Review of Cebu Pacific flight Cebu Mambajao in Economy

Airline Cebu Pacific
Flight 5J833
Class Economy
Seat 20A
Aircraft ATR 72-500
Flight time 00:40
Take-off 21 Aug 13, 09:40
Arrival at 21 Aug 13, 10:20
5J 18 reviews
Published on 14th November 2013

1. 07 August 2013 - BUD-IST Y
2. 08 August 2013 - IST-HKG W
3. 10 August 2013 – HKG-CEB Y-
4. 21 August 2013 - CEB-CGM Y- THOU ART HERE

After a long delay I am back. Hopefully I can finish this itinerary as there are some upcoming surprises on the way!

As a reminder we had traveled all day from Malapascua to Cebu City, about 7 hours journey including a very long bus ride in a 3-2 configuration, 5 hours n dirt roads with a bunch of trikes and pedestrians walking everywhere in no particular organized manner. The thing that strikes me now that I look back is that I never noticed any road signals until we reached Cebu. I don't know how they do it, must be an inbred Filipino talent :-D

We stayed at an excellent hotel in Cebu which I can only recommend for its outstanding value. 59 euros for 2 including access to the pool and breakfast buffet. Here are a few photos of the buffet offering and my selection.

Bread selection
photo DSC02222 [1600x1200]

Cheese selection
photo DSC02223 [1600x1200]

Bacon, potatoes and maple syrup, 3 of my favorite things :-D
photo DSC02224 [1600x1200]

My selection
photo 2013-08-21 07.05.21

Upon finishing breakfast I went back to reception to check out and get my P1,000 deposit back and asked the hotel to hail me a taxi. They give you a piece of paper with some contact info on there in case the taxi driver tries to rip you off. But in this case, everything was fine; just a mere P210 for a 20 min ride to the airport (less than 4 euros). But you can never be too cautious in the Philippines. As soon as we go out a guy whom I thought was an airport employee ame to help us with our bags etc and escorted us all the way to the check in counter. There he waited with us for no particular reason then I told him thanks and that he could leave, but he did not leave, it was then I understood he expected some money for his service; so I gave him P50, mere pocket change for me, alot for him. From what friends have told me, if you make P300 a day or more (around 5 euros) it is a good salary!

Anyways check in was smooth, we had to step on a scale for weight purposes and thankfully the scale didn't break when I stepped on ^^

Mactan airport is not very big; and not even close to comparison to the airport in Manila. For one of the Philippine's biggest cities, I found it to be rather small, only 4 jet bridges. Nonetheless the airport was clean for the most part. But one of the annoying thing with this country is the lack of reliable wifi. There was free wifi available but I was unable to connect in the 2 hours I spent there.

Security was quick and before long we were at our gate.

Airside - our flight isn't displayed yet, that doesn't sound good!
photo DSC02227 [1600x1200]

A319 5J inbound from Davao
photo DSC02230 [1600x1200]

In case you wanted a reminder of what this country is made of, islands! Lots of them!
photo DSC02232 [1600x1200]

Now this is interesting, I guess cellphones are extremly dangerous in the air huh ;)
photo DSC02235 [1600x1200]

The terminal is small, not very spacious but it wasn't too crowded at 9 AM
photo DSC02236 [1600x1200]

A320 5J leaving for Manila
photo DSC02237 [1600x1200]photo DSC02238 [1600x1200]

PR A321 arriving from Manila. I believe there are like 40 flights a day between the 2 cit
photo DSC02241 [1600x1200]photo DSC02248 [1600x1200]

First time I see a sharklet A320, I like the style!
photo DSC02249 [1600x1200]

PR is leaving
photo DSC02252 [1600x1200]

Our boarding passes
photo DSC02253 [1600x12001]

The sharklet departs
photo DSC02254 [1600x1200]

An ATR arrives from Boracay
photo DSC02257 [1600x1200]

Another flight from Manila, PR A320
photo DSC02258 [1600x1200]

Our flight is kept delayed and eventually announced with an hour delay. For a 30 minute flight, that is 200% of the flight time!

We board via a good old pax bus retro style
photo DSC02259 [1600x1200]

Philippines government advertising tourism wherever possible
photo DSC02261 [1600x1200]

Here's a closer look at the planes on the tarmac (no not the one in Paris' 12th district where flight reporters tend to meet every so often :-D)
photo DSC02263 [1600x1200]

5J A320
photo DSC02264 [1600x1200]photo DSC02265 [1600x1200]

An ATR 72 going back to Boracay
photo DSC02266 [1600x1200]

And the one for Camiguin :)
photo DSC02267 [1600x1200]

Big brother and little brother
photo DSC02269 [1600x1200]

Close ups
photo DSC02270 [1600x1200]photo DSC02271 [1600x1200]

Tail with reg
photo DSC02272 [1600x1200]photo DSC02273 [1600x1200]

Dash 8 PR
photo DSC02274 [1600x1200]

Now this is what I like about these countries, everyone is quite relaxed, you can snap away without anyone policing you, obviously it's vacation mode too, but it was a nice change of atmosphere from good ole Europe. Even in HK I didn't find authorities too strict about snapping pics on the tarmac.
photo DSC02275 [1600x1200]photo DSC02276 [1600x1200]

Time to board
photo DSC02277 [1600x1200]

The neighbor
photo DSC02278 [1600x1200]

Our bird
photo DSC02279 [1600x1200]

Our destination
photo DSC02280 [1600x1200]photo DSC02281 [1600x1200]

See you in 10 days Cebu!
photo DSC02282 [1600x1200]

As it's often the case with these prop planes the windows are rather dirty and it's hard to take good photos :(
photo DSC02283 [1600x1200]

The cabin
photo DSC02285 [1600x1200]

Vegetation that we don't have in Central Europe
photo DSC02286 [1600x1200]

The captain announced a short flight of about 30 minutes!

Takeoff video:

Lapu-Lapu City
photo DSC02287 [1600x1200]photo DSC02288 [1600x1200]

As this is a shirt flight we don't climb super high; the route for this flight is to fly over Bohol namely the cities of Tubigon and Jagna, then onto the Bohol sea, we started our descent just as we were leaving Bohol island.

The color of the water looked very inviting
photo DSC02297 [1600x1200]

Mount Hibok-Hibok in the background dominating the small island of Camiguin
photo DSC02298 [1600x1200]photo DSC02299 [1600x1200]

Landing: It's pretty surreal landing in Camiguin. Not only is the airport right on the water but there's no real clearing outlining the area the airport is in, there are trees just next to the runway!!

Landing video:

photo DSC02301 [1600x1200]photo DSC02302 [1600x1200]

And here we are in beautiful and tropical Mambajao, capital city of the Camiguin island
photo DSC02304 [1600x1200]

The flight report ends here, for thos interested in a tourist bonus; I will cover Camiguin island and Panglao/Bohol.

As you all know the Phillipines were severely hit by Typhoon Haiyan just 2 weeks ago. Camiguin was not really affected but Bohol, Malapascua, Bantayan island and these areas were severely affected. I am thankful that I was able to visit these beautiful places before nature struck, but at the same time my heart grieves for these already very poor people. This area of the world is a true gem in my opinion, I do not think they are ready for a full blown tourism out-pour and it's already starting to become a more interesting destination as going here is marginally cheaper than Thailand for instance.

Once you arrive in Mambajao, you have your usual trike riders looking to take you places but our resort had sent us a driver so we politely declined. We stayed at a resort called Bahay sa Camiguin which I do not recommend, although it looks nice, service and food was terrible and I left a pretty ugly review on trip advisor, if you want to go to this island there's actually a superb small resort owned by a French couple called Somewhere Else Resort.

Our resort:
photo DSC02308 [1600x1200]

The huts
photo DSC02309 [1600x1200]photo DSC02314 [1600x1200]

Camiguin is a volcanic island, so no sandy beaches, but it is really a nice place to visit, especially if you enjoy riding a motorbike this island has beautiful views!

On our way to go see the Katibawasan falls, it turned out to be a very long walk upwards, 2.5 hours, we met some kids who decided to follow us and ask for money, they were really cute!
photo DSC02381 [1600x1200]

Filipino goat
photo DSC02382 [1600x1200]

And here are the falls, I believe they are 76 meters high
photo DSC02391 [1600x1200]photo DSC02393 [1600x1200]

Then we went to some hot springs which were so soothing, they had baths with 3 different temperature levels, we wanted to stay there forever, everyone was in a good mood and the atmosphere was great!
photo DSC02407 [1600x1200]

A traditional meal for a Filipino family, clearly kids are used to this at a young age :-D
photo DSC02419 [1600x1200]

Ride back to our resort in a Jeepney, they aren't very comfortable but man do they look cool!
photo DSC02421 [1600x1200]

The next day we decided to go to White Island, a small sand bank off the coast of the island, I wanted to wait for a clear day to go there but the forecasts weren't looking good so on a day where it hadn't been raining yet we decided to go.
photo DSC02487 [1600x1200]

Of course as soon as we got on the boat to go there the weather started getting quite rough, windy and clouds were getting darker. that being said it really feels surreal to be there, it's so raw, you are at the mercy of nature and of one small tiny bangka boat to bring you safely home.
photo DSC02507 [1600x1200]

Snorkeling is usually good here but with this weather the fish were not too present
photo DSC02511 [1600x1200]photo DSC02525 [1600x1200]

Then these scary clouds showed up
photo DSC02531 [1600x1200]photo DSC02532 [1600x1200]

And soon it started to storm with rain
photo DSC02541 [1600x1200]

and then a sand storm came
photo DSC02555 [1600x1200]photo DSC02559 [1600x1200]

This is how dark it actually got
photo DSC02567 [1600x1200]

We got back drenched in water and that was that!

After a 4 day stay we took the ocean jet ferry to Bohol. This is a fast ferry, about 50km/hr and it takes 2 hours to get from Camiguin to Jagna, Bohol. This was a pretty umm interesting experience, there were a bunch of ladies trying to sell us snacks before we left as you can see below, I got a few things as I figured I would be able to eat something during these 2 hours.
photo DSC02619 [1600x1200]

Departing Camiguin
photo DSC02629 [1600x1200]photo DSC02637 [1600x1200]

the water quickly became agitated, to the point where the boat was swaying ALOT. People were quite afraid and although I thought it was kind of fun, my poor wife did not
photo DSC02661 [1600x1200]photo DSC02701 [1600x1200]

Here's a filipino family with the Dad trying hard to keep his breakfast down (he felt and so did is children)
photo DSC02703 [1600x1200]

This video shows pretty well how choppy the waters were:

And someone else not feeling so hot
photo DSC02709 [1600x1200]

At this point I was becoming slightly concerned because everyone was sick and the boat was really swaying alot
photo DSC02711 [1600x1200]

photo DSC02715 [1600x1200]

Sooon enough Bohol started to show up with dark clouds above but the color of the water changed as we approach the coast and it was quite pretty I found
photo DSC02726 [1600x1200]photo DSC02727 [1600x1200]

After the 2 hour boat ride we still had 2 hours by van to get to our hotel. The resort charged us P1500 for the trip which was acceptable I think, it was 65km but it took a really long time to get there, but once we were it was worth it, I loved Bohol and our resort was perfect, after the terrible experience in Camiguin, this was a welcomed change, the food was excellent, service was top notch, highly recommended if you're planning a trip to Alona beach.

The private beach with all the boats
photo DSC02742 [1600x1200]

The resort (Linaw Beach Resort) is located at the end of a pretty poor village :(
photo DSC02745 [1600x1200]

Another Jeepney
photo DSC02746 [1600x1200]

The village
photo DSC02748 [1600x1200]

The resort's restaurant with very well trained filipino waiters
photo DSC02761 [1600x1200]

the view from one of our rooms (we changed twice during our stay)
photo DSC02780 [1600x1200]

photo DSC02802 [1600x1200]photo DSC02806 [1600x1200]photo DSC02813 [1600x1200]

We took a day trip package which took the whole day and was alot of fun!
photo DSC02821 [1600x1200]

An old church in Tagbilaran City
photo DSC02838 [1600x1200]photo DSC02848 [1600x1200]

Some nice snakes with the cage open, I was too scared to touch them eventhough the zoo owners encouraged us to! My wife refused to enter the zoo as soon as she saw the snakes.
photo DSC02873 [1600x1200]

A more adventurous tourist
photo DSC02874 [1600x1200]

This python eats 2 live chickens a day, weighs 240 kilos and is 10 meters long!
photo DSC02875 [1600x1200]photo DSC02876 [1600x1200]photo DSC02877 [1600x1200]

photo DSC02883 [1600x1200]photo DSC02884 [1600x1200]

Me as an Indian :-D
photo DSC02886 [1600x1200]

photo DSC02891 [1600x1200]

Very nice butterfly sanctuary
photo DSC02913 [1600x1200]photo DSC02916 [1600x1200]photo DSC02918 [1600x1200]

Tarsier monkeys, the smallest primates in the world, these guys are seriously small, and their eyes are larger than their brain!

The wife in front of the sign
photo DSC03004 [1600x1200]

The famous chocolate hills of Bohol
photo DSC03025 [1600x1200]photo DSC03026 [1600x1200]photo DSC03035 [1600x1200]

At the end of the day I decided to try a zipline adventure, 250 meters above the ground! I loved it, it was alot of fun, you can see the video here:

photo DSC03071 [1600x1200]

Here's a video of all the things we did in Bohol, well mot anyway

On the way back, I counted 11 people on this trike!
photo DSC03072 [1600x1200]

Our resort
photo DSC03098 [1600x1200]

The water is simply beautiful
photo DSC03123 [1600x1200]

Another great sunset
photo DSC03186 [1600x1200]photo DSC03188 [1600x1200]

BBQ on the beach on our last evening
photo DSC03196 [1600x1200]photo DSC03244 [1600x1200]photo DSC03245 [1600x1200]

Lots of boats hang out here
photo DSC03247 [1600x1200]photo DSC03262 [1600x1200]

Our last day on the island before returning to Cebu… the weather was the best on the day we left!
photo 2013-08-29 08.57.33photo 2013-08-29 18.32.53photo 2013-08-31 08.47.49

This is the end of Part 4, next stop, well you'll see soon :)
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Cebu Pacific

Cabin crew7.0

Cebu - CEB


Mambajao - CGM



There's not much to write about this flight, we were an hour late so low grade for that, it was my first flight on an ATR so I enjoyed it. No drinks or anything on board, the scenery outside was great, the pilots did a great job landing this baby down.

so far Cebu Pacific ranks well in my books. Will it stay this way? Find out in chapter 5.



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