Review of Etihad Airways flight Abu Dhabi Washington in First

Airline Etihad Airways
Flight EY131
Class First
Seat 1A
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 14:25
Take-off 28 May 22, 11:00
Arrival at 28 May 22, 17:25
EY   #8 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 246 reviews
Published on 17th June 2022

The grand finale to an amazing trip. The flight was originally scheduled to leave at 9am but was then pushed back to 11am. This would eventually shorten our time in DC and we would end up not doing any tours. Back to the good stuff.

We checked out at 7am and we were on our way AUH.

photo 52141942971_cc2d0280a2_c

We pulled up to the First Class door to find it closed and we had to enter the Business Class entrance.

photo 52140926727_9433e71d1f_c

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photo 52140929377_a3a61dd8d5_c

Business class check in on the right and First class on the left.

photo 52141950676_6b70b3b959_c

There were 2 check in agents staffed to help FC passengers and they were already helping others when we arrived. It was a 5 minute wait before we were helped.

photo 52142190524_5c80e472b6_c

After the formalities were done, we went through immigration and security and then passed into the main hall.

photo 52141970128_b8f13cf569_c

Once we processed the VAT returns, we headed to the FC lounge.

photo 52142190944_56a1ccc78d_c

The staff member at the front door scanned our BP’s and directed us to use the elevator.

photo 52142438765_944b521b02_c

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photo 52142186639_698318ce27_c

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photo 52141966268_4be422c894_c

Dining area.

photo 52141949891_9ae3069fb0_c

The bar but too early for a pick me up.

photo 52140923657_48887116dc_c

We settled in at a table for breakfast.

photo 52141963088_b7b7523d6a_c

Eggs benny for me and an omelette for her.

photo 52142183124_37a6a0243b_c

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photo 52142180989_5e2b44eb3d_c

After breakfast, we settled in the back corner and killed time until an announcement was made that the flight to DC was ‘pre-boarding’.

photo 52141971313_a4bd611478_c

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photo 52141948116_24dfa6592b_c

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photo 52142190889_dea364c5d8_c

We headed towards gate 61 and then made a left into the US customs and security area - thank goodness for pre clearance and Global Entry. After that, we continued on to the gate.

photo 52140920382_0c32aefa13_c

Boo - was closed.

photo 52141942441_1667ca8830_c

Boarding just started as we approached the gate area and we made our way onto the plane.

photo 52141950321_bc89214c0a_c

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photo 52142190139_8d02322cf0_c

The cabin crew member at door 2L could not leave his post to escort us to our seats but directed us to turn left.

1A for me and 2A for her.

photo 52141963723_8f3e1e3a0f_c

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photo 52141966108_730ac720e1_c

Mariam came by and welcomed us onboard and asked if we would like anything to drink.

Never too early for bubbly.

photo 52141943916_2d8e9a0552_c

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photo 52141970208_a744c7ebd2_c

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photo 52141968613_d83213b06f_c

Let's go through the menu.

photo 52141944646_8fd87fd66b_c

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photo 52141961908_8740e47945_c

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photo 52140928862_3c0007df42_c

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photo 52142182094_53da4c4552_c

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photo 52140919172_b1631ae28c_c

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photo 52141953006_449dd8edae_c

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photo 52140927082_fe9e72b586_c

Mariam came by and offered some arabic coffee with dates.

photo 52141972233_540a906f59_c

There was a bit of a delay pushing back but we were eventually under way.

photo 52143508093_b7aa391080_c

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photo 52141966488_a88c2d7ab6_c

Qantas A380 parked wayyyy in the back.

photo 52140922042_7dd28c05c5_c

Lining up on runway 31L.

photo 52141942171_26672836ce_c

Peace out AUH.

photo 52141967443_0e867db537_c

Bubbly round 2.

photo 52141970643_fe82a10166_c

Served with peppers, olives and warm nuts.

photo 52141964808_302a82c510_c

Mariam came back around 12:30pm AUH time and took orders for lunch. While they prepared lunch, I went to change into PJ’s.

photo 52142438045_29a12089b0_c

Excellent color scheme for the washroom.

photo 52140922327_2dd5d82aa9_c

Time to stuff our faces. Mariam came by with a bread selection and I asked if they had garlic bread. She said no but came back later with a plate of it. Awesome.

photo 52141944536_ee857f7e4c_c

Caviar for me and Mezze for her. Who else only has caviar when travelling in FC? *raises hand*

photo 52144836879_444024d638_c

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photo 52141947691_5b5ffa0d4f_c

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photo 52141962578_0cc49cc9e8_c

Next up for me was the Shorbat Deyay - warmed the soul.

photo 52142182809_fe987d7373_c

Also some smoked salmon.

photo 52141972333_f029d94401_c

Lemon sorbet to cleanse the palate.

photo 52141970608_10a1e469a8_c

Main course - Lamb Thareed for her and Chicken Breast for me.

photo 52142439295_e6c634af95_c

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photo 52141943186_b6fb08c87a_c

Lunch with a view.

photo 52140924672_3ee393744d_c

Finally, Date & Fig pudding and ice cream.

photo 52141950586_b91bc1f5ca_c

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photo 52140930187_aed56853ce_c

Mariam cleared away everything afterwards and converted our seats into beds.

photo 52141951646_cd7c6f45a0_c

Closed suite.

photo 52142188749_dd7e07e927_c

House of Gucci before falling asleep.

photo 52140926212_cdd4642b2f_c

Two hours before landing, I requested another meal.

photo 52142434735_7afdcd7305_c

OJ to start.

photo 52141953056_c3c27e8451_c

Steak sammich (so good), potato gratin and mushroom sauce for dipping.

photo 52140925002_3f9615cf4b_c

Saffron milk cake which was absolutely phenomenal.

photo 52141968373_35a158bd62_c

The captain came on and announced we had begun the descent into DC.

photo 52141949461_3034da7a14_c

We had to do a go around due to operational reasons but circled quickly and hit terra firma pretty hard on the second go.

photo 52141967673_c906138b98_c

Medical crew waiting for our plane as there was an emergency during the flight.

photo 52141970548_2145b5ca20_c

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Etihad Airways

Cabin crew9.0

Abu Dhabi - AUH


Washington - IAD



What an amazing flight - 14 hours of absolute bliss. Definitely ranks up there with CX and SQ FC flights but definitely the charm that comes naturally from the CX/SQ cabin crew.

The only gripe I have is the baggage taking so long to arrive on the belt at IAD and first class bags not arriving first on the belt. First world problems ofcourse.



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