Review of Aegean Airlines flight Athens Milan in Economy

Airline Aegean Airlines
Flight A3664
Class Economy
Seat 25F
Aircraft Airbus A321neo
Flight time 02:35
Take-off 30 Sep 22, 16:20
Arrival at 30 Sep 22, 17:55
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By SILVER 1192
Published on 26th October 2022


Hello and welcome to the second in a series of flight reports covering my trip home from Crete via Athens and Milan.
In the first report, I covered my (very nice) domestic flight from Heraklion to Athens - feel free to check out that flight report. In there, I also explained the context behind this rather interesting routing, so I won't go into too much detail here.

Here's the routing for this trip:


I had a 9 hour layover here in Athens after my first flight (since I wasn't willing to risk a 45 minute layover) so I spent the time exploring Athens city centre for a bit. Public transport in Athens is very convenient, you can buy a ticket for €5, which you can travel the entire network (apart from the airport) for 90 minutes. A ticket to the airport costs €9 (or €16 return). However, you can buy a 3-day tourist pass for only €20, which is valid for the entire network (including the airport), this is the best value for money if you are spending a few days here.

One thing to note about the metro however is that most of them don't run to the airport and terminate early. I waited at the station for around 30 minutes before an extremely packed train arrived. Anyway, after a nice few of hours in Athens, I arrived back at the airport 3 hours before my flight.

Athens International Airport

This afternoon's departures - it alternates between Greek and English.

photo img_55851

You can find our flight, 16:20 A3664 to Milan (Μιλάνο MXP) halfway on the 2nd screen.

I can head straight to security as I already checked my bag in Heraklion.

The area right before security. The airport has a lot of shops and restaurants in the check-in area, very convenient.

photo img_e55871-31911

Security took under 15 minutes and after that we are greeted with the usual duty-free area.

photo img_e55881-26296

The main departures area with quite a few restaurants and shops. However, as you can tell from the photo, it is fairly crowded at this time of day.

photo img_e55891

The main Schengen gates - still fairly crowded but it gets quieter if you go to the very end, although not by a lot.

photo img_e55981-34740

As usual, I came way too early, so it's time for some planespotting (I was originally planning on using my 9 hour layover for a proper session outside, but I bought the wrong metro ticket so changed my plans last minute).

KLM Boeing 737 heading to Amsterdam (AMS), with an Austrian A320 heading to Vienna (VIE) pushing back.

photo img_55911

Lufthansa A320 heading to Frankfurt (FRA)

photo img_55921

Swiss A330 heading to Zürich (ZRH), quite a rare sight in Athens as Swiss usually operates an A320/A321 on this route. I assume that this change wasn't planned, as the gate agent was re-assigning seats for all the passengers as they boarded.

photo img_55901

Views of the remote stands from the end of the terminal building. This is where the majority of Aegean's planes are parked, including ours.

photo img_55941

The bus gates on the lower level of the terminal - our flight will be boarding from B30 on the right.

photo img_55991

Boarding started late as the aircraft was delayed during its flight over here from Copenhagen. As we waited I noticed 2 police officers checking the IDs of certain passengers and asking where they're from. Three passengers were pulled aside to have their IDs checked further, I'm not sure if they made it onboard.

the flight

According to the captain, our flight time will be around 2 hours and 15 minutes.

The route for our flight:

photo img_e56791

Boarding from the rear door.

photo img_56001

Some quick info about our Airbus A321neo:
Registration: SX-NAG
Age: Under 1 month. 

Equipped with the 'cabin flex' configuration. She was delivered to Aegean on 19 September 2022 and entered service on the 20th, meaning that she's basically brand new as of the making of the flight report (30 September).

I'm honestly so happy to have gotten the A321neo for today's flight. I wasn't sure as the aircraft changed between the neo or ceo between days. This means that I'll get a chance to try their new cabin.

The crew distributed hand wipes during boarding.

photo img_55651-12213

Quick look at the seats on this very new Airbus.

photo img_e56071

Tray table and magazine holder, equipped with a small phone holder.

photo img_56031

Every seat has a USB port for charging your phone (which proved to be a lifesaver for me).

photo img_56051

As much as I love the new and modern cabin, I don't like this legroom. I flew with the old cabin on my Heraklion → Athens leg and that has quite a lot more legroom than this - quite disappointing considering that I really like this new cabin.

photo img_56041-76439

First look out of the window as boarding continues.

photo img_56081

Departure from Athens, 50 minutes late.

photo img_56091

Sadly the windows weren't the clearest, so some of the photos will be slightly smudged.

photo img_56101

Takeoff from runway 21L, an immediate right turn gives us amazing views of Athens.

photo img_56131

Over the Aegean Sea with views of Athens and Pireas in the distance.

photo img_56141

The scenery is beautiful - so is the weather (at least for now).

photo img_56151

Last views of Greece as we have a look at the contents of the seatback pocket.

photo img_56161

It contains:

- A seasick bag
- A safety card
- A buy onboard catalogue

photo img_56181

And a really hefty 270 page magazine - I'll be very surprised if anyone manages to read the whole thing!

photo img_56231

The mountains near the border between Greece and Albania.

photo img_56211

Shortly after takeoff, the crew started distributing a lunchbox and drink. The lunchbox has an option of turkey or vegan, I picked the vegan option along with some apple juice.

photo img_56201-62264

The vegan options contains:
- A hand wipe
- A baguette
- A protein bar

photo img_56191-27813

Overall, a very solid meal service onboard.

Over the Adriatic Sea, heading into Italy.

photo img_56221

Over Italy, with thick clouds below.

photo img_56241

Starting descent into Milan Malpensa.

photo img_56261

First views of Italy through the clouds.

photo img_56271

According to the captain, temperature in Milan is around 15 degrees. So we basically went from Summer to Winter in 2 hours!

photo img_56281

On final approach - looks like it's also raining.

photo img_56291

Welcome to Milan Malpensa Airport! We arrived around 30 minutes late.

photo img_56311

One last view of our brand new A321neo.

photo img_e56321

Milan Malpensa Airport

It took me around 50 minutes to go from the gate to the train station. This includes having to wait at baggage reclaim for around 15 minutes  and another 5 minutes after I got lost trying to find the station. 

The arrivals area.

photo img_e56331

I'll be heading to Milan to get some dinner (most likely pizza, since we're in Italy after all) with a friend and get some rest before my final flight to London tomorrow.

Thanks for reading and see you on my next flight report!

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Aegean Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Athens - ATH


Milan - MXP



A very nice flight with Aegean. Very solid catering onboard, especially compared to a lot of full service carriers. Their new cabin is really nice and modern, although the legroom is disappointing, especially when you compare it to their old cabin. Nevertheless, still a very nice product and one of the better full service carriers in Europe.



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  • Comment 614313 by
    NGO85 SILVER 2022 Comments
    Hi Lia_K, that you for sharing this FR on A3! The new livery and cabins on the neo fleet look much nicer with the clean geometrical patterns. It’s disappointing to see the days of hot meals in Y are gone from A3’s service, but the snack box is still more substantial than you’d get on any other carrier sans-TK. The reduced seat pitch is always going to be a reality on newer aircraft, but at least the USB charger is a good consolation prize. Thanks again for sharing these reports on A3!
  • Comment 614537 by
    Chibcha SILVER 595 Comments
    Lovely views of Athens on takeoff!

    Its amazing now we find complimentary food on an airplane to be rare. Aegean provides one of the best service in Europe, it's a shame ATH is out of the way to be a feasible option around the continent.

    Thanks for sharing.

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