Review of Iberia flight Madrid Vienna in Economy

Airline Iberia
Flight IB3120
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 02:55
Take-off 13 Jun 19, 08:40
Arrival at 13 Jun 19, 11:35
IB   #54 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 349 reviews
By SILVER 1648
Published on 4th June 2022


Hello amigos!

This FR covers a flight to Vienna I did back in 2019 (catching up with the backlog!).  

One day my boss calls me to his office and asks me how's life, and then tells me if I'm free to go to a conference in Vienna in two week's time. I didn't even wink and said "yes".  By the afternoon my secretary told me I could either go through Wizz Air or Iberia. I didn't feel like trying Wizz Air yet, so…Iberia it was.

At Madrid Barajas

I took a cabify to the airport, that brought me there in no time. Since I wasn't checking any bags I went straight to security, which didn't take long to clear.  And then i was on my way to the Plaza Mayor Lounge to get some food and hydration. This is a huge advantage, considering there's only BOB on IB's European flights.

This lounge isn't as big as the other lounges AENA operates throughout Barajas' 4 terminals, so it gets easily crowded and it feels quite tight. But it does the job. 

photo 20190613_071314

I picked the ingredients for a DIY sandwich

photo 20190613_071317

The view from the Lounge is not great, but not bad either…let's say is just boring. But hey, I've seen worse!

photo 20190613_071322

boarding iberia's a319

I went to my gate after I got a SMS to my phone advising it was boarding time. Our flight was fairly full.
Our particular A319 (but I reckon is most, if not all of this fleet) didn't have the horrible standard seats you'll find on A320s and A321s. I 

photo 20190613_084106

But legroom felt appropriate.

photo 20190613_083210

taxi and takeoff

Iberia's terminals are conveniently located to the runways for take-off, and it shows when compared to a departure from Terminals 1-3. If I'm not wrong Air Europa even filed a complaint about an undue advantage to IB.

Most flights had left T4, but T4S was still pretty full with glorious A346s (they are missed)

US-bound flights (aka AA minihub) corner

photo 20190613_085157photo 20190613_085209

We made it to RWY 36R and rocketed towards central Europe while another IB A319 watched over us.

photo 20190613_085501

enroute to VIENNA (aka. The sightseeing tour)

In a nutshell, IB's service for this flight was nil. 
No IFE (other than the Ronda Magazine, which used to be fairly decent) and no food other than BOB.

So either you sleep, BYO IFE or…as it fortunately happened to me: stare out the window! 

So, we start in the middle of dry an hot Castille 

photo 20190613_090854

Then over the Pyrenees

photo 20190613_092335

To greener France…

photo 20190613_094846

Don't know which two cities or towns these were

photo 20190613_095400

Then Lyon showed up

photo 20190613_095516

And its airport

photo 20190613_095622

Bye bye Lyon…hope to meet you soon!

photo 20190613_095712

Now some…(nuclear?) plant

photo 20190613_095810

Now it's Geneva

photo 20190613_100256

Zooming into GVA (and mainly 4/5ths of the city).

photo 20190613_100326

Crossing Lake Geneva (or Leman)

photo 20190613_100541

To Laussane

photo 20190613_100618

Then Neuchatel

photo 20190613_100904

Then we flew over Bern (so many fond memories of my summer over there )

photo 20190613_101042photo 20190613_101045

Swimming in the Aare, and sipping some Feldschlossens in the park…

photo 20190613_101052

Then it was Luzern….

photo 20190613_101456

And Zurich in the distance as we flew over the south of Lake Zurich

photo 20190613_101633

Zooming in to the city and its airport

photo 20190613_101701

Then we flew over the Rhine (and possibly Liechtenstein)

photo 20190613_102145

And so we entered Austria…and unknown lands for yours truly. 

photo 20190613_102739

Was this Munich in the distance?

photo 20190613_103320

We then started our descent…

The plane did a couple of zigzags and I totally lost my bearings…

photo 20190613_105904photo 20190613_110157

And out of the blue….we were on the ground….

This gorgeous Aeroflot A321 preceded us….the folks on the front actually got lost trying to reach their gate and caused a bit of traffic.

photo 20190613_111543photo 20190613_111601

We disembarked into the terminal, that was amidst some works…but it was quite decent.

I grabbed a cab into town…and then the culture shock: you couldn't pay the ride using a credit card (you can pay almost everything with plastic here in Spain), but the silliest part is that the fare is "just" under the threshold for CC payments to be permitted. I guess this was a scam attempt…or not, anyway this was sucky.

And so, my happy 4 day stint in Vienna began :)  

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Cabin crew7.5

Plaza Mayor Lounge


Madrid - MAD


Vienna - VIE



IB did its job just fine. But without IFE and Food, its basically just an "air bus" that brings you from A to B. The crew were decent, not that I interacted much with them. So that is basically it. That is the sad state of the game.

MAD, as usual was super good. Easy to reach, decent times at security. The Lounge, while crowded, did the job to feed me for free and I had a couple of comfortable minutes before my flight. Can't complain.

VIE was ok. But I disliked the cash-only cab deal. It's totally unexpected for a "developed economy"...

Thanks for reading, saludos!

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6859 Comments
    Hey Chibcha,

    This report may be of a flight in 2019, but not much has changed in short-haul Y...and those old interiors on the A319s are still there! I wonder why IB upgraded the cabins in the A320 and A321s but not the A319s...maybe they plan to retired them soon.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, IB need to add streaming IFE to the mainline A320 family fleet--it makes no sense to have it on IB Express and Air Nostrum, but not mainline.

    I'm a fan of IB in J, but Y short-haul is very meh. I've even noticed that the DeliverFly pre-order BOB service isn't available on as many flights as it used to be anymore. I have quite a few IB short-haul flights in Y coming up this summer and I'm really hoping I get good upgrade offers, haha.

    Thanks for sharing!

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