Review of Lufthansa flight Frankfurt Paris in Business

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH1046
Class Business
Seat 0A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 28 Mar 22, 17:25
Arrival at 28 Mar 22, 18:40
LH   #56 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1472 reviews
By GOLD 453
Published on 10th July 2022

to start with

Back again for more English translations, always a pleasure to write in a foreing language, so please bear with me with typos or spelling errors :)
This new series will bring me to Colombia, I found a super deal for 1'200€ from CDG with LH via FRA. The flights to and from CDG will be with AF HOP! including overnighting at the Sheraton CDG (overpriced but the best hotel in terms of location) and the flights to Bogotá with the mighty A340-300.

francfort: a never ending transit

We were parked at the very last gate at Terminal B, the walk will be something :)

photo img_5783_resultat

And my flight was due to depart from A68 at the very far end of Terminal A :)

photo img_5785_resultatphoto img_5786_resultat

I then headed to the police controls:

photo img_5788_resultatphoto img_5789_resultatphoto img_5789_resultat

Fast and efficient.
But to go to A, you have to … go landside first! What a non sense.

photo img_5790_resultatphoto img_5791_resultat

I was happy to see that the express line was open, not always the case:

photo img_5792_resultat

And then you have to go through the underground tunnel back to A:

photo img_5793_resultatphoto img_5794_resultat

At least the walkway was working, last time it wasn't the case:

photo img_5795_resultat

And going to the lounge:

photo img_5796_resultat

sen lounge fra

I easily found a spot to relax a bit:

photo img_5797_resultat

No thank you for the food:

photo img_5798_resultatphoto img_5799_resultat

But a little something sweet, why not :)

photo img_5801_resultatphoto img_5800_resultat

And water to go with:

photo img_5802_resultat

30 minutes before departure, I decided to make my way to the gate.

photo img_5803_resultat

never ending transit in fra, part ii

Little did I know that gate 68 is very, but very far from the lounge.

photo img_5804_resultatphoto img_5805_resultatphoto img_5806_resultat

And to add a few meters to the walk, the gate was changed last minute to A69 :)
Here's my plane:

photo img_5807_resultat

The walk was really long and I arrived at the gate 15 minutes before departure with a nice "Last Call" on the screens :)

photo img_5809_resultatphoto img_5810_resultat

The last passengers are boarding:

photo img_5811_resultat

The A319 door:

photo img_5812_resultat

the flight

Again, a super warm welcome from the crew and the famous LH NEK :)

photo img_5813_resultatphoto img_5814_resultat

The pitch:

photo img_5815_resultat

Nothing to see this side:

photo img_5816_resultatphoto img_5817_resultat

Time to leave!

photo img_5818_resultat

A fairly long taxi as we took off from RWY 18:

photo img_5819_resultatphoto img_5820_resultatphoto img_5821_resultat

FWD view:

photo img_5822_resultat

Auf wiedersehen FRA!

photo img_5823_resultatphoto img_5824_resultat

Take off!

photo img_5825_resultatphoto img_5827_resultatphoto img_5828_resultat

The meal is served:

photo img_5829_resultat

This time there wasn't any menu but I mainly know all LH dishes by heart now. It was the betroot terrine with trout. Good but again, something I had at least 3 times already.
The service ended with a fresh apple:

photo img_5830_resultat

And descending towards CDG:

photo img_5831_resultatphoto img_5832_resultatphoto img_5834_resultat

Touch down:

photo img_5837_resultatphoto img_5838_resultatphoto img_5839_resultat

Again a long taxi:

photo img_5841_resultatphoto img_5842_resultat

The starwars ship:

photo img_5843_resultat

E70 HOP! and 737 KLM:

photo img_5844_resultat

321 AF:

photo img_5845_resultatphoto img_5846_resultat

We taxied next to this A320 that was the one I was supposed to arrive with:

photo img_5847_resultat


photo img_5848_resultatphoto img_5849_resultat

Hello you!

photo img_5850_resultatphoto img_5851_resultat

Making my way back to the terminal:

photo img_5852_resultatphoto img_5853_resultat

And going to wait for my luggage:

photo img_5854_resultat

And a shame, since our bags arrived 40 minutes after landing!

photo img_5855_resultatphoto img_5856_resultat

I will overnight again at the Sheraton, since my return flight to home is only the day after:

photo img_5857_resultatphoto img_5858_resultat

View from my room:

photo img_5859_resultat
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Cabin crew8.0

Lufthansa Senator Lounge A50 (Schengen) - A


Frankfurt - FRA


Paris - CDG



A flight that did its job.

The rerouting was perfectly handled and my luggage made it. The only thinkg is the catering, always the same.

FRA was ok, but those long walks and the need to go back landside for the security control is a pain.

CDG was great, if you don't take into account the wait for the bags.

Thanks for reading, and as for last time, I'll publish everything in once in order for you to get the series straight ahead.

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