Review of ANA flight Tokyo Los Angeles in Business

Airline ANA
Flight NH006
Class Business
Seat 8K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 09:00
Take-off 06 Jun 18, 17:00
Arrival at 07 Jun 18, 10:00
NH 211 reviews
By 1999
Published on 18th February 2022

Boarding was a bit chaos because that time there is no COVID yet and that the flight was almost full at that time.

photo nrt-to-lax-ana-biz-1

I started with a champagne before departure

photo nrt-to-lax-ana-biz-10

This is a special headphone for ANA Business customer only

photo nrt-to-lax-ana-biz-11

Nice Amenity kit before departure

photo nrt-to-lax-ana-biz-12

The GE90 engine sounds huge

photo nrt-to-lax-ana-biz-13

I do not have to capture the take off as I was asleep. But I look at the business class toilet and it was good.

photo nrt-to-lax-ana-biz-18

You can do something like this in most airlines lavetories.

photo nrt-to-lax-ana-biz-19

Shortly after that, Flight attendant comes out with Champagne for me

photo nrt-to-lax-ana-biz-34

The starter

photo nrt-to-lax-ana-biz-35

Tried another starter and this one is far more better choice

photo nrt-to-lax-ana-biz-37

The main coarse was well good. Got the beef option and it was great

photo nrt-to-lax-ana-biz-41

Desert: Got fruits instead

photo nrt-to-lax-ana-biz-44

Went for a sleep for an hour and then got Japanese Breakfast option.

photo nrt-to-lax-ana-biz-52

Somewhere over California

photo nrt-to-lax-ana-biz-57

One last close up of the seat before landing at KLAX

photo nrt-to-lax-ana-biz-5

On Final Approach, I realize that it is not going to be a great weather at LAX

photo nrt-to-lax-ana-biz-61

Yes. And it is cloudy at LAX.

photo nrt-to-lax-ana-biz-63

Welcome to KLAX.

photo nrt-to-lax-ana-biz-64

One last caption of the seat before leaving the aircraft.

photo nrt-to-lax-ana-biz-6photo 55826njtnjfctkrfiudy_cover

The end of the flight

photo nrt-to-lax-ana-biz-70
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Cabin crew10.0

Tokyo - NRT


Los Angeles - LAX



This is overall a great flight. From food to drinks and to seats and everything. Better than JAL. But LAX is still not a good airport as Japan at that time.

Information on the route Tokyo (NRT) Los Angeles (LAX)


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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6105 Comments

    Hi, thanks for sharing and welcome! The food looks fantastic and so well-presented. It looks more First class than Business class. I'd love to see how the quality of catering in Business has evolved since Covid, but there are obviously so few reviews anymore between the US and Japan since the beginning of the pandemic with Japan having been closed for the most part.

    ANA already had a top notch Business class product and now with the new "The Room" huge seats, they arguably have the best J seat out there.

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