Review of Air Saint Pierre flight Halifax Saint-Pierre in Economy

Airline Air Saint Pierre
Flight AJ1122
Class Economy
Seat 9A
Aircraft ATR 42-600
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 26 Aug 22, 13:00
Arrival at 26 Aug 22, 15:15
PJ 8 reviews
By GOLD 628
Published on 27th August 2022

Have you ever heard of Saint Pierre and Miquelon? It’s located only 25 kms from Newfoundland in Canada but 4300 kms from Paris yet it’s as France as mainland France. Its small population of 6000 is as French as those in Europe. The same French is spoken as in Normandy or Brittany and not like in Quebec. Most houses, about half of the cars and the climate make you think you’re in Canada but you’re not. It’s a unique place that very few people have ever heard of.

There are not many ways to get to Saint Pierre and Miquelon. You can take the ferry from Fortune, Newfoundland in Canada – crossing time is only 90 minutes but flying is more fun. Air Saint-Pierre is a small airline with only three aircrafts: two ATR42s and one C406. Direct flights include Halifax three times a week, St John’s twice a week, Montreal once or twice a week, Magdalen Island twice a week only in summer, and, using a chartered plane, Paris once a week in summer. The two islands of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon are connected by about 22 flights a week by a small C406 (see my next flight report).

Flying to Saint Pierre is not cheap. The price of a one-way flight from Halifax is 261.72 € for a distance of 600 km and a flight time of 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Halifax airport is quite far from downtown. It takes at least 30 minutes by Uber on the highway.

The airport is divided into three parts: Domestic flights, US flights and International flights.

photo 01photo 02

Halifax airport has many flights every day. Most of them are domestic flights.

photo 03

The airport’ website puts direct destinations into four categories (Canada, Sun destinations, US and Europe) and Saint Pierre falls into the last one – it’s quite odd.

There were two check-in desks for Air Saint-Pierre.

photo 04

There was only one passenger in front of me. The agent immediately asked me: français ou anglais ? Check-in didn’t take more than a few minutes. I usually prefer aisle seats but I this time asked for a window seat on the left side.

I had to sign a document that I didn’t have covid – not for the airline but for the Canadian authorities.

photo 05

Halifax is most likely the only airport in the world where you can buy lobster – alive or dead.

photo 06photo 07

Security was quick. All staff were friendly and greeted passengers by saying “Hello bonjour”.

photo 08

It’s not easy to get a good meal at most airports but I had an excellent salmon bowl here:

photo 09photo 10

Boarding was at the end of the terminal at the commuter aircraft gate.

photo 11

Boarding started shortly after 12 o’clock.

photo 12

We walked to this beautiful ATR42-600, registration number F-ORLB, built in 2020.

photo 13photo 14

“You can remove your mask, it’s a French airplane”, said (in French) the flight attendant to the boarding passengers.

The plane is obviously in very good condition. There are 11 rows in a 2+2 configuration plus a 12th row with only two seats on the left side so there are a total of 46 seats.

Legroom is excellent for an ATR.

photo 15

The view towards the front of the cabin.

photo 16

Individual air vents.

photo 17

The safety instructions.

photo 18

The load was about 50% with 27 passengers.

An expected flight time of 1 hour and 15 minutes and a cruising altitude of 21,000 feet was announced.

Push-back was at 12.24 and take-off at 12.30 from runway 23 for a scheduled departure time of 13.00. It’s not very common that a plane leaves 30 minutes ahead of schedule.

The view during taxi:

photo 19

The airport seen from the plane after take-off.

photo 21

Onboard service includes water, coffee, apple juice and orange juice.

The Strait of Canso that separates the Nova Scotia peninsula and Cape Breton Island.

photo 22

Sydney is somewhere on this photo. Yes, Sydney, Nova Scotia is the place where passengers bound for Sydney, Australia sometimes end up when booking the wrong flights.

photo 23

Saint Pierre Airport and Saint Pierre town.

photo 24photo 25photo 26

Turning to base leg.

photo 27

We landed at Saint Pierre on runway 08 at 14.45 for a scheduled arrival time of 15.15.

Leaving the runway.

photo 28

You can spot one third of Air Saint-Pierre’s fleet on this photo.

photo 29

You can spot the remaining last one third of Air Saint-Pierre’s fleet here.

photo 30

The cabin after most passengers disembarked.

photo 31

This C406 is for tomorrow.

photo 32

Passport control was quick. The airport is small and easy-to-use.

None of the three taxis on the island were waiting at the airport but the employee of the tourist office called one for me.


As mentioned above Saint Pierre and Miquelon is part of France. This is the Hôtel du Territoire – not a hotel but the offices of the islands’ administration.

photo 33

Fishing was the main activity until it collapsed in 1992.

photo 34photo 35

Downtown Saint Pierre on a sunny afternoon.

photo 36

The Musée Héritage is excellent. The bottles date from around 1919 when Saint Pierre was a hub for bootlegging during Prohibition.

photo 37photo 38photo 39

The cathedral.

photo 40

Guns and a lighthouse.

photo 41
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Air Saint Pierre

Cabin crew9.0

Halifax - YHZ


Saint-Pierre - FSP



I loved this flight.

Information on the route Halifax (YHZ) Saint-Pierre (FSP)


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  • Comment 610497 by
    wop 344 Comments

    Hi, thanks a lot for this (first?) report on Air Saint-Pierre new ATR.
    This is quite a unique airline, and so is the island!
    I wasn't aware they kept the ATR42-500, I wonder if it flies often.

  • Comment 610593 by
    ChrisB GOLD 2629 Comments

    Hello David,
    thank you so much for this report, it is not a destination we often see on FR!

  • Comment 610796 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6105 Comments

    Wow, now this is exotic! It's been a veeeery long time since I've seen a report on Air Saint Pierre and the first time I'm seeing one on the newer 600! The PJ livery is beautiful and the cabin looks really nice. I am surprised there was no snack given on this flight, like they serve on the Montreal flights, though I guess those are twice as long.

    I've always wanted to visit St. Pierre & Miquelon, especially when I lived on the East Coast, but as you mention, PJ's prices are quite prohibitive, especially from Montreal, which would be the more practical gateway from the US. Maybe some day!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 611123 by
      bldavid GOLD AUTHOR 261 Comments

      Hi KévinDC and thank you for your comment. Saint-Pierre-and-Miquelon is a very interesting place for sure. The flight is very different from most other flights of similar distance in North America with a nice ATR42-600 with a beautiful livery. No meal service for such a short flight but the cabin crew was very friendly.

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