Review of Turkish Airlines flight Vienna Istanbul in Business

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK1900
Class Business
Seat 2A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:15
Take-off 16 Nov 13, 16:55
Arrival at 16 Nov 13, 20:10
TK   #11 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 779 reviews
Published on 27th November 2013
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My former flight arrived at F gates and I had to go to the D gates
photo 201311SQ22_0943photo 201311SQ22_0944

I was following the Transfer signage
photo 201311SQ22_0945photo 201311SQ22_0946photo 201311SQ22_0947

Already more than 20 minutes and I was still walking
but suddenly I had to exit landside and to go upstairs to the checkin area
photo 201311SQ22_0948

and I had to go through all the checks :(
photo 201311SQ22_0949

VIE is on the same level as FRA !

I finally arrived at D gates area and didn't stop at Air Lounge
photo 201311SQ22_0950

but I was looking at the OS Senator lounge
A red jacket woman (who seemed to be there to help people) told me that the elevator was out of order and that I had to use the emergency stairs
photo 201311SQ22_0951

But I arrived just in front of this door and wasn't able to enter the lounge this way
photo 201311SQ22_0952

I went back up and unfortunately the red jacket woman had disappeared !
So I went to the OS Business lounge
photo 201311SQ22_0953photo 201311SQ22_0954photo 201311SQ22_0955

The dragon was busy with a phone call and looked barely at my boarding pass
Then she went away to continue her phone call

I was alone in the lounge

Do&Co Austria is the provider of the lounge but it didn't look great
Two different cakes
photo 201311SQ22_0956

Broth without Frittaten as I was expecting :(
photo 201311SQ22_0957

photo 201311SQ22_0958

photo 201311SQ22_0959

Snacks and peanuts
photo 201311SQ22_0960

Austrian wines and juices
photo 201311SQ22_0961photo 201311SQ22_0962

So disappointed : I was expecting wienerschnitzel, or at least cold cut(usually austrian cold cut is very good) or apfelstrudel !

Soft drinks and beers
photo 201311SQ22_0963

Anyway the lounge was very large and wth a nice view on the tarmac

There were showers
photo 201311SQ22_0970photo 201311SQ22_0976photo 201311SQ22_0989

Business corner : printer was out of order !
photo 201311SQ22_0990

I spotted this A320 QR which had to fly a long way to Doha
photo 201311SQ22_0971

MS and OZ cargo
photo 201311SQ22_0972photo 201311SQ22_0973

photo 201311SQ22_0974photo 201311SQ22_0975

A 738 TK was flying back to IST
photo 201311SQ22_0977

The QR was pushing back
photo 201311SQ22_0978photo 201311SQ22_0979

OZ Cargo was taking off
photo 201311SQ22_0980

And my TK 738 was coming
photo 201311SQ22_0981photo 201311SQ22_0982

TC-JFV, an old 738, first flight was on 04/02/2000

Few OS
photo 201311SQ22_0988

I had to hurry up because it was almost boarding time

I didn't know that there was a security check at the gate

The agent was very rude asking that I arranged my stuff the way she wanted : computer, belt, suitcase, and so on
No comment on such behavior :(

Anyway it was fast because I was the last to board

Of course it was an old business cabin with neutralized middle seat
photo 201311SQ22_0991photo 201311SQ22_0992

Decent legroom
photo 201311SQ22_0993

I don't know why there are two small tablets for the middle seat
photo 201311SQ22_0994

PDB : a choice of great home made juices
photo 201311SQ22_0995

Safety card
photo 201311SQ22_0996

Seatback stuff
photo 201311SQ22_0997

A Pegasus is coming beside us
photo 201311SQ22_0998photo 201311SQ22_1000

The winglet
photo 201311SQ22_0999

An oshibori is handed out
photo 201311SQ22_1001

The menu
photo 201311SQ22_1002

Pushback, taxi to runway and take off were on time

As soon as we were airborne the dinner was served
photo 201311SQ22_1006

with the beverages
photo 201311SQ22_1008

Assorted Turkish Appetizers
photo 201311SQ22_1011

Shepherd Salad
photo 201311SQ22_1016

Assorted Cheese
photo 201311SQ22_1014

Home Made Chocolate and Hazelnut Mousse Cake
photo 201311SQ22_1019

Turkish Style Grilled Beef Fillet, creamy eggplant purée, tomato and green pepper/rice
photo 201311SQ22_1020

Not impressed by the beef(but the eggplant purée was very very good) I asked a second hot dish

Grilled Chicken Breast, sautéed mixed vegetables / potato purée
photo 201311SQ22_1022

The chicken was good, not dry at all and the purée, to die for, as usual, not a lyophilized one !

The service was impressive : the FA asked for refill (not usual at all with TK) and she was very proactive and always smiling

So when I asked for a lemonade she brought me some nuts too
photo 201311SQ22_1024photo 201311SQ22_1026

We landed behind the schedule and parked on a remote position
photo 201311SQ22_1028
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Turkish Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

Austrian Airlines Business Lounge (Pier East - A-Gates, Non-Schengen)


Vienna - VIE


Istanbul - SAW



VIE was very disappointing with this long transfer and all the checks
The airport agents were ineffective at best but occasionnaly rude

The lounge was on par with an average catering

The flight was pleasant despite this old cabin especially because of this great FA

Information on the route Vienna (VIE) Istanbul (SAW)

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Turkish Airlines avec 8.1/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 2 heures et 11 minutes.

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  • Comment 93953 by
    Leadership TEAM BRONZE 5493 Comments
    Thank you 007 for this new report.

    Seems like you were clearly underwhelmed by your ground experience in VIE from lounge offering to transit facilities and security check, I would have expect better too.

    Shame that you are once again scoring an old TK plane with this awful C class, at least catering looks so yummy.

    (fyi you indicated 321 iso 738)
  • Comment 93954 by
    Durian 1171 Comments
    Thanks for the report!
    As a cliche I expected this airport to have German-style efficiency... but not, seems not really organised... I may not be the main draw for a lounge but I like the brightness a lot and the colour of the furniture match OS' logo.
    More than the food itself, the catering looks like long-haul with plates and proper cutlery rather than plastic and aluminium usually seen on 320/737 flights
  • Comment 93955 by
    mgescheidt 51 Comments
    Your pictures and words about VIE are just pretty well describing my feelings about it. Last time I experienced that airport was a week ago.
    Thank you for this report.
  • Comment 93957 by
    Travip 108 Comments
    Thanks for detailed FR. The catering is good but the seats seem to be not comfortable.
  • Comment 93964 by
    AirCanada881 1617 Comments
    thanks for sharing this FR about my current home airport :) Lovely pics.

    I think the problem with Vienna is that they tried to mix old with new and this resulted in a highly inefficient mess. I vaguely recall a scandal a few years back with the CEO of the airport but don't recall any more details. The fact is now that VIE is a very long airport for its size and results in much walking when transferring gates, the airport could use much improvement when it comes to high end services.
  • Comment 93969 by
    KL651 TEAM 4535 Comments
    Thanks for this FR.
    That's a long way home!!!
    There's also a lottery with TK but regarding the seats you're gonna get and not the FAs.
    I really like the looks of VIE.
  • Comment 93982 by
    Papoumada GOLD 7410 Comments
    Welcome back to TK and its great catering ! I could kill for eggplant puree !

    VIE is obviously an airport to avoid.

    This old J cabin turns what might have been a great experience into a so-so one.

    Are there 2 airports in Istanbul? I only heard of Ataturk.

    Thanks for sharing.
  • Comment 93998 by
    Bargi62 SILVER 3586 Comments
    Thanks for this FR.good catering as usual on TK.
  • Comment 94072 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    Thanks for this TK report. It's a pleasure to read about TK and be pleasantly surprised with improvements.

    VIE is one airport that I detest. Some of the personnel there seems to lack the most basic forms of courtesy.

    Food is always great on TK or at the least decent.

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