Review of Kenya Airways flight Dzaoudzi Nairobi in Business

Airline Kenya Airways
Flight KQ 452
Class Business
Seat 3 A
Aircraft Boeing 737-700
Flight time 03:55
Take-off 23 Apr 13, 12:10
Arrival at 23 Apr 13, 16:05
KQ   #27 out of 92 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 101 reviews
By GOLD 6212
Published on 21st November 2013
This is the English version of my 2nd FR posted in April 2013.

For any reason, the images on the original version do not open anymore. East African warned me of this problem once he wanted to quote this special report.

Thus I decide to write it again. As the English-speaking community is large in Eastern Africa, this KQ route may please some readers from this part of the world, and many others I hope !

Let us start with some views of Mayotte, the Seahorse island.

Mount Choungi on the main island. I think it is a dyke.
photo DSCN0961

Some of Mamoudzou’s buildings, the marina on the foreground and Mount Combani on the background.
photo DSCN1054

Mamoudzou, the capital city of the archipelago, now a French department, seen from the departing ferry.
photo DSCN1050

A view of the harbor.
photo DSCN1049

These two ladies are wearing the traditional make-up. They are waiting for some hypothetical customer.
photo DSCN1034

This lady is keeping an eye on her load of bananas while waiting for the ferry that links Petite Terre to Grande Terre twice hourly… when there is no strike and no breakdown.
photo DSCN1022

Here comes the Salama Djema (have a safe journey) ferry.
photo DSCN1021

The new market and the tourist information centre from the ferry.
photo DSCN1044

This is a far too common view of Mayotte.
photo DSCN0937

As I only spend a single day in Mayotte on my way to BKK, I just walked around “Petite Terre” the small island where the airport is.
Lake Dzani Dzaha : a place where many local legends take place.
photo DSCN0974photo DSCN0970

Dzaoudzi Rock is the heart of Mayotte with the Foreign Legion, the Prefet’s offices, the onetime only hospital, the former governor’s palace and the mother church Saint Mickaël.
photo DSCN0948

The Northern Coast of Grande Terre.
photo DSCN0995

Moya beaches : a very scenic place due to collapsed volcanoes where you can observe many sea tortoises.
photo DSCN0985photo DSCN0992

From the top of the Vigie Hill, one has a view on DZA and the construction site of the new terminal building.
photo DSCN0996

UU 738 on the apron.
photo DSCN0998

DZA runway dives into the lagoon. It is too short for long haul aircrafts to take off with full load.
photo DSCN1004

The marina. Of Petite Terre.
photo DSCN0925

The local market of Labattoir, whose name derives from the existence of a slaughterhouse in the old days.
photo DSCN0927

The Flight Report.

It is now time to make my way to the airport. The long awaited new terminal is taking shape. Opening is scheduled for the first quarter of 2014. But it should have hapened in 2012… Everything needs longer time overseas…
photo DSCN1009

Construction works are in progress.
photo DSCN1008

Welcome to DZA.
photo DSCN1014
The arrival building is no more than a overheated shed. All those who have travelled to DZA in January on board 777 know what I mean.
photo DSCN1013

The main terminal building with check-in areas, immigration services and control tower.
photo DSCN1015

The business class zone.
photo DSCN1020

Of course the latter area is closed… as are many of the check-in counters. But I can easily have my luggage checked and my boarding pass printed.
photo DSCN1016

I go quickly through immigration and security checks and I meet a police officer I used to be friend with when I was working in Mayotte.
Airside. No lounge for any company. Nevertheless it is great today as the A/C works and there I are many free seats.
photo DSCN1063

Our KQ 737 is on time.
photo DSCN1060

Let’s have a closer view.
photo DSCN1061

DZA from the runway.
photo DSCN0922

Remember it is my second attempt to shoot pics for a report. I was shy at the time. So the next view is airborne.
Mount Choungi at the background and the eastern coast of Grande Terre.
photo DSCN1068

The Northern coast overlooked by Mount Dziani Bole.
photo DSCN1071

On the Western side of Grande Terre, Chirongi Bay where Portuguese sailors may have landed in the early 16th Century.
photo DSCN1070

Choizeul Islets : a wonderful place for scuba diving.
photo DSCN1073

40 minutes after we land in Moroni, the capital city of the Republic of Comoros.
photo DSCN1075

I do not know who uses those helicopters.
photo DSCN1076

There is a modern terminal building some Gulf Emirate paid for and a little traffic.
photo DSCN1088

Air Austral has a twice-weekly service from RUN. Here is one of their 2 738.
photo DSCN1078

This one summarizes the state of the Comoros airlines.
photo DSCN1080

Precision Air for Dar Es Salam.
photo DSCN1081

While waiting for the boarding passengers to take their seats, I shoot the safety card.
photo DSCN1072

It is time to say good bye to HAH. Let’s go to the runway.
photo DSCN1074photo DSCN1083

photo DSCN1089

The pitch or “room between the legs” ;)
photo DSCN1091

Once airborne the FA hands the menu.
photo DSCN1084

The bar service comes first.
photo DSCN1085

The Hot light meal offer. I just shot the French version. One can see the translation is sometimes funny. By the way, it is a praiseworthy effort to give the French-speaking customers something they can understand. I missed the wine option but you can find it on East African report NBO-DXB. The wine list is the same it was 4 years ago when I was a regular KQ pax. The South African Rothschild has been replaced by a Shiraz and the S.A. sparkling wine gave the way to Champagne.
photo DSCN1086

My choice is for the beef. I will have champagne as a drink. As KQ ran short of Moet et Chandon, we are offered Bollinger. I am not sure it is bad news. Champagne is a real improvement on KQ services.
photo DSCN1093

The J 2-2 cabin and its recliner seats.
photo DSCN1090

When you fly from DZA to NBO you must get a A seat in the event of a friendly weather. Thus, you can enjoy something that no IFE on earth will provide.
photo DSCN1111

The snows of Mount Kilimanjaro. Something you must see once in a lifetime.
photo DSCN1103

This report will finish a bit abruptly on this last scenic view as I was noy shooting instinctively at that time. :(
photo DSCN1109

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Kenya Airways

Cabin crew8.0

Dzaoudzi - DZA


Nairobi - NBO



About KQ :
KQ is a reliable airline in the East African area. Its aircraft are getting old, but the company is replacing its 737 by Embraer 190 or 170.

This is another story with its long-haul fleet even if one new 777-300 has just been delivered and 787 are waited.

I used to be a regular traveler when settled in Mayotte. The point is KQ fares are 50% higher from Madagascar. Therefore, it is not really worth it regarding the planes you are offered and the 6 hours transit in NBO if you connect to an Europe or Asia service.

The service has not changed much. Nor the bone china. The flight-attendants are professionals.

I was pleased to fly KQ again. If the Company wants to deserve the compliment of being “the pride of Africa” it must offer an up-to-date product.

DZA : It is a provincial African airport. No more, no less. Whereas the security checks are fakes in Fort Dauphin, they are real in DZA. This may be the real difference ;)

Thank you for reading this short FR.

You are welcome to comment.

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