Review of Lufthansa flight Frankfurt Dubai in Business

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH630
Class Business
Seat 01C
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 06:15
Take-off 27 Jan 22, 13:30
Arrival at 27 Jan 22, 22:45
LH   #54 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1471 reviews
By GOLD 1095
Published on 3rd July 2022


Back in late 2021, my friend and fellow Flight-Report contributor, MichelG told me he found a great deal to go to Dubai for 990€ in Business ex - CDG. I couldn't resist and decided to join him on this trip.
I added connecting flights to CDG from BSL and as the return was to ZRH, will simply drop the last leg and get back home by train (1H30 from ZRH)

This was then the final routing :

business lounge fra

Here we are at terminal B, with a nice view over our bird:

photo img_1515_resultatphoto img_1517_resultat

The welcome was fairly warm, let's have a look at the food offering:

photo img_1518_resultat

Soup and sausage … :(

photo img_1520_resultat


photo img_1521_resultat

Pretzels and salads:

photo img_1522_resultatphoto img_1523_resultatphoto img_1524_resultat

Hard drinks where Michel will spend a bit of time :)

photo img_1519_resultat

For me it will only be that ;)

photo img_1526_resultat

I liked the fact that toothbrushes were offered in the lavatories:

photo img_1525_resultat

the flight

Boarding took an awful lot of time and the flight ended up being delayed. Michel had a good laugh at me since I left at the published time and he stayed in the lounge. He could then wait more than 30 minutes in comfort while I was standing in line.

photo img_1527_resultat

The Queen's door:

photo img_1529_resultat

The purser greeted each passenger warmly and I headed to my seat on the first row:

photo img_1530_resultatphoto img_1531_resultatphoto img_1532_resultat

It's old school and where KLM used to put 3 seats on the first row, LH puts 4. It looks like a high density business class :(

photo img_1534_resultat

More seat details:

photo img_1537_resultat

The second cabin:

photo img_1542_resultat

Back in the first cabin:

photo img_1543_resultat

67 business seats on this bird, 65 passengers. There are also 32 W seats and 272 Y seats but I will come back to this later.
Safety card:

photo img_1544_resultat

Seat controls:

photo img_1549_resultat

Glasses holder:

photo img_1551_resultat

Lavatory visit:

photo img_1539_resultatphoto img_1538_resultat

Michel arrived shortly before doors closing :)

photo img_1552_resultat-13554

The amenity kit is a real shame:

photo img_1555_resultat

An awful bag that is so useless :(

photo img_1582_resultat

And what is inside:

photo img_1583_resultat

No ear plugs nor eye mask, you have to ask the crew for that. The good thing is while exploring the seat, I found this "inbound" kit that is ways better and looks also much nicer.

photo img_1554_resultat


photo img_1556_resultat

Most of the dishes are the same as the one I had on my flight to YVR last year:

photo img_1557_resultat


photo img_1558_resultat


photo img_1559_resultatphoto img_1560_resultatphoto img_1561_resultat

My friend MichelG:

photo img_1562_resultat


The service started with champagne for Michel and a Campari Orange for me with nuts, at the same moment as we hit strong turbulences.

photo img_1568_resultatphoto img_1569_resultat


photo img_1570_resultat

The Alps:

photo img_1572_resultat

I took the beef as starter that was good:

photo img_1575_resultat

For the main I had the pasta and liked them:

photo img_1578_resultat

The dessert:

photo img_1581_resultat

It was a good meal all in all.

the ife

Remote control:

photo img_1576_resultatphoto img_1577_resultat

Moving map:

photo img_1580_resultatphoto img_1634_resultat

But there was nothing special to watch, no or almost no new movies, no games, nothing intersting. Sad :(

a 747-400 detailled visit

Since there is not much to see at the TV, a view from the window:

photo img_1584_resultat

And a walk in this 23 years bird, here's the first galley:

photo img_1567_resultat

Forward door:

photo img_1566_resultat

Premium Economy:

photo img_1585_resultatphoto img_1586_resultat

As you can see, almost empty:

photo img_1614_resultatphoto img_1615_resultat

10 pax for 32 seats.
Exit seats in coach:

photo img_1588_resultat

The wonderful wing:

photo img_1589_resultat

First coach cabin:

photo img_1593_resultat

Only 30 pax here, I then go further back:

photo img_1595_resultat

The back it is mostly empty:

photo img_1599_resultatphoto img_1601_resultat

I tried one of the seats:

photo img_1602_resultatphoto img_1603_resultatphoto img_1605_resultat

They are pretty comfy:

photo img_1606_resultat

Door 5R:

photo img_1607_resultat

2 last shoots of the coach cabin:

photo img_1608_resultatphoto img_1612_resultat

There are 50 passengers in Y for 272 sièges. In fact there are more J passengers than Y + W together :)
The engines:

photo img_1616_resultatphoto img_1618_resultat

Let's walk to the upper deck:

photo img_1619_resultat

LH logo and jump seat:

photo img_1620_resultat

Upper deck totally full:

photo img_1622_resultat

And the emergency exit there:

photo img_1625_resultat

Way back:

photo img_1627_resultat

And again the mighty engines:

photo img_1629_resultat

more of the flight

I tried to have a nap:

photo img_1630_resultat

I said tried since the seat is too hard and was showing its age. I gave up after half an hour :(

photo img_1631_resultat

Shortly before landing a small snack, perfectly adequate was served:

photo img_1632_resultatphoto img_1633_resultat

Dubai in sight!

photo img_1635_resultat

A fast track voucher is handed over:

photo img_1636_resultat

Upon landing, we went to the immigration:

photo img_1637_resultatphoto img_1639_resultatphoto img_1641_resultat

You first need to take a train:

photo img_1642_resultatphoto img_1643_resultatphoto img_1644_resultat

And head to immigration:

photo img_1647_resultat

With the voucher, it took only 5 minutes to get through. 

photo img_1660_resultatphoto img_1661_resultat

We took a taxi to the hotel for 100AED, 25€. The metro would have been cheaper but 15' for the taxi vs 60 for the metro, the choice was quickly made :)

sheraton creek hotel

A great spot that I can recommend if you want to stay close to the airport:

photo img_1665_resultat

My river view room:

photo img_1667_resultatphoto img_1670_resultatphoto img_1679_resultat

The view:

photo img_1671_resultatphoto img_1672_resultatphoto img_1675_resultat


photo img_1681_resultatphoto img_1682_resultatphoto img_1684_resultat

The pool:

photo img_1685_resultatphoto img_1686_resultat
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Cabin crew10.0

Lufthansa Business Lounge West B24 - B


Frankfurt - FRA


Dubai - DXB



I was really happy to be able to fly aboard a 744 again even if the business class seat clearly shows its age.

The crew was amazing, proactive, smilling and happy to be there.

The catering ok, nothing to write a book about, but good for that flight.

FRA did its job while DXB was perfect.

The last part with Swiss is also online :)

Thank you for reading this series ^^

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  • Comment 606845 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6105 Comments

    That is a really good deal for long-haul J and flying on the Queen of the Skies makes is that much better. Yeah the current LH J product isn't particularly exciting, but it's quite decent when travelling with others as it's easier to talk than most other seats these days that have too much privacy. I just flew BA club suites and while it's a great seat, I couldn't even see to the next seat other to see my son, I had to stand up and leave my seat every time he needed something so it was kind of inconvenient when travelling with others. Oh, how I miss the BA TATL shuttle for all gone :-(

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 607227 by
      Esteban GOLD AUTHOR 17974 Comments

      Thanks Kévin for the nice com' !

      You should come more often to Europe and fly LH, lots of opportunities to fly oldies, just published a translation from this spring to BOG aboard... 340-300 another one you won't see that much in the states anymore :)

      Yeah the club seats when you travel with children can be a problem specially when you don't see them at all.

      Take care and see you soon!

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