Review of EVA Air flight Singapore Taipei in Economy

Airline EVA Air
Flight BR226
Class Economy
Seat 62K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 04:35
Take-off 09 Sep 22, 13:10
Arrival at 09 Sep 22, 17:45
BR 124 reviews
By 1476
Published on 11th January 2023



Singapore Changi International Airport (SIN) - Taoyuan International Airport(TPE)
B-16715 (Star Alliance Livery)
Economy Class
Gate B6

ETD: 01:10PM
ATD: 01:12PM (on time)
ETA: 05:45PM
ATA: 05:50PM (on time)


Check-in  is now mostly handled by automated counters. In fact, the staff seems to direct people to use the automated kiosks before checking in their bags. I'm okay with this arrangement but I do wish they gave out better quality boarding passes. 

photo img_3747

Taiwan was still implementing a 3+4 day quarantine at this time so the flight load was not too heavy. I would say around 65-75%? Also, since travel was restricted, they ground crew also made sure you had valid travel documents for entering Taiwan or you would be denied boarding.

photo img_3749

After checking my bag in, I made sure to take a picture of my boarding pass before it eventually got crumpled up in my pocket.

photo img_3750

EVA uses Row 8 in Changi Terminal 3.

photo img_3752

Check-in was exciting but let's head over airside now.

photo img_3754


After immigration, I headed over to do some planespotting. By this time though, it was raining pretty heavily.

photo img_3757

9V-SMC rolling to the gate.

photo img_3756

Changi is getting more crowded day by day now that we're past the worst of COVID. Continue to stay safe guys!

photo img_3758

Time to head to the gate. I don't have have lounge access for now but hopefully one day I will start adding lounge reviews to my reports.

photo img_3759

Passed by the transfer area.

photo img_3760

Arrived at the shared gate security for B5 & B6. Pretty quiet but I'm probably just early to the gate.

photo img_3762photo img_3763

Gate opened about an hour before departure and I snagged a photo of the plane in the rain.

photo img_3766

People started coming in as departure time drew closer.

photo img_3767

20 minutes before departure, boarding is announced. Elite passengers, families and passengers requiring assistance to board first. 

photo img_3768

Boarding pass, check. Hand luggage, check. Time to board! 

photo img_3769

Economy passengers board from Door B.

photo img_3770photo img_3771

The 777 is a big plane so naturally there's a queue to board.

photo img_3772


Galley at the entrance.

photo img_3773photo img_3774

Economy on EVA is laid out in 3-3-3. That's still reasonably comfortable on a 777.

photo img_3775

I'm seated at the second half of the Economy section.

photo img_3777

The EVA green on the the carts give it a military vibe(?)

photo img_3778

POV from my seat today. Nice bright screen. Legroom, okay. Empty middle seat, nice. IFE system uses a 2-pin system(Why?) and provided a USB charging port.

photo img_3779photo img_3780photo img_3784

Boarding seemed like it was going to take some time so I went to the lavatory. It was currently occupied so I waited at the rear galley.

photo img_3781

The lavatory of EVA's 777 is spacious and I sort of do enjoy the faux wood flooring. The amenities provided by Payot were nice.

photo img_3782photo img_3783

Still raining.

photo img_3785

Seatback materials include the standard safety card, duty free shopping information and airsickness bag.

photo img_3788photo img_3787photo img_3786

Seated near the galley and lavatory.

photo img_3790

Once boarding was completed, the captain made his pre-departure announcement.

photo img_3791

As we pushed back, the safety video started to play.

photo img_3792

EVA's IFE system named Star Gallery.

photo img_3793

Taxiing to the runway.

photo img_3794

2000 miles to Taipei and an estimated flight time of 4 hours 15 minutes.

photo img_3797

Interesting satellite view but seems like it only works on the ground.

photo img_3798

Several photos of take-off.

photo img_3799photo img_3800photo img_3801

A look at the live flight information.

photo img_3803photo img_3805photo img_3806

Once we level off, the crew handed out a cleaning wipe and earpieces. I don't use these earpieces because they are generally not very good.

photo img_3810

Arrival cards are handed out next.

photo img_3811

Barely 45 minutes into the flight, the meal is served.

photo img_3813

The meal served is definitely much more impressive than what I've seen on SQ's flights recently. For starters, there's fried fishcakes along with edamame & mushroom salad. The main course is a serving of beef stew with white rice and steamed vegetables. For dessert, several slices of fruit and a honey cake. Finally, the meal is served with a bun. For my drink(not pictured here) I took a red wine.

Meal service concluded as we passed by Vietnam.

photo img_3822photo img_3823

Nice blue sky today as we head into the evening.

photo img_3824

Taiwan is coming into sight on the flight map with Philippines on the right.

photo img_3827photo img_3830

Most passengers in the forward economy section had their shades closed.

photo img_3831

My window shade was closed too otherwise it would be impossible to watch anything on the IFE.

photo img_3832

Flying over the south of Taiwan.

photo img_3833photo img_3836

It's not long before we fly over the entire island.

photo img_3838

Landed in TPE!

photo img_3839

And arriving at the terminal.

photo img_3841

Connecting passengers are given priority on disembarkation.

photo img_3842

Did we miss the target? 

photo img_3843

Watching the ground crew unload bags.

photo img_3844


It took a while but it was time for the rest of the plane to disembark.

photo img_3845

Passing by the 2-4-2 Premium Economy. Doesn't seem like much of a upgrade but maybe I just haven't sat in one.

photo img_3846

Passengers whos final destination is Taiwan were shepherded through the arrival procedures.

photo img_3848photo img_3849photo img_3850

Owning an ABTC, I skipped most of the immigration queue and was able to head to the baggage claim without any fuss.

photo img_3852

Bags are at Belt 6.

photo img_3853

Passengers were directed to do a COVID test on arrival. The queue was very long.

photo img_3854photo img_3855photo img_3857
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Cabin crew8.5

Singapore - SIN


Taipei - TPE



A nice flight by EVA. Comfort is as expected of an Asian airline and catering is much better than the past few SQ flights I've been on. I'm enjoyed my flight and I hope to be able to fly on EVA again soon.

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6105 Comments

    Nice report as always! So nice to see things starting to get back to normal in Asia...

    catering is much better than the past few SQ flights I've been on.

    Almost normal anyway! Wow, I would have never believed that pre-pandemic, but now seems to be common to hear of SQ lowered quality of catering. That being said, the meal does indeed look very tasty! We can't even pay for such a decent meal on a 4h flight in the US or Europe haha, much less free.

    Also so nice to have a 3-3-3 configured 77W! I know EVA also have some 3-4-3 77Ws so I wonder how long there will still be 3-3-3--the cabins are recent so hopefully they'll be around a while.

    Thanks for sharing!

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