Review of Lufthansa CityLine flight Mulhouse / Bâle Frankfurt in Business

Airline Lufthansa CityLine
Flight LH1205
Class Business
Seat 04A
Flight time 00:55
Take-off 03 Jun 22, 14:10
Arrival at 03 Jun 22, 15:05
CL   #90 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 234 reviews
By GOLD 216
Published on 9th August 2022

the why of this routing

I had been made aware of a special promotion with Lufthansa that happens usually once a year, but not always and not from all airports : the "Fly with me" offer.
If you buy one ticket in business, the second one is free of charge.
As I go every year to Jordan with my mother, this was the perfect occasion to go twice for the price of one trip :)

For this promotion, the airport of departure was only BRU. The price to AMM from BRU was at 750€, meaning 375€ per person. Super good deal.

I added flights with SN from BSL to BRU and since they were re-opening the line after Covid, there was a special business class offer for 180€ per person. Bringing the ticket to Jordan to 555€  per person in Business.

Later on SN decided to cancel the flights, and we were rebooked through FRA, not bad, it meant more miles :) The only downside was an overnight in BRU on the way to Jordan, paid with my Marriott Rewards.


  • BSL - FRA - Lufthansa - Business You are here
  • FRA - BRU - Lufthansa - Business Coming soon
  • BRU - FRA - Lufthansa - Business Coming soon
  • FRA - AMM - Lufthansa - Business Coming soon
  • AMM - FRA - Lufthansa - Business Coming soon
  • FRA - BRU - Lufthansa - Business Coming soon
  • BRU - FRA - Lufthansa - Business Coming soon
  • FRA - BSL - Lufthansa - Business Coming soon

eap euroairport basel mulhouse freibourg

My father dropped us off at the airport:

photo img_8553_resultat

It was pretty quiet:

photo img_8554_resultatphoto img_8555_resultat

But only one counter open for LH, an no way to have a dedicated F/J access since the counter was already the F/J counter :(

photo img_8556_resultatphoto img_8557_resultatphoto img_8558_resultat

An absolute non sense for me :(

photo img_8559_resultat

It was a good 20 minutes wait to get checked in, the agent apologized and said they were understaffed. I fully understood, not her fault, and what can you do?

photo img_8560_resultat

Security was a breeze and we made a quick stop at the duty free before heading to the lounge:

photo img_8561_resultat

Automated police controls that are rarely open:

photo img_8563_resultatphoto img_8564_resultat

Let's go to the lounge:

photo img_8565_resultat

skyview lounge eap

As usual we were warmly greated, I went to the terrace to see what was on the appron, Enter Air, Anadolu and EasyJet:

photo img_8566_resultatphoto img_8567_resultatphoto img_8568_resultat

DHL A300:

photo img_8569_resultat

There was some pasta at the buffet:

photo img_8570_resultat


photo img_8571_resultat

The cold offer:

photo img_8572_resultatphoto img_8573_resultat

Salads and soup:

photo img_8574_resultatphoto img_8575_resultat

Cookies and cake with fruits:

photo img_8576_resultat

Hard and not so hard drinks:

photo img_8577_resultatphoto img_8578_resultat


photo img_8580_resultatphoto img_8581_resultat

My selection, pretty simple but usually you can't go wrong with pasta :)

photo img_8583_resultatphoto img_8584_resultat

the flight

We went to our gate shortly before boarding:

photo img_8585_resultatphoto img_8587_resultat

Our plane:

photo img_8586_resultat

Boarding started on time with priorities first:

photo img_8590_resultatphoto img_8591_resultat

Hello du kleine Wurst:

photo img_8592_resultat

The door to the aircraft:

photo img_8593_resultat

We were warmly greeted, here the cabin:

photo img_8594_resultatphoto img_8595_resultat

The seat pitch and the safety card:

photo img_8596_resultatphoto img_8597_resultat

Eurowings from and to PMI:

photo img_8598_resultat

Before take off water was offered:

photo img_8599_resultat

It then started raining cats and dogs, making pictures impossible until after take off:

photo img_8601_resultatphoto img_8602_resultatphoto img_8603_resultat


photo img_8604_resultatphoto img_8605_resultat

In the afternoon LH usually serves coffee and cake as a snack but you can also get all kind of drinks you like.
The cake is really good, chocolate and pears:

photo img_8606_resultatphoto img_8608_resultat

I really like it.
The flight is super short and the descent already started:

photo img_8609_resultatphoto img_8610_resultat

FRA in sight:

photo img_8611_resultatphoto img_8612_resultat

And landed:

photo img_8613_resultatphoto img_8614_resultatphoto img_8615_resultat

We were assigned a very remote position close to T2:

photo img_8616_resultat

Leaving the plane to the bus:

photo img_8617_resultatphoto img_8618_resultat

737-800 AH that boards only from the back, pretty strange:

photo img_8620_resultat

And going to the terminal:

photo img_8621_resultatphoto img_8622_resultat
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Lufthansa CityLine

Cabin crew8.0

Skyview EuroAirport Lounge


Mulhouse / Bâle - EAP


Frankfurt - FRA



A smooth flight, nothing to write a home about, the only concern is the total lack of entertainement, no inflight magazine nor WiFi.

EAP was a breeze, if you except the check in that took ages, but this is not handled by the airport but by Swissport.

The lounge is as always a nice place to spend time, only the food offer is a bit low.

Next part will be online soon, thanks for reading!

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Lufthansa avec 7.3/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 0 heures et 56 minutes.

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  • Comment 609129 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6587 Comments
    Wow, buy one get one free promo. Now that’s a good deal. The lounge looks really nice with great views and decent food and drink selection. On board the catering is perfectly fine for such a short flight and the cake looks quite tasty actually. Though it’s great that LH block seats in J on Regional jets, I remain unconvinced by the rest of the product…no in-seat power, no wifi or even streaming IFE. Most other carriers are doing better in this area, even within the LH group! As UA continue to improve here in the US I’m tempted to jump to *A, or at least dip my toe…but I often need to travel within Europe and I’m just not impressed with the *A shorthaul experience. Though the LH network is more comprehensive than oneworld within Europe, which usually requires backtracking to LHR or MAD, for now, I enjoy everything oneworld Emerald status has to offer, especially the access to First class checkin and lounges, something *A Gold does not offer.

    Nevertheless I continue to carefully watch the evolution of the LH product if I ever decide to make that jump. So thanks for all the good insight!
    • Comment 609130 by
      Esteban GOLD AUTHOR 19717 Comments
      Hi Kévin !

      Thanks for passing by and commenting :)

      Indeed, the weak point of LH is the lack of USB or WiFi, some plane have, some not. New planes are delivered without, old planes are retrofitted. Some plane have WiFi but not USB, some have USB and not WiFi, very, very inconsistent.

      But at least they neutralize the adjacent seats on the CRJ or EMB, something neither TP, UX, AF or KL does in J. And this is for me one of the big plus. Together with the catering which is almost always good but a bit repetitive if you are a frequent traveller.

      Happy to inform you when I see the next special buy one get one free or give you insights if needed ;)

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