Review of SWISS flight Zurich Milan in Economy

Airline SWISS
Flight LX1612
Class Economy
Seat 26A
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 00:29
Take-off 05 Mar 22, 07:47
Arrival at 05 Mar 22, 08:16
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Published on 7th March 2022


Hello FlightReporters,
As I may have written in past reports last July I've been graduated in Architecture. When my parents told me that they wanted to make me a big present I start thinking about what to ask for, but no ideas came to my mind. Finally, in Autumn, I realized what I wanted: travelling.

My last extra-Europe travel happened in August 2019, when I visited Vietnam and Cambodia. After the long Covid period I needed a taste of normality: getting on a plane, having my passport stamped, changing moneys, hearing other languages and tasting unusual dishes.

Around October I took a look to prices for planes and hotels and I finally found a destination: Dubai.
I chose to travel there the first week of March, in order to be free from exams and at the same time experience the Universal Exposition Expo 2020. For a young (future) architect like me an event like Expo is like a Disneyland for a child. Moreover in 2015 I worked as a volunteer at Expo Milano 2015 and I really appreciated the international appeal of this event.

I ask a dear friend of mine to come with me and she immediately agrees. We set these date: 27th Febraury to 5th March.


First of all we had to choose flights
Since we wanted to spend the lowest possible we skipped Emirates, which offered a direct MXP-DXB flight for 650 euros.
With around 500 euros there were many options with a stopover, the best ones where Swiss and Turkish Airlines.

Swiss International Air Lines - 505 €
27th Feb
MXP-ZRH 9:50 - 11:05
ZRH-DXB 12:55 - 21:55

5th Mar
DXB-ZRH 2:05 - 6:10
ZRH-MXP 7:25 - 8:20

Turkish Airlines - 523 €
27th Feb
MXP-IST 11:15 - 16:15
IST-DXB 21:30 - 2:50 (+1d)

5th Mar
DXB-IST 2:40 - 6:35
IST-MXP 8:55 - 9:45

Even if I was really curious to try Turkish Airlines and visit the marvellous Istanbul Airport this solution presented a drawback: arriving at Dubai at 3 am in the morning would have been loosing the first half of the day 28th Febraury, seriously affecting our program.
Moreover the 5-hour stopover in IST would have been a bit boring

For all these reasons we decided to try Swiss International Air Lines via Zurich. For me it would be the first time with this airline and transfering in ZRH.

The 1st November my friend and I booked the tickets. For unknown reasons the price was 5 euros lower on Lufthansa website, so we bought it from there. My friend decided to buy a cheaper fare (420€) since she didnt' need the hold luggage.

photo d2-1

In order to be closer to the Expo 2020 site we book the Avani Ibn Battuta Hotel in Jebel Ali, for 560€ (4 nights)
The hotel is very cozy, the service very good and it's just 30 minutes by metro to the Exposition.


photo rotte

transfer in zrh

After landing from DXB we had to clear a security checkpoint
We got off the control area around 6.45, 15 minutes before scheduled boarding time to Milan

photo d4-1

To reach our gate, B33, we had to take the SkyMetro people mover to the main terminal

photo d4-2photo d4-3

The train took around 3 minutes to complete the ride underneath the apron

photo d4-4

To accesso boarding area A/B passport needs to be checked
Even if it was still early many passengers were transfering

photo d4-5

Despite the crowd the passport control took less than 10 minutes

photo d4-6

The airport seemed to be still "asleep"

photo d4-7photo d4-8

Swiss tails at Dock B pier

photo d4-9

Dock B pier opened in 2011 and it's the newest part of the terminal
Boarding areas are located on ground (D gates) and first (B gates) floor
The first is used for extra-Schenghen flights while the latter is dedicated to Schenghen flights. Gates are shared and connected through escalators

photo d4-10photo d4-11photo d4-12

We arrived at the gate exactly at 7 am, but it was still closed

photo d4-13photo d4-14

Our plane for today:
Swiss International Air Lines Airbus A321-200, HB-IOO, delivered in March '16 and equipped with 216 seats in flexible C-Y configuration.

When we booked our flight in November ZRH-MXP leg was planned to be done with an Helvetic Airways Embraer E-175
A few days before departure the confirmation e-mail reported the aircraft to be an Airbus A220-100
Arriving at the gate we discovered it had been changed with an Airbus A321 due to techical issues on the scheduled plane

photo d4-15

A few minutes after boarding started using e-Gates

photo d4-16

When I scanned my BP on the e-Gate it automatically printed this seat change receipt

photo d4-17a

Going down the jetway

photo d4-18

Swiss A220s parked at Dock B

photo d4-19

Swiss A320 and A220 parked at Dock A

photo d4-20

the flight

photo d5-1photo d5-2

Nose view…

photo d4-21

…wing view…

photo d5-4

…and door view

photo d5-3

After giving the flight report form to the purser I made my way to my seat, 26A, located one row behind doors number 3

photo d5-5

The Airside Center view from my seat

photo d5-6

As boarding completed safety video was showed

photo d5-7

15 minutes after scheduled pushback started

photo d5-8photo d5-9photo d5-10

Helvetic Airways E-175s parked in distance

photo d5-11

Swiss Boeing 777s parked at Dock E
The one on the left is HB-JNJ, who brought us here from DXB

photo d5-12

Two Swiss A220s undergoing de-icing procedure

photo d5-13photo d5-14

Iberia A321 departing in front of us from runway 32

photo d5-15photo d5-16

Ready to go

photo d5-17photo d5-18photo d5-19

Bye bye Zurich

photo d5-20

Passing over RWY16/34

photo d5-21

Banking over Zurich neighborhood

photo d5-22photo d5-23

In a few minutes we reached our cruise altitude, around 19.000ft

photo d5-24

20 minutes into flight a chocolate bar and a bottle of water were delivered

photo d5-25

Soarin' over the Alps

photo d5-26photo d5-27photo d5-28

Landing in MXP

A few minutes after the service the cabin was prepared for landing

photo d6-1photo d6-2photo d6-3

Ticino river, which acts as border between Lombardia and Piemonte regions

photo d6-4

Romentino town and A4 motorway, which connects Turin with Trieste passing by Milan and Venice

photo d6-5photo d6-6

Turbigo Thermal Power Station

photo d6-7

Turbigo town, located 8 km south of Malpensa Airport

photo d6-8photo d6-9

We'd land on RWY35L, the closest to the main terminal

photo d6-10

Virgin Atlantic A350 and Air China Boeing 787

photo d6-11

At 8.16, four minutes before scheduled, we softly touched down at Milan-Malpensa International Airport

photo d6-12

Gate B area, the only one handling extra-Schenghen flights at MXP

photo d6-14

American Airlines Boeing 777
Definitely one of my favourite livery

photo d6-13

Vacating runway

photo d6-15photo d6-16

Unusual tails

photo d6-17

Parking perfectly on time next to a Brussels Airlines A319

photo d6-18

Goodbye Swiss Air Lines

photo d6-19

easyJet birds and LaudaMotion A320

photo d6-20

Beautiful China Eastern Airlines A330 painted in special livery

photo d6-22photo d6-23photo d6-24

Disembarking I got the flight report paper from the purser
It was goodly filled

photo d6-25

Finally at my new home

photo d6-26

In a few minutes we arrived at the baggage hall

photo d6-27

Baggages took around 10 minutes to arrive
The airport seemed completely empty, no other flight was delivering baggages at that moment

photo d6-28

Passport mishap

After getting my luggage I start packing my thing again and I realized that something was missing
I put my hand on the pocket I usually put the passport in and it was empty

When I fly I have a bad habit
Usually when I get onboard I put my passport in the seat pocket and after the take off I put it in my bag
Since the flight was really short I forget it inside the seat pocket

I immediately run to Lost&Found area and the lady called the ramp agent of my flight
He confirmed that a passport was found in my seat, fortunately
However the lady told me I had to wait around 45 minutes for the flight departure in order to have the passport back

photo d7-1

Waiting patiently

photo d7-2

Finally I had it back
It was a real luck I forgot it on my last flight and not in DXB or, worse, on the connection in ZurichGoing back home

photo d7-3

Going back home

I got my passport around 9.45 and immediately after I made my way to exit
The arrivals hall of Malpensa looked fresh and bright

photo d8-1

I went to Malpensa train station to get MalpensaExpress back to Milano Centrale

photo d8-2photo d8-3

In around one hour I arrived at Milan Central Station
From there the metro takes around 15 minutes to get to my home, but I decided to get a car sharing

Thank you for your attention and see you at the next report!

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Cabin crew6.5

Zurich - ZRH


Milan - MXP



There're not many things to say about a 30 minutes flight
Swiss short haul service is very fine, I appreciate the fact that even on a so short leg a light service is delivered

Now that I've tried MXP both in departure and in arrival I can say that's an efficient airport, the right level for an important city like Milan
I hope that the airport will improve for 2026 when it will serve as gateway for Milan-Cortina Winter Olympic Games



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