Review of United flight San Francisco Seattle in Domestic First

Airline United
Flight UA 1192
Seat 2A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:11
Take-off 23 Nov 13, 08:00
Arrival at 23 Nov 13, 10:11
UA   #53 out of 73 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 330 reviews
By 4354
Published on 1st December 2013
This trip marks the first segment of three on a journey from SFO to HKG. I was using award miles and this was the routing that I chose about a month ago. There was the option to fly nonstop SFO-HKG on UA, but I thought that it will be a waste of miles to redeem an award with them so I opted for a double connection with OZ with transfers in SEA and ICN. Later on, I saw that there was a space on TG from LAX-SEL and then SEL-HKG. I was tempted to switch but UA wanted to charge me USD 100.00 for the reissue fee so I passed.

A friend dropped me off at the airport at around 6:30A and I quickly checked in at the kiosk. I then proceeded to the elite line and waited about 10 minutes before I was at the other side. I noticed that SFO had a special exhibition of Japanese toys and I browsed a little bit.

photo DSC00053 (900x600)photo DSC00054 (900x600)

I wanted to grab something at the UA Club and when I checked in the agent advised me that my club entry was restricted to the departure gateway. In other words, since I was issued a ticket to fly J on OZ from SEA-HKG, I could only use the UA lounge at SEA and not SFO, even though this segment was part of the itinerary. That took me by surprise since this has never happened to me before. I wonder if this is something new that was implemented recently. Is UA penalizing people for not choosing UA? Who knows. I didn't want to argue this early in the morning so I retrieved to the gate and waited for my plane there.

My flight arrived from HNL on time and after the cleaning crew and catering truck were done, we were invited to board.

photo UA 1192 SFO-SEA (1) (900x600)photo UA 1192 SFO-SEA (2) (900x600)

Boarding was done quickly and after everybody settled down, FA's offered pre-departure drinks. The door closed and we were on our way to the runway. A welcome message and safety video was played while taxiing. I noticed a copy of Rhapsody magazine along with Hemisphere. Rhapsody is a new magazine for UA's premium cabins featuring more engaging articles covering arts, culture and lifestyle.

On a clear day, one can appreciate the beautiful scenery when taking off from SFO and passing through downtown San Francisco.

Golden Gate bridge

photo UA 1192 SFO-SEA (35) (900x600)photo UA 1192 SFO-SEA (36) (900x600)

After leveling off, I noticed that most of the cabin passengers were sleeping. FA passed an oshibori that was thick unlike previous ones that were flimsy.

photo UA 1192 SFO-SEA (8) (900x575)photo UA 1192 SFO-SEA (9) (900x600)

Then service began with a beverage order followed by distribution of warm scones.

photo UA 1192 SFO-SEA (10) (900x600)photo UA 1192 SFO-SEA (12) (900x600)photo UA 1192 SFO-SEA (11) (900x600)

After the snack service the FA offered to refill beverages and asked if we needed anything else. Pretty soon we were landing in SEA and the scenery that followed was breathtaking. I always enjoy the natural beauty of SEA and its surrounding areas where nature seems unspoiled.

We touched down on this uneventful flight and you can tell that SEA is AS's territory.

photo UA 1192 SFO-SEA (44) (900x600)photo UA 1192 SFO-SEA (45) (900x579)

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Cabin crew9.0

San Francisco - SFO


Seattle - SEA



A good flight on UA that actually arrived a few minutes earlier. Service was as expected but I was surprised to receive a good oshibori. Meal could be better since both AS and VX provide a more substantial snack than just a warm scone on this route.

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