Review of Air Malta flight Luqa Zurich in Economy

Airline Air Malta
Flight KM490
Class Economy
Seat 4F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:25
Take-off 06 Apr 22, 14:25
Arrival at 06 Apr 22, 16:50
KM   #47 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 42 reviews
By 381
Published on 28th May 2022


Hi everyone, and welcome to installment 2 of my new series, chronicling a recent trip I took around Europe! When last we saw each other, I had just arrived in Malta after my lovely first flight with Air Malta: KM515 from Vienna. After a very short layover, it was time to continue my journey, and head back north to Zurich. Would Air Malta be able to impress me again on this flight? Keep reading to find out!

Once again, merħba to this new report, and I hope you enjoy it!

trip information

As I mentioned in the previous report, I'll be announcing this routing as it progresses. Here's where we stand with 3 reports published:

photo screen-shot-2022-05-12-at-175142

For this part of the trip, I need to get from Vienna to Zurich. Initially, I didn't think of flying any way other than nonstop, but once I saw Air Malta's very competitive price of $120 on Orbitz, I knew I had to take it. A nonstop on SWISS would have cost $140, which was still fine, though I hate nonstops and love trying new airlines, so choosing Air Malta for the journey was a no-brainer!

transiting at malta airport

After deplaning the A320 that had flown me from Vienna, I found myself in the arrivals' corridor. As much as I would have loved to spend some time in Malta, I unfortunately had to follow the signs for connecting flights.

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110357

Initially, I was slightly concerned that my connection would be a bit tight. With our slightly delayed arrival from Vienna, by the time I was in the terminal, I only had about 65 minutes until my next flight's departure time.

Fortunately, my fears were completely unjustified, as transiting at Malta Airport is super easy. There was one transit security checkpoint I had to clear, then I was in the departure's lounge. I totally forgot to take any pictures of the terminal, but I had enough time to sit down and get a sandwich from Costa Coffee, in case the next flight would also be without catering.

My stay at the airport was short and sweet, and soon enough it was time to board my second Air Malta flight of the day.

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110410

boarding + initial impressions

Boarding commenced exactly on time at 1:50 PM, and I made my way to the aircraft on foot - one of my favorite things about Malta Airport!

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110427

My ride to Zurich, 9H-AEP, was virtually an identical twin to the A320 that I had flown from Vienna. 9H-AEP was built in February 2007 and delivered to Air Malta the following month. She had flown her first flight just one day before 9H-AEQ, my previous A320.

I had hoped that one of my two flights would be operated by Air Malta's new A320neos so that I could try out their newer product as well, but unfortunately that wouldn't be the case. Oh well, at least it wasn't a repeated registration 😉

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110435photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110447

Welcome sign by the door.

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110455

I was once again greeted warmly by 2 crew members, and quickly found my seat, 4F. Unsurprisingly, the same comfy cabin I had on my previous flight was also fitted on to this aircraft. Sweet!

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110504

Legroom was good, just like before.

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110520

Cabin during a lull in the boarding process.

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110533

A look towards the terminal.

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110540

air malta 490 - malta to zurich

With another fairly light load, the captain welcomed us aboard and announced a flight time of 2 hours. The window on this aircraft was notably a lot cleaner than the previous one.

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110547

As a Ryanair/Malta Air 737 from Budapest pulled in to the stand next to us, we fired up our CFM56 engines and began our journey.

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110604photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110638photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110648

Taxiing to Runway 13 for departure.

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110659photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110714

departure from malta

Lining up.

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110733


photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110741


photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110754photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110802

…and fully in clouds seconds after becoming lift off.

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110812photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110822

Cabin after departure.

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110826

Takeoff video:

buy on board service

Once we had cleared the cloud layer, the seatbelt sign was switched off and the crew got to work with the service.

As you may recall, my previous flight wasn't catered, so I was unable to review Air Malta's Buy on Board menu. Fortunately, this flight was indeed catered, so I took a look through the menu to see what would pique my appetite.

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110836photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110843

There were 6 meal choices to choose from.

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110850photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110857

Lots of drinks available for purchase, too.

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110918photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110926photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110933

The menu also included some other goodies that could be purchased.

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110939photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110948

I decided on ordering the pizza, and about 5 minutes later it was served.

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-110958

While it tasted a lot better than it looked, I still think that €7 was a bit much. I'd rate it with a 6.5/10, given that the value for money wasn't great.

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-111007


After eating, I took a walk around the cabin. Note that this time around, the crew didn't play the airshow, which was slightly disappointing.

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-111028

The view from the rear of the aircraft.

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-111017

Piacenza, Italy down below.

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-111040

arrival into zurich

We commenced our descent into Zurich shortly after passing Milan, and a few minutes later the captain came back on the PA to announce our estimated arrival time of 4:25 PM, reported a beautiful day was awaiting in Zurich, and thanked us for flying Air Malta.

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-111049photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-111110

My first views of the Alps since leaving Innsbruck… I had missed them!! 🏔️

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-111120

Vectoring our approach sequence.

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-111133

Lined up on final.

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-111148photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-111157photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-111206

Over the airport…

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-111220

…and a smooth touchdown on Runway 28 at 4:25 PM, 20 minutes early, after a flight time of 1h59m.

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-111240photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-111248

Vacating the runway.

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-111255

Landing video:

Looking towards Terminal A. It's always nice to be back in Zurich!

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-111308photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-111315

One final look at my seat.

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-111325

After bidding the crew farewell at the door, I was off into the terminal building. Thanks for the ride, 9H-AEP!

photo screen-shot-2022-05-11-at-111339

routing + conclusion

photo screen-shot-2022-05-12-at-175519

Arriving in Zurich is always a breeze, and within an hour of touchdown I was at my hotel, one S-Bahn stop away from the airport. After less than 48 hours in Zurich, my adventure really started to get fun, and we'll pick up the next installment, covering my April 10th flight from ___ to ___, in a few days. Stay tuned!

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Air Malta

Cabin crew8.5

Luqa - MLA


Zurich - ZRH



This was another very enjoyable flight with Air Malta.

+ Old but gold cabin: very comfortable seats
+ Wonderful, laid-back crew
+ Inflight magazine for entertainment
± Tasty but expensive pizza
- No airshow this time

Since Air Malta usually prices very well, I certainly wouldn't mind flying with them again, even if it means going way out of my way, like on this trip!



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  • Comment 604506 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6105 Comments

    There's the BOB! Yikes, 7 EUR for a slice of pizza, that's rough. The Lasagne for the same price seems like a much better deal. Seems like they just made all the hot options 7 Eur across the board.

    Very cool to get to discover Air Malta in these two reports. Seems like a a very solid experience overall. Malta is also becoming quite a hot destination so I'll have to check it out before it's overrun by mass tourism hah

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 604544 by
      NewYorker AUTHOR 187 Comments

      Indeed! 2 times was the charm to try some Air Malta food 😉 I agree that the Lasagne was probably a better deal after all, though after my Transavia BoB experience a few days later €7 definitely seems a bit steep for many of the items 😅 It definitely was a solid experience, and yes I can highly recommend visiting Malta. It's a very unique place.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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