Review of Royal Jordanian flight Hong Kong Bangkok in Business

Airline Royal Jordanian
Flight RJ183
Class Business
Seat 1A
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 03:30
Take-off 13 Aug 13, 21:35
Arrival at 14 Aug 13, 00:05
RJ 52 reviews
Published on 28th October 2013
This is the next leg of my trip back from Japan. I have already posted the two first segments HND-PEK and PEK-HKG a while ago.

1. Paris CDG - Amman (Royal Jordanian 118, Airbus A321, Crown Business, FR)

2. Amman - Bangkok (Royal Jordanian 182, Airbus A330-200, Crown Business, FR)

3. Bangkok - Hong Kong (Royal Jordanian 182bis, Airbus A330-200, Crown Business, FR)

4. Hong Kong - Singapour (Singapore Airlines 861, Airbus A380-800, Economy, FR)

5. Singapour - Tokyo/NRT (Singapore Airlines 638, Boeing 777-300ER, Economy, FR)

6. Tokyo/HND - Beijing (All Nippon Airways 1255, Boeing 787-800 Dreamliner, Business, EN)

7. Beijing - Hong Kong (Air China 117, Airbus A321, Business, EN)

8. Hong Kong - Bangkok (Royal Jordanian 183, Airbus A330-200, Business) YOU ARE HERE

The return flight with Royal Jordanian was scheduled at 9:35pm, and even if there were a lot of morning flights from Tokyo to HK, none of them were affordable. So I had to go to Hong Kong a day before and spend a night there.

But that was an opportunity to do a bit more tourism in HK for the second time in less than a month. From my hotel the Novotel Tung Chung, I went to the city center using the Tung Chung line. I met my friend living in Hong Kong at Hong Kong Station.

photo 02-DSC_6908

Let's walk for some hours in this cosmopolitan city.

photo 06-DSC_6942photo 05-DSC_6929

As Typhoon Utor was dangerously getting closer to Hong Kong we decided to get in touch with RJ's in-town check in counter to know if the flight is delayed or even cancelled.
Apparently the inbound flight was on its way to Bangkok so there should be no problem.

photo 01-DSC_6907

It is now time to turn back to the airport. 30 minutes to get from HK central to Tung Chung, followed by 10 minutes needed to pick up my suitcase and get to the terminal with my hotel's free shuttle bus service later, I arrive at the airport round 6:15pm.

photo 07-DSC_6957

As Novotel's shuttle bus cannot drop us at terminal 2, I will need to walk for a bit towards it.

photo 08-DSC_6959photo 09-DSC_6960

Here we are. HKG's terminal 2 was unknown to me until I discovered on my RJ ticket summary that it was operating its flights from terminal 2.

photo 10-DSC_6961

Check in opens on time, 3 hours before scheduled departure. There are already some people waiting for Economy class counters to be opened. There is a red carpet in front of business class counters. The agent will check me in in a few minutes, register my frequent flyer card and hand me my boarding passes as well as an invitation to Traveler's lounge.

Some flights arriving from/leaving to China are cancelled probably due to bad weather.

photo 15-DSC_6968

It's time to relax a bit in the lounge! Let's go towards the departure hall.

photo 16-DSC_6969photo 17-DSC_6970

Immigration and security checkpoint go faster here than in Terminal 1 as there are much less passengers. But no stamps on passport unfortunately :(

photo 18-DSC_6971photo 19-DSC_6972

After 2 minutes of train ride I arrive in terminal 1's departure hall.

photo 20-DSC_6973

Flying First or Business class on any oneworld carrier or holding a Sapphire or Emerald frequent flyer card allows you to enter any oneworld lounge in your departure airport. Therefore even if RJ prefers to invite its passengers to go to Traveler's Lounge (is it cheaper, less good?) I will go first to CX's The Wing which is probably HKG's best business lounge.

photo 21-DSC_6974photo 22-DSC_6975

My boarding pass will be stamped by staff which means I won't need an extra eligibility check if I decide to exit the lounge.

I am hungry and I go straight to the buffet which has noodles, veggies, fried rice, dimsum and other snacks such as sandwiches.

My selection

photo 27-DSC_6980

I browse the internet with lounge's wifi

photo 28-DSC_6981

I go up to the first floor and there's some hot snacks which are not available elsewhere

photo 31-DSC_6984photo 32-DSC_6985

photo 33-DSC_6986

Noodle bar

I decide to taste some tapenade which actually tastes good.
photo 38-DSC_6991

Restrooms are clean as always.

photo 29-DSC_6982

An information panel on typhoon Utor

photo 30-DSC_6983

I decide to visit another QF's business lounge which is already described in some reports written by Leadership.

photo 39-DSC_6992photo 40-DSC_6993photo 41-DSC_6994

The staff will look at every details of my boarding pass as if it was an police inspection. She will have a little chat with her colleague and finally allows me to enter the lounge by stamping it once more.

photo 42-DSC_6995

This lounge is very quiet : these lampshades are beautiful

photo 47-DSC_7000photo 48-DSC_7001

There are hot dishes such as fried noodle and awful chicken with creamy sauce and a lot of light snacks.

Magazines and corporate picture with an A380
photo 49-DSC_7002photo 50-DSC_7003

Let's visit today's third lounge : The traveler's lounge which is RJ's official lounge

This is my boarding pass with already stamped twice
photo 51-DSC_7004photo 52-DSC_7005

The invitation sponsored by RJ

photo 53-DSC_7006


photo 54-DSC_7007

Lounge staff will also stamp my boarding pass : this lounge is opened to passengers holding special credit cards so I suppose they cannot enjoy as many features as airlines guests can.

photo 56-DSC_7009photo 55-DSC_7008

There is a special parts for AF and LX's first class pax as well as AY's Plat's

photo 57-DSC_7010photo 58-DSC_7011

There's a salad bar, two hot mains and a corn soup tasting good
photo 59-DSC_7012photo 60-DSC_7013photo 61-DSC_7014

To access this lounge's wifi they request us to use Check in places on facebook. This is simply unbelievable!

photo 62-DSC_7015photo 63-DSC_7016photo 64-DSC_7017

Time to board

There is a dedicate line for Business class PAX

photo 70-DSC_7023photo 71-DSC_7024

RJ currently uses two long haul aircrafts : A330-200s and A340-200s. They operate a daily flight to Bangkok which continues either to HK with a 332 3times a week or to KUL with a 342 four times a week. Fortunately 332s feature lie-flat seats in Business class while 342s have old recliner seats.

A flight attendant welcomes me onboard and offers me a welcome drink. Rj doesn't offer alcoholic beverages while on ground; the choice is either orange juice or apple juice.It will be the latter for me.

photo 76-DSC_7031

Menus are handed out. Tonight's service will be a cold snack

photo 77-DSC_7032photo 78-DSC_7033photo 79-DSC_7034

Push-back on time

photo 80-DSC_7035

Safety vid is shown
photo 81-DSC_7036

A Lufthansa 748i
photo 82-DSC_7037

Take off on time, quite impressive if we consider the weather at that time

photo 01-DSC_7038photo 02-DSC_7039photo 03-DSC_7040

A bit less than 3 hours to go.

photo 04-DSC_7041photo 06-DSC_7043

Seat control panel

photo 07-DSC_7044

Meal service begins with a fresh orange juice and some warm nuts

photo 08-DSC_7045

A first view of my tray : RJ offers tapas at dinner time and a three-course service at tea time… Well!

photo 09-DSC_7046

Fresh]/i] fruit salad :
photo 10-DSC_7047

Open-face sandwiches : marinated salmon, mustard roasted beef, tartlet with shrimp
photo 11-DSC_7048

Dessert : Opera cake, Saint-Bernard tart.
photo 12-DSC_7049

Nice cutlery
photo 13-DSC_7050photo 14-DSC_7051

Let's browse the entertainment system
photo 15-DSC_7052

We had to avoid flying over Laos and Vietnam for some reason
photo 16-DSC_7054

A guest survey is handed out by FAs

photo 17-DSC_7055photo 18-DSC_7057photo 19-DSC_7058

We are now close to our target

photo 21-DSC_7061

And we landed short before midnight

photo 22-DSC_7062

My RJ experience is not finished yet!
photo 23-DSC_7063

See you soon for the next leg BKK-AMM.
photo 24-DSC_7064

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Royal Jordanian

Cabin crew8.0

Independent The Traveler`s Lounge


Hong Kong - HKG


Bangkok - BKK



An average flight with RJ. Entertainement system and catering should be improved - a hot dish should at least be offered at dinner time.

I am rating the Traveler's lounge as it is RJ's designated lounge and it is clearly a bad deal if you can go to CX's The Wing just a few steps away.

Thank you everybody for reading this Flight-Report and see you soon.

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