Review of Lufthansa flight Bogota Frankfurt in Business

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH543
Class Business
Seat 1A
Aircraft Airbus A340-300
Flight time 11:25
Take-off 10 Jul 22, 20:55
Arrival at 11 Jul 22, 15:20
LH   #55 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1474 reviews
By GOLD 1046
Published on 10th July 2022

to start with

Back again for more English translations, always a pleasure to write in a foreing language, so please bear with me with typos or spelling errors :)
This new series will bring me to Colombia, I found a super deal for 1'200€ from CDG with LH via FRA. The flights to and from CDG will be with AF HOP! including overnighting at the Sheraton CDG (overpriced but the best hotel in terms of location) and the flights to Bogotá with the mighty A340-300.

bog el dorado airport

I arrived pretty early since most of the departures are in the evening and I wanted to avoid the massive crowds that BOG is fameous for.

photo img_5698_resultatphoto img_5699_resultat

In fact the airport was still quiet at that time:

photo img_5700_resultat

SktyTeam had more people:

photo img_5701_resultat

And so was it with LH, thanks to my SEN card, I could check in at the First Class counter, with no wait at all.

photo img_5702_resultat

Then I went to the controls:

photo img_5703_resultatphoto img_5704_resultat

Absolutely nobody and the agent was lovely!

photo img_5706_resultat

The duty free prices are crazy, prices downtown were much cheaper …

photo img_5707_resultatphoto img_5708_resultatphoto img_5709_resultat


photo img_5710_resultat

My flight was announced with a 30 minutes delay, before going to the lounge, I pay a terminal visit :)

photo img_5711_resultatphoto img_5712_resultat


photo img_5713_resultat

Avianca A320:

photo img_5714_resultat

Followed by an A330 Avianca:

photo img_5716_resultat

The airport is still quiet:

photo img_5718_resultat

I then went to the Avianca lounge:

avianca lounge

It is upstairs:

photo img_5719_resultatphoto img_5720_resultat

After a warm welcome I toured the lounge that was, as the airport, still very quiet:

photo img_5721_resultatphoto img_5722_resultatphoto img_5723_resultat

The first concern I noticed is that all plugs are were the Movistar signs are, and there not that much. Meaning everyone tries to grap a seat next to it. I was lucky enough to secure on of the last spots :)

photo img_5724_resultat

Fun Fact: Movistar sponsorises the lounge and offers a WiFi network. But if you want to use the free WiFi you need to use the AviancaGoldMovistar network, not the Movistar one :)

photo img_5725_resultat

The food offering was not as self service and was really, but really poor.

photo img_5727_resultat

It looks you can help yourself but no, you have to call someone to get served:

photo img_5726_resultatphoto img_5728_resultat

The other big problem is since nothing is selfservice, even not the drinks, you need to queue for absolutely everything. Need coffee? Queue, want water? Queue.

And when the lounge begins to fill up, the queue can be massive. In the meantime I continued with my lounge tour:

photo img_5729_resultatphoto img_5730_resultatphoto img_5731_resultat

Samsung is the sponsor in this part:

photo img_5732_resultatphoto img_5733_resultatphoto img_5734_resultat

I decided to give a try at the offer at a moment that was a bit more quiet. The only available juice was peach, and forget about ice, no ice in the lounge. Drinking a juice luke warm is disgusting.

photo img_5735_resultat

Everything was as it looks: average at best. At least the popcord was good:

photo img_5736_resultat

At some point I decided to leave the lounge since it was now overcrowded, noisy and all but a peaceful place to work or to relax.

photo img_5737_resultat

the flight

Making my way to the plane:

photo img_5738_resultat

Arrived :)

photo img_5740_resultatphoto img_5739_resultat

Boarding started with priorities first:

photo img_5741_resultatphoto img_5742_resultat

Aircraft door:

photo img_5743_resultat

And fuselage shoot:

photo img_5744_resultat

After a new warm welcome, left for me:

photo img_5745_resultat

My seat was 5D, last seat on the last row:

photo img_5746_resultatphoto img_5748_resultat

LH Logo:

photo img_5747_resultat

Water and doggy bag (^^):

photo img_5749_resultatphoto img_5750_resultat

Then the purser and the hostess in charge of business class come to greet me. They both enquire about my stay in Colombia and told me that they are aware that I came with them on the inbound flight.

The purser then says that he blocked seats 1A & C for me in case I wanted to have a window and nobody next to me. I gladly accepted the offer and thanked him warmly. I was immediately offered a glass of orange juice:

photo img_5751_resultat

My new space:

photo img_5752_resultat

The inbound menu is at least, different :)

photo img_5755_resultatphoto img_5756_resultatphoto img_5757_resultat

I couldn't take pictures of the take off since the lights were not dimmed. The IFE:

photo img_5753_resultatphoto img_5754_resultat

One for the movie, the other for the map :)
The aperitive :

photo img_5759_resultat

For the starters I had the gambas that were good but the portion is a bit on the small side:

photo img_5760_resultat

Then I took the beef:

photo img_5761_resultat

That was perfect for me:

photo img_5762_resultat

And a small dessert that was adequate:

photo img_5763_resultat

Night tee-shirts were then handed over:

photo img_5764_resultatphoto img_5765_resultat

I put my seat in full flat mode, use the two mattress top, the two blankets and the two pillows and will sleep for a solid 6H. A first for me :)

photo img_5766_resultat

Over Ireland as I woke up. Did I already mention that the CFM56 on the A340 are lovely? :)

photo img_5767_resultatphoto img_5768_resultat

Another one :)

photo img_5771_resultat

I took the light option for the breakfast, granola and cheese:

photo img_5769_resultat

Really liked it. The flight reaches its end:

photo img_5770_resultat

Another CFM56 picture:

photo img_5772_resultat

As for the inbound flight, that one was too short! Loved every minute of it!

photo img_5773_resultat

FRA in sight, 21 degrees on arrival:

photo img_5774_resultatphoto img_5775_resultatphoto img_5776_resultat

Touch down:

photo img_5777_resultat

And then what every regular traveller in FRA fears, a docking at terminal B, awful when your connecting flight is at terminal A.

photo img_5779_resultatphoto img_5780_resultat

My connecting flight was supposed to be at 04H25 with 01H10 connecting time. As my flight was announced with 30 minutes delay, LH automatically rebooked me onto the next flight which was only one hour later, at 17H25. At the end, we landed even two minutes ahead of schedule but I was happy not having to rush and making my way to my connecting flight peacefully.
Some last shoot of this beautiful baby:

photo img_5781_resultatphoto img_5782_resultat
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Cabin crew10.0

Avianca Lounge


Bogota - BOG


Frankfurt - FRA



Another lovely flight, the crew made it brilliant!

The food was really good and was perfectly adequate to my taste.

BOG was fast and efficient, but I think that it wouldn't have been the case later in the evening.

FRA is great but not if one arrives at B non Schengen and needs to go to A Schengen. Will tell you in the next part about it.

The Avianca lounge is average at is best. An ok spot to wait a bit but that's it.

Thanks for reading, and as for last time, I'll publish everything in once in order for you to get the series straight ahead.

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6105 Comments

    What a fantastic crew--that always makes a huge difference. Similarly, as someone who has also worked in the industry, I used to love chatting with cabin crew--that was before having a kid of I never have any free time on a flight, haha.

    The food looks much better on this flight than the inbound. Beef on a plane is always a gamble and often way overcooked, but yours looks perfectly pink! Very rare on a plane.

    Thanks for sharing!

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