Review of Lufthansa flight Frankfurt Dubai in Business

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH630
Class Business
Seat 1A
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 08:00
Take-off 27 Jan 22, 12:30
Arrival at 27 Jan 22, 23:30
LH   #68 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1598 reviews
By GOLD 1454
Published on 21st June 2022

After our flight from Paris, here we are in FRA to reach gates B from where our next flight to Dubai leaves.

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conectiing flight to FRA

The information was available on the LH application, so it's no surprise that our departure from gates B is confirmed on the FIDS. We have more than an hour and a half before takeoff, which is comfortable.

photo img_3478_resultat

To reach gates B we will use the famous tunnel.

photo img_3479_resultat

The border control will be passed very quickly, there are few people and the automatic gates named "Parafe" are in operation, followed by a visual check of the vaccination certificates.

photo img_3481_resultat

our plane is refueling

photo img_3482_resultat

Everything is calm at the gate, we take the opportunity to pre-check the health documents, it's kind of borderline with very little skill on the PCR test required to enter Dubai but in the end, it's fine.

photo img_3484_resultat

Ready to board.

photo img_3483_resultat

Drink and eat its being loading

photo img_3485_resultat

LH business lounge gatess B

We will stop at the Business lounge which is large and not too crowded.

photo img_3488_resultatphoto img_3497_resultat

The catering is the same as at the SEN lounge

German beer of course.

photo img_3493_resultat

But it's time to enjoy a drink.

photo img_3494_resultatphoto img_3499_resultatphoto img_3500_resultat


photo img_3501_resultatphoto img_3503_resultat

Boarding time approaches. Well, a 747 normally takes a while to board but I lose my friend who  would rather go to the gate now

photo img_3509_resultat

So i have time for a glass.

photo img_3511_resultatphoto img_3510_resultat

H - 15 minutes, I move but when I arrive at the gate, boarding has not yet started… Let's take the opportunity to immortalize our beautiful bird once again.

photo img_3520photo img_3523

Finally, the flight is indicated 30 minutes late.

photo img_3526_resultat

I take this opportunity to explore the Duty Free

photo img_3524_resultatphoto img_3525_resultat

But it doesn't take 30 minutes so I'm going to  the Senator Lounge.

photo img_3528_resultat

Just a few people in FRA today.

photo img_3529_resultatphoto img_3530_resultat

TG back to BKK

photo img_3531

le senator lounge

It is open and after checking the health documents and my AMEX card I can enter.

photo img_3534

I am almost alone.

photo img_3537photo img_3542_resultat

Cheers for Flight Report, its Grand Leader and all contributors and readers.

photo img_3538

Now we have to go.

photo img_3541_resultat

QR B777 on the way.

photo img_3545

boarding is at the end, the plane must not be full.

photo img_3547

THe flight report

Our brave bird is in her twenties, commissioned in December 2001, he was put aside in June 2020 to return to the fleet in August 2021. He was damaged at FRA in May 2006 during a maintenance operation, the nose gear sagged on a push truck.

photo img_0784

Pass gate towards the plane.

photo img_3548photo img_3549_resultat

the way is free

photo img_3550_resultat

Fuselage shot.

photo img_3552_resultat

And instant door in honor of the one who is already inside.

photo img_3551_resultat

The first business class cabin.

photo img_3553_resultatphoto img_3554_resultat

My copax kindly left me seat 1A and has already taken a seat next to it.

photo img_3555_resultat

Impossible to miss the Sylvester Test.

photo img_3562_resultat

Everyone is on board.

photo img_3564photo img_3565_resultat

It's not 3F, the screens are dated but what a pleasure to fly aboard this plane.

photo img_3567_resultat

The menu is presented to us by the flight chief stewardess who comes to introduce herself to us in French. It will prove to be charming and of exemplary efficiency throughout the flight.

photo img_3568_resultat

We leave the gate late.

photo img_3570photo img_3571photo img_3573

German organisation.

photo img_3575_resultat

El Condor pasa.

photo img_3576

The sausage in Frankfurt.

photo img_3578

LH land

photo img_3579

We are going to runway 18.

photo img_3581photo img_3584

The four throttles are pushed forward, the imposing plane picks up speed and leaves the ground.

photo img_3586photo img_3587photo img_3588

The safety instructions are broadcast on the IFE.

photo img_3590

Her is blue sky.

photo img_3591_resultat

A door.

photo img_3593

A galley.

photo img_3594_resultatphoto img_3595_resultat

One other door.

photo img_3599_resultat

Back to my seat for the aperitif…

photo img_3604_resultatphoto img_3608_resultat

We toast passing over MUC.

photo img_3614photo 749da32d-9811-4587-bb97-43185c8e58eb

Now over Austria.

photo img_3618photo img_3626_resultatphoto img_3627_resultat

Now lunch time arrived.

photo img_3630_resultatphoto img_3636_resultat

It's quite filling and good.

photo img_3637_resultat

The day is going.

photo img_3638

When it's time for dessert.

photo img_3642_resultat

Some Informations about our destination.

photo img_3643_resultat

Coffee time.

photo img_3644_resultat

We are now flying over Serbia

photo img_3646

It's time to walk on the plane.

photo img_3650_resultatphoto img_3651-2photo img_3653_resultat

The Premium Eco cabin which is not really separated from the Eco.

photo img_3655_resultatphoto img_3656_resultat

The Eco cabin is almost empty while the Business is almost at 100% occupancy.

photo img_3659_resultatphoto img_3657

View from the bottom of the aircraft on the last seats.

photo img_3665_resultatphoto img_3667_resultat


photo img_3666_resultat

Lavatories and galley.

photo img_3668_resultat

Back forward,

photo img_3670_resultat

The tour continues by climbing the steps.

photo img_3676_resultat

The small upper deck cabin.

photo img_3673_resultatphoto img_3672_resultat

And his galley.

photo img_3675_resultat

The main deck has two Business cabins, there are no more First class on the B747-400s

photo img_3677_resultat

Wifi is available.

photo img_3678

We are now over Turkie the city of Didim Belediyesi

photo img_3680photo img_3684_resultatphoto img_3687

View from the flightdeck.

photo img_3685_resultatphoto img_3686_resultat

Just magic.

photo img_3688

The Dodecanese islands

photo img_3691photo img_3698_resultat

It's time for a little nap.

photo img_3689_resultat

With a meal served on waking.

photo img_3700_resultat

Dont forget Der kleine Chokolade.

photo img_3702_resultat

We are approaching our destination.

photo img_3703_resultatphoto img_3705_resultatphoto img_3704_resultat

Dubai is in sight.

photo img_3709_resultatphoto img_3711_resultatphoto img_3714

We're given maps to use the Fast Track.

photo img_3715_resultat

Alors que l'avion a fait demi tour pour se présenter en piste 30L

photo img_3716photo img_3726photo img_3734

We see the Skyline

photo img_3741

Before landing and passing away from T3 where Emirates operates.

photo img_3748photo img_3751

we go to the T1

photo img_3755photo img_3758

Our gate

photo img_3759photo img_3760photo img_3761

I asked our charming hostess for a favor which will be granted to me with pleasure and this is how Captain Sylvestre will be able to go and greet his colleagues in the flightdeck.

photo img_3764_resultat

As a result, we will leave the plane in the last.

photo img_3766_resultat

The control of vaccines and the PCR test is done before taking the moover.

photo img_3768_resultatphoto img_3770_resultatphoto img_3773

At the top of the stairs, some passengers are directed to the right-hand lane for a Covid test.

photo img_3774_resultat

Immigration will be passed quickly thanks to the fast access card to the Fast Track and my suitcase is waiting near the carousel.

photo img_3775_resultat

Now the taxi and the hotel.

photo img_3777_resultatphoto img_3778_resultat

the flight with flighradar24

photo img_0783photo img_0788

With the zoom on the departure and the approach.

photo img_0789photo img_0790

Thank you for flying with us on this flight aboard Queen of the Skyes and see you soon for the return flights.

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Cabin crew10.0

Lufthansa Business Lounge West B24 - B


Frankfurt - FRA


Dubai - DXB



First long flight since January 2020, so the feeling was necessarily good, especially since it was on board a beautiful bird that is very rare in the sky. At least, the cabin manager and the whole crew were really great. We were able to move as we wanted in the plane to take as many pictures as we wanted to the cockpit where we were kindly welcomed by the pilots.

So of course, the seat is old and not "3F" the foot box is not the biggest, the screen is not worthy of a home cinema, the meals are not those of a three stars restaurant but in favor of LH, the price paid of just over €1,000 while competitors such as AF EK or QR offered the J destination at around €3,000 Only RJ was in the same price range but in two single-aisle flights.
All this justifies the high score which may be subjective but reflects my feelings.

FRA quick and well-organized passage of the PAF with Parafe in working order... No security checks to go through, a big advantage for FRA.

The Business lounge is large, bright and pleasant. The catering measures up to what you would expect from a Business lounge and all the services are available if you want to work or take a shower.

The Senator lounge is the same, a little more chic and with fewer people.

DXB Terminal 1 is not up to T3 which hosts the house company but it is clean, well indicated and well organised. Health control while waiting for transport to immigration passed quickly thanks to the Fast Track but it was fluid at the ATMs.
Metro on site to reach the different districts of the city but the taxi is also very cheap.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Emirates avec 8.4/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 6 heures et 28 minutes.

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  • Comment 606113 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6858 Comments
    Flying on the Queen of the skies is always a treat, even if the cabins are getting old. It’s an experience that has become so rare in the Covid era.

    And of course, flying long haul again after such a long hiatus is a great feeling in and of itself.

    Like you said, these seats aren’t the best but for that price it’s an awesome value for money!

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 606623 by
      Michelg TEAM GOLD AUTHOR 4496 Comments
      Thanks Kevin for your comment.
      A B747 flight was ideal for a first long haul after two years of Covid.
      The price paid improves the comfort of the old-fashioned seat.
  • Comment 606143 by
    NewYorker 194 Comments
    Thanks for this great report, Michel! While LH's cabins sure leave a lot to be desired, the 747-400 is a timeless classic and will always be my favorite aircraft, so it's always worth it! Glad that you had a good crew too - they can make or break a flight.
    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 606624 by
      Michelg TEAM GOLD AUTHOR 4496 Comments
      Thank you for your comment.
      The surprise came once the flight found was to fly in a 747-400 Lufthansa is the only European company that continues to fly them currently. A magical moment even if you can find a more comfortable seat with other airlines.
      See you

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