Review of Lufthansa flight Paris Frankfurt in Business

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH1029
Class Business
Seat 3F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 27 Jan 22, 22:20
Arrival at 27 Jan 22, 23:35
LH   #68 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1598 reviews
By GOLD 424
Published on 14th June 2022

 2021 has been with any long-haul flight for me.

At the begining of 2022, the return of the Covid and its omicron variant seems less terrible than we could have expected. However, many countries have tightened their entry conditions and quarantine is back on some destinations.

Among the “far” destinations, i find one where the entry requirements are not too harsh, proof of vaccination and a PCR test within 72 hours is enough to travel to Dubai. In addition, the city hosts the Dubai 2020 World Expo.

Once the destination has been find, it remains is to find a comfortable and not too expensive way to get there. As The solution will come from Google Flights where I find a round trip Paris Dubai in business for just over 1000€ sold by Lufthansa. The plus is, the flight from Frankfurt to Dubai is operated by 747-400. The return flight will be by Zurich and it is planned in Boeing 777. The flight from Paris to Frankfurt and the return from Zurich to Paris being more classic.

I share my discovery with some friends and I will have the pleasure of making the trip with the famous "Père Fouettard."


  • Paris CDG - Frankfurt FRA - LH1029 - Airbus A319 - Affaires You are here
  • Frankfurt FRA - Dubai DXB - LH630 - Boeing 747-400 - Affaires Coming soon
  • Dubai DXB - Zurich ZRH - LX243 - Boeing 777-300 - Affaires Coming soon
  • Zurich ZRH - Paris CDG - LX632 - Airbus A320 - Affaires Coming soon

going to cdg

Just before leaving home.

photo img_0188_resultat

I'm on the way to Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle.

photo img_3298photo img_e3303photo img_3306

Air France place :)

photo img_e3311

The Sheraton de CDG where stay my travel friend comming from BSL last night.

photo img_3307

Not so far from parking of Terminal 2B.

photo img_3308photo img_e3312

But the entrance is near Terminal 2A which is opposite.

photo img_e3313

I park my car for a few days.

photo img_e3316_resultat


Just a few people at the LH counters.

photo img_e3322

I have a suitcase to check in so I go to the counters. There are two passengers in front of me in the business line, il will be very quick.

photo img_3317_resultatphoto img_3320_resultat

At this time my travel friend is arriving.

photo img_e3332

Now i wait for mim.

photo img_3324

No many flights on the terminal today.

photo img_3327photo img_3330_resultat

L'Accès N°1 is not very useful to go through security check.

photo img_e3333

We are quickly airside

photo img_e3334_resultat

The exchange office at the entrance to the duty free is now open.

photo img_e3346_resultat

A meal for Sylvester?

photo img_3337_resultatphoto img_3338_resultat

Reserved seat for FFlyerCDG

photo img_3336_resultat

A stairway to heaven.

photo img_3335

Our gate

photo img_3342_resultatphoto img_3343_resultat

But before we have time to go lounge.

sheltair lounge

photo img_3344_resultat

The lounge is well known in FR so I won't give a detailed description. We settle down and have a look for something to eat for breakfast.

photo img_3345_resultatphoto img_3348_resultatphoto img_3352_resultat

It's time to go now!

photo img_e3352photo img_3353_resultat

Boarding is on progress.

photo img_3354_resultat

Here is no priority lane so we wait on the queue.

photo img_3355_resultat

It goes quickly

photo img_3356_resultatphoto img_3357_resultat

Money money, money.

photo img_3358

Nose time.

photo img_3359-2

Fuselage shot.

photo img_3365

The door.

photo img_3362_resultat

An the door with the "Master of doors".

photo img_3363_resultat

the flight report

Our plane today

photo img_0768

Here is 3 business class rows.

photo img_3366_resultat

I will be alone for the flight.

photo img_3372_resultat

Sylvester test passed.

photo img_3367_resultat

It's very quiet today.

photo img_3370_resultat

Boarding completed we leave the gate with a slight delay.

photo img_3373_resultatphoto img_3374

Nordic sausage.

photo img_e3380


photo img_e3392

AF Place.

photo img_e3406

Take off 

photo img_3402photo img_e3407photo img_e3413

Le Terminal 1 always closed and until the end of 2022.

photo img_e3414

On the clouds.

photo img_e3431

This morning, we will be entitled to a Glory of the Pilot.

photo img_3414_resultat

Mostly cloudy.

photo img_3420photo img_3426_resultat

Now it's time to eat.

photo img_3427_resultatphoto img_3428_resultat

During descent, we can see again a Glory of the Pilot.

photo img_3434_resultat

It's very cloudy at FRA

photo img_e3457

Landing on runway 25R

photo img_3443_resultat

Firemen place and training area.

photo img_3448photo img_3451

Wilkomen in Frankfurt.

photo img_3453

 Some beautiful people on the way.


photo img_3465

We arrive at the gate at the contact but this will be followed by a tour in the paxbus.

photo img_3468

Stand Up

photo img_3469_resultat

Hon transportation

photo img_3470_resultatphoto img_3474_resultat

For us it's by the bus.

photo img_e3302_resultat

Unfortunately, the window is dirty.

photo img_e3475


photo img_3476_resultat

We climb up.

photo img_3477_resultat

Our next flight is scheduled on time in an hour and a half.

photo img_3478_resultat

THE flight with flightradar 24

photo img_0767photo img_0769

With Zoom on departure and approach.

photo img_0770photo img_0771

Thank you for flying with us and see you soon for THE routing flight with the Queen for the Skies.

traveling pictures

If you wish to continue the trip with some views of Dubai taken during our stay, I invite you to consult the French version of the Fligth Report which can be found here.

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Cabin crew8.5

Sheltair Lounge - 2D


Paris - CDG


Frankfurt - FRA



Another flight with LH no luxury but very good value for money.

CDG Very quite at T2 B-D everything goes quickly and without stress, it's appreciable.

FRA by bus but not very far of terminal.

The Sheltair Lounge Vintage but very pleasant to wait for your plane.

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