Review of Emirates flight Tehran Dubai in Economy

Airline Emirates
Flight EK976
Class Economy
Seat 17K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 12 Dec 12, 04:10
Arrival at 12 Dec 12, 06:40
EK   #4 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 592 reviews
Published on 12th December 2013
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Dear all,

This is my first trip report in Flight Report. I am a Persian member living in Toronto and I wanted to cover my trip from Tehran to Dubai on my way to Hong Kong on December 2012 (last year).

As you all know, Iran is very badly portrayed by the media but thanks to the internet people can now go and by looking at the pictures and reading articles about Iranians learn that what they see in media about the people of Iran is not true. Our government totally sucks and Iranians hate them too but we can't do anything as they hold the power and is a total dictatorship. But behind all these I am glad to say that I have the biggest collection of Tehran pictures on the net, More than 60,000 pictures spread over more than 550 pages at my collection below on Skyscrapercity or by simply typing Tehran pictures on google, the first option is the link to my blog:'t=351718

Here you can see the daily life in Tehran and many cityscapes.

Tehran is a huge vibrant metropolis, the biggest city in the middle east with more than 14 Million people. It's such a cool city with great people, very modern with an amazing metro system, highways, shopping centers, coffee shops, restos and the list goes on. Although we have a crazy government and they put rules and restrictions on people, people still try to enjoy their life and our lives are separate and very much disconnected from the government there. Unfortunately we have a dress code imposed by the government that women have to wear a scarf and an overcoat in public and men can't wear shorts. Also alcohol is banned in Iran and most people smuggle them into the country.

To make it short I put some pictures from my blog in here, Tehran is such a nice and cool city, very safe for tourists too and of course it's better if you sign up with a tour company if you visit Iran since it's easier to get around.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and best wishes for a great new year for everyone :)

Some sample pix of Tehran below:

photo 397243_4735821880238_1143116345_n

photo lifegoesint

photo IMG_0386

photo NkF2ssI

photo kioomars

photo mehdi

photo mohmadd

photo david

photo 2047212400050839143taiwPA_fs

photo 1241224571095c9b5ae7o

Central Tehran

photo 24966049

photo 5723889890_13932b5513_b

photo 1402765991_3d18dbe625_o

photo 5-1

Iranians have very diverse looks from middle eastern looks to blonde features with green/blue eyes. Below you can see how people look and also see the dress code but Persian women have a very great sense of style and even with the dress code, they always try to look their best outside on the streets.

pix by Ninara from Flickr

In Niavaran Park Tehran

photo 2790869106_241c9866aa_b

photo 2790021783_808d47faf1_b

photo 2789826797_283335d99c_b

photo 2789830499_a9c31468ea_b

photo 2789834707_592b6e3256_b

photo 2790873468_8753b61d6b_b

Iranians with very diverse looks- This is picture of a photographer's gathering in Tehran's Artist House

photo d477e24d

photo c1efc9b9

photo 1f09afae

photo 46ce2e8a

photo 1b5591df

It snows in Tehran in winter and Tehran has 3 awesome ski resorts in its mountains

photo teeh4

photo 138708180459_NI_1598933304

photo dizin_ski_resort_16-1

Tehran's Metro Map

photo 1777

older map of Tehran with highways in orange it has 6 more highways added that are not shown here as they are always building new highways

photo TehranImportantPlaces-M-01

I don't want to talk too much as a picture is worth a thousand words. Enjoy :)

Below are pix from Tehran's International Airport

photo image001-1

photo image002-2

photo image003-1

photo image004-1

photo image005-1

photo image006-1

photo image007-1

photo image008-1

photo image009-2

It is hard to take pictures at night due to reflection

photo image010-1

photo image011-1

photo image006-2

photo image007-2

photo image012-1

photo image013-1

photo image014-1

photo image015-1

photo image016-1

photo image017-1

photo image018-1

photo image019-1

photo image020-1

photo image021-1

photo image022-1

Lounge Area

photo image023-1

photo image024-1

Passport Control view from the air side

photo image025-1

photo image026-1

photo image027-1

photo image028-1

photo image029-1

photo image030-1

photo image031-1

photo image032-1

photo image033-1

photo image034-1

photo image035-1

photo image036-1

photo image037-1

photo image038-2

photo image039-1

photo image040-1

photo image041-1

photo image042-1

photo image043-1

photo image045-1

photo image045-1

photo image046-1

You can't go to the boarding halls unless your flight is called for boarding and have to hang out in the Duty Free area, once called you pass a security check point and go to board your plane.

photo image040-1

photo image047-1

photo image048-1

photo image049-1

photo image050-1

photo image051-1

photo image052-1

photo image053-1

Our gate was to the very end

photo image054-1

Our Plane

photo image056-1

Boarding the plane

photo image057-1

photo image058-1

photo image059-1

photo image060-1

photo image061-1

photo image062-1

photo image063-1

photo image064-1

photo image066-1

photo image067-1

photo image068-1

photo image069-1

photo image070-1

photo image071-1

photo image072-1

photo image073-1

photo image074-1

photo image075-1

photo image078-1

photo image079-1

photo image080-1

photo image081-1

photo image082-1

photo image085-1

photo image086-1

photo image088-1

photo image090-1

photo image091-1

photo image092-1

photo image093-1


photo image095-1

photo image096-1

photo image098-1

photo image099-1

photo image100-1

photo image101-1

photo image102-1

photo image103-1

photo image106-1

photo image107-1

photo image108-1

photo image109-1

photo image110-1

photo image111-1

photo image112-1

photo image113-1

DXB visible below

photo image114-1

photo image115-1

We went to the north of the city made a U Turn over the desert and landed

photo image116-1

photo image117-1

photo image118-1

photo image119-1

photo image120-1

photo image121-1

photo image122-1

photo image123-1

photo image124-1

photo image125-1

photo image126-1

photo image127-1

photo image128-1

photo image129-1

photo image130-1

photo image131-1

photo image132-1

photo image133

photo image134

Burj Khalifa visible in the distance

photo image135

photo image136

photo image137

photo image138

photo image139

photo image140

photo image141

photo image142

photo image143

photo image144

photo image145

photo image146

photo image147

photo image148

photo image149

photo image150

photo image151

photo image152

photo image153

photo image154

Thanks so much for reading my TR and I look forward to share more with you in the near future :)
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Cabin crew7.5

Tehran - IKA


Dubai - DXB



Unfortunately I need to give my honest opinion but I have to say I did not enjoy flying Emirates that much as I took them all the way to Hong Kong and all the way back to Tehran. The seats were not too comfortable. Each time after I woke up from sleep I had a very bad neck pain, also the leg room was average. The food did not taste that good and the food tray is so crowded with so many items that it's almost overflowing.

I like Alitalia's New A330 way more along with KLM, their seats are more comfortable than Emirates.

But Dubai airport is amazing. I loved every bit of it. So beautiful and so many shops to wander around. It's definitely one of my most favorite airports.

Hong Kong was lovely as always and I had been to Dubai and that's one of my most favorite cities as well.

Thank you all and I'll try to find time to post more trip reports :)



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