Review of Jetstar Airways flight Sydney Cairns in Economy

Airline Jetstar Airways
Flight JQ956
Class Economy
Seat 6F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:00
Take-off 11 Sep 22, 19:35
Arrival at 11 Sep 22, 22:35
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By SILVER 1040
Published on 24th September 2022

Jetstar Airways JQ956 Sydney to Cairns

Flight Details:
Airlines: Jetstar Airways
Flight: JQ956 SYD -CNS
Aircraft: Airbus A320-232
Departure Sydney Terminal 2: 7.35pm [Actual: 8.05 pm]
Arrival Cairns Domestic Terminal 2: 10:35 pm [Actual: 11.25pm]
Flight time: 3 hours 0 minutes
Distance: 1966 kilometers or 1222 nautical miles.

VIDEO: Jetstar Airways JQ956 Sydney to Cairns


This trip report is from September 2022.

Booking Information

I had booked the ticket in advance through Jetstar website.

photo img_51

Selected seat while booking the ticket.

photo img_53

Paid for additional bag as I would be going for long duration.

photo img_52

Received confirmation email after payment.

photo img_45

Planned to drive to airport and leave car in Long term parking off airport.

photo img_46

Got email with details.

photo img_47

I had checked the flight details before travel, this flight was delayed everyday. I'm assuming due to this flight being the last destination for the aircraft and is the night stop.

photo img_50

I received email from Jetstar to check-in online. Completed the online check-in. Received a sms with boarding details and also downloaded the boarding pass in pdf.

photo img_44

On the day of flight, check aircraft information. It would be VH-XNJ arriving from Melbourne.

photo img_48

Sydney to Cairns route.

photo img_49

Arriving at Airport

I decided to start from home early as was unsure about the traffic. Reached airport at 5p.m.

photo g1a

Saw a RFDS Saab depart from runway 34R

photo g1b

Parked car in bay and waited at bus stop.

photo g1

Sydney Emu Car park buses are now electric. Bus arrived in 5 minutes and was empty as it had dropped passengers at previous stop.

photo img_4-52811

There was traffic jam close to the domestic terminal. It was 5.35pm by the time I alighted at domestic terminal 2.

photo img_5a

Check-In and Baggage Drop

Jetstar was having issue and was in news for cancellations and baggage delays. I reached the self-check kiosk and printed the baggage tag along with boarding pass. As there were long queue for baggage drop, I joined the queue, ground staff announced that as if flight was more than 2 hours away, should join later.  I dropped out of the queue and waited for flight check-in.

photo img_6a

I checked my bag weight from the machine under the flight information board.

photo img_8a

Joined the queue again at 5.45pm. Line was snaking through two rows. Reached the check-in counter. Showed drivers license and credit card for identification. Bag was weighed. It was 15kg, way underweight.

photo img_7a


After completing check-in joined the security check queue. Queue was long as well but moving. I prepared self for security - laptop, belt and other stuff organised for quick check. It was almost 6.20pm by the time I cleared security.


While having dinner, planespotted Virgin Australia boarding.

photo bg1

Walking to Towards GATE

After dinner, passed through the food court towards Jetstar gates.

photo img_10a

Flight Inforamation

Checked the flight information board and noticed, flight was rescheduled to 8.05pm.

photo img_11

Decided to sit near the gate. Passing the renovated section of the terminal - more shops and vending machines.

photo img_12

Flight Arrivals and Departure details.

photo img_13

Jetstar to Cairns would be departing from Gate 52.

photo img_14


Inbound aircraft arrived at gate around 7.35pm from Melbourne.

photo img_15

Boarding call was made at 7.50pm after passengers had alighted from previous flight. Boarding pass was scanned. As I was seated in front section, boarded through aerobridge.

photo img_16


Crew were at the door, directing passengers. Reached assigned seat 6F. Seat belt fastened waited for pushback.

photo img_17

Flight was full, doors were closed after boarding was completed.

photo img_18

Boarding pass

photo img_31

Pushback and Departure

Pushback commenced at 8.10pm.

photo img_19

Crew conducted safety demonstration manually as aircraft pushback commenced.

photo img_20

Window view as aircraft taxies.

photo img_21

As this flight is of longer duration and full load. Aircraft taxied to runway 34L - main runway at Sydney Airport. Departure would be towards North, flying over the Inner West, with view of Sydney city. Being full moon, it was bright outside. Watch video above to experience the departure.

photo img_22

SEAT Pocket MAterial

After departure, checked the seat pocket material. Containing the menu.

photo img_24

Menu middle page.

photo img_25

Last page.

photo img_26

Safety card and sickness bag.

photo img_23

Jetstar Airways A320-200 safety card.

photo img_28

Full view.

photo img_27


After departure, crew commenced Buy on Board [BOB] service. As I had eaten earlier, skipped the service. Cabin light were dimmed after the service.

photo img_29

Full moon from window as aircraft headed North towards Cairns. During the flight, a passengers required medical care. Crew checked if there was a doctor on board. Luckily there was and he checked with passenger.

photo img_30

Landing in Cairns

Aircraft flew inland after departure. Pilot informed descend would commence. Crew conduced safety check. Aircraft would be approaching runway from North. Landed smoothly.

photo img_32


Crew informed passengers that medical staff would be boarding the flight to assist the passengers. Disembarkation would commence after that.

photo img_33

As I was seated in front of the aircraft, disembarked through the aerobridge.

photo img_34-19384

Aircraft was not visible, being parked at the end of the terminal - gate 22. Rego visible above the front wheel.

photo img_35

Long walk towards the terminal building.

photo img_36

Arrival information

photo img_37

Shops closed at the terminal.

photo img_38

Walking towards the exit to collect bag.

photo img_39

Reached the bag belt 3

photo img_40-93718

Bags started to arrive after 10 minutes.

photo img_41

After collecting bag, exited the terminal building.

photo img_42

Taxi to Hotel

Exited the terminal building, it was warm but pleasant outside. Waited for taxi, there were 4 other groups ahead. It took 20 minutes to get a taxi.  Reached hotel at 12.20a.m.

photo img_43

Hope you enjoyed this trip report. Thanks for reading.

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Jetstar Airways

Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Sydney - SYD


Cairns - CNS



Jetstar Airways onboard service was satisfactory, Delayed flight was the only issue. Onboard crew service was satisfactory, even though did not interact with them. They helped the passenger with medical issue.
Sydney Airport - checkin and security queue were long, felt traffic was back to pre-covid levels. Cairns airport was efficient, bags arrived quickly. Taxi wait time was an issue as they were not available. Being used to city life, felt restless waiting.

Overall a satisfactory trip.

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