Review of Singapore Airlines flight Sydney Singapore in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ212
Class Economy
Seat 58A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 08:15
Take-off 21 May 22, 07:55
Arrival at 21 May 22, 14:10
SQ   #1 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 701 reviews
By SILVER 2593
Published on 10th July 2022

Trip Report: Singapore Airlines SQ212 Sydney to Singapore

Flight details:
Airlines: Singapore Airlines
Flight :SQ 212 SYD-SIN
Reg : 9V-SWH
Aircraft: Boeing 777-312/ER
Departure Sydney Terminal 1 Gate 59 : 07.55 AM
Arriving Singapore Terminal 3 : 02.10 PM
Flight time : 7 hours, 40 minutes
Distance : 6,423 kilometers

VIDEO: Singapore Airlines SQ212 Sydney to Singapore


This trip report is from May 2022.  I had to visit Mumbai and was looking for flight. As Singapore Airlines had started operating to India, I chose to book the ticket due to convenient connection. 

Ticket Booking

I had option to chose Air India, Qantas, Srilankan Airlines and Singapore Airlines. Air India to Delhi is not convenient, when flying to Mumbai.
Qantas flew to Delhi, same reason. Malaysian and Thai were not open to travel to India. Cathay Pacific was not looked due to Covid rules in Hong Kong. Srilankan Airlines was an option but decided not to fly with them due to situation in Srilanka. I had transited through Colombo in Mar 2022. Read the trip report: Srilankan Airlines UL609 Sydney to Colombo

I booked the ticket through Singapore Airlines website.  I had to select between All Singapore Airlines[SQ] flight and mix of SQ and Scoot.
Mix airlines ticket was coming cheaper by few dollars. I chose to fly SQ aircraft's as I could select seats of all flights. In the mixed option, Scoot seats could not be selected. Being the longest leg from Sydney to Singapore and return, I didn't want to seat in middle seat due to non-selection. 

I didn't want to fly on the Boeing 777-300ER but chose to book due to timing of flight.
In this report - Sydney to Singapore flight would be covered. See flight information below:

photo img_132

I used to be Silver Krisflyer  but all points has expired. Nowadays I book according to timing and fare. Had 25Kg bag allowance, I had very little weight to carry.

photo img_133

Select selection was chargeable.

photo img_124

I chose window seat for all flight.

photo img_136

On booking completion, I selected auto-checking for all flight and was notified by email.

photo img_126

Arriving at Airport

As it was an early flight, I pre-booked taxi night before flight.

photo img_1

Taxi arrived on time and I was able to reach airport by 5.30a.m.

photo img_2


Queue was formed when I reached the check-in counter.

photo img_3

I joined the internet check-in queue, which had few people and it took sometime to reach the check-in agent. Check-in agent asked for Passport, India visa. Checked the vaccination certificate and Air Suvidha form was filled. Got my bag checked till Mumbai and got boarding card for both flights.

photo img_4

Immigration and Security

Immigration was next after check-in. I used to Smartgate to complete immigration. On completion of immigration, stepped in the security area. Had my stuff organised and was out in a minute.

photo img_5

Departure Area

Entered the departure area and went to food court, not much was open. Got a chicken avocado sandwich along with coffee.

photo img_6

Still dark outside. Emirates taxi to runway.

photo img_7

Flight schedule, still plenty of time for gate to open.

photo img_8

Decided to check the gate.

photo img_9

Walking towards gate 59

photo img_10

Tracking early arrivals.

photo img_135

Airside view of arrived Qantas

photo img_11

McD was closed.

photo img_12

Long corridor towards departure gate

photo img_13

T1 departures for the day

photo img_14

Waiting area and shopping.

photo img_15

Still to open for business.

photo img_16

Gate 59 waiting area

photo img_17

Singapore Airlines 9V-SWH parked overnight in Sydney, operates the first SQ departure from Sydney.

photo img_18

Charged phone near the gate area for sometime. With plenty of time to board, walked back towards the food court to checkout if other stores had opened.

photo img_19


There was still time for stores to open, plane spotted to pass time.

photo img_23

Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

photo img_20

Rainy morning meant low fog over the city.

photo img_21

Cathay Pacific Airbus A350

photo img_22

Runway 16R arrivals and departures

photo img_24

Soon it was boarding time and returned towards gate.

photo img_25

Seems Mcd has closed permanently.

photo img_26

Screen indicating boarding has commenced.

photo img_27

Queue formed to board.

photo img_28


I joined the queue as boarding was called by groups. Took a photo of the boarding pass.

photo img_29

Passport and boarding pass was checked. Singapore Airlines 9V-SWH tugged for pushback.

photo img_30

Joining passengers to board aircraft.

photo img_31

Earphones left on the side for economy passengers.

photo img_32


Walked towards rear of aircraft passing premium economy cabin.

photo img_33

My co-passengers were a mother and son to Bangladesh, mother had walking issue. They were seated when I reached the seat. I moved in my seat and settled for departure.

photo img_34

Air India from Delhi

photo img_134

Window view

photo img_35

Overhead lockers closed in preparation for departure.

photo img_36

Since IFE was new for me, explored the features

photo img_37

Welcome message displayed on screen.

photo img_38

Flight map

photo img_39

Screen controller was stuck in seat, I managed to pull it out later.

photo img_40

Flight information

photo img_42

Pushback, tAxi and Departure

Doors closed on time and pushback commenced shortly after.

photo img_43

Aircraft taxied towards runway 16R and departed towards South. Watch trip video above to experience flight.

photo img_44

Cloud over NSW.

photo img_45

I had checked the menu from the website. Menu can be viewed with app using Wi-Fi.

photo img_46

Cabin View

Crew check and then added sticker on seat for passengers with special meal request.

photo img_47

Flight path after departure

photo img_49

City of Dubbo between the clouds

photo img_48

Cruising altitude

photo img_50

Window in the morning flight heading west.

photo img_51

Being morning, I watched the IFE .

photo img_52

Flight information displayed on remote

photo img_53


photo img_56

Watched Linkedin webinar

photo img_54

Cabin service

Cabin service commenced with refreshment.

photo img_55

Meal tray with mirror and drinks holder

photo img_57

Digital menu

photo img_127

Inflight drinks

photo img_118

Refreshment options

photo img_123


photo img_131


Non-veg option - Chicken

photo img_58

Inside box, food tasted fresh.

photo img_59

Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla

photo img_60

Flying OVER South Australia and NT

After refreshment, continued with webinar and checked outside the window.Kati Thanda - Lake Eyre below

photo img_61

Tried breathing exercise from Yoga.

photo img_62

Pilot announced Ayers Rock will be visible to passengers on portside.

photo img_63

Mask wearing announcement was made, view of economy seats.

photo img_64

Pillow and blanket was available on all seats

photo img_65

As my co-passengers had left their seats, I used the toilet.

photo img_66

Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER 3-3-3 economy cabin. Feels so much better on a long flights.

photo img_67

View over Northern Territory

photo img_68

Tracking flight progress.

photo img_119

Flight information

photo img_69

Co-passenger using onboard WiFi.

photo img_70

Inflight Wifi

photo img_71

WiFi purchase information

photo img_72


photo img_73

Remote touchpad gestures

photo img_74

Over Kakadu National Park

photo img_75

Crew conducted drinks around with orange juice and water. Cup holder for drinks.

photo img_76

Selected orange juice.  Not a social media person, photo taken for creative purpose with nothing else to do.

photo img_77

Flying over Australian Coastline

photo img_78

Flight information with 2 hours 15 mins to arrival.

photo img_79

Time and speed information

photo img_80

Time passed with the usual turbulence over the equator. Seat belt sign was switched on for sometime.

photo img_81

Aircraft flew over Bali island with view of Denpasar airport below

photo img_82

Cabin activity was low as most passengers were resting due to early check-in.

photo img_83

Flying over Sumatra island, Indonesia.

photo img_84

Lunch Menu

Lunch service commenced 2 hours before arrival. Beverages information below-

photo img_130

Lunch option

photo img_122


I chose the chicken option with beer for drinks

photo img_85

Chicken option, I noted a few changes - quantity is reduced,  In pre-covid days, used to get crackers with cheese. Check the 2015 Trip report here -> Singapore Airlines 9V-SVL SQ242 Sydney - Singapore.

photo img_86

Landing in Singapore

Soon after lunch, tray were cleared.

photo img_87

Flight information

photo img_101

Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER safety card

photo img_99

Time passed quickly, pilot announced descend would commence soon. Crew conducted safety check

photo img_102

Aircraft on approach.

photo img_103

View of plantations in Batam, Indonesia

photo img_104

Pilot view of airport

photo img_105

Onwards connection information

photo img_106

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal information

photo img_107

Few minutes before landing

photo img_108


Landing was not smooth, see video above. After a short taxi reached gate in Terminal 3.

photo img_111


Passengers seated on reaching gate. Personal screen reminder regarding taking personal good.

photo img_110

Exited the aircraft from front door.

photo img_114

View of aircraft parked at gate.

photo img_117

Singapore Airlines Airbus A350 becoming the main aircraft of the airline.

photo img_116

As I would be transiting and plenty of time, I disembarked at the end.

Checked out the transit experience below.

Hope you enjoyed this trip report. Thanks for reading.


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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew7.5

Sydney - SYD


Singapore - SIN



Singapore Airlines [SQ] chosen due to convenient connection. Booking was done through SQ website and was easy to navigate and complete transaction.

Flight departed and arrived on time. Cabin was clean and well stocked with amenities. Crew didn't interact much with passengers due to COVID regulation. Adequate service was maintained with water and drinks supplied.

IFE had many channels to keep everyone entertained. Earphones were supplied.

Meal was disappointing as quantity is down. As I have flown SQ before, I could compare with the previous flights. I wasn't having any expectations as I had meal before boarding the flight. I have given low points for meal size reduction.

Sydney Airport was not busy with only few flight departing. Immigration and security was a quick.

Singapore Changi airport is easy to navigate. I love the food options in Singapore. Due to Covid, some shops were closed.

This was a satisfactory flight.

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