Review of Air France flight Paris Bordeaux in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF7630
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 03 Aug 22, 18:25
Arrival at 03 Aug 22, 19:40
AF   #25 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 5410 reviews
By GOLD 177
Published on 13th November 2022

Continuation of my trip to Bordeaux to show you now the Air France european product after the LH one in my previous serie.

I will be focusing this time on the Air France lounge in the terminal 2F.

photo img_0883

Located just after security between the 2 concourses. 

photo img_0884

Heading directly to the buffet and the warm offer is proposed by the chef François Adamski.

photo img_0886

Well I am sorry chef but I will never put a foot in one of your restaurant. That was just disgusting !!! You should stop this partnership asap.

photo img_0885

The champagne is still present. Could be colder but it's a nice touch.

photo img_0888photo img_0889

Rest of the buffet

photo img_0890


photo img_0891photo img_0892-34567photo img_0893


photo img_0894photo img_0895photo img_0896

And more of them

photo img_0897photo img_0898

Overall I was not impressed. Air France used to do better. Especially in its flagship Schengen lounge.
I've heard that the offer is always up and down. I surely hit a down this time.

My kids found anyway something to eat… :) 

photo img_0899

And I went to the hard suff.

photo img_0901photo img_0902photo img_0903

Enter text here…

photo img_0904

As our flight was delayed and one of the last to depart I could take views of the lounge mostly empty. Enjoy!

photo img_0905photo img_0906photo img_0907


photo img_0908photo img_0910photo img_0911

Now it was finally time to board.

photo img_0912

It was already started when we arrive. Sky Priority and Economy lanes remain even after priority boarding so you don't have to wait.

photo img_0913photo img_0914photo img_0917

The famous door shot.

photo img_0918

The cabin of this A321 is a domestic version with 212 seats. The seats cannot be reclined but personally prefer as it doesn't disturb the passenger seating behind you.

photo img_0919photo img_0920photo img_0921

USB sockets are available and active at boarding.

photo img_0922

The crew was extremely nice, welcoming and cheerful. 

photo img_0925photo img_0926

The service was limited to drinks and a cookie/crackers. Fully sufficient on that flight.

photo img_0928

We were in Bordeaux in no time. We parked next to the KLM flight for this overnight stop and luggage arrived shortly. BOD is not a nice airport, but at least you do not wait forever for your luggage. There were many delayed bags, most of them with a LH tag on it. At least there were not lost, at least not yet as I found weird to keep all luggages like this available to anyone to take one home. Poor service quality of the provider if you ask me. 

photo img_0929
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Air France

Cabin crew10.0

Air France Lounge - 2F


Paris - CDG


Bordeaux - BOD



Very good flight on Air France. Not good that 40min delay but I can understand it. The Air France lounge in 2F is a mystery though. There is clearly lack of space as it is very often extremely crowded. There is no space to work properly and the food was not good today. Definitely not on french standards.

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    Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE 935 Comments

    the warm offer is proposed by the chef François Adamski.

    To be honest, I never thought that "rice" and "apple" could go together in the same sentence. However, googling "arroz y manzana" brought up lots of recipes! I might give them a try. (Ew...)

    Sky Priority and Economy lanes remain even after priority boarding so you don't have to wait.

    That awkward millisecond when you think you've seen a UFO in the evening sky, only to discover that it's a lamp reflected on the window glass panel. lol

    The cabin of this A321 is a domestic version with 212 seats.

    This cabin looks very LCC!

    Thanks for sharing this report. It feels more like a warning, though. haha Air France could give a bit more love to the French, I think.

    Have a nice weekend!

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