Review of Cebu Pacific flight Cebu Manila in Economy

Airline Cebu Pacific
Flight 5J584
Class Economy
Seat 1F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 31 Aug 13, 17:15
Arrival at 31 Aug 13, 18:30
5J 18 reviews
Published on 27th November 2013

1. 07 August 2013 - BUD-IST Y
2. 08 August 2013 - IST-HKG W
3. 10 August 2013 – HKG-CEB Y-
4. 21 August 2013 - CEB-CGM Y-
5. 31 August 2013 - CEB-MNL Y- HERE HERE HERE

After 10 days in Camiguin/Bohol it was time to say good bye to the Philippines. Cebu-Camiguin is 88 miles, we did not fly back but made our way back via ferry, land and another ferry (see previous report for the Bohol part).

So to get from where we were now (Panglao island) to Cebu we would need to take a ferry out of Tagbilaran to Cebu City. I took abit of a risk as our flight was on the same day and ferries in the RP get cancelled more often than once! Still I took the risk.

This is where Cebu Pacific gets its first strike. I had originally booked a direct flight Cebu-KUL as our next destination, we were supposed to leave CEB at 17:00 and land in KUL around 20:30. Well 10 days before the flight I receive an Email informing me the flight is cancelled. What happens it seems is that they closed the route as it was probably not profitable for them. So my options were either to get a refund or accept an automatic change with a stopover in Manila… This wasn't cool because not only did that lengthen our travel time, but we would be arriving in KUL 5 hours later than originally planned, taking away from our short time to visit Malaysia's capital :-(

Nevertheless given that I only paid 40 euros for the flight, a refund would not have helped me a whole lot, so we bit the bullet hoping for the best…

Saying good bye to our resort, I highly recommend it if you decide to visit Bohol, Linaw Beach Resort, they were amazing in every way possible.
photo DSC03290 [1600x1200]

Beautiful clear water
photo DSC03296 [1600x1200]

Our resort drove us to the port of Tagbilaran for our 11 AM ferry. My wife was slightly nervous as she definitely did not want to experience a similar ride to 5 days ago.
photo DSC03303 [1600x1200]

Even by the port the water is quite clean
photo DSC03304 [1600x1200]photo DSC03305 [1600x1200]

I love these things they look so cool
photo DSC03310 [1600x1200]

General guidelines for tourists on fees for sightseeing sponsored by the golden arches
photo DSC03313 [1600x1200]

While waiting for the ferry some guys decided to play some gospel music for the crowds
photo DSC03318 [1600x1200]

Our ferry arrives
photo DSC03320 [1600x1200]

We depart on time, beautiful waters and scenery

There is an airport in Tagbilaran. PR flies daily to/from Manila. Bohol is a popular destination in the RP

Once we arrive at the port of Cebu, we need to get to the airport… I had been warned to avoid the taxis who hail at you from there as they tend to overcharge by cheating on the meter. So we walked 5 mins to the main road and hailed a taxi from there and we got an honest driver which was a nice way to end our trip in the RP. I felt proud of myself that I didn't end up getting ripped off :) Of course at the airport some guys ran to try to help us but this time I was prepared and politely told them to get lost :-P

Check in counters for Cebu PAcific
photo DSC03387 [1600x1200]

Yup we were there! This photo depicts the sunken cemetery which we did not go see.
photo DSC03392 [1600x1200]

photo DSC03393 [1600x1200]

PR check in counters
photo DSC03395 [1600x1200]

Manila departure gates
photo DSC03398 [1600x1200]

Again I enjoyed the spotter friendly staff and snapped away :-D

PR A321
photo DSC03405 [1600x1200]

PR A320
photo DSC03406 [1600x1200]

Airport concourse
photo DSC03407 [1600x1200]

Simple boarding passes, something we aren't used to in Europe!
photo DSC03410 [1600x12001]

Sometimes I find it really hard to differentiate A319's to A320's with Cebu Pacific as both have a pair of over wing exits! I'm pretty sure this one is a 319 though
photo DSC03414 [1600x1200]

Various close ups of Cebu Pacific birdies
photo DSC03415 [1600x1200]photo DSC03417 [1600x1200]photo DSC03418 [1600x1200]

ATR 72
photo DSC03420 [1600x1200]photo DSC03422 [1600x1200]photo DSC03426 [1600x1200]

There's our bird to Manila at the far end
photo DSC03427 [1600x1200]

PR A321
photo DSC03428 [1600x1200]

5J A319
photo DSC03412 [1600x1200]

Eventually we boarded 15 minutes late, the weather was beautiful for some nice pics, I'm really happy how these turned out so I'll just shut up and let you admire this fine Cebu Pacific livery

We had front row seats, the leg room was alright, but not as good as on the overawing exits.
photo DSC03441 [1600x1200]

Taxi to the active
photo DSC03442 [1600x1200]

PR A321
photo DSC03445 [1600x1200]

Zest Air A320
photo DSC03448 [1600x1200]photo DSC03450 [1600x1200]

Name this plane :)
photo DSC03451 [1600x1200]

Name the helicopter!
photo DSC03453 [1600x1200]

Takeoff video:

It's a great evening for flying
photo DSC03455 [1600x1200]photo DSC03456 [1600x1200]

Heading north towards Manila
photo DSC03457 [1600x1200]photo DSC03460 [1600x1200]

This is Bantayan Island, the first island we stayed in on our Honeymoon
photo DSC03465 [1600x1200]

Legroom shot
photo DSC03467 [1600x1200]photo DSC03469 [1600x1200]

Flight Attendants did their usual game on board to win token prizes to advertise the airline. I've found FAs on this airline to be very friendly and smiling, they must really like their job. No catering unless you pay for it but we bought a bottle of water for P50 (0.90 cents)

Safety Card
photo DSC03470 [1600x1200]photo DSC03471 [1600x1200]

Front cabin
photo DSC03473 [1600x1200]

photo DSC03476 [1600x1200]

Soon enough we approached Manila. I did not realize how big this city was, it's quite impressive from the sky to see how sprawled out it is!
photo DSC03484 [1600x1200]photo DSC03485 [1600x1200]photo DSC03486 [1600x1200]

Sorry for the poor lighting
photo DSC03487 [1600x1200]photo DSC03488 [1600x1200]photo DSC03489 [1600x1200]

Landing video

photo DSC03494 [1600x1200]

We parked after taxiing for 10 minutes next to this A300, anyone know what airlines it is? :-)
photo DSC03496 [1600x1200]photo DSC03498 [1600x1200]

photo DSC03499 [1600x1200]photo DSC03500 [1600x1200]

We reach the terminal via a paxbus and are greeted by these lovely trees which I do not know the name
photo DSC03501 [1600x1200]photo DSC03502 [1600x1200]

Manila airport terminal 3, sparkling new and very clean
photo DSC03503 [1600x1200]

This concludes the small portion of our flight out of the Philippines. Part 6 is where it gets interesting (or rather disheartening)
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Cebu Pacific

Cabin crew7.5

Cebu - CEB


Manila - MNL



Overall a good flight with Cebu Pacific, disappointed that our direct flight was cancelled; so I'm giving them a 0 on punctuality.

Cebu airport is small but efficient for the most part

Manila airport is hue and you have to walk alot and re-clear security to get to your next flight. More on this in the next part.

As said in previous reports, Cebu Pacific offers good value so long as the flight operates. If it doesn't for any reason, you're on your own!



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    Leadership TEAM BRONZE 5391 Comments
    Thank you for this new report, really nice pics, CebuPacific is offering a basic low-cost service, I really don't like their boarding pass.
    Aircrafts on ground are C130s, but I dunno for the helicopter.

    Nice sceneries on route.

    Interesting approach, you can hear the autopilot disconnected on your video.

    Thank you.
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    lagentsecret 12308 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR

    Nice tourist bonus

    Great pictures : the light is beautiful in Cebu

    You had a really good trip

    It's a shame for the cancelled route but even legacy airlines could do that

    See you soon

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