Review of Sky Airline flight Puerto Montt Balmaceda in Economy

Airline Sky Airline
Flight H2 433
Class Economy
Seat 33A
Aircraft Airbus A321neo
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 15 Jan 23, 10:45
Arrival at 15 Jan 23, 11:50
H2   #72 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 58 reviews
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Published on 22nd January 2023

Summer holidays! I can't begin to explain how much I wanted to see 2022 come to an end.

What better way to start the new year than a little flying, una cosita poca, just some hops around the neighborhood.

I think I'll visit auntie Cecilia in Santiago.

But I'll take the long road, with a stop in Coyhaique - which I visited back in 2016 - and then Bariloche, Argentina, on the way back.

So, the itinerary will look like this:

- Puerto Montt (PMC) to Balmaceda (BBA) (BBA serves Coyhaique)
- Balmaceda to Santiago (with a stopover at PMC)
- Santiago to Bariloche (BRC)


No flights to Coyhaique from my hometown. Boo hoo. I have to leave from Puerto Montt. I'll spend the night there to make sure I make it to the airport on time.

It's a 3-and-a-half-hour bus ride from Valdivia to Puerto Montt. Buses are the most popular way of traveling in Chile, and there are different cabin classes. This is a salón cama cabin…

photo img_20230114_100124

…which allows for more comfort and privacy.

photo img_20230114_101952

The fields in summer don't look that green, but it's still so beautiful. I love the countryside.

photo img_20230114_112237

Puerto Montt is NOT on my list of favorite cities. It's quite UGLY. Like most Chilean cities, it looks dirty and neglected.

photo img_20230115_074918

Out of habit, I walk straight to Andrés Tour at the Puerto Montt bus station…

photo img_20230115_075622

…without noticing that there's a new bus line right opposite - Transportes Imperio. Hmm. Sounds very "imperial." Same ticket price as Andrés Tour.

photo img_20230115_075626photo img_20230115_075632

It's 7:56 when I get my ticket for the 8:00 van. I haven't had breakfast, but I don't want to waste my money on a sandwich and a coffee at the airport, having the chance to buy them here.

Unfortunately, there's  a little queue at the only shop open at this time. I wait for two minutes, but the guy in front of me is taking ages to order. I give up and run to the van before it leaves without me. The driver is standing at the van's door. I ask "Alcanzo a comprar unas galletitas?" (Do I have time to buy some cookies?) I make my best sad puppy face. He says I can go.

I sprint back to the shop and get my cookies.

That's how we leave at 8:02 😬

photo img_20230115_080153

I wonder, would that be possible in Japan??

The trip is short, about 20 minutes. The runway and the terminal can be seen from the road.

photo img_20230115_082231

The astro rey is going to give me a hard time with my photos today.

photo img_20230115_082410

BTW, all the legs of this trip will be on Sky Airline. Sky has become my airline of choice…

photo img_20230115_082431

…since it's halfway between LATAM's punctuality and comfortable cabins, and JetSmart's LCC model.

photo img_20230115_082437

Sky also gives LATAM a run for their money in other aspects, like the availability of a very functional Android app, automatic check-in, and differentiated seats with more legroom for a little extra.

photo img_20230115_082559


Unfortunately, the automatic check-in was not working this time and I had to go to the counter. The staff at the counter acknowledged this problem. No big deal. I was the very first passenger for this flight this morning, it seems, because he was engaged in lively chatter with a coworker, and didn't see me standing there until the latter nudged him on his side. It was funny because he was taken aback.

That's how I got my first printed BP in ages, printed in thick paper, much like standard photocopy paper.

photo img_20230115_082819

Oh, no. My teacher's brain cells are active again. I can see a children's chant on the BP!

Vuelo, flight
Puerta, gate
Embarque, boarding
Fecha, date

I want to forget school for a day!!!!! 😭

Whatever. PMC still looks as fresh and shiny as six years ago.

photo img_20230115_082854

Feliz Navidad! I have heard that the song Feliz Navidad is quite popular around the world this time of year. The lyrics goes Feliz navidad, próspero año y felicidad. Please, make sure to say año (year) - ñ sounds like French gn - not ano, which means anus. Thanks.

photo img_20230115_082915

Kevin's friends are here to say hello! (hee hee hee)

photo img_20230115_082959

There's an unused counter in a corner where… OMG!…

photo img_20230115_083013

…defunct Latin American Wings used to be.

photo img_20230115_083031

In Memoriam

I flew Latin American Wings (LAW) only once back in 2017, from Concepción (CCP) to Santiago (SCL), and wrote a detailed report with information about their controversial history and business model. You can read it here.

The aircraft on that occasion was CC-AQL. This was CC-AQL arriving at CCP for my flight:

photo img_2725

LAW eventually went belly up in 2018. Some time later I learned that CC-AQL was up for bid. It was announced on the Chilean Customs website.

photo 2023-01-20-153030_1366x768_scrot

However, it was not CC-AQL as I had seen it. All that was left of it was junk. (Well, the same can be said of some of my former school mates) but in this case I felt very touched. After all, an aircraft is quite a majestic machine, and it flies, for God's sake! So it was heartbreaking to see it like this:

photo subasta-aduanera-942

I gasped at the sight. And even more shocking were the following views.

The cabin when I flew…

photo dsc09206

…and now.

photo subasta-aduanera-958

The cockpit:

photo subasta-aduanera-957

The galley before…

photo dsc09238

…and now.

photo subasta-aduanera-968

The right turbine before…

photo img_2729

…and now.

photo subasta-aduanera-956

Quite shocking.

Well, let's think that some pieces of it still might be working in other aircraft.

Thanks for being a donor, CC-AQL. You set a good example. 🌹

photo img_2720

Back to our report…

PMC serves as an important local hub for the sparsely populated Chilean Patagonia. Being the last largest town north of an area of fjords and islands that stretches for about two thousand kilometers, many people come to Puerto Montt for medical treatment, studies, etc.

photo img_20230115_083025

Still landside, next to the counters is the omnipresent BritShop. They sell souvenirs of places you might want to remember…

photo img_20230115_083103

…and places you'd rather forget.

photo img_20230115_083056

Beyond the shop is… Oops! I have no idea what's over there. It's not the arrivals section because arrivals is at the other end of the building. I see some seats over there. Whatever it is, it seems to be temporarily out of reach.

photo img_20230115_083108

Oh! What do I see!

photo img_20230115_083237b

A printing station. The availability of these computers entails some dangers, though.

photo img_20230115_083244

Las year, someone at CCP used an information kiosk to visit a porn website, as reported here. (Parental advisory: The video in the news article is not blurred!)

photo 2023-01-20-174244_1366x768_scrot

This happens because those kiosks are nothing but a standard computer running standard software like web browsers apart from the airport's specific info software. The same is true about most info screens you see anywhere, from the pharmacy to the bus station. Someone must have created a way to block everything on them but the necessary software/websites.

Further down the hall, Mr Morales has a parking place of his own. 

photo img_20230115_083318

And last, but not least, arrivals and car rentals. There's a lounge on the second floor, too. Kevin reviewed it on the report to his recent trip to these latitudes.

photo img_20230115_083439

Well, not much more to see around here. Let's walk back to the stairs…

photo img_20230115_083503

…to security check.

photo img_20230115_083635

Still landside, there are toilets and a restaurant upstairs. But I prefer to go through security check now that I'm the only one around here.

photo img_20230115_083658

It was a breeze!

There's a whole market airside! Offering local handicraft - lots of wool -…

photo img_20230115_084149

…VERY expensive coffee and sandwiches…

photo img_20230115_084322

…and even sunglasses.

photo img_20230115_084529

Most of the ads on the walls are for apartments, some around beautiful Llanquihue lake.

photo img_20230115_084407

They appeal to your preservation instinct… (Thanks, but no, thanks)

photo img_20230115_084417

…especially if a good-looking female is involved. (Again, thanks, but no, thanks)

photo img_20230115_084501

At the far end, gates 5 and 6 are reserved for international flights. I wonder what international flights have arrived/departed from here. None that I know of.

photo img_20230115_100208

The seats are not the softest kind. However, I'm impressed that all of them have charging ports underneath! Remarkable.

photo img_20230115_084555

Yes, I noticed the dust, too. Cleaning seems to be PMC's weak side. As I was sitting near a gate that was not being used at the moment, the cleaning staff came and started to clean that section. They didn't have a vacuum cleaner, so they started to sweep the carpeting energetically, raising an enormous cloud of dust! I took my stuff and ran away to the other end of the hall.

photo img_20230115_084601

Let's try the AC/DC charging ports. Uh oh. Nothing. The USB port? Again,nothing.

photo img_20230115_092527

I try the ports in the area that has just been cleaned. They work! So, only some of the chargers under the seats were working at the moment.

photo img_20230115_094345

Anyway, they also have several of these charging stations…

photo img_20230115_093553

…and some extra AC/DC outlets over there. In summary, plenty of charging points for an army.

photo img_20230115_100251

I'd love to sit and watch an episode of Pantanal - the remake of a popular 90s Brazilian soap opera. (Stupid sexy Zé Leôncio! ❤️ ) I'm determined to improve my Portuguese, which I think is the most beautiful language in the world. Unfortunately, the time is coming to head for my gate.

photo img_20230115_094736

The screen at gate 4 was already displaying my flight number when I came airside.

photo img_20230115_085538photo img_20230115_085550

Let's see where my plane comes… Ah, it's almost here! Just above Nueva Braunau. Yes, there's a town named after Hitler's birthplace here.

photo screenshot_2023-01-15-10-04-42-996_comflightradar24free

Our ride is barely-one-year-old CC-DCC. Wow! Look how handsome he looks!

photo screenshot_2023-01-15-10-05-02-025_comflightradar24free

I'll wait for its arrival here. See how spotter friendly PMC is!

photo img_20230115_100720

There he is!

photo img_20230115_100656

CC-DCC is an A321NX, which - according to some sources - means that it's a version of the A32neo "with Airbus' Cabin Flex. This means that the overhead bins are larger, the plane comes with mood lighting, and it has a new cabin layout that can be tailored to meet the airline's needs." Go figure.

photo img_20230115_101233

LATAM and JetSmart hire the services of a Spanish subcontractor called Acciona. From what I see here, Sky takes care of their own operations…

photo img_20230115_101440

…because everything is branded "Sky."

photo img_20230115_101458


Short queue for Coyhaique today. I'm the last one in the line.

photo img_20230115_102036

We board quickly. The longest part is… reaching my seat at row 33! Gosh! This is a long plane!

photo img_20230115_102946

I begin my inspections. These seats seem to have become the standard for Sky's fleet.

photo img_20230115_102822

Enough space for my legs on this flight.

photo img_20230115_102847

I love the charging port right in front of your eyes…

photo img_20230115_102901

…and the possibility to recline your seat. My lower back says thanks.

photo img_20230115_115510

Everything seems to go smoothly, except that some passengers - like these two ladies in front of me, coming from Santiago - didn't realize (or pretended not to know) that they had to move to a different seat at PMC. It was marked in their tickets.

photo img_20230115_103008

The Flight

Tis flight, as seen by

photo 2023-01-22-004148_1366x768_scrot

Pushback on time.

photo img_20230115_104428

We stop at by the road for a minute while we ruffle our feather for the fight.

photo img_20230115_105018

And up we go…

photo img_20230115_105413b

…heading south above Puerto Montt and…

photo img_20230115_105445b

…beautiful Maillén island, and the small Capehuapi island on the right.

photo img_20230115_105527b

Volcanoes Osorno, Puntiagudo and Calbuco watch from a distance.

photo img_20230115_105621

That fjord below is called Reloncaví. The Spanish conquistadors had a hard time finding names for geographical features like fjords, because there used to be no word for fjord in Spanish. They had never seen a fjord before!

So when they came to the southernmost tip of America and found hundreds of fjords, they scratched their heads looking for a word. Was a fjord a seno (inlet)? Was it an estuario (estuary)? Curiously, they eventually picked the word estero (creek)

photo img_20230115_105741

That's why this fjord is usually referred to as Estero de Reloncaví. However, now that we have the word fiordo, the official name is Fiordo de Reloncaví. Good thing, too, because a creek has nothing to do with a fjord!!

photo img_20230115_105749

The Andes sink into the ocean south of Puerto Montt, turning into about five thousand islands of all sizes and intricate shapes.

photo img_20230115_110142

As you can see here, Patagonia is a popular spot in summer.

photo img_20230115_110548

At the tip of Comau fjord lies Caleta Porcelana, a small fishing town. It's called Porcelana after the white clay that can be found there. Nearby are the the only known geysers of the south of the country.

photo img_20230115_110608

No onboard service on this 50-miute trip. It's OK. I don't want to miss a centimeter of the wonderful landscape of snowed mountain tops…

photo img_20230115_110742

…uncountable lakes like lake Situación in Argentina…

photo img_20230115_110938

…and lake Yelcho in Chile…

photo img_20230115_111100

…river Palena…

photo img_20230115_111638

…lake Palena, shared by Chile and Argentina…

photo img_20230115_111701

…lago Verde (Green lake)…

photo img_20230115_112053

…or lakes Fontana and Plata, both in Argentina.

photo img_20230115_112458

Given the orientation of the runway at BBA, we have to cross the border and make a long U-turn. Patagonia has two main kinds of landscape - cold and rainy, or cold and arid. Most of the rainy area is in Chile, and most of the arid area is in Argentina. The change in the landscape is striking. As we enter Argentina, the forests suddenly…

photo img_20230115_112728

…give way to never ending plains. Another striking feature of the Argentinean Patagonia are those lakes that seem to have been formed by meteor impacts. I haven't found much information about it, but from the air you can see hundreds of those lakes with a kind of "tail" - like that of a comet - which, in my opinion, must have been formed by the debris of the impact.

photo img_20230115_112843

Above the limit between the forests and the steppes we bank to the right, back to Chile…

photo img_20230115_113726photo img_20230115_113809

…and approach the runway from the south-east.

photo img_20230115_113925photo img_20230115_114147


Welcome to Balmaceda!

photo img_20230115_114314

Back in 2016, a lot of construction was in progress at this airport.

photo img_20230115_114345

Look at that. New control tower!

photo img_20230115_114349photo img_20230115_114356

All-new apron and a longer terminal building, too.

photo img_20230115_114419

For comparison, this is what BBA looked like when I visited in 2016. My report for that fight is here.

photo img_8175

Free hugs!

photo img_20230115_114519

Because of the beastly weather down here…

photo img_20230115_115651

…once you disembark…

photo img_20230115_115738

…you are led like a hamster…

photo img_20230115_115757

…along a series of corridors…

photo img_20230115_115808

..that connect both jetbridges to the terminal building.

photo img_20230115_115824

The middle section has a great view on the apron.

photo img_20230115_115829

The section closer to the building is painted in this beautiful color…

photo img_20230115_115844

…that makes it feel much like the interior of a cozy, warm, local house in winter.

photo img_20230115_115900b

Ah, it really looks more spacious than the last time.

photo img_20230115_115914

This whole area is new, and there are two belts now.

photo img_20230115_115930

Great! I'm happy to see there's been some progress around here. Let's go a get our transfer ticket.

photo img_20230115_115926

Oops! Nobody here! I wonder where they went. Maybe in the next room…

photo img_20230115_115936

Nope. Only car rentals here.

photo img_20230115_120028

Me and several other passengers are quite confused as to what to do now. How will we take our transfer? I think that the best thing I can do is go outside and ask the drivers.

photo img_20230115_120040

There are two vans parked outside, but we are told that all the seats are sold.

photo img_20230115_120233

But another one will be here in minutes. We only have to wait some minutes. Grmf.

photo img_20230115_120237

As the driver said, another van comes in about 10 minutes. The ticket is 9000 CLP (10 USD) Not that bad for a 60km ride.

We abandon the premises.

photo img_20230115_123646

To the right, Argentina is barely 2km away.

photo img_20230115_123650

Right across the road from the airport is the town of Balmaceda, which is nothing but some eight or ten blocks of run down houses like this…

photo img_20230115_123839

…or this.

photo img_20230115_123822

The main square.

photo img_20230115_123737

Something like a rodeo is being held over there. It must be one of the few forms of entertainment these people have in these God-forsaken corner of the world.

photo img_20230115_123809

We visited Balmaceda only because a worker asked the driver to give him a ride from the airport. Now we are back on the road. Oh! A heart-shaped cloud. Is it a good omen, perhaps?

photo img_20230115_124631

No. It wasn't. I didn't meet anyone.

BBA is quite far from the city it serves. But these 60km are full of picturesque views.

photo img_20230115_125130

River Blanco.

photo img_20230115_125226

This sign announces that we reached the Carretera Austral, the portion of the Panamerican Highway that runs along the Chilean side of Patagonia. Building it has been a very difficult task. Most of it was built under the Pinochet government.

photo img_20230115_125242

From the steppes we get to…

photo img_20230115_125326

…green fields were fodder is produced…

photo img_20230115_125823b

…for them.

photo img_20230115_125930

Lots of fodder.

photo img_20230115_130039photo img_20230115_130045

Absolutely necessary, considering that these fields are covered in snow most of the year.

photo img_20230115_130048

As we near Coyhaique, the rugged silhouette of mount McKay welcomes us.

photo img_20230115_130900

I would't build anything under those rocky walls!

photo img_20230115_131511

But there they are. Living a life of danger.

photo img_20230115_131526

River Simpson

I'll be here two nights only, before I continue to Santiago. I am eager to take the bus from Coyhaique to Puerto Aysén. What you see here is the canyon of River Simpson.

photo img_20230116_151218b

As we drive along the winding road, the melancholic notes of Bajando pa' Puerto Aysén (Going down to Puerto Aysén) play in my head.

photo img_20230116_150325b

It's a song that describes the hard life of the arrieros, cattle drivers, who did their work in rough weather conditions. Summer is very short down here, and temperatures usually reach less than -20°C.

photo img_20230116_151226_1bc

The first part of the song goes:

Tropilla de cariblancos - Herd of blazed face horses
bajando pa' Puerto Aysén - going down to Puerto Aysén
Sobre las bestias hay nieve - There's snow on the animals
sobre los ponchos también - on the ponchos as well

If you want a taste of Chilean folk music, I suggest you listen to this song. It's one of my favorites.

Yes, this might be a beautiful place to visit…

photo img_20230116_145339b

…but living here must be a totally different thing. In fact, I asked a local dog what life was like for him, and he said "rough." XD

photo img_20230116_111802b

Thanks for reading! :D

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Sky Airline

Cabin crew10.0

Puerto Montt - PMC


Balmaceda - BBA



Sky Airline has become my airline of choice for domestic flights in Chile. It's halfway between LATAM's comfortable cabins, and JetSmart's LCC model. Best of all, Sky's fleet is brand new. Most of their aircraft are barely one year old.



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    Wow that's a fancy seat on that bus! I've definitely noticed there are many more flights out of PMC than ZAL; hence why I flew into PMC. It's nice that there are so many nonstop flights from PMC at least, not too far to go and better than backtracking through SCL if going south.

    Please, make sure to say año (year) - ñ sounds like French gn - not ano, which means anus. Thanks.

    Bwaaahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣 Yes, very important distinction there!

    Nice aerial visit along this southern route that I hadn't seen before.

    SKY's cabins look sleek and modern and they have the advantage of having a more consistent experience than LATAM with more standardised cabins.

    Thanks for sharing!
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