Review of Jetstar Airways flight Sydney Melbourne in Economy

Airline Jetstar Airways
Flight JQ517
Class Economy
Seat 23F
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 25 Nov 13, 14:15
Arrival at 25 Nov 13, 15:45
JQ 47 reviews
By GOLD 548
Published on 17th February 2022

Trip Report: Jetstar Airways JQ517 Sydney - Melbourne

Flight Details:
Airline: Jetstar Airways
Flight No. JQ517
Reg : VH-VWY
Aircraft: Airbus 321-231
Departure Sydney (SYD) : 14:15
Arrival Melbourne (MEL) : 15:45
Time : 01h 35m
Distance : 713 km or 443 miles


This 2013 trip report has many photos and videos to watch..Be prepared. :)

Another Melbourne trip, I know. This is different… I had previously booked to fly on a A321 flight. Unfortunately, there was aircraft swap with A320.

Not this time, here is the trip report. Had a meal while watching action airside.

Airport Arrival

After work, boarded train at Wynyard and arrived at domestic airport after changing train from Central station.

photo 20131125_125404

Disembarked at Domestic station

photo 20131125_130850

Walked towards the arrival and then escalator to departure.

photo 20131125_130851


As usual, arrived at airport early. Checked online and saved boarding pass in phone.  With no check-in bag skipped check-in.

Security and MEal

Passed security without issue. Headed to food court for some food before boarding. With some spare time, explored the terminal and planespotted.


TigerAir VH-VNQ getting a pushback

photo 20131125-132157

TigerAir VH-VNJ preparing for next flight

photo 20131125-133210

Virgin ATR between flights

photo 20131125-134542

Towards Gate

With not much activity from the viewing area. Proceeded towards the gate. Saw the flight docked to the aerobridge.

photo 20131125-135018

View of the Jetstar Terminal

photo img_1924

Jetstar A320

photo img_1925

VH-VWZ parked at the gate

photo img_1927

Empty gate awaiting flight

photo img_1929

Qantas B767 landing

photo img_1930

Qantas VH-EBN A330 heads towards holding point

photo img_1936

View of international section and observation deck above the Boeing 747 on the right.

photo img_1933

Qantas A380 and freight  VH-EFR B767

photo img_1934

Natural Light in the Terminal

photo img_1939


Boarding was called on time, view of gate Information. Boarding pass was checked and allowed to continue towards aircraft.

photo img_1942

Head on view of Jetstar VH-VWY before entering the aerobridge. 

photo img_1941photo img_1943

Having a rear seat, boarded through the stairs.

photo img_1944

SEAT view

Onboarding the aircraft, was directed to the seat. Occupied assigned seat and buckled seat belt.

Video: Seat View

Window view

photo img_1945

Waiting for boarding to complete

photo img_1946

Boarding completed soon.

photo img_1949

Pushback and Taxi

Pushback commenced shortly, crew demonstrated safety instructions.

photo img_1952

Heavy rain during pushback 

photo img_1956

After a short taxi, waited at holding point for arrivals and departure on runway 16R.

photo img_1959

View of remote bays

photo img_1962

Video: Holding for other landings

After a Qantaslink Dash landed, Jetstar was cleared to enter runway 16R

photo img_1964

Video: Sydney Departure

SEAT pocket and Safety Card

Seat pockets on A321

photo img_1953

Yes its a A321 - 1st trip on a A321, This was a new aircraft type for me. Jetstar had about 5 or 6 A321's in its fleet.

photo img_1954

Jetstar Logo

photo img_1955

Seat pocket material

photo img_1969

Side View

photo img_1970

Video: After Departure

After a smooth takeoff, flight continued South towards Melbourne.

photo img_1971

SEAT Pocket Material

Jetstar Airways A321 safety card

photo img_1974

Menu - Being a Low Cost Carrier, Buy On Board [BOB] commenced shortly after departure.

photo img_1976

Jetstar magazine

photo img_1977

international route map

photo img_1978

Domestic route map

photo img_1979

Compact seat pocket - good use of space for short haul aircraft.

photo img_1980

Meal tray - As i had my meal before boarding, skipped the BOB service.

photo img_1981

Cabin View

Most passengers resting being a mid-day short flight.

photo img_1983

Video: Window View

Side view of cabin

photo img_1986

Leg space and bag stored under seat

photo img_1987

View of starboard side of aircraft. It was start of summer, blazing outside.

photo img_1988

Closed window shade till before landing.

photo img_1989

Cabin View

Had a stretch and toilet visit before returning to seat.

photo img_1997

Cabin view of Jetstar Airways A321 - All economy A321 seating 3-3.

photo img_2000

Video: Cabin View

Melbourne APPorach

Pilot announced on speaker aircraft to commence descent soon. Crew began check and clearing cabin of rubbish.

photo img_1993

Seat belt fastened, tray table up for landing.

photo img_2002

Video Approaching Melbourne

Descent commences. Landed smoothly on main runway 16.

photo img_2004

View on apporach

photo img_2008

Video: Landing

Airside View

Exiting runway

photo img_2011

View of Virgin Terminal

photo img_2014

International terminal extension

photo img_2015


photo img_2016

Video: Airside View

Side view of international terminal extension

photo img_2017

Off-peak for international section

photo img_2018

Qantas Airbus A380 probably to Los Angeles

photo img_2019

Sichuan Airlines A330

photo img_2020

Qantas Domestic Terminal

photo img_2021

Qantas A330

photo img_2022

Heading towards Jetstar pier

photo img_2023

Qantas jets preparing for next domestic flights.

photo img_2024

Sunny day in Melbourne

photo img_2025

Jetstar Airways A320 with aircraft marshall waiting for A321 to arrive.

photo img_2026

Jetstar pier

photo img_2027

Arriving at gate

photo img_2028

Video: Arriving at the gate

View of the East -West runway

photo img_2029

Qantas A330 arrives

photo img_2031

Engines shut, disembarkation to proceed.

photo img_2032


Seated in the rear, disembarked for the front door as only 1 stair was used for disembarkation. Walked short distance to enter the terminal building.

photo img_2033

View of aircraft registration, VH-VWY

photo img_2034

Exit Airport

After arrival, headed towards exit

photo img_2035

To City

After exiting the terminal, arrived at the Skybus kiosk to buy ticket to Southern Cross Station.

photo img_2036

Hope you enjoyed this trip report. Thanks for reading.

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Jetstar Airways

Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Sydney - SYD


Melbourne - MEL



Jetstar Airways was booked to try the A321, flight departed and arrived on time, BOB service was available, Being a short flight, rested during the flight. Wifi was not available on board aircraft in those days. Overall I had a satisfactory flight.

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