Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore Seoul in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ600
Class Economy
Seat 73K
Aircraft Boeing 787-10
Flight time 05:50
Take-off 05 Mar 22, 08:10
Arrival at 05 Mar 22, 15:00
SQ   #7 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 652 reviews
By 1866
Published on 9th May 2022


I've officially started a new job and my first assignment was in South Korea! This is also my first long duration overseas trip in which I will stay for just under 3 months. Glad to be able to leave the country again, maintaining my year departure from the country. Singapore being a hub meant I would be flying direct and hence only 2 flights on this series. I will explore the now defunct SIN-ICN VTL in this report and the much more relaxed travel lane to Singapore in the next report.


Singapore Airlines
Singapore Changi International Airport (SIN) - Incheon International Airport(ICN)
Economy Class
Gate A14 

ETD: 08:05AM
ATD: 08:08AM (on time)
ETA: 03:30PM
ATA: 02:57PM (33 minutes early)


Arrived early at Changi to work through the VTL paperwork. Changi is still experiencing slow traffic even with the VTLs. Must be the difficulties and costs still deterring most Singaporeans from travelling. The flight load was not high so it didn't take as long as I expected to finish everything and make my way towards airside. Check-in is now mostly self-service and automated. Collected my boarding pass at a kiosk before heading to self-tag and check-in my bag

photo img_3032

Just a giant lollipop. Nothing to see here.

photo img_3034


Changi has not returned to its prime even with the VTLs. Also, probably because it's 5am.

photo img_3036

My boarding pass for this flight. I believe I've seen the last of the traditional boarding passes and it will now be this paper boarding pass.

photo img_3038

This receipt was issued to me after self checking-in my bag.

photo img_3040

An early flight means the few open food places in Changi will generate a long queue.

photo img_3041

CBTL seems to have been spared the brunt of the morning crowd.

photo img_3042

A nice and quiet Changi, just the way I like it.

photo img_3043

FIDS are finally filling up again compared to my previous trip last year. At least now they fill up all the screens.

photo img_3045photo img_3047

My flight will be departing from Gate A14 this morning. A number of passengers were already waiting outside and judging by the numbers looks like a roughly 70% flight load.

photo img_3048

There she is, 9V-SCB, the B78X which will be flying me to Seoul today.

photo img_3050

After getting past security, I sat down and proceeded to fill in the VTL documents required for this trip. The waiting area isn't full but as expected, the flight load is roughly 70%.

photo img_3052

20 minutes before departure, boarding is called, beginning with priority passengers.

photo img_3053

Making my way onboard…

photo img_3054photo img_3055photo img_3056


And here we are, finally onboard. 

photo img_3059

Seated in 73K for this flight. The third row from the back. Perks of the seat is there is no seat behind so you can have no worries reclining back fully.

photo img_3061

I like this welcome screen. Simple and straightforward.

photo img_3062

Passenger instrument panel. Reading light, call button, USB charging and 2-pin headphone jack(It's time for a single 3.5mm jack SQ. We're in the 2020s).

photo img_3063

Passengers were still slowly filing into the cabin.

photo img_3065

The crew handed out a care kit to passengers on board. 

photo img_3066

Seatback amenities are still limited to an airsickness bag and safety card.

photo img_3067photo img_3068

Quick pre-flight trip to the lavatory. Interesting to see SQ still stock toothbrushes and combs in the economy lavatory.

photo img_3070photo img_3103

A single lavatory is reserved for crew use.

photo img_3071

I do enjoy the new Krisworld entertainment system. It's useful when you can link your account to continue shows after transiting. Sadly, I won't be doing any of that this trip. 

photo img_3069

Doors are shut! And look at the number of free rows at the back.

photo img_3072

Pushback and the safety video screening occur simultaneously.

photo img_3073

A quick look at the flight map

photo img_3076photo img_3077

And lift-off! Passing by Pulau Tekong and I can even see where I used to do my basic training. 

photo img_3080

Into the blue morning sky.

photo img_3082

Made a short southward detour before heading back up north.

photo img_3083

The cabin crew began the meal service immediately after reaching cruising altitude somewhere over the South China Sea.

photo img_3084photo img_3085photo img_3090

Breakfast options were a continental offering of omelet and sausage or kimchi fried rice. I opted for the kimchi fried rice and I was… underwhelmed. I couldn't taste anything at all. Never had such a bland meal on SQ.

photo img_3086photo img_3088

Still finished my meal as I was pretty hungry.

photo img_3092

Kicked back, relaxed and going to enjoy the rest of my flight.

photo img_3093

More flight map details. 

photo img_3094photo img_3095photo img_3098

I think the crew could have dimmed the cabin slightly but since it's not a red-eye I think they didn't bother.

photo img_3097

Passing over Taiwan.

photo img_3099photo img_3102

1 hour before arrival, the captain comes on the radio to give arrival details.

photo img_3104photo img_3105

Landing into ICN.

photo img_3114

Final stats for the flight!

photo img_3115photo img_3116

Passengers seated while taxing…

photo img_3117

And passengers disembarking.

photo img_3121

Good-bye! Until next time!

photo img_3122


Shuffled along with everyone else to complete the VTL procedures.

photo img_3124photo img_3125

The whole process tool roughly an hour before finally being able to collect my bag from Belt 6.

photo img_3127

Duty-free is open!

photo img_3128

May look like plenty of arrivals but it's mostly codeshares.

photo img_3129

After customs, VTL travelers are herded towards the PCR test sites which had to be booked before departure.

photo img_3131
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

Singapore - SIN


Seoul - ICN



A very standard flight intra-Asian from SQ. Good cabin and entertainment options but catering was a major letdown on this flight. Hope to see an improvement on my return flight.

Information on the route Singapore (SIN) Seoul (ICN)


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