Review of SWISS flight Milan Zurich in Economy

Airline SWISS
Flight LX1613
Class Economy
Seat 18A
Aircraft Airbus A220-100
Flight time 00:43
Take-off 27 Feb 22, 10:32
Arrival at 27 Feb 22, 11:15
LX   #15 out of 71 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 862 reviews
Published on 7th March 2022


Hello FlightReporters,
As I may have written in past reports last July I've been graduated in Architecture. When my parents told me that they wanted to make me a big present I start thinking about what to ask for, but no ideas came to my mind. Finally, in Autumn, I realized what I wanted: travelling.

My last extra-Europe travel happened in August 2019, when I visited Vietnam and Cambodia. After the long Covid period I needed a taste of normality: getting on a plane, having my passport stamped, changing moneys, hearing other languages and tasting unusual dishes.

Around October I took a look to prices for planes and hotels and I finally found a destination: Dubai.
I chose to travel there the first week of March, in order to be free from exams and at the same time experience the Universal Exposition Expo 2020. For a young (future) architect like me an event like Expo is like a Disneyland for a child. Moreover in 2015 I worked as a volunteer at Expo Milano 2015 and I really appreciated the international appeal of this event.

I ask a dear friend of mine to come with me and she immediately agrees. We set these date: 27th Febraury to 5th March.

Booking options

First of all we had to choose flights
Since we wanted to spend the lowest possible we skipped Emirates, which offered a direct MXP-DXB flight for 650 euros.
With around 500 euros there were many options with a stopover, the best ones where Swiss and Turkish Airlines.

Swiss International Air Lines - 505 €
27th Feb
MXP-ZRH 9:50 - 11:05
ZRH-DXB 12:55 - 21:55

5th Mar
DXB-ZRH 2:05 - 6:10
ZRH-MXP 7:25 - 8:20

Turkish Airlines - 523 €
27th Feb
MXP-IST 11:15 - 16:15
IST-DXB 21:30 - 2:50 (+1d)

5th Mar
DXB-IST 2:40 - 6:35
IST-MXP 8:55 - 9:45

Even if I was really curious to try Turkish Airlines and visit the marvellous Istanbul Airport this solution presented a drawback: arriving at Dubai at 3 am in the morning would have been loosing the first half of the day 28th Febraury, seriously affecting our program.
Moreover the 5-hour stopover in IST would have been a bit boring

For all these reasons we decided to try Swiss International Air Lines via Zurich. For me it would be the first time with this airline and transfering in ZRH.

The 1st November my friend and I booked the tickets. For unknown reasons the price was 5 euros lower on Lufthansa website, so we bought it from there. My friend decided to buy a cheaper fare (420€) since she didnt' need the hold luggage.

photo a2-1

In order to be closer to the Expo 2020 site we book the Avani Ibn Battuta Hotel in Jebel Ali, for 560€ (4 nights)
The hotel is very cozy, the service very good and it's just 30 minutes by metro to the Exposition.


photo rotte

Some stats:
First time on a Airbus A220
First time with Swiss International Air Lines
First time in ZRH

I made a stopover in MXP in 2009 while coming back from a family trip in Mauritius

before the flight

In order to enter United Arab Emirates a PCR-Test done in the 72 hrs before departure is requested.
With the flight departing on Sunday I went to a private clinic in Milan to get my PCR-Test. This clinic gave me the insurance that the result would be ready within the next 24 hrs.
Fortunately I resulted "negative"
UAE requires also a proof of vaccination, in my case the European Digital Certificate.

Swiss opens the online check-in 24 hours before the departure. The morning before my friend and I checked-in through LX website. During the procedure it was possible (not mandatory) to upload medical certificates and get an early verification. Since this procedure resulted quite slow we decided to ignore and do the verification at the airport.
Having booked separately the system gave us far seats. However it was possible to change them after the check-in.

photo a4-1

In order to stay close and have a window seat, we chose 50H-K for ZRH-DXB leg (below). I've read mixed reviews on SeatGuru about this seats, especially due to the proximity to lavatories.
However this choice would prove to be a good one

photo a4-2a

The day before flight I also buy online tickets for MalpensaExpress, a rapid train connectin Milan city with the airport.
It took around 55 minutes and departs from three important Milan stations: Milano Centrale, Milano P.ta Garibaldi and Milano Cadorna FN.
The tickets costs 13€ for a single ride and 20€ for the two-way ticket

Arriving at MXP and check-in

With the flight scheduled for 9.50 we decided to be at the airport at 8 am.
To be at MXP before this time we took the MalpensaExpress at 6.55 from Milano Centrale, arriving at the airport at 7.43

In order to take the train on time I left my house near Udine Metro Station (on Line 2) at 6.10

photo a5-0

In around 20 minutes I reached Milan Centrale Station
MalpensaExpress departs from platform 1, which is located at the far left side of the station
It takes around 7-8 minutes to get there from the metro station

photo a5-1

The MalpensaExpress stops in Milano Garibaldi, Milano Bovisa, Saronno, Busto Arsizio, Malpensa Terminal 1 (our stop) and Malpensa Terminal 2. Transfering between T1 and T2 is free of charge.
The ride was quite pleasant, the train is kinda new and full of baggage storage areas.

At 7.48, five minutes after scheduled, we arrived at Milan Malpensa Airport. The station is located underneath Terminal 1, which hosts most of the airlines at MXP

photo a5-2

The access to the Terminal is guaranteed by a short walkway
FIDS showing our flight to be on time and handled at check-in area 6

photo a5-3

The check-in hall is modern, spacious and full of natural light
Moreover it has glass facades open both land and airside, quite uncommon in many terminals…

photo a5-4

Row 6 handles all LH-Group flights

Even if LX app showed "checked-in" as status we weren't able to download our boarding passes. This happened maybe because we skipped the early health documents' check.
Not a big issue considering I had to queue in any case for hold luggage

photo a5-5

Baggage was scaled, vaccine certificate was checked and BPs were printed
The whole procedure (queue+check-in) took around 25 minutes

photo a5-6

This is my first time travelling through MXP and I'm not sure about the spotting possibilites
However the food court located over check-in area offers a good view of the apron

easyJet A321neo parked at pier A71-A80

photo a5-7

United Airlines Boeing 767 at pier B

photo a5-8

Neos Boeing 737 and Etihad Airways Boeing 777 at pier B

photo a5-9

The check-in hall seen from the food court

photo a5-10

Having nothing else to do landside we proceeded straight to the security checkpoint
We scan our BP at 8:25, one hour before scheduled boarding time

photo a5-11

Waiting for boarding

Even if the queueing area was a bit messy the control itself didn't take too much
Some lanes were also equipped with better X-ray machines that don't require liquids to be taken out
In 15 minutes we were airside.

Going downstairs for the departure lounge

photo a6-1

Mandatory passage through the duty free
As told by the check-in agent our gate would be A26
Gates A handles all Schenghen flights while Gates B are dedicated to non-Schenghen
Let's turn right

Many bird parked in the apron

photo a6-6

Neos Air Boeing 787 
This is the only italian airline operating the Dream)Liner

photo a6-7

Our gate is located on the ground floor and this means only one thing: boarding by bus

photo a6-8photo a6-9

About 30 minutes before scheduled departure time boarding was called by groups
The plane didn't seem to be full

photo a6-10


The bus ride was quite fast and in a handful of minutes we reach our plane:
Swiss International Air Lines Airbus A220-100, HB-JBI, delivered in July '19 and equipped with 125 seats in flexible C-Y configuration.

photo 20220227_093625photo a7-3

Mandatory door shot…

photo a7-5

…and wing view

I really like Swiss livery, very simple but effective

photo a7-6

After giving the Flight report form to the purser I made my way to my seat 18A
The first impression is quite good, the cabin is well illuminated and doesn't feel crampy

photo a7-7

The seat is comfortable and the pitch is good, very pleasant for a so-short flight

The view from my seat, with easyJet A320

photo a7-8

Meanwhile last passengers got onboard and doors were armed

photo a7-9

Since the boarding gate was quite far from apron and sun was facing I wasn't able to take good pics
So the spotting time was postponed from the plane, waiting for taxiing to start

Turkish Airlines A330

photo a7-10

El Al Boeing 737

photo a7-11

Malta Air Boeing 737

photo a7-12

Aeroflot A321

photo a7-13

Air Europa Boeing 737

photo a7-14

DHL A300

photo a7-15

Finnair A321

photo a7-16

Etihad Airways Boeing 777

photo a7-17

Almost 30 minutes after scheduled departure time we left our stand

photo a7-18

easyJet, WizzAir and Ryanair line up at remote stands

photo a7-19

Lufthansa A320 landing

photo a7-20

Ready-to-go Qatar Airways Boeing 787

photo a7-21

FedEx Boeing 777F parked at the cargo area

photo a7-22

China Eastern A330

photo a7-23

Etihad Triple-7 preceding us for take-off

photo a7-24

The taxiway to runway 35R passes under the landing path of RWY35L, giving a nice view of arriving aircrafts
British Airways A320

photo a7-25

Malpensa Airports has two runways: 16R/35L and 16L/35R
The first is closer to the main terminal (T1)

photo a7-26

Air China A350, Qatar Airways Boeing 777, ITA Airways Boeing 777 (in Alitalia's livery) and Swift, ASL Airlines and DHL West Atlantic Boeing 737s

The view of the snowy Alps from MXP is breathtaking

photo a7-27

easyJet A320 landing

photo a7-28

Etihad leaving to Abu Dhabi while we waited for our turn

photo a7-29photo a7-30

Such a long taxi for a short flight…

photo a7-31

the flight

photo a8-1photo a8-2

This small screen is so cozy

photo a8-3

Aligning on RWY35R

photo a8-4

42 minutes after scheduled we started our take off run to ZRH
The two Pratt & Whitney PW1000G engines seems very powerful and not so loud

photo a8-5photo a8-6photo a8-7

Bye bye Milan, see you next week

photo a8-8

Terminal 1

I really like its architecture, since it has a unitary design even if built in different stages

photo a8-9

Terminal 2, used by easyJet only

photo a8-10

The town of Somma Lombardo, located just north of the airport

photo a8-11

Varese lake and Varese town

photo a8-12photo a8-13photo a8-14

Flying over Como Lake, the 3rd largest in Italy

photo a8-15

Maggiore Lake, shared by Italy and Switzerland
The big town in the lower part of the pic is Locarno (CH)

photo a8-16

Ten minutes into the flight a bottle of water and a small chocolate bar was distributed
Love the logo impressed on the bar

photo a8-18

Meanwhile Alps started scrolling below us

photo a8-19

The Matterhorn (4.478 metres), one of the highest mountains on the Alps
Know in italian as Cervino, it's easily recognizable for its almost symmetrical pyramid shape

photo a8-20

Being a short flight the plane didn't reach the typical cruise altitude, but remained below 6.000 metres, giving a beautiful sight of the mountains

photo a8-21

landing in zrh

Less than half an hour after leaving MXP the cabin was prepared for landing
Passing over the city of Zürich

photo a9-1

Zürich Main Station (Hauptbahnhof) clearly visible, along with Sihl and Limmats canals

photo a9-2

Banking over Zürich suburbs

photo a9-3

Arrivals information showed on the small overhead screen
Bus deboarding also in ZRH

photo a9-4

Leibstadt Nuclear Power Plant, located along Rhine river

photo a9-5

According to Flight-Radar we fly for a moment over Germany

photo a9-6

Flaps down for landing

photo a9-7photo a9-8

Last moments in the air
We'd land on RWY14

photo a9-9photo a9-10

At 11:15, ten minutes after scheduled, we touched down at Flughafen Zürich
Landing was a bit bumpy, but the breaking was smooth and long

photo a9-11

Vacating the runway

photo a9-12photo a9-13

ITA Airways A320 taking off on RWY10/28

photo a9-14

Helvetic Airways E-190

photo a9-15

Heavies line-up at Dock E, the satellite building used for extra-Schenghen operations at ZRH
Swiss A330 and Boeing 777s, United Airlines Boeing 767 and Air Canada Boeing 777

The BP printed in MXP already showed "E" as gate for the flight to Dubai

photo a9-16photo a9-18photo a9-17

European birds parked at Dock A
Swiss A320, Iberia A320 and KLM Boeing 737

photo a9-19

We reached our remote stand at 11.29, 26 minutes before scheduled boarding time to Dubai (11.55)
Maybe we'd need to speed up our walk inside the terminal

photo a9-20

Fortunately the taxi was quite short

photo a9-21

Swiss A320 crossing the runway with Dock E in the background

photo a9-22photo a9-23

Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 taking off

photo a9-24

While disembarking I get the flight report from the purser form and I kindly asked him to visit the cockpit
I'm always impressed by the amount of technology in the newest cockpits
The Captain was very kind to show me also the HUD, the trasparent screen which displays useful information to the pilots

photo a9-25

The paper was quite well filled

photo a9-26

Last view of our bird getting on the bus

photo a9-27

The bus took only 2 minutes to bring us to the terminal
We entered  the terminal at 11.30

photo a9-28

Boarding for the next flight is set for 11.55, while the departure should happen at 12.55
Knowing we would have to clear passport control and take the transit system to the satellite terminal we put the 4th gear to our legs and pointed immediately to our gate

Don't forget to see the next flight report

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Cabin crew8.0

Milan - MXP


Zurich - ZRH



My first impression from Swiss Air Lines was good overall. The aircraft was very clean, the meal unexpected on a 45 minutes flight and the crew very professional and kind

The only less-than-expectation aspect of the entire flight was the online check-in procedure. The system gives the possibility to upload health documents in advance (and I used this option) but the check may be very slow, impeding the completation of the entire operation. Obviously for a long flight as MXP-ZRH-DXB is not a big issue (I had to go to the desk in any case due to my luggage), but for someone travelling on a short route or just with cabin baggage is a big loss of time.

It was my first time leaving from Malpensa Airport and I think it's a good airport. The only "problem" is the access; the train is very comfortable, but taking almost one hour to get to a big airport is really to much in my modest opinion, also considering the train between Rome and FCO takes only 32 minutes.

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    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5876 Comments

    Hi Carlo, thanks for a very nice report with good detail on the process and congrats on graduating and taking your first trip outside of Europe since Covid! It's a good feeling to fly long-haul again.

    The Swiss A220 is beautiful inside and out! And that winglet over the Alps is just so perfect and so Swiss! It's just to bad they didn't add any USB ports on such a new aircraft.

    The system gives the possibility to upload health documents in advance (and I used this option) but the check may be very slow, impeding the completation of the entire operation.

    This is the most annoying part of Covid-era international travel--uploading documents doesn't always work well and can be very frustrating and stressful because it's so time sensitive.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 598162 by
      Carlotherocks BRONZE AUTHOR 66 Comments

      Hi Kevin,
      Thank you so much for your kind words of appreciation!
      I really like the A220, I'm glad to know that ITA Airways had made an order for it because I really look forward to fly on it again. It's such a good product to fly with across Europe

      I know, that's quite annoying, especially on short trips, but to be really honest, if it's the price to make what we love most, it's worth every second

      Wish you a 2022 full of flights!

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