Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore Newark in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ22
Class Business
Seat 30K
Aircraft Airbus A340-500
Flight time 18:30
Take-off 14 Nov 13, 12:30
Arrival at 14 Nov 13, 18:00
SQ   #4 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 695 reviews
By 10620
Published on 19th November 2013
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First I have to emphasize that I consider SQ to be one of the best, if not the best, airline company in the world. That being the case, I am going to look at the slightest details.
I'm travelling for my pleasure : it's of course a totally different way to fly from a businessman for whom the primary purpose is to fly from point A to point B

I didn't sleep a lot because I was jetlagged, excited and afraid not be able to wake up

So I arrived at Terminal 3 at about 9:00 am
The Terminal was very airy and light-filled
photo 201311SQ22_0426

My flight was on time
photo 201311SQ22_0427

Nobody at the Business SQ check-in counters but I didn't need them because I had already gotten my BP when I arrived from ICN
photo 201311SQ22_0429photo 201311SQ22_0430

Immigration was a breeze and I headed to the SilverKris lounge
photo 201311SQ22_0431

Are they thinking about redemption tickets ? ;)
photo 201311SQ22_0432

SilverKris Lounge entry
photo 201311SQ22_0435

The lounge was very large, airy, and pleasant with different areas; the only down side is that there was no outside view.
photo 201311SQ22_0457photo 201311SQ22_0463

Great food and beverage offer

Where is Numero_2 ?
photo 201311SQ22_0455photo 201311SQ22_0459photo 201311SQ22_0460

My selection
photo 201311SQ22_0461

The power outlets are only Singapore/UK standard
photo 201311SQ22_0462

I took a shower just before leaving the lounge
The showers are a bit dark
photo 201311SQ22_0464photo 201311SQ22_0465

Then I headed to the gate, it was 20 minutes before boarding time and I was the first to pass through security check and a subsequent passport check
photo 201311SQ22_0467

I received this sheet when entering the gate : it's about the SQ22 discontinued route
photo 201311SQ22_0472

My aircraft : An Airbus A340-500 9V-SGE, first flight was on the 06/03/2004
photo 201311SQ22_0468photo 201311SQ22_0473

About 30 minutes after the boarding began and I headed to my seat 30K
In fact it's more of a couch than a seat ;)
On each seat was a pillow but no blanket
photo 201311SQ22_0474

There were only two windows instead of three in the 77W
photo 201311SQ22_0475

The legroom is less generous but of course still more than decent
photo 201311SQ22_0502

The table in the 77W was more practical as it was rotating when needing to get out of the seat
photo 201311SQ22_0476

The headphones
photo 201311SQ22_0477

The footrest is much bigger at this row and exit rows: other rows have a kind of shoebox
photo 201311SQ22_0478photo 201311SQ22_0479

Seat control
photo 201311SQ22_0481

The menu and the Wine list (for the complete offer of beverages please see the SQ15 ICN-SIN flight because a FR is limited to 150 pictures)

Some Bollinger champagne of course ;)
photo 201311SQ22_0487

Tribute to my SQ22 flight
photo 201311SQ22_0488

The cabin
photo 201311SQ22_0501

photo 201311SQ22_0499

Seatpocket stuff
photo 201311SQ22_0503

Safety card
photo 201311SQ22_0513

Unfortunately someone wrote with a pen on the seat :(
photo 201311SQ22_0504

The remote control was in the left armrest
photo 201311SQ22_0505

I asked for a blanket and I've been given the quilt used for sleeping
photo 201311SQ22_0506

An oshibori was handed out
photo 201311SQ22_0507

My seat is just after the exit
photo 201311SQ22_0508

View from my seat
photo 201311SQ22_0509

The seatbelt was different from the 77W's
photo 201311SQ22_0512

The final instructions between the flight attendants
photo 201311SQ22_0514

Push back and taxi to runway
A SQ whale
photo 201311SQ22_0515photo 201311SQ22_0516

A SQ 77W
photo 201311SQ22_0517

Another SQ whale
photo 201311SQ22_0518

The Crowne Plaza hotel should have great views on the apron
photo 201311SQ22_0520

Goodbye Changi
photo 201311SQ22_0521

I hope to see you soon
photo 201311SQ22_0522

photo 201311SQ22_0523

photo 201311SQ22_0524

Myanmar Airways and Eva Air
photo 201311SQ22_0527

Air Asia
photo 201311SQ22_0530

Tiger Airways : I like this livery
photo 201311SQ22_0532

And an amazing Air Zimbabwe aircraft !!!
photo 201311SQ22_0535photo 201311SQ22_0536

Philippines Airline
photo 201311SQ22_0537

Another Tiger
photo 201311SQ22_0538

A last view of Air Zimbabwe
photo 201311SQ22_0539

A Scoot with the control tower
photo 201311SQ22_0540

Late take off
It was smooth and the A345 was climbing slowly

The flight is full and except the FA that was taking orders, I'm never adressed by name.
This is understandable because I've never been served twice by the same FA and that the service was in roadrunner mode
Anyway, it was a very good service but not so attentive as it used to be
Maybe because I'm not a PPS ;)

Because of the strong tailwinds the aircraft was flying too fast and the flight time was only 17:30 :(
photo 201311SQ22_0548photo 201311SQ22_0549photo 201311SQ22_0551

More champagne, Sir ? ;)
photo 201311SQ22_0552

And even a cranberry juice
photo 201311SQ22_0553

and some nuts
photo 201311SQ22_0554

The table was set and the service began with the salmon
photo 201311SQ22_0555

Trilogy of salmon with mesclun salad, Slices of hot smoked, cold smoked and marinated salmon
photo 201311SQ22_0556

Quite stingy trilogy :(
photo 201311SQ22_0559

The bread selection was good and my choice was with garlic bread and fougasse
photo 201311SQ22_0558

Then my book the cook choice
photo 201311SQ22_0560

Classic lobster thermidor
photo 201311SQ22_0564

A bit disappointed because the lobster was rubbery, the rice tasteless and there were only three asparagus tips, the remaining was pieces of asparagus

So I asked for another main… but only this one was still available
photo 201311SQ22_0565

Please note there was no second bread service(my bread plate stayed empty) and I was not offered new cutlery for my second main either

Spring chicken with chorizo sausage, chick peas and sauteed cavalo nero leaves
photo 201311SQ22_0567

I was amazed to find such a main in a SQ menu but in fact it was quite good especially because I'm fond of chickpeas

Then it was dessert time
Panna cotta with citrus compote
photo 201311SQ22_0570

My water glass was empty and the FA didn't ask to or refill it when bringing dessert : not usual with SQ FAs !
photo 201311SQ22_0571

Tribute to SQ22 with Sauternes this time
photo 201311SQ22_0573

Fruits cart
photo 201311SQ22_0574photo 201311SQ22_0575photo 201311SQ22_0576

The filing of sugar this excellent Sauternes is impressive
photo 201311SQ22_0577

The power outlet was out of order during all the flight : I was just offered to charge my PC in the galley
photo 201311SQ22_0578

Gourmet coffees & selection of fine teas, with pralines
photo 201311SQ22_0579

Only the latter for me

The front cabin
photo 201311SQ22_0580

Perfect sleeping position : a 3 hours nap after lunch
photo 201311SQ22_0581photo 201311SQ22_0582photo 201311SQ22_0583

As usual, I listen to music on board and watch the flight map

But when I was looking at David Bowie's songs, I was amazed not to find at least a few hits, not just unknown oldies !!
Maybe because it was royalties free ;)
photo 201311SQ22_0585

About 4 hours and a half after the end of the lunch, the dinner service began.
Both meals really seemed all too close especially as there was no refreshment before arrival.
An oshibori was handed out
photo 201311SQ22_0584

Then they forgot to offer me a beverage but I was still able to catch an average orange juice

That was followed by the always (fortunately) very good satays
Satay with onion, cucumber and spicy sauce
photo 201311SQ22_0586
No cucumber in fact ;)

I decided to try the internet connexion provided by OnAir even if it was very expensive 14,99 usd for 15Mb
So here was the Corporate picture
photo 201311SQ22_0587

Megabytes were flowing very fast and it wasn't possible to use twitter
Bandwidth was very very slow :(
All in all not recommended !
photo 201311SQ22_0588photo 201311SQ22_0589photo 201311SQ22_0591

The table was set and the dinner service began
photo 201311SQ22_0592

As I knew that there would not have a second bread service I asked for two garlic bread and one fougasse
photo 201311SQ22_0594

Service was made in roadrunner mode even if more than half of the pax were already sleeping

Cajun spiced prawns with marinated capsicums and sweet pepper pesto
photo 201311SQ22_0593
It was still almost frozen, not spicy at all and the pesto was too concentrated and was not allowing to discern any other flavor

photo 201311SQ22_0596

Then my book the cook choice
Chilean Bass and Kalamata olive potato
photo 201311SQ22_0599

The fish was good but the sauce was a sort of industrial canned lobster bisque.
The peppers were very acidic and mashed potatoes with olives contained a spice that I could not identify and did not like.

So let's go for a second main…
Spaghetti marinara was the only choice left : that was amazing because a lot of people were sleeping as I said before
photo 201311SQ22_0602

The pasta was dry : it was obvious that this dish was lacking sauce :(
Always asparagus without tips : is that trendy ?

I was not offered new cutlery for my second main and no refill of water like for the lunch

Tiramisu, Mascarpone chessecake with coffee
photo 201311SQ22_0604

That was great : very good taste and texture except the not ripe strawberries

Payson breton brie, delices des bois, stokes point, smocked cheddar served with fig paste, walnut and biscuit
photo 201311SQ22_0607

Gourmet coffees & selection of fine teas, with pralines
photo 201311SQ22_0608

Only the latter for me

We were flying at high speed to New York
photo 201311SQ22_0610photo 201311SQ22_0611

My seat
photo 201311SQ22_0612photo 201311SQ22_0615photo 201311SQ22_0616

At 4 hours before New York I asked at what time the refreshment would be served
They answered that no refreshment would be served !!!
But I was asked to choose a refreshment online ???
photo SQ22_ConfirmMenu

Anyway I decided to pick a light bite !

Egg noodles soup with scallop, prawn and leafy greens
photo 201311SQ22_0619photo 201311SQ22_0622

It turned out to be good

We were now close to our target
photo 201311SQ22_0624photo 201311SQ22_0625

And we were allowed to open the window shades
photo 201311SQ22_0626photo 201311SQ22_0631

The sun was going down when we were beginning the descent

Soft landing behind schedule
photo 201311SQ22_0650
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Singapore Airlines Silverkris Lounge - Business - 3


Singapore - SIN


Newark - EWR



All in all it was another good flight with SQ.

It's hard to confess without being considered crazy, but the flight time seemed short and I would have liked for the flight to be even longer so that I could stay onboard a few more hours

The Flight Attendants were always in running mode and I really couldn't understand why.

The catering was disappointing, especially as I have so many incredible memories of great SQ meals.

Both meals really seemed too close together

So sorry that the route will be discontinued in few days

I will miss the A340s : they are so quiet and great aircraft

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Singapore Airlines avec 8.7/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 15 heures et 48 minutes.

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  • Comment 93346 by
    PAT62 4956 Comments
    Waouh ! a great flight
    I like IFE route map picture
    CATERING and Service a little beat under SQ standard but
    this flight still magic
    Seat is like a SOFA with a huge IFE screen
    Like that, it's sure, you can stay a long time inside the plane
    Thanks for this Report !
  • Comment 93348 by
    Leadership TEAM BRONZE 5435 Comments
    Large menu with some appealing options, it makes me hungry.

    Safe choice for the Bollinger onboard.

    I would not expect a full flight, surprising! Shame that you haven't been adressed by name except for the order.

    Fantastic route map lol

    Starter is nice but as you said the portion is tiny

    Miam Lobter!!! Presentation is flawless, shame it doesn't taste as good as it looks.

    Desert seems fresh

    I am quite shocked that no bread nor drinks were proactively offered!

    Weird protocal indeed with the dinner served 4 hrs after the lunch.

    I like satay too!

    Thank you for this expensive corporate picture ^^

    Once again I find the catering very well presented, it's a shame it tasted average.
    The lack of second choice is indeed surprising, maybe they are keeping some dishes for them to eat?

    I would have expect the northernmost route for this flight but it's not the case.

    Thanks a lot for this report, I am a bit surprised with the rating of the FA but it's up to you.

    Take care ;)
    • Comment 284375 by
      lagentsecret AUTHOR 12190 Comments
      I am a bit surprised with the rating of the FA but it's up to you.
      Singapore is one of my favorite cities and I like to go there : I know that Mr DURIAN has a gun, so I'd like to stay safe for my next trip ;)
  • Comment 93351 by
    02022001 GOLD 4355 Comments
    A very good FR , thanks.
    Air zimbabwe to singapore ?
  • Comment 93353 by
    pititom GOLD 11467 Comments
    This is a great flight ! Too bad the route map shows is eastern bound at the's doesn't look like a RTW this way :)

    I find you very picky on the catering ! Obviously, there are a few lacks (no other choice when everybody's asleep, no third service when it was booked online...) but the lobster does look good. I can understand it's not perfect, but you're on a plane, don't expect calamari to be still shaking in lime ;) The marinara looks great to me : come on G. ! you're not in TK, everything must not be drowning in olive oil ^^ Fruits coming in the plastic box is a real mistake.

    A great flight. It's an award, so let's be nice :)
    • Comment 284457 by
      pititom GOLD 11467 Comments
      I agree and I didn't make myself clear. For me an award ticket passenger is maybe even more valuable then an paying ticket passenger : because if he's on an award it means he has been loyal, valuable and paying for quite a time. And a return customer is more interesting than someone who may have bought its first and one-time J ticket.

      What I meant is that when I paid for my ticket, I can myself more the sense of its real value. Whether it costs me 1000 or 1500€ does make a difference. When I am on an award ticket, I don't really care if the flight was commercialized at 2000, 3000 or 4000...I loose the real value of it (and don't really care). So I tend to be more flexible and tolerant than with paying tickets (but that is how I feel it ; again not how the company should feel about me).

      To another extend, you can read in my FR on short haul european flights that I let everything go with 99€ tickets and raise the bar much more in J...whereas J and Y are more or less the same story in these flights...
    • Comment 284377 by
      lagentsecret AUTHOR 12190 Comments
      I don't agree : flying an award or paid ticket is not making a difference or maybe you agree with an AF FA who told my neighbour during a IAH-CDG in J : You're not entitled to ask for a mimosa because you are flying on an award ticket

      BTW it's a M&M award ticket, not so easy to earn with their poor earn rates and even more difficult next year

      SQ is THE reference and I had great expectations because I already had great meals on board.

      I will show you a concrete example on my next flight JFK-FRA on how it was and how it is now.
  • Comment 93364 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6582 Comments
    Beautiful report! The lounge is great, too bad that there are no windows facing outside. The catering looks really good, surely because of your great pictures, shame that it was disappointing. I'm surprised that for an 18h flight, in Business, there are only 2 meals--although technically you ate 4 meals :-)
    The A340-500 is a beautiful aircraft, too bad SQ is getting rid of it. It's a shame they coudn't make these flights work, even with the prices they charge.
  • Comment 93372 by
    Durian 1171 Comments
    Thanks for sharing your trip on this iconic and soon-to-be history flight !

    The lounge section of your FR is unusually short, probably because the flight was so loooong lol

    I flew my SIN-LAX in June this year also on 9V-SGE, same type of seat, 11K front row seat.
    Row 30 is just in front of the toilets in the middle of the cabin, right... not too noisy or too much traffic ?

    Air Zimbabwe was in Singapore as the infamous Mugabe was there because his daughter was graduating from a local university... Mugabe come regularly for medical treatment as well.

    Not being addressed by your last name is unusual... and no excuse your last name is not difficult to pronounce... BOND, B-O-N-D ;)

    Ha ha I feel like crying when I see the sad salmon without the salad on top ;-)
    I've picked only once the lobster in BTC. I'm not used to eating lobster so often and cannot compare but that was not fantastic if I remember well.

    Not surprised there are leftover chicken meals, how can one pick chicken in J ? (and also how can an airline put such a basic dish on their menu is another question).

    Overall I can understand your disappointment, it's all about expectations... you expected great you got good (or so). I won't comment on the catering as it's personal taste but the service indeed seems substandard SQ on this flight, that's surprising...

    Anyway, you had your dream flight, congrats :)
    • Comment 284378 by
      lagentsecret AUTHOR 12190 Comments
      Lounge section is short because I'm only allowed 150 pictures to post ;)

      It was a great flight and I enjoyed every second

      I had great expectations about catering because I had the best meals on board on SQ flights but now everything has changed and cost cuttings won't allow to have such great experiences any more
    • Comment 284393 by
      Papoumada GOLD 7275 Comments
      I would have bet Air Zimbabwe was there because of Mugabe. (BTW, do they have any other aircraft?)

      I naively thought that guy was not welcome anywhere...
    • Comment 284398 by
      East African 1570 Comments
      In the past, SIN was a regular service of UM network... i wonder if this B767 is as confortable as this A345!

      Despite its poor financial state, UM operates few daily services to JNB and some domestic routes
  • Comment 93395 by
    Bargi62 SILVER 3580 Comments
    Thanks for this great FR:it is a very long flight but with this service it seems short!
    Just a little desapointed by the presentation of the lobster.
    I have never travelled with SQ but when I read your reports I hope to do it soon;)
  • Comment 93396 by
    Papoumada GOLD 7275 Comments
    Your warning address is important as the devils lies in the details.

    You spent your miles on an iconic experience that will soon be just memories.

    I guess you were pleased to find a lounge which offer can be compared to IST !

    Despite a deceiving service and maybe catering -certainly due to high expectancies, you had a delightful and soon historical experience.

    Did u enjoy the Bolliger?

    Thanks for sharing.
  • Comment 93404 by
    frwstar2 1260 Comments
    Thanks for this masterpiece of flight history.

    Your a very lucky man. AF001 and SQ022.

    Satay chicken slurp ;)

    Your second first main meel look like so-so to many brown colors.

    Second servie if better sadly served too close from the first one.

    Light bite seems to be ok.

  • Comment 93412 by
    East African 1570 Comments
    Thanks for sharing your dream!
    Inspite Frwstar2's numerous reports, i'm not used to see the wing ahead on a J class trip!
    How many aircrafts are (were) configured in all-biz?
    For the rest of the report, it makes me just feel very hungry :-D
  • Comment 93421 by
    indianocean SILVER 7527 Comments
    What else can you do on a ultra-long haul flight except sleeping and eating?
    I'm kinda disappointed by the catering. The fruit cart is not attractive at all.
    Bollinger... That's my boy!!!
    Reading an SQ report is always a pleasure. Thank you for sharing your flight with us.
  • Comment 93459 by
    Durian 1171 Comments
    East African: there were 5 A345 until 2 months ago, now down to 2-3 I think. The last flight I believe is tomorrow Saturday.
  • Comment 93461 by
    momolemomo GOLD 9290 Comments
    Thanks for this report on an incredible flight.
    I love the design of SQ's business class.
    Air Zimbabwe ? Nice shot !
  • Comment 93468 by
    KL651 TEAM 4534 Comments
    Thanks for this report.
    After reading your FR, it seems you had another disapointement with SQ, but your grades arent't that bad actually.
    The meals don't look that inviting again, which is a shame.
    Was the crew friendly in between the meals?

    How much time will the flight to NYC through FRA add?
    • Comment 284422 by
      lagentsecret AUTHOR 12190 Comments
      Not really a disappointment because the most important was to fly this aircraft et this route as you did with the MD11

      The crew was crossing the aisles very often all along the flight

      It will add a bit more than 6-7 hours to this flight time depending of the tailwinds

  • Comment 93502 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this amazing trip and the detailed report. Too bad you couldn't load more pictures.

    It's a shame that some disappointing elements continued on this leg of your trip. I'm surprised that catering was not spectacular as it should be leaving out of their hub station. I find that for a premium cabin, it is unacceptable to not be offered refills, particularly on a very long haul flight. Also there is no excuse for the hurried service on a flight of this length. It appears that you derived more enjoyment from your flight on TK than on legendary SQ. Perhaps I should tone down my expectations.

    I find the fruit presentation on SQ's J to be poor. Who can eat a whole fruit after a multi course meal? The pineapple pieces in plastic containers look so cheap. It gives the feeling of something that you would pick up from a convenience store like 7-11. A nice cheese and fruit service should be done with cheeses presented from a board and with tags identifying them. Not everyone is knowledgeable about cheeses - unless you happen to be French ;) - Being able to tell one type of cheese from the other would be especially helpful for Asian customers who are not accustomed to this delicacy. Of course, the FA can always give the descriptions but after a while this could be very time consuming and delay the efficiency flow of the service. Fruits should be presented in small portions and small ones like grapes, strawberries and figs are ideal. If you serve more exotic products like pineapples, papayas or mangoes (after all, SIN is a delightful tropical destination), have them sliced and nicely arranged on a tray.

    Addressing you by name makes for a good impression, but this is a matter of personal taste and for some casual cultures like U.S. or Australia, it might be too formal. Personally I like it and it speaks about the professionalism of the company. At least I prefer that to being called honey or hon.

    It would be interesting to read your next installment on SQ from JFK-FRA. Those are two highly competitive financial centers so the demographics of the passengers would be a bit different. Maybe we will see a consistency in being addressed by name.
  • Comment 93557 by
    A380B77W 4295 Comments
    Thanks for this awesome report !!

    To bad SQ never buy 77L to continue this flight ^^ :(

    SQ21/22 ends today, november 23th. But the last SQ21 will land at SIN on november 25th due of the jetlag.

    A again a great flight but the catering is little disappointing...

    Nice spotting at SIN :D !
  • Comment 93673 by
    AirCanada881 1616 Comments
    Thanks for this wonderful FR 007, you summed it up well. It's hard to imagine being in the air for 18 hours, even half of that, 9 hours counts as a very long flight, so 18?!?!?! I think so that like you if I were travelling in business, I would enjoy every moment of it, the luxury of flying in an all business class airplane too!

    Everything looked good, of course it's hard to keep catering fresh 18-24 hours after it was prepared. Do you know if SQ prepares eggs on board like other airlines?

    Thanks again for sharing this epic trip.
  • Comment 138323 by
    Jett Tyler GOLD 351 Comments
    Great flight report. Would love to have done the worlds longest flight.

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