Review of KLM flight Panamá City Amsterdam in Economy

Airline KLM
Flight KL 758
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 10:25
Take-off 03 Jul 13, 19:10
Arrival at 04 Jul 13, 12:35
KL   #32 out of 78 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 963 reviews
By SILVER 7306
Published on 27th December 2013
Hello everyone, I hope 2014 has found you well!

This is the second part of a trip to Switzerland I did last summer, previous flight:
Copa Airlines: BOG-PTY

Next flights:

So as soon as I got of my plane from Bogotá, I walk rather fastly to the middle of Tocumen's terminal building. No need to guess the gate, there was a huge queue forming. There passports and visas were checked by KL employees. Passengers were checked according to passports, hence EU/EEA/CH citizens were let through to a second queue in which they were given their boarding passes for the PTY-AMS flight and any further flights if necessary. Those who were not within such category, as yours sincerely, would have to wait and be asked the rigor questions: where are you headed?, why?, do you have any invitation/document? and so on…then your passport and visa would be scanned in a very spy-movie looking device and then you would be given way to the queue for the having your other BPs print. I noticed that my flight would be boarded by a lot of fellow Colombians hailing from all around the country ( gracefully brought to Panamá by CM's extensive network: 9 cities in Colombia!), some of which where having some language issues (even when communicating in Spanish with KL's staff!). I don't get why this is done, you are certainly not checked as thoroughly as this on LH's or AV's flights!

Eventually you were free to roam PTY, but the latter process took most of my time so I quickly searched for a cover for my iPad but prices were outrageously expensive (Beware! PTY's dutty free is a lie! maybe it is cheap for perfumes and booze, but not at all for electronics)

photo IMG_3888

If you gave up with any chances of shopping, you could go then to the third(!!) queue, security check..this time it was rather simple, only your hand luggage.

The process took so much time that I didn't even have time to take a seat (not many to take anyway) and boarding was announced.

I was really excited to board the plane as it was 13 years since my last triple seven flight (No 777s at the hometown since BA dropped BOG). Today's Atlantic hop would be on PH-BQD aka Darjeeling Railway. Looking gorgeous in that sky blue livery!
photo IMG_3891photo IMG_3892

The mighty GE90s
photo IMG_3894

The Hub of the Americas in action showing all types in CM's fleet.
photo IMG_3893

Inside I was greeted by the crew and sent my way to the far back of the plane, I chose my seat according to seatguru's recommendation and sure worked! As you can see the row is diagonally from the front one, so I, seated at the window enjoyed good legroom, not so true for the person who would seat at the aisle.
photo IMG_3896

Legroom shot.
photo IMG_3897

I found KL's seats confortable, and the PTV, albeit showing its age, capable of doing its job.
photo IMG_3898

The plane that brought me getting ready for another hop back to Colombia
photo IMG_3900

The plane took its time to get filled, passengers hailing from all around Europe and America….very curious. There was an Ecuadorean athletic team that took most of the space. My seatmates were a couple from Cali going to the UK.

All set…good to go!
photo IMG_3904

Tonight's routing
photo IMG_3903

We took of from PTY's RWY 3R and immediately banked northward… our initial routing would take us through most of the length of Colombia's Caribbean Coast and eventually turning northward at Curacao or Aruba.
photo IMG_3910

KL doesn't distribute printed menus, but at least I could see my choices in the PTV, not as fancy as AF but at least a bold move.
photo IMG_3907photo IMG_3908photo IMG_3909

About 1 hour from take off service begun I chose the creole chicken. Pretty tasty.
photo IMG_3911

After dinner, the crew picked our rubbish and then made some duty free offerings…eventually lights were out.
photo IMG_3912

The crew continuously passed offering refreshments and some pretty dry and very sweet waffles…they did the job anyway.

And then I dozed off…

I woke up with the sunlight piercing through the cabin, but we were still trying to reach Great Britain….I didn't know ice formed even in summer!
photo IMG_3913photo IMG_3914

Everyone up!
photo IMG_3916

Breakfast was served, a nice eggs, sausage, tomato and potato mix. All flushed with Apple Juice (really rare in Colombia, so I try to have as much as I can when I travel)
photo IMG_3915

As this happened we were over British airspace, accordingly I was watching one of my favorite shows: Top Gear (not the pathetic American wannabe!) Some views of London and LCY were possible through the typical overcast.

Soon the Island was crossed and off we were to cross the Channel and descent begun into AMS.

Then into Dutch lands (excitement level:10000)
photo IMG_3927photo IMG_3928photo IMG_3929

We landed in the infamous Polderbaan, which meant a long taxi into the F pier.

Found this funny
photo IMG_3938

Something we certainly don't see at all this side of the world
photo IMG_3939

Last shot of my seat…good confort in spite of the age.
photo IMG_3940

Deboarding was rather quick, and off I was into AMS.

Bye bye Darjeeling Railway, King Elder awaits me…
photo IMG_3941
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Cabin crew8.0

Panamá City - PTY


Amsterdam - AMS



Overall, my first KL experience was a really positive one. I really hope KLM comes to Colombia, they seem to enjoy a healthy Colombian feed anyway at PTY, why not do it in BOG?

Some specifics:

KLM: Catering was good, actually the best I've had to Europe. The crew were really nice, albeit severely limited in their Spanish skills, I had to keep translating for my seatmates who did not speak English, and I bet there were more situations like that along the whole cabin. The seat is confortable (still) and the PTV does its job, right size, acceptable content.

The downturn: the ridiculous queueing before boarding, it was rather extreme IMO. Also the 777, a great plane and all is not as confortable as the A330/A340, I'd take 2-4-2 to 3-3-3 anytime! The noise is bearable but clearly the A340 wins in this respect.

PTY: It is the victim of CM's success, way to crowded. Duty free stores sell more or less all the same at the same outrageous prices. Connection time was so tight I couldn't by a snack or a drink.

AMS: Will be further addressed at the next FR.

Thanks for reading, Saludos!



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