Review of Sky Airline flight Balmaceda Puerto Montt in Economy

Airline Sky Airline
Flight H2 434
Class Economy
Seat 24F
Aircraft Airbus A320neo
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 17 Jan 22, 15:25
Arrival at 17 Jan 22, 16:25
H2   #69 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 57 reviews
Published on 31st January 2023

Welcome to leg 2 of 4 of this little summer trip around Patagonia.

I visited Coyhaique back in 2016 for the first time. I strongly suggest you check out the tourism bonuses in my reports to that trip if you are interested in the attractions of this area. The reports are available here and here.

There was a lot of building work going on around BBA in 2016. Let's see how much it has changed since then.


I'm lucky to have a very nice Airbnb host this time. He offers me a free ride to BBA, where he has to drop a rented car.

photo img_20230117_124836

Of course I say yes! I'll be saving 9000 CLP (10 USD) on this 60km ride.

photo img_20230117_125400

We leave the rocky area around Coyhaique behind…

photo img_20230117_125602

…and head east towards the border with Argentina.

photo img_20230117_132231

Cute little BBA is located barely 2km from the border. From the moment I arrive at BBA I notice nice changes compared to previous visit. The terminal building looks longer. The old control tower used to be over there, at the far end.

photo img_20230117_133020

Now it's here, across from the parking lot.

photo img_20230117_133045

It's a nice looking tower!

photo img_20230117_133050

The protection against the beastly, windy, rainy, snowy, stormy weather of Patagonia has also been improved…

photo img_20230117_133159

…and the whole length of the facade is covered.

photo img_20230117_133220photo img_20230117_133228

Let's go inside.

photo img_20230117_133232

Before you enter the main hall, there's this entrance to the toilets on the right.

photo img_20230117_133254

Apart from a changer in the men's toilet - which is a good sign…

photo img_20230117_133554

…there's nothing remarkable about them.

photo img_20230117_133630

You might notice the airport's IATA code - BBA - in the institutional logo.

photo img_20230117_133528

Magically, when we go into the main hall…

photo img_20230117_133652

…the code - on the floor - becomes BAA. Someone must have been fired for this. Hee hee hee.

photo img_20230117_133712

The main hall is quite crowded at the moment, as passengers for two Sky Airline flights are queuing up to check in. 

photo img_20230117_134318

Passengers for my flight are asked…

photo img_20230117_134324

…to wait in the seating area.

photo img_20230117_133733

Around the seating area there's a little candy shop…

photo img_20230117_133802

…and a small cafeteria.

photo img_20230117_135057

You can also go upstairs to a larger cafeteria…

photo img_20230117_135127

…from where you have a privileged view of the action downstairs.

photo img_20230117_135209

Behind that divider over there is the boarding room, where the control tower used to be.

photo img_20230117_135214

On the other end is Arrivals and Baggage claim, behind this other divider.

photo img_20230117_135205

As I walk towards security check, I think the problem with the wrong IATA code can be blamed on the local sheep farming industry. BAA.

photo img_20230117_135307

I'm airside in a minute.

photo img_20230117_135649

Spacious boarding room. However, it looks to me…

photo img_20230117_135703

…like there's still room for some additional seats, don't you think?

photo img_20230117_135713

Unlike PMC's boarding room, this room at BBA is of the "boring kind." That is, no cafeteria, no shops, nothing to kill the time, except the toilets and some fire extinguisher that you can tamper with, which is - nonetheless - a very questionable practice.

photo img_20230117_135855

BBA is not particularly spotter friendly. The jetways hinder the view.

photo img_20230117_135837

14:24. CC-AZJ is already making a U-turn over Argentina.

photo screenshot_2023-01-17-14-24-56-416_comflightradar24free

And there he is. (Yes, yes. I know it's "she." Do I look like I care?)

photo img_20230117_142838

CC-AZJ is four years old.

photo img_20230117_142845


photo img_20230117_143045

CC-AZJ has to stay put for a minute over there on the right until his coworker on the left leaves.

photo img_20230117_143249

A group of excited children surrounds me at the window as our plane taxis by. Future avgeeks and flight reporters, I suppose!! I suddenly see a bee flying straight to me, but I don't shoo it away and it bumps into my nose. I didn't realize that the window was open!! lol

photo img_20230117_143326


Not much excitement over the arrival of our plane. Well, who could be excited to be going to Santiago, after all?

photo img_20230117_143434

It looks like the old boarding-by-row trick has become the standard again. I remember that LATAM was experimenting with different formulas - like boarding by seat letter - in pre-pandemic times.

photo img_20230117_143643

Of course, Sky also has some priority boarding groups.

photo img_20230117_144025

We'll be boarding through gate 3. I can see the nose of a DAP aircraft that has just parked outside. I'm crossing my fingers that I'll fly them this year. DAP is the fourth largest Chilean airline. They mainly serve destinations in Patagonia, Antarctica (yes, they have travel packages to Patagonia) and the mining industry. Too bad I can't get a good shot of their very creative livery that resembles a penguin!

photo img_20230117_143941

These Balenciaga bag designs are getting out of hand!

photo img_20230117_144152

These jetbridges look so… homey to me.

photo img_20230117_144706

With those green walls and those windows they look much like a room in a local house.

photo img_20230117_144717

Of course, the goal is to keep you well protected…

photo img_20230117_144726

…from the terrible local weather…

photo img_20230117_144737

…during the whole walk to the plane door.

photo img_20230117_144757

Hey! Who thought this would be funny?

photo img_20230117_144956

Time to update your awards, Sky! In fact, during 2022 they were chosen as the best low cost airline in South America by Skytrax, and the most punctual low cost airline in Latin America by Cirium. Go figure.

photo img_20230117_145013

The seats are softer than they look.

photo img_20230117_145126

Legroom is OK for me, being 170cm tall. Though - I must admit - I felt a little cramped at the end of this four-hour flight.

photo img_20230117_145441

The charging port in front of you is a plus (although it looks like a minus!) Badum tss.

photo img_20230117_145533

While the baggage is being loaded…

photo img_20230117_145605

…I can check the menu, available as QR code and printed.

photo img_20230117_145844photo img_20230117_145847

Unfortunately, Sky simplified the BOB menu that made a great difference with that of JetSmart.  So much so…

photo img_20230117_145854

…that everything fits in one simple flyer now. And the worst part… WHATEVER HAPPENED TO MY MECHADA SANDWICH????

photo img_20230117_145902

For those of you who appreciate alcoholic beverages onboard, though, there's beer and sparkling wine available.

photo img_20230117_154236

The cabins in all of Sky's planes are slick and modern…

photo img_20230117_151532

…and the ads are limited to some tourist destinations.

photo img_20230117_160403photo img_20230117_160410


Today's flight, as seen by

photo 2023-01-23-104627_1366x768_scrot

Pushback at 13:17

photo img_20230117_151759photo img_20230117_152107

DAP in the penguin colors.

photo img_20230117_152123

The best part is the cabin, unfortunately.

photo img_20230117_152141b

Aerial views were spoiled by the sun shining on my window in my inbound flight.

photo img_20230117_152609

I'm happy to see that this time…

photo img_20230117_152655

…I have a great view of the renovated BBA as we take off.

photo img_20230117_152702

The whole town of Balmaceda fits in one frame.

photo img_20230117_152710

Taking off northwards, we don't fly over the Argentinean steppes…

photo img_20230117_152832

…but fly directly over the hilly terrain…

photo img_20230117_152924

…around Coyhaique.

photo img_20230117_153024

In fact…

photo img_20230117_153112

…I wasn't expecting…

photo img_20230117_153149

…to see Coyhaique from the air today!!

photo img_20230117_153312

Are you into kayaking and trekking? Villa Mañihuales is the place for you! See HERE.

photo img_20230117_153724

Both lakes Plata and Fontana are in Argentina.

photo img_20230117_153938

2022 was the first year in history…

photo img_20230117_154030

…in which a rain shortage was registered in Patagonia. Hurry up to see this corner of the world, or you might not have the time.

photo img_20230117_154400

Lake Rosselot. Are you into fishing and relaxing with your family in a natural paradise? Come to Fundo Rosselot.

photo img_20230117_154552

Sky Airline does not offer IFE…

photo img_20230117_155329

…and on this short 50-minute flight…

photo img_20230117_155347

…there wasn't a BOB service either. But you don't need movies when flying over Patagonia. The action is down there. That volcano, for example, called Chaitén (not to be mistaken by "El Chaltén", which is a mount in Argentina)…

photo img_20230117_155601

…erupted in 2008, forcing the evacuation…

photo img_20230117_155537

…of the town at its foot, before it was flooded by a lahar (volcanic mud and debris) See the path that the flow followed. Straight into the town!!

photo img_20230117_155527

This is what you saw if you lived in the town of Chaitén in 2008. (Source: Wikipedia)

photo columna_de_cenizas_del_chaiten_6_de_mayo_de_2008

Comau peninsula…

photo img_20230117_160053

…and little Nao island - which can be reached on foot when the tide is low - let us know…

photo img_20230117_160439

…that we are just minutes away from Puerto Montt.

photo img_20230117_160655

Precisely. volcanoes Osorno, Puntiagudo and Calbuco watch…

photo img_20230117_160859

…as we bank to the left with a view of river Chamiza…

photo img_20230117_160910

…reach the south-west edge of lake Llanquihue..

photo img_20230117_161142photo img_20230117_161152

…fly by Punta Larga…

photo img_20230117_161258

…just above Llanquihue…

photo img_20230117_161310

…cross the Panamerican Highway…

photo img_20230117_161320

…and softly glade…

photo img_20230117_161702photo img_20230117_161820

…into PMC.

photo img_20230117_161835

Ta - daaa.

photo img_20230117_161837

But this is not the end of our flight.

photo img_20230117_161842

I'll stay in my seat…

photo img_20230117_161853

…with a view on colorful N524AG…

photo img_20230117_162402

…and will wait about 35 minutes until the new passengers to Santiago have boarded…

photo img_20230117_162634

…and fuel has been loaded.

photo img_20230117_162529

I'm looking forward to the BOB service. I'm starving!!

Thanks for reading!

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Sky Airline

Cabin crew10.0

Balmaceda - BBA


Puerto Montt - PMC



Sky Airline has become my airline of choice for domestic flights in Chile. It's halfway between LATAM's comfortable cabins, and JetSmart's LCC model. Best of all, Sky's fleet is brand new. Most of their aircraft are barely one year old.



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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6105 Comments

    Not BBAd at all! Fabulous landscapes in that area!

    Cute little BBA is located barely 2km from the border.

    Adorable! It looks like it's make or legos or colourful shipping containers.

    Apart from a changer in the men's toilet - which is a good sign…

    Yes! When Thomas was younger, I used to get so mad when there weren't changing tables in men's rooms--so sexist! Like men aren't allowed to change dirty diapers.

    before it was flooded by a lahar (volcanic mud and debris) See the path that the flow followed. Straight into the town!!

    Yikes, yeah that caldera does still look fresh! Lahar and pyroclastic flows are some of the scariest things produced by a volcano. Wow that ash tower is impressive!

    > …and little Nao island
    A little now...and a little later (walk to get back to the mainland at low time 😋)

    Precisely. volcanoes Osorno, Puntiagudo and Calbuco watch…

    A beautiful and familiar site! I'd recognise them anywhere now.

    What a gorgeous perfect cloudless day for flying! Definitely no need for IFE on a day like that when you have a window seat!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Comment 622116 by
    Chibcha SILVER 507 Comments

    Bellos paisajes aunque me deja mal lo de la falta de lluvia en la región.

    Por cierto que interesante esa estructura para proteger a los pasajeros en el lado tierra. No me imagino lo salvajes que deben ser las condiciones en invierno!

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