Review of SWISS flight Zurich Paris in Business

Airline SWISS
Flight LX632
Class Business
Seat 3F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 31 Jan 22, 07:30
Arrival at 31 Jan 22, 09:00
LX   #31 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 922 reviews
By GOLD 601
Published on 7th July 2022

Voici le dernier vol du routing qui me ramène à Paris CDG et marque la fin du voyage dont le résumé est accesible en cliquant sur le spolier juste en dessous.

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Here is a reminder of the routing. 

I left you  disembarking from my flight from DXB in front of the FIDS which indicates that my flight is scheduled on time and will leave from gate A65 in an hour.

At the airport

photo img_4735_resultat

Gate A65 is close

photo img_e4739_resultat

ZRH wakes up, I love this airport

photo img_e4736_resultat

I head quietly towards the A doors lounge located on the mezzanine.

photo img_e4738

LX Business lounge

photo img_e4740

A cordial welcome once you have passed the automatic gate by scanning your BP, agents on duty greet newcomers. As the lounge does not seem to be very busy, I do not attempt to enter the SEN lounge with my AMEX card, especially since I am not sure that this advantage offered by LH exists with LX.

photo img_e4741

It's unusual to see this lounge so quiet.

photo img_e4742

And It is easy to find space,

photo img_e4751

The kitchen shared with the two lounges where you can order hot dishes.

photo img_e4744

The cocolate (swiss) box.

photo img_e4743_resultat

Such a good idea.

photo img_e4745photo img_e4749

But too early for that.

photo img_e4746_resultatphoto img_e4748_resultat

Have a coffe.

photo img_e4750

So we have to move now.

photo img_e4752

To gate A65

photo img_e4753

Bird is on place.

photo img_4755_resultat

The last passengers boarded, I will board too

photo img_e4757photo img_e4758photo img_e4759

Our neighbour.

photo img_e4760_resultat

Go this way.

photo img_e4761


photo img_4763_resultat

THe flight report

photo img_0792photo img_4765_resultat

My set was 2F but i finaly seat on 3F to be alone on the row.

photo img_e4770

Dont forget the Sylvester test.

photo img_4767

The pitch is comfortable for a short flight.

photo img_4772

We leave the gate a little late.

photo img_e4774photo img_e4775photo img_e4777


photo img_e4779_resultat

Going to the runway.

photo img_e4780photo img_e4781

The seat must be better here. To advise those who suffer so much on an LH flight…

photo img_e4782_resultat

Taxiing is quite fast, takeoff on runway 32 before turning quickly to the left.

photo img_e4789_resultatphoto img_e4793photo img_e4794

We flight through the clouds.

photo img_e4797

Soon the tray is brought. But where are the truffle eggs and the Cristal Roederer?

photo img_4801_resultatphoto img_4802_resultat

The day dawns lazily on this winter morning.

photo img_e4805

The Orient lake not far from Troyes.

photo img_e4807

Between the Marne and the Aube.

photo img_e4810photo img_e4812

We are not very far away.

photo img_e4814

Nogent l'Artaud, along the Marne.

photo img_e4820

The Marne still near Messy.

photo img_e4824

Lizzy sur Ourcq.

photo img_e4830


photo img_e4836

Saint Soupplets

photo img_e4839


photo img_e4842


photo img_e4846

Methanisation factory.

photo img_e4849

N2 and N104 interchange I'll be here in a moment.

photo img_e4850

 VOR DME antena.

photo img_e4851

We land in rwy 26L

photo img_e4855


photo img_e4860

Air France on taxiway.

photo img_e4863

We cross runway 26R used for take-offs.

photo img_e4865photo img_e4866

SQ hosted at T2E surrounded by tricolor tails.

photo img_e4867

TG is back in Dreamliner.

photo img_e4868

Morning arrivals at T2A.

photo img_e4869_resultat

But for us, it's on the other side.

photo img_e4874photo img_e4875photo img_e4876_resultat


photo img_e4878photo img_e4879_resultat

Before disembarking 10 minutes ahead of schedule.

photo img_e4880_resultat

Last view of our bird from the baggage delivery zone.

photo img_e4882

My suitcase will arrive first after a wait while the plane is in sight…

photo img_e4883

Direction the car park

photo img_e4884_resultat

To keep my car and going home.

photo img_e4885_resultatphoto img_e4886_resultat

Avec le zoom sur le départ et l'approche.

It's the end

Not too much traffic to get home, having been able to get enough sleep on the previous flight allowed me to be in good shape during the day and to go to work.

Thus ends a trip in very good companion and full of discoveries, first time for me in Dubai but not the last.

Thank you for making the trip with us and see you soon.


For the last bonus chapter, I offer you a stroll in the neighboring Emirate of Abu Dhabi with a must-see to start with, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque.

photo img_e4225photo img_e4263photo img_e4271_resultat

It's just splendid and the place has great serenity.

photo img_e4280photo img_e4298_resultatphoto img_e4322_resultat

Direction then towards the city center and its Skyline.

photo img_4327

The hotel Emirates Palace.

photo img_e4353photo img_e4351_resultatphoto img_e4352

Inside is so beautiful too.

photo img_e4349photo img_e4333photo img_e4342

Enter text here…

photo img_4346photo img_e4330

The place becomes magical in the lights of the sunset

On the other side of the bay.

photo img_e4400photo img_e4404

The Louvre in Abu Dhabi closed during our visit, the hours were reduced during the Covid episode.

photo img_e4410photo img_e4419

Et nous reprenons la route vers Dubaï.

photo img_e4425
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Cabin crew7.5

SWISS Business Lounge A - A


Zurich - ZRH


Paris - CDG



Good service with LX which is usual, a recent plane and Swiss cleanliness, an attentive crew, a quality service for a very short flight.

On the four flights, some good and some less good, but a 747 flight cannot be refused and even if LH group does not offer the best products on the market, one element is important when you pay the price of the ticket out of your own pocket: is the value for money and from this point of view, I was fully satisfied.

ZRH my favorite airport in Europe so I can only say good things about it.

The Business lounge does its job, very pleasant when there are few people, which is rarely the case in the middle of the day.

CDG Easy exit circuit but a bit long waiting time for luggage even if we are often used to less well. Having the plane in front of you must subconsciously make you think that the delivery should be faster..

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