillettes ^^ More seriously, SQ is doing a great job that we can't get from our French point of view. I know well Korean people and their food habits, and SQ has delivered something they really like...a touch of exotic (foie gras) but to their taste (no fat, no strong taste but chilis), a first tasteless meal, then Korean with kimchi and panch'an. Trust me, they did good ;)

    As for the confort, SQ delivers : you must be sleeping great in these beds as I never saw one of your FR end so abruptly ;)

    Get ready for SQ22 :)
    • Comment 284376 by
      lagentsecret AUTHOR 12184 Comments
      Thanks for the cultural explanation but they should specify that it's korean foie gras

      you must be sleeping great in these beds as I never saw one of your FR end so abruptly ;)
      1)That's correct : these seats are IMO the best business seats in that configuration (large footrest)
      2)There was nothing more to eat !
    • Comment 284385 by
      Papoumada GOLD 7321 Comments
      Foie gras from an anorexic duck : I love it !!! And may I ask the permission to quote it airborne, every time I am offered poor quality foie gras? ;;))
  • Comment 93352 by
    pititom GOLD 11491 Comments
    imagine *

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