Review of Lufthansa flight Helsinki Munich in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH2465
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A321neo
Flight time 02:30
Take-off 03 Jul 22, 19:45
Arrival at 03 Jul 22, 21:15
LH   #46 out of 75 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1462 reviews
By GOLD 230
Published on 12th November 2022

After 3 days in Helsinki it was time for me to go back to south-west Germany.
The flight route is easy and identical to the way in. On Lufthansa and using MUC as connection platform. Much better than FRA if you have the choice. 

Coming from the train station at HEL airport, you arrive over the rental car desks and the food court.

photo img_9472

After that the check-in desks with Finnair on one side and the others on the opposite. 

photo img_9473photo img_9474photo img_9475

No stop for me. I have my boarding pass on the app and all my stuff for 3 days in my carry-on as LH does not offer any free bag for it's frequent travellers (not even HON!) on a Light Economy ticket.

I didn't know what to expect at security but on this afternoon the waiting time was extremely short. 

photo img_9476photo img_9477photo img_9478

After a first hall pretty dry, you land in the long concourse with a french style wooden floor.

photo img_9479

Avgeeks prefer probably airplanes and we have today 2 Air France A220 on the tarmac as one is here already since a few days waiting for a repair that seems not that easy to perform.

photo img_9480photo img_9482

Many delays today. Especially the rest of the group booked on Air France incl. a fellow passenger originally booked on LH over FRA - but hey flight delayed and missed connection.

photo img_9481

The AF flight was delayed as well so I even had the time to say them a second good-bye directly at the gate.

photo img_9495photo img_9497photo img_9498

I've spent then an hour at the end of the terminal which seems less used now that both the pandemic and the Ukraine war have smashed the Finnair business model.

photo img_9499

WIFI was okay.

photo img_9487

Soon it was time to board. Once again MUC flight perfectly on time. Good job!

photo img_9500photo img_9501photo img_9502

I really like this idea of a sticker to express today's crew mood. And it seems they're happy to fly with us today - what else ?!? ;)

photo img_9503

The cabin of this A321neo is probably in 50 shades of grey. It is not fun but look modern and clean, so german ^^

photo img_9504photo img_9505photo img_9506

The pitch is good and there are USB sockets… ah no sorry just a fake. Com'on LH we are now in 2022. Probably they were waiting for the USB-C format to be confirmed by the EU as the universal one before investing.

photo img_9508photo img_9510

We start taxi with the side curtain closed.

photo img_9512photo img_9513photo img_9514

Our pushback is done in front of the stranded AF A220.

photo img_9517photo img_9518photo img_9519

We climb in a beautiful green area.

photo img_9520photo img_9521photo img_9522


photo img_9523photo img_9524photo img_9525


photo img_9526photo img_9527photo img_9528

The coastline is once again beautiful. We then go straight to East Denmark and Germany.

photo img_9530

No USB, you know it already. But also no WIFI. I don't get how LH can be so late in all new technologies on such modern aircrafts.

photo img_9529

This time the service is done with both the water bottle (no other choice) and the 10g chocolate at the same time (not tasty).

photo img_9531

Landing in MUC is done under a beautiful sunset. If dusk has reached already the ground, the scenery remains magic in the air.

photo img_9532photo img_9533photo img_9534

Auf Wiedersehen Sonne

photo img_9535photo img_9536

Most of LH aircrafts have now the new livery which I much prefer to the older one. Way more modern.

photo img_9544

Our gate is next to this B787 Oman Air which I would love to take. The G concourse is a combined one with 2 level, one for Schengen flights, one for International ones. That's convenient to optimize the usage of the infrastructure.

photo img_9545photo img_9546photo img_9547
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Cabin crew7.0

Helsinki - HEL


Munich - MUC



A very good flight on LH. On time. Service limited but I've been paying a reasonable price of 150-160€ Stuttgart / Helsinki in Summer.
My main complain goes to the cabin that has neither WIFI nor USB sockets and to the Miles & More program that has very limited benefits (no seat choice, no check-in luggage) even at the SEN level which is hard to achieve. Unfortunately other Star Alliance programs are not good as well so I'm sticking to M&M. I welcome any recommendation in the comments though ;)



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  • Comment 615580 by
    Pilpintu SILVER 852 Comments

    Hello! Thanks for this report from... HEL. haha It sounds weird. I thought that HEL was the place where unruly passengers went for eternal punishment! haha But this HEL looks quite cosy and welcoming.

    LH does not offer any free bag for it's frequent travellers (not even HON!)

    No free bags, no USB chargers, no wifi... What the HEL is wrong with Lufthansa???

    you land in the long concourse with a french style wooden floor

    I used to know that kind of flooring as "parquet." Very popular down here decades ago, but it's been displaced by other, more modern options. Gee, I don't know what to think. It might look very environment-friendly but I doubt it will resist the heavy traffic of an airport for long. Look at those black lines!

    Air France A220 on the tarmac

    Oh, pauvre petite chose!

    Many delays today

    HEL on Earth!

    the pandemic and the Ukraine war have smashed the Finnair business model.

    Living HEL!!

    I really like this idea of a sticker to express today's crew mood.

    Cute! I wonder what they write when they are NOT in a good mood??

    The cabin of this A321neo is probably in 50 shades of grey.

    Careful!! Those are the ones that go to HEL!! lol

    the scenery remains magic in the air.

    Thank you for the wonderful aerials! They are usually my favorite part of reports and these are beautiful!

    I never thought I'd ever say something like this, but after reading your report, I want to go to HEL!!

    Thanks for sharing!! :D

  • Comment 615592 by
    NGO85 SILVER 1765 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR! There is no SK Lounge at HEL? Pitch is decent, but otherwise a pretty LCC affair on LH.

    I welcome any recommendation in the comments though ;)

    Based in Europe, A3 or TK are easiest to maintain. TK does have expiration on mileage, but if you go up to Elite Plus you get upgrade vouchers.

  • Comment 615727 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5960 Comments

    Hah! So you got the new cabin, but the ones without the USB installed...Geez, LH really need to get it together with all these types of cabins. They definitely have a bunch of NEOs and even CEOs with the new Geven cabins with actual working's so crazy that some of them have new seats and don't have USB! Madness.

    Thanks for sharing!

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