Review of TAP Air Portugal flight Lisbon Vienna in Economy

Airline TAP Air Portugal
Flight TP1374
Class Economy
Seat 12G
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 03:20
Take-off 26 Aug 17, 13:00
Arrival at 26 Aug 17, 17:20
TP   #74 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 317 reviews
By 1900
Published on 27th August 2017
Hello and welcome to my report of a TAP Portugal flight from Lisbon to Vienna. This the return journey from my highly enjoyable two-week vacation in Portugal with warm and sunny weather.


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26.8.2017 / LIS-VIE / TAP Portugal / TP1274 / A330-200 / Economy ~ You are here

Lisbon Airport

I arrived to the airport by rental car.
photo img_20170826_110955photo img_20170826_111127
Lisbon Airport.
photo img_20170826_122021
Walk to the check-in area.
photo img_20170826_111508photo img_20170826_111529photo img_20170826_122623
The check-in area.
photo img_20170826_130859photo img_20170826_122149photo img_20170826_131027
The waiting time for check-in was rather long even though I just had to drop-off my bag, as Lisbon Airport uses a self-service check-in system, were passengers who have not done online check-in have to print their boarding passes at a machine and afterwards have to drop off their baggage at the drop-off counter.
photo img_20170826_114312
After check-in I visited the lavatory. It was dirty and broken.
photo img_20170826_114916
Then I continued to security. Again I had to wait rather long. The whole process from arriving to the airport to passing security took me one hour. In my opinion, that is to long for an airport of Lisbon's size.
photo img_20170826_131054
Duty free.
photo img_20170826_131232photo img_20170826_131714
Food court.
photo img_20170826_132228
My flight on the FIDS.
photo img_20170826_132531
The gate for this flight, S19.
photo img_20170826_125917photo img_20170826_125905
Enough seating space available.

At the gate, I tried to do some spotting.
photo img_20170826_143529photo img_20170826_143419photo img_20170826_134716
Unfortunately, spotting at the gate was nearly impossible as the view out of almost all windows was obstructed by a special kind of foil.
photo img_20170826_130347

The Flight

Airline: TAP Portugal
Aircraft: A330-200
Age: about 18 years
Registration: CS-TOG
Name: Bartolomeu de Gusmão
Flight Number: TP1274
Seat: 12G
Load: about 95%

At 12:19 (WEST), boarding began 19 minutes late and priorities were respected.
photo img_20170826_133640photo img_20170826_143300photo img_20170826_183137
After walking downstairs we had to wait in a small, crowded room for the bus to arrive.
photo img_20170826_141932
In the bus.
photo img_20170826_142039photo img_20170826_133919
Our A330-200.

Because we were behind schedule, the front stairs were opened for economy class passengers when I arrived.
photo img_20170826_135628
Beautiful view of the nose/cockpit.
photo img_20170826_143149
Aircraft door.
photo img_20170826_135703photo img_20170826_135706
Entering aircraft and walking through business.

My seat 12G.
photo img_20170826_145211photo img_20170826_145307photo img_20170826_140117
PTV screen. As on my previous flight the screen is VERY small and controlled via a handset. During boarding and taxi the screen displayed commercials as well as the safety video. After Takeoff, the screen was activated and displayed the moving map. 10 audio stations including pop and classical music were also available. Additionally, there is the option of downloading international e-papers from TAP's app prior to the flight.
photo img_20170826_140423
photo img_20170826_141317photo img_20170826_152506photo img_20170826_152517
Buttons for recline and to control the hardness of the seat cushion.
photo img_20170826_141250
Overhead panel.
photo img_20170826_140437
View from my seat.
photo img_20170826_140610photo img_20170826_140753photo img_20170826_143051
Legroom, footrest and entertainment box.
photo img_20170826_141048photo img_20170826_141229photo img_20170826_141125
13:02 (WEST), boarding was completed and we were pushed back. After that followed TAP's award-winning retro-style safety video and a short taxi, then we took off at 13:24 (WEST). Unfortunately, there are no take-off pictures this time as my seat was an aisle seat.

At 13:52 (WEST) the seatbelt-sign was turned off, the business curtain was closed and the moving map was activated.
photo img_20170826_142942photo img_20170826_160939
Seat pocket content.
photo img_20170826_145759
Duty-free magazine.
photo img_20170826_145929
Safety card.
photo img_20170826_150015photo img_20170826_150053
Seat manual.
photo img_20170826_150130photo img_20170826_150140
photo img_20170826_150348
At 14:01 (WEST), meal service was started. In addition to a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, a box containing a chicken sandwich, a plum or pear juice and sugar for coffee and tea was offered. I chose a black tea and a cup of water. Overall the meal was good.
photo img_20170826_160818photo img_20170826_150535photo img_20170826_150934
After the meal I visited the rear lavatory.

Rear galley.
photo img_20170826_155129
View from the porthole in the right rear door.
photo img_20170826_155150photo img_20170826_155109
Cabin views.
photo img_20170826_182805photo img_20170826_182745photo img_20170826_182720
At 16:44 (CEST) we started our descend to Vienna. Then, at 17:07 (CEST), we landed, 13 minutes early.
Last view of seat 12G.
photo img_20170826_171905photo img_20170826_182629
Exiting the aircraft by jetbridge.
photo img_20170826_171912photo img_20170826_182556

Vienna Airport

Walking to luggage claim.

My luggage arrived at belt 05.

The waiting time was shortened by funny lottery (18+) advertising. :)
photo img_20170826_173357photo img_20170826_173401
Which way should I take? ;)
photo img_20170826_180947photo img_20170826_173628photo img_20170826_173707
I had nothing to declare so I left straight for the suburban train line S7 to Floridsdorf which took me to the center at a low fare.


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TAP Air Portugal

Cabin crew7.5

Lisbon - LIS


Vienna - VIE



Lisbon Airport: Long waiting times, toilets dirty and food expensive.
TAP Portugal:
Cabin: Dated.
Cabin Crew: Friendly and efficient.
Entertainment: Moving map, music and not very interesting magazine.
Meal/Catering: Good and enough for the short flight, but there could be a choice for the snack.
Vienna Airport: Clean and efficient.

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