Review of Singapore Airlines flight Munich Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ327
Class Business
Seat 21A
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 12:00
Take-off 21 Apr 22, 13:10
Arrival at 22 Apr 22, 07:10
SQ   #7 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 652 reviews
By GOLD 2410
Published on 22nd April 2022


My journey started on a nice and sunny spring morning at Munich Airport Terminal 2. I reached the dedicated Business Class check in section of Singapore Airlines and there was nobody in the queue. Unfortunately there were technical issues that day and manually written boarding passes and luggage tags had to be produced which slowed down the process a lot. Still the staff was very friendly and also called me by name.

photo img_9037-77276

Security through the priority lane was very smooth and quick as was passport control at border via automated gates.

I headed to the Lufthansa Lounges which Singapore Airlines uses here at Munich. I was greeted friendly and the Senator Lounge to which I had access due to my Star Alliance Gold status was rather empty.

photo img_9038photo img_9039photo img_9041-43849

The buffet offered a wide choice of drinks and also a nice selection of cold and warm dishes.

A serviced bar offers a wide range of alcoholic drinks.

photo img_9047

I decided to only have a small lunch.

photo img_9046photo img_9048

Some nuts to end the visit.

photo img_9049photo img_9050

Soon it was time to head to my splendid looking Singapore A350.

photo img_9051photo img_9052

Priority boarding started promptly and soon I was on the dedicated airbridge for Business Class guests.

A very friendly cabin crew welcomed me onboard and escorted me to my window seat in the rear small Business Class cabin - a very nice welcome atmosphere.

photo img_9054

The cabin and the seat looked excellent and very roomy.

photo img_9055photo img_9056

The center seats stayed empty with the cabin not being to full on today's flight.

photo img_9057photo img_9058

I settled in while some nice boarding music was playing.

photo img_9060

There is a a lot of storage space in several parts of this huge seat.

photo img_9065photo img_9064

Even a small mirror is available.

photo img_9077

Already placed on the seat were eyeshades, socks and a pair of slippers.

photo img_9062photo img_9082

The small compartment on the side armrest featured a bottle of water, a sanity items kit and noise cancelling headphones.

photo img_9063photo img_9072

A close up of the sanity kit:

photo img_9070

The headsets were of good but not super high quality. Still totally fine.

photo img_9071photo img_9084

Next to us some Lufthansa action was going on.

photo img_9068

Unfortunately no amentity kit, menu or welcome drink were distributed.

Singapore Airlines due to Covid stopped providing printed menus - instead you can check the offerings digitally via the WIFI solution of the aircraft on your personal device.

photo img_9030

Lunch should be served at the beginning where I already had preselected the lamb.

photo img_9031photo img_9032

Some delectables were available throughout the flight.

photo img_9033photo img_9034

Before landing breakfast is served where I preselected the egg dish in advance.

photo img_9035photo img_9036

Some more information was available including the drinks list.

On the ground I was approached by a friendly flight attendant who confirmed my meal selection and asked for my choice of drinks to be served with satay as aperitif after take off. I decided for a glass of champagne.

photo img_9073photo img_9075

A safety video started to play and we pushed back for the taxiing out.

photo img_9074photo img_9076photo img_9078

Soon we smoothly powered into the skies for this 11 hours 30 minutes flight to South East Asia.

photo img_9079photo img_9080photo img_9081

I checked the seat and some more controls. The seat is rather comfortable although somehow different to other airlines Business Class cabins as it not goes into a typical recliner mode. Also the bed function has to be arranged by a flight attendant which was no problem however as they were always very happy to do so.

photo img_9066photo img_9067

About 20 minutes after take off I was served my first glass of champagne.

photo img_9085photo img_9086

This was refilled promptly together with the serving of the very tasty chicken satay - a Singapore Airlines signature feature.

photo img_9087

The cabin crew passed by frequently always adressing me by name and asking for more drinks etc. I ordered a Singapore Sling which was quickly served.

photo img_9089

Next the trolley rolled down the aisle and the table was nicely dressed for starter service. 

photo img_9090

I had some white wine with it and  a nice selection of warm bread was offered from a basket including some very tasty garlic bread.

photo img_9091

The starter was very tasty and next was the main dish - the lamb also tasted excellent and I had some red wine with it.

photo img_9092

The crew provided a very relaxed and calm service with enough time between the different courses. Next a dessert trolley was appearing in the aisle and an offer of cake, fruits, cheeses and ice cream was presented. I decided for the cheese and some extremely tasty salted caramel ice cream.

photo img_9093

To go with it I ordered a tasty Japanese liquor and a cup of Cappucino which both were nicely served.

photo img_9095

After the meal I settled in for a movie with a nice cup of Vanilla flavoured tea.

photo img_9101photo img_9102

Mood lighting was switched on to start the evening & night.

photo img_9096photo img_9098

Some tasty snacks were offered during the flight from a basket - I had some almonds.

photo img_9105

When by bed was prepared for sleeping I asked the flight attendant for an amenity kit and she was happy to bring me one including some helpful cosmetics like lip balm, hand lotion etc.

photo img_9106photo img_9107

The bed in general was comfortable - still somehow I did not manage to find some good sleep.

I was happy when the breakfast service started ca. 2 hours out of Singapore. The mood lighting helped to wake up the cabin.

photo img_9108photo img_9109photo img_9110

Unfortunatley throughout the whole flight never any hot towel was provided which I missed from pre Covid days.

The friendly crew served me a plate of fresh fruit as starter. This was followed by some tasty croissants, muffins and bread from a basket.

photo img_9111

I ordered a cup of tea with it. Soon a selection of yoghurts was served from a silver tray.

photo img_9112photo img_9115

Next was the warm main dish which was ok but nothing spectacular: egg soufflé. 

photo img_9116

I ended breakfast with a cup of Cappucino before descend started.

photo img_9117

During approach a very nice sunset with high clouds appeared to the left side of our Airbus.

photo img_9121photo img_9125

Final approach into Singapore was also very amazing including hundreds of cargo ships so typical for the highly trade affected Singapore harbor.

photo img_9138photo img_9148photo img_9149

An excellent flight came to an end and we landed safely at Changi Airport.

photo img_9150photo img_9151photo img_9152

Time to deboard this beautiful plane.

photo img_9153photo img_9154

Thanks for reading,

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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Munich - MUC


Singapore - SIN



An excellent longhaul flight with probably still one of the best Airlines around. The friendly cabin crew provided a very nice service and meal is almost back to pre Covid standards. Still it would be great to see welcome drinks, printed menus and hot towels coming back soon as well to conclude the whole experience.

Information on the route Munich (MUC) Singapore (SIN)


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  • Comment 601068 by
    airberlin GOLD 1745 Comments

    Thanks for this report Alex. Sounds like a great flight. Would prefer to have a paper menu though... Hopefully I'll be able to catch the same flight, or the A380 on the FRA SIN route) later this year in August or September. Hope to get the same or an even better experience.
    Thanks again for sharing.

    • Comment 601189 by
      FlyAlex GOLD AUTHOR 80 Comments

      Thanks a lot. Indeed I also prefer paper menus a lot to the digital versions. They make some more premium touch and you can easily and quickly refer to it by showing something to the flight attendant. Wishing you also a great SQ experience in summer then! :)

  • Comment 601338 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6103 Comments

    So nice to see an actual recent long-haul flight to Singapore! This is a good sign of how things are finally starting to get better around the world.

    Singapore Airlines due to Covid stopped providing printed menus - instead you can check the offerings digitally via the WIFI solution of the aircraft on your personal device.

    That's actually a really smart idea! I wish other airlines did this rather than announcing orally with less-than-enticing descriptions.

    Beautiful cabin and seat and the meal service looks fantastic. So nice to see service getting back to (almost) pre-Covid standards minus pre-departure drinks and a few other small details.

    Thanks for sharing!

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