Review of Cathay Pacific flight Hong Kong Sydney in Economy

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX101
Class Economy
Seat 67K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 08:20
Take-off 10 Jan 19, 23:55
Arrival at 11 Jan 19, 11:15
CX   #2 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 478 reviews
By GOLD 2039
Published on 27th April 2022

Trip Report Cathay Pacific CX101 Hong Kong to Sydney

Flight details:
Airlines: Cathay Pacific
Flight: CX101 HKG-SYD
Reg: B-KQT
Aircraft: Boeing 777-330ER
Departure Hong Kong [HKG] Terminal 1 Gate 44: 23:55 HKT
Arrival Sydney [SYD] Terminal 1 Gate 10: 11:12 AEDT
Flight time: 8h 43m
Distance: 7,372 KM

Video Cathay Pacific B-KQT CX101 Hong Kong to Sydney


This is trip report is from Jan 2019. This report continues  To read  from beginning - trip report: Cathay Pacific CX660 Mumbai to Hong Kong

Terminal 1

I had checked the information to see if flight was on schedule.

photo img_28

Aircraft would be Cathay Pacific B-KQT

photo img_81

Arriving at Terminal 1

I had a enjoyable time at Aviation museum in Terminal 2.

photo img_5-56903

Returned to terminal 1 before departure.

photo img_1

Entered terminal 1 arrival area and then escalator to departure.

photo img_3-93380

Live music

photo img_11

Checked the flight schedule.

photo img_2

Check-in islands in Alphabets

photo img_83-92427


CX check-in counter.

photo img_13-38507

Having the boarding pass, I skipped check-in. I passed immigration using the auto-gate and then cleared security.  

photo img_4

CX 101 departing from gate 44. Walking towards gate area.


United Airlines in Star Alliance livery.

photo img_10

United Airlines

photo img_18

United side view

photo img_20

Found an empty seating area to charge phone.

photo img_22

Cathay Pacific B-KQT operating CX101 to Sydney

photo img_26

Had food close to gate before boarding.

photo img_84-59686

Flight schedule

photo img_8

Had a walk around the terminal.

photo img_15

CX101 departing gate 44.

photo img_6-67982

Area close to gate was occupied with passengers for the flight.

photo img_12-93630

Gate closeup - Year of pig coming in Feb.

photo img_14-83397

In English

photo img_16-60045

Returned to continue charge before boarding.

photo img_19-56372


Boarding call was made on time.

photo img_21

Catering loading on flight.

photo img_85

Long queue formed to board aircraft

photo img_23

Passport and boarding pass was checked. Secondary baggage check was conducted on before entering aerobridge.

photo img_25-84372

Queue formed to enter aircraft. Crew was at door greeting and directing passengers.

photo img_32


Got to my seat and arranged my stuff in preparation for flight.

photo img_34

Window view of Cathay Dragon

photo img_38

Pushback and Departure

Flight route information was provided.

photo img_30

Pushback commenced on time,  Watched through camera as the aircraft was pushed.

photo img_36

Safety demonstration was conduced on the personal screen. Taxi was long but there was no queue, check video for departure experience.

photo img_39

Inflight Entertainment

Inflight entertainment homepage. Being a red-eye, had no plans for watching anything. Headphones were provided by crew along with immigration form and menu.

photo img_40

Drinsk and Dinner Service

Meal service started drinks after attaining cruising altitude. Dinner service commenced shortly after.

photo img_41

I had selected chicken option. To check economy menu, watch video above.

photo img_42

Flight InFormation

I played the flight information on the screen while having meal.

photo img_43

Time information. Lights onboard were switched off and I too switched off the screen and fell asleep immediately.

photo img_45

BreaKFast Service

Woke up and checked flight details.

photo img_48

Woke up to find aircraft was flying over Northern Queeneland.

photo img_47

Time difference between Hong Kong and Sydney.

Flight path

photo img_55

Breakfast time.

photo img_53

Water and orange juice was provided during the night as seen below.

photo img_49-22386

Crew distributing breakfast in cabin.

photo img_54

Breakfast came with orange juice for drink.

photo img_50

I chose mud carp fish with shiatke mushroom conjee. Check video for menu or see the next image.

photo img_51photo img_56-79772

Food was good, picture below says that.

photo img_52

SEAT PocKET MAterial

photo img_57

Cathay safety card

photo img_59

Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER

photo img_58

Discover - inflight magazine

photo img_60-51672

Window view over Queensland

photo img_61

Cloud building as getting closer to NSW

photo img_62

APPoraching Sydney

Approaching Sydney from North.

photo img_63

Pilot informed descend would commenced shortly.

photo img_64

Rubbish was collected.

photo img_65

Crew conducted safety check and passengers requested to open window shades and seat upright position, tray locked.

photo img_66

Flying over the Northern Suburbs on approach

photo img_67

View of Petersham and Parramatta Road below

photo img_68

Passing over the Princes Highway in Tempe.

photo img_69

Few seconds before landing on runway 16R

photo img_70

Cathay Pacific Airbus A330 holding for incoming CX101

photo img_71

Landed smoothly, watch video to enjoy landing.

photo img_72

Exited runway with Sydney aIr control tower in view.

photo img_73

Arrived at gate.

photo img_27-94130

Window view on reaching gate.

photo img_74

Thank you screen

photo img_75


Passengers getting ready for disembarkation.

photo img_76

Queue formed to exit aircraft.

photo img_29-40441

Economy class seats 3-3-3 on this aircraft.

photo img_77

Premium economy seats in green

photo img_78

Legroom in premium economy.

photo img_79

Business class seats

photo img_80

Flight had landed on time and was taxing to gate 53.

photo img_86


Flight had arrived on time. I used the smart-gate for immigration having a bio metric passport. Filled information in the self check kiosk and joined short queue for immigration.

photo img_82

Baggage and Quarantine

My bag arrived in 20 mins after immigration, joined the quarantine check queue. As I didn't have any declarable items, was allowed to exit the customs area.

Train Ride Home

As I was travelling light, I took train to Central from International station.

photo img_31-19448

Train arrived in few minutes

photo img_33

Disembarked at Central and took another train west.

photo img_37-39089

Leaving Central station.

photo img_35-88473

Hope you enjoyed this trip report. Thanks for reading.


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Cathay Pacific

Cabin crew7.0

Hong Kong - HKG


Sydney - SYD



CX101 was a good inflight experience, Departure and arrival was ontime. Seat was satisfactory. Hong Kong airport is efficient, was able to use the automatic immigration gate, food options are plenty but all busy causing long wait time. Sydney Terminal was able to exit in 50 minutes after landing.
Overall a satisfactory trip.

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