Review of Lufthansa CityLine flight Brussels Frankfurt in Business

Airline Lufthansa CityLine
Flight LH1013
Class Business
Seat 4F
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 04 Jun 22, 14:40
Arrival at 04 Jun 22, 15:40
CL   #90 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 234 reviews
By GOLD 406
Published on 11th August 2022

the why of this routing

I had been made aware of a special promotion with Lufthansa that happens usually once a year, but not always and not from all airports : the "Fly with me" offer.

If you buy one ticket in business, the second one is free of charge.
As I go every year to Jordan with my mother, this was the perfect occasion to go twice for the price of one trip :)

For this promotion, the airport of departure was only BRU. The price to AMM from BRU was at 750€, meaning 375€ per person. Super good deal.

I added flights with SN from BSL to BRU and since they were re-opening the line after Covid, there was a special business class offer for 180€ per person. Bringing the ticket to Jordan to 555€  per person in Business.

Later on SN decided to cancel the flights, and we were rebooked through FRA, not bad, it meant more miles :) The only downside was an overnight in BRU on the way to Jordan, paid with my Marriott Rewards.


bru landside

Before leaving the hotel, a few pictures from the room, the view was pretty nice:

photo img_8697_resultatphoto img_8699_resultat

The Sheraton has an almost direct access to the departures:

photo img_8702_resultat

The Sheraton:

photo img_8703_resultatphoto img_8704_resultat

The iconic FIDS in BRU:

photo img_8706_resultat

It was pretty quiet here:

photo img_8705_resultatphoto img_8707_resultat

But much more busy on the Star Alliance side:

photo img_8710_resultat

All went quick here since we had priority access:

photo img_8711_resultatphoto img_8712_resultat

Anadolu Jet 737-800 and TU A320neo behind:

photo img_8714_resultatphoto img_8715_resultat

Close up:

photo img_8718_resultat

SN and PLAY: (The SN bird is a former Cathay Pacific plane)

photo img_8716_resultatphoto img_8717_resultat

Duty free:

photo img_8719_resultat

Another iconic landmark in BRU:

photo img_8720_resultat

Heading to the Loft Brussels Airlines:

photo img_8721_resultatphoto img_8722_resultat

the loft brussels airlines

The welcome was really warm, the lounge really empty :)

photo img_8723_resultatphoto img_8725_resultat

The decoration is …. strange at best :)

photo img_8724_resultat

The food:

photo img_8726_resultatphoto img_8727_resultatphoto img_8728_resultat

The drinks:

photo img_8729_resultatphoto img_8730_resultat

Hot dishes:

photo img_8731_resultatphoto img_8732_resultat

Salad bar:

photo img_8733_resultat

The lounge was really quiet:

photo img_8734_resultatphoto img_8736_resultatphoto img_8737_resultat

Skype zone:

photo img_8738_resultat

Lavatories and showers are available:

photo img_8739_resultat

737-800 TUI:

photo img_8735_resultat

Our plane was scheduled on time:

photo img_8740_resultat

The lounge has also an inside view:

photo img_8741_resultat

We didn't took that much, not hungry:

photo img_8743_resultat

the flight

Shortly before boarding we went to the gate:

photo img_8744_resultatphoto img_8745_resultat

Ready to board:

photo img_8746_resultat

No paxbus this afternoon:

photo img_8747_resultatphoto img_8748_resultatphoto img_8749_resultat

Another CRJ for us:

photo img_8750_resultatphoto img_8751_resultat

The door:

photo img_8752_resultat

And the cabin that I do like, I know lots of french contributors that do not like it.

photo img_8753_resultatphoto img_8754_resultat

Dead flyer :)

photo img_8755_resultatphoto img_8756_resultat

Austrian to VIE:

photo img_8757_resultat

More planes:

photo img_8758_resultatphoto img_8759_resultat


photo img_8760_resultat

What a beauty!

photo img_8761_resultatphoto img_8762_resultat

CRJ1000 Air Nostrum:

photo img_8763_resultat

Line Up:

photo img_8764_resultat

And take off:

photo img_8765_resultatphoto img_8766_resultatphoto img_8767_resultat

Without surprise, the catering is exactly the same as the day before, since we were on an inbound flight yesterday, and again today, I wasn't expecting anything else:

photo img_8768_resultatphoto img_8769_resultat

A chocolate to end the meal:

photo img_8770_resultat

And soon enough we arrived at FRA:

photo img_8771_resultatphoto img_8772_resultatphoto img_8773_resultat


photo img_8774_resultat

We parked close to those 77F:

photo img_8775_resultatphoto img_8776_resultatphoto img_8777_resultat

They replaced the good old MD11's :

photo img_8778_resultatphoto img_8779_resultat

My first A321 P2F:

photo img_8780_resultatphoto img_8781_resultatphoto img_8782_resultat

And paxbus to the terminal:

photo img_8785_resultat
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Lufthansa CityLine

Cabin crew9.0

THE LOFT by Brussels Airlines


Brussels - BRU


Frankfurt - FRA



For the flight I used the same ratings as for the EAP FRA the day before, it was the same.

BRU was super easy, really top notch.

FRA is busy but all went well.

The Loft is a super nice place to wait, specially when it is so empty.

Thanks for reading!

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