Review of Lufthansa flight Berlin Munich in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH1927
Class Economy
Seat 29F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 00:56
Take-off 15 Feb 22, 09:00
Arrival at 15 Feb 22, 09:56
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Published on 12th March 2022

Hello everyone!

I hope that everyone is doing fine and staying safe; especially during these dangerous times.
I have been able to travel more, and wanted to share another flight report from last month. This one is from my Lufthansa flight from Berlin-Brandenburg to Munich-Franz-Josef-Strauß.
Enjoy, everyone, and take care! :) 

I spent the night before my flight in this hotel, Ibis Budget, which is a 1-star hotel. So it‘s not quite as luxurious as HolidayInn or Best Western, but I would still definitely recommend it for short stays, especially if you‘re trying to save money. I paid less than 50 Euros (55 Dollars) for one night.

photo 5636f68d-e93d-4f2b-a091-c7cba4e24f1c

A taxi cab picked me up from the hotel and I made it to the airport at around 6:30 am. 
I wanted to make sure that I got there extra-early, because besides a proof of vaccination, I also needed a negative test result, which was only valid for 24 hours, so I took advantage of the test-center right at the airport, where you could get your result within 15 to 20 minutes. 
Berlin Brandenburg Airport was opened in November 2020, replacing the old airport Tegel.  It is located in Schönefeld, which is lies south of the city limit of Berlin. It has a total capacity of 46 million passengers per year.

photo 4af16c8f-66b8-4f5f-88ce-610645308c30

Those who need to get a rapid test at the airport have to check in first. This can be done at this counter, located in the Departure level, or online at Then you proceed downstairs to the Arrivals level, where the test center is located.

photo 387969f6-4c09-49cc-90e2-f1a29fbfb2d2photo b1213170-ff39-4ba4-915f-71f09842b489photo 13c6f970-472e-40ee-b838-003394a5370f

I admit that I was a bit nervous while waiting for the result. I was feeling just fine and didn‘t experience any symptoms, but that didn‘t have to mean that I don‘t have the virus. Luckily, however, I still tested negative and was able to proceed to check-in. :) It is always such an incredible relief when you can go on your trip and things go as planned! :) 

At the check-in counter, I provided my passport, vaccination certificate and my test result, and received my boarding pass. I also had a digital one. Everything went smoothly. :)

photo 92430519-e0af-40a2-b5db-533cb215e44cphoto 04dcfb98-149a-4f13-b629-9768972552eaphoto aea6085a-50eb-4c90-86c5-94a06c8a8491

My aircraft for this nearly one-hour flight down to Bavaria was an Airbus A320neo. This airplane pictured here was actually not my aircraft, but I couldn‘t get a view like these at my gate, so I took a picture of this one instead. But this one is an A320 as well, just without the Sharklets. :) My plane was only 3 gates over.

photo 4336c956-f6f0-4876-bc28-c010c5720afd

Boarding began on time at 8:30 and I took my seat at 29F. I kind of like sitting on the right side, it‘s hard to say why that is, but I‘ve been in that habit for a long time now. :) That is going to change of course, once I‘m a pilot myself sitting on the left side. :)

It was a bit cloudy that morning, but cleared up by the time we departed, and I got to see some beautiful views of our German landscape. The weather in Munich wasn‘t very nice though, as I later realized. 

photo d62e97b0-9633-47fc-a99a-62c8e0a7e375

We pushed back on time and made our way to the runway by 9 am. I enjoyed some plane spotting as we taxied out and waved one last ´good-bye‘ to Berlin. But it shouldn‘t be too long until I come back. Hopefully within the next few months. :)

photo c2afd839-fe96-4479-8ceb-5c109a47d6b9

The pilots are checking the control surfaces of the aircraft, making sure that they are intact.

photo 2837511f-e246-4011-9442-b1c8cdbd04f3photo 617979b0-0791-412e-bab6-facfb0ff5df0

EasyJet also has a high presence at BER Airport. I was surprised to see an aircraft with Air Berlin livery on it. Air Berlin actually went out of business and stopped operations in 2017, I believe. Not sure what this was about, but it was nice to see it.

We were either number two or three for takeoff. One aircraft in front of us was a Finnair Airbus A319, bound for Helsinki, Finland. 

photo db1cee83-1d28-4182-8ed6-cf8fbf00937fphoto f0389194-20af-4ea2-95e9-9690c736a08e

Here is a video of our takeoff from Runway 25L. Enjoy! :)

photo 5a08cb56-049b-42aa-8c25-1f1300c4fdad

photo 7b95d580-33e2-4a72-8423-bc58e1148263

Banking left towards Munich

photo 8dceea83-d6d4-476a-ad7b-29187d8ec467photo 6ea2b48c-60be-4845-9259-d33569ec88d4

We didn‘t climb quite as high as on longer flights; probably to less than 30,000 feet, as we would start our descent soon after takeoff. We probably stayed at cruising altitude for only about 20 minutes.

The further south we traveled, the cloudier it got. As I mentioned before, the weather in Munich wasn‘t as pleasant as in Berlin, so it was expected that the ground would be harder to see.

photo f3f576c2-4046-44c4-b81f-6080decae0b2

The flight attendants came through the cabin and handed out water bottles as well as some small chocolate. This was basically my breakfast, haha. :)

photo dad1ebbd-7483-4142-a004-08ffc7c82ac8photo db9f4df2-6881-4dbb-92c9-981353276e9f

The seat pocket contained a safety card, of course, and a magazine.

photo b1bd803d-5606-4897-9f72-6d071093f665

„Hinein ins Nass mit Badedas“ 😄 🛁 It‘s a phrase from an old German TV commercial. :)

photo f95fd56f-c72a-4bf1-be60-a1af179925f9

Extending the flaps for landing

photo 910e7b7d-eab0-4302-919a-cd5cd5b4998c

Servus, München! :)

photo d170df15-f087-4030-9749-c0395bdda423photo 7a0a5ec4-b4af-41f0-b9d9-e95bc210fce5photo 9fabd35e-ea65-4c9e-a5b8-d96e0c26f333

We landed in Munich right before 10 am local time, and taxied to Terminal 2.

We deplaned the aircraft via stairs and were taken to the terminal by bus, which is quite common at European airports.

photo 24c895f0-9059-496b-9946-0c8241860a3b

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Cabin crew10.0

Berlin - BER


Munich - MUC



In conclusion, I can say that I really enjoyed this trip! While I admit that I wish I had gotten a bit more than a tiny chocolate on this flight, I am overall satisfied with Lufthansa and their performance. I also love the new Airport in Berlin. It is big, modern and has lots of opportunities to have a meal, go shopping, and more.
Munich is also a nice airport! It‘s Lufthansa‘s second base; Frankfurt is it‘s main base. While Lufthansa suffered enormously under the pandemic, they seem to recover well and flights are picking up, which is great!
Until next time, Lufthansa! :)



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