Review of British Airways flight London San Diego in Business

Airline British Airways
Flight BA273
Class Business
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 11:15
Take-off 16 Jan 22, 13:10
Arrival at 16 Jan 22, 16:25
BA   #55 out of 78 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 892 reviews
By SILVER 2787
Published on 30th May 2022


Hello and welcome to the third and final of three segments in this series of pandemic-era flight reviews taking us back to the US after spending the Holidays and New Year 2022 in France with family and friends. 
As explained in the previous flight-report, this routing is a bit odd due to some cancellations and schedule changes on the original routing of TLS-MAD-ORD-SAN. Though backtracking to London looks odd on a map, there wasn't really a better way of getting to SAN from TLS being that BA had pulled down the TLS-LHR schedule so much since the beginning of the pandemic that neither of the one or two daily BA flights connected to SAN, or the connections were too short for my liking (i.e. less than an hour).    


Originally booked as TLS-MAD-ORD-SAN
Re-booked as TLS-MAD-LHR-SAN
Reports in this series. 

photo routing

transit & lounge

Though we'd arrived a few minutes late from Madrid due to the fog in London, we still had plenty of time to make our flight to San Diego so we headed straight for the transit security checkpoint to head to the lounge.

photo img_9254

Terminal 5 transit security, though not terribly busy, was a bit slow, especially since the Fast Track lanes have been closed throughout most of the pandemic. 

After we made it airside, we headed straight to the South lounges.

photo img_9255photo img_9256

Although the pandemic kept me away from the UK, I'd been a regular LHR flyer for years, so going up this escalator gave me a comfortable sense of familiarity and a feeling of things finally starting to get back to normal again. 

My pleasant sense of feeling "home" again was abruptly interrupted upon entering the British Airways Galleries First lounge. After greeting and handing our boarding passes to a rather glum BA agent, he rolled his eyes and rudely said "You're in Business class, this is the First class lounge."

I responded: "I'm well aware, thank you. We have access to the First lounge with oneworld Emerald status" 
to which he replied while shuffling through all three boarding passes clearly flustered "which one is Emerald?"
"All of us," I responded.

He then just waived through without so much as a thank you or apology. Luckily rude and incompetent agents like this man are few and far between, thankfully, but he should NOT be working in a First class lounge! 

Finding the fancy lamp horses again after two years made it all better  😊

photo img_9257

Though the lounge wasn't particularly crowded, I usually prefer to sit in the terrace/mezzanine area…

photo img_9258photo img_9271

…which, although indoors, has a more open feel of almost being outdoors. 

photo img_9259

We found a nice quiet corner to spend the next 1.5 hours or so.

photo img_9260photo img_9261photo img_9270

The only slightly inconvenient part of sitting in the terrace is that there are less power outlets for charging devices. Luckily, I was fully charged up from the previous flight. 

photo img_9262

Though there is a restaurant area in the First lounge, since the beginning of the pandemic, food and drinks can be ordered from your phone and will be served right at your seat. 

Scanning a QR code on the table will bring up the menu, which is rather decent in terms of options.  

photo img_9263photo img_9264photo img_9265

There are several champagnes and sparkling wines on offer, as well as plenty of beers, spirits, and liqueurs. 

photo img_9266photo img_9267

It was quick and easy to place an order.

photo img_9268

And the service was very fast. A few minutes later, our dishes and drinks were delivered by some very friendly staff. 

photo img_9272

As usual for Heathrow, gates aren't displayed until about an hour before departure so we had to monitor the departures screens regularly. Luckily there were screened right near our seats. 

photo img_9269

Once our gate was displayed we left the lounge to head down to the train to the satellite terminals. 

photo img_9273photo img_9274

Our flight would be departing from T5C, the furthest out of the two satellite terminals in T5. 

photo img_9275photo img_9276photo img_9277


As we arrived at the gate, boarding had just begun, so we were able to go right up to an agent in the Fast track queue. Unfortunately, None of the Covid-related documents I'd uploaded during online check-in on has transferred to BA so we had to dig out our proof of vaccination, negative Covid-test results, and CDC attestation forms. Then we were made to fill out new electronic attestation forms on a tablet as BA would not accept paper versions, despite the instructions on the CDC website clearly stating that forms must be paper and Iberia accepting the paper version on the inbound flight that morning.

All this mess delayed us about 10 minutes as the agent entered all of the information for the three of us into the system. I was none too pleased about the situation–I couldn't understand how IB and BA systems don't communicate such important information. They are sister airlines part of the same IAG group, essentially the same company! I felt like I'd wasted my time uploading all of the required documentation the night prior and now having to do it all over again. We were not alone–several other passengers were in similar situations, which brought the boarding process to a grinding halt. Another BA technology failure leading to  inefficiency, passenger frustration, and unnecessary extra work for already-overworked airport staff. 

The gate agent was very friendly, calm, and apologetic the whole time and I made sure to commend her on her patience, professionalism, and poise.

Lesson learned! Be warned…BA and IB systems DO NOT communicate Covid documentation. 

When finally we were free to go, there was a great view of our aircraft as we headed down. 

photo img_9280photo img_9281

Unlike the newer 787-10 fleet, 787-9s are not yet fitted with Club Suites. They have the last generation of the Club World seat in the forwards-backwards configuration. 

Rows on the 787-9 are in a 2-3-2 layout with window seats and centre seats facing backwards.  

photo img_9282photo img_9283photo img_9285

I had chosen seats in the 2-row mini-cabin right behind First class.

photo ba-lhr-san-seat-map

As First class is not sold on this route, seats in the First cabin were blocked. 

photo img_9136

There did end up being two passengers in the First cabin, who were travelling with the crew.

photo img_9286

Though the older Club World cabins are outdated and not as spacious as newer designs, the three seats in the centre were perfect for us travelling as a family of three. The fact that adjacent seats face each other is convenient when travelling as a couple or with children, though can be very awkward when travelling alone–at least during taxi, takeoff, and landing, where the privacy divider must be down.

photo img_9291photo img_9292photo img_9299

Also, our small cabin was half-empty, which made for a relaxing and quiet flight and made the cabin feel more spacious. 

Shortly after settling in, friendly cabin crew came through the cabin with menus and pre-departure drinks. 

photo img_9289

Though seats are on the narrow side, the legroom is very good. It's impossible to reach the seat in front while seated. 

photo img_9290

Here's a look at the menu for today's 11-hour flight to San Diego.

the flight

As the cabin was not full, I asked one of the cabin crew if I could move to an empty window seat just for takeoff, which was not a problem. 

photo img_9300photo img_9301photo img_9302

Window seats are very private once the privacy partition is up.

photo img_9305

The latest generation of the Club World seats have a USB port right under the remote control and headphone jack.

photo img_9304

There is an additional USB port as well as a 110V universal power outlet below the IFE screen. 

photo img_9308

The best window seats are those in the last row of the Club cabin as they offer direct access to the aisle, unlike other rows. 

photo img_9306

With all of the Covid-related paperwork issues at the gate during boarding, we were a few minutes late closing the doors; however, the taxi to the runway was short and we were quickly on our way. 

Interestingly, the safety briefing was done manually rather than on the video monitors. I asked one of the cabin crew about this to which he responded that BA has never updated the video in the pandemic context to include information about face masks and removing masks in case oxygen is required. I was very surprised to hear this two years into the pandemic. Of course, this is all not moot as BA did away with mask requirements in April 2022. 
Takeoff on what ended up being a sunny winter day, after a foggy start.

Nice views of Windsor Castle from the right side of the aircraft.

photo img_9324photo img_9325photo img_9326

Flight time from takeoff to landing was 10 hours 40 minutes. 

photo img_9330photo img_9335

Shortly after takeoff, cabin crew distributed bottles of water and amenity kits.

photo img_9336

These kits from The White Company London hadn't changed in years–I have many many of these at home from years of regularly flying BA Club World. 

photo img_9337photo img_9338

As it was time for my son's regular afternoon nap, we put the seat in bed mode right after takeoff and he went straight to sleep for a few hours. In my experience, a well-rested child is a happy and well-behaved child. Being able to get a decent amount of sleep in a proper bed is the biggest benefit of flying Business class for both parents and kids. 

photo img_9340-61002photo img_9350

One of the biggest things lacking from these seats is storage space, though there is a very convenient storage compartment for shoes or other small items.

photo img_9341

Noise cancelling headsets were included with the bedding at each seat. 

photo img_9351

As always on BA long-haul, the in-flight entertainment system has a decent library of films, series, documentaries, music, and children's programming. 

The lunch service began with an apéritif. I had the rosé champagne. 

photo img_9354

I began a movie during lunch. The image and screen size were decent, though not as nice a newer systems. 

photo img_9355photo img_9359photo img_9373

Cabin crew offered refills as meals were heating up. They were not stingy with the pours!

photo img_9357

Per Covid-era protocol, meals were service with covers over all dishes. 

photo img_9361

Without the covers. 

photo img_9363

Unlike pre-Covid times–of which you'll find many BA Club World reviews on my page–the meal service was not properly coursed out, but rather everything was served on one tray to minimise contact. Compared to pre-pandemic times, the portions were definitely smaller and there was no choice of entrée or dessert like before–the cost-cutting was evident. 

photo img_9364

However, the main dish of Chicken Tikka Masala was absolutely delicious and of a decent portion size. 

photo img_9365

BA's glasses are prettier than most.

photo img_9366

Cabin crew were very attentive and in the cabin regularly for drink refills.
I ended the meal with a Cognac. 

photo img_9368

The cabin was darkened after the meal with some passengers fully darkening their windows while others only slightly darkened theirs. Different window shading options is one of the things I love about the 787.

photo img_9375photo img_9376photo img_9377

I really like BA's bulkhead speedmarque design

photo img_9378photo img_9379

Snacks and drinks were available in the galley throughout the flight.

photo img_9385photo img_9384

My son occupied himself with toys, colouring, and cartoons for most of the flight once he woke up from his nap. 

photo img_9391-97270

I ended up falling asleep towards the end of the flight and completely missed the pre-arrival meal service. 

photo img_9393photo img_9394


I only woke up as we began our descent and needed to bring seats back up.

Beginning our descent over the Southern California desert.  

photo img_9395photo img_9396photo img_9397

I stayed in my centre seat for the landing as there were no window seats available on the left side, but I was still able to get some decent views of downtown San Diego through the huge Dreamliner windows. 

photo img_9399photo img_9402photo img_9403

Taxi time was short and we arrived at the gate on time despite the small departure delay in London. 

photo img_9405photo img_9406photo img_9407

Immigration and customs are a breeze at SAN as there aren't many international flights. 

The international arrivals building is on the far end of Terminal 2 and a bit of a walk to get to ground transportation and parking shuttles, but it's a nice and modern building.  

photo img_9408photo img_9410
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As a regular BA flyer for years, I'd unfortunately avoided BA for the better part of two years due to messy and ever-changing Covid-era UK entry and transit requirements. It was nice finding an old friend again and felt a bit like coming home. As always the cabin crew were fantastic. The catering was good, but cost-cutting was evident compared to pre-pandemic times. The Club World ying-yang seats are outdated, but they are comfortable and both me and my son got some good sleep on this 11h flight.

We'll finally get to fly BA's new Club Suites in a few weeks so stay tuned for that review!



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  • Comment 604008 by
    lysflyer GOLD 1273 Comments

    Thank you for this report! It's nice to see that everything went smoothly with your child. Did he get a special children's meal?
    Beside this, quite a nice experience despite the bad lounge dragon!

    • Comment 604064 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER AUTHOR 6051 Comments

      Hi LysFlyer,thanks for your comments!

      It's nice to see that everything went smoothly with your child.

      Thanks! He's always well-behaved on flights, but this was the longest flight he'd been on since he was a baby since we usually stop in NYC to cut the trip into smaller flights--it was nice to be home after a long flight and not have another 6h transcon the next day, as we'd been doing the past 2 years.

      Did he get a special children's meal?

      Yes, he did, though he was asleep for the first meal and then I was asleep for the 2nd meal so I never saw what it looked like haha. Usually I take photos of the child meals, but I was knocked out haha

  • Comment 604045 by
    NewYorker 187 Comments

    Hi Kevin, thanks for sharing this report with us - awesome as always! Shame to hear about that lounge dragon, though luckily it seems like that was the only unfriendly BA staff member you encountered. It seems like BA has really upped their game in just about every area, except the hard product in this instance, though the new Club Suites seem pretty sweet. Can't wait for that review! 😁 Does BA plan on retrofitting their existing 789s? Though to be fair, if traveling with friends or family, I can definitely see the appeal of the old cabin. It has a certain charm to it, too. That meal looked absolutely fantastic, as well 😋 Thanks again for sharing! 😄

    • Comment 604065 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER AUTHOR 6051 Comments

      Hi NewYorker, thanks for your comments!

      Shame to hear about that lounge dragon, though luckily it seems like that was the only unfriendly BA staff member you encountered.

      Yes, luckily he's the exception. I was not happy about the treatment but everyone has a bad day so I let it go...I would have probably gotten a little more hot-headed or attitude-y in my pre-dad days but I've learned patience and how to keep calm(ish) since having a kid so as to not show a bad example. LOL

      It seems like BA has really upped their game in just about every area, except the hard product in this instance

      It's definitely better than when they were giving cold meal boxes in F and J at the height of the pandemic, but catering is still not back to 2019 levels, where it had just been improved

      Does BA plan on retrofitting their existing 789s?

      I think in the long-term yes, but since they're relatively new, it'll be a while. They are retrofitting the HUUUUGE 777 fleet first.

      Though to be fair, if traveling with friends or family, I can definitely see the appeal of the old cabin. It has a certain charm to it, too.

      Definitely. When travelling with others it's quite convenient to face each other to speak, but in any other situation not so much

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Comment 604048 by
    airberlin GOLD 1704 Comments

    Hi Kevin, thanks for this nice share one again. Stuning pics on board and on the ground. I love the same cabin details as you do.
    I am surprised that you had to go trhough security again in LHR. Was it between T5 and T5 or T3 and T5? I remember the First Class lounge as well when I had my Emmerald status through airberlin in the past. Really loved the space. This is one main advantage of OW against other alliances.
    I am not a fan as well of this cabin and BA still has more aircraft with that cabin (even an older version) than Club Suites that are mainly in the A350-1000 and B787-10 today. I think they retrofit the B777 as well but don't know how far they are and I expect they had a full stop during pandemie to say cash.
    The meal is not appealling at first glance but the chicken looks tasty when zooming into it ;) It's a pitty though to not have any choice for business passengers.
    All in all, a nice crew is not sufficient for me and my next trip to the US will be on AA aircraft and not BA...
    I'll stay tuned to get the Club Suites report though. Hopefully post pandenic to compare the service as well. My opinion of BA long-haul BC might change accordingly.
    Take care, /AB

    • Comment 604066 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER AUTHOR 6051 Comments

      Hi airberlin, thanks for your comments!

      I am surprised that you had to go trhough security again in LHR. Was it between T5 and T5 or T3 and T5?

      It was T5-T5...I've always had to go through security again when connecting at LHR between two points outside the UK. It's never fun because LHR security agents are very thorough and always give me a hard time about milk for the kid (even though it's allowed).

      Really loved the space. This is one main advantage of OW against other alliances.

      Definitely. Access to F lounges is the best benefit of OW Emerald status and one of the main reasons I stick with OW. Can't wait to fly to Australia again and go to the QF First lounges!

      I think they retrofit the B777 as well but don't know how far they are and I expect they had a full stop during pandemie to say cash.

      They've been making good progress on the 777s and plan to have all LHR 777s completed by end of this year. I don't know about LGW...they'll prob take longer and have a non-refurbed subfleet based there for a while.

      The meal is not appealling at first glance but the chicken looks tasty when zooming into it ;)

      Haha, yes agreed. At first I thought, wow those appetiser and desert dishes are TINY....but at least the main dish was very good.

      I'll stay tuned to get the Club Suites report though. Hopefully post pandenic to compare the service as well.

      Yes, I'm really hoping to see some improvements now that BA have moved to post-pandemic mode. If all goes as planned, I'll be in Club Suites on the A350-1000 SAN-LHR in 3 weeks!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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