Review of China Southern flight Beijing Harbin in Economy

Airline China Southern
Flight CZ6267
Class Economy
Seat 20F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:55
Take-off 23 Jan 10, 07:45
Arrival at 23 Jan 10, 09:40
CZ 133 reviews
By 4086
Published on 12th January 2014
(This flight predates the launch of Flight Report by a couple months. I vastly expanded the original French language FR, both the account of the flight and the tourist bonus.)

All Skyteam flights in Beijing are operated from Terminal 2.

photo P1250025a

That terminal was built in 1980, at the time when China was opening up carefully to the outside world, without any attempt of a beautiful architecture, contrary to the prestigious Terminal 3, which was built just before the 2008 Olympics. It nevertheless aged gracefully, and has the advantage of not being oversized, which limits the amount of walking inside.

photo 5549691638_2fb8862661_b

Is this meal somewhat familiar? It is the same beef and sticky noodles menu as that of flight CA417. The food on board Chinese domestic flights is quite repetitive in economy, but at least, they do exist.

photo 5548992427_3a30d91fde_b

The plane flies above the plains lightly covered with snow.

photo P1250033a

It is as flat as in the Middle West over there, and there is nothing much to see. Some light turbulences halfway, not much.

photo P1250035a

Flaps are gradually extended

photo P1250036aphoto P1250037a

Landing is close – see the shadow of the plane on the ground

photo P1250038a

The plane lands on time in Harbin.

photo 5549691836_0c7e8549c8_b

We landed in Harbin, where the outside temperature is 18 below zero Celsius. Passengers to Yichuan are kindly asked to stay on board…. You had to be Russians to create this outpost in 1898, and Chinese to develop an industrial center here where the population is now close to five million. Chinese or expatriates, all my female colleagues declined the invitation to join me on that week-end trip, because they all knew that it is COLD in Manchuria in winter.

photo 5549692032_0918ab6f86_b

Not only the temperature is low, but the wind blows.

photo P1250043a

We don't have a jet bridge, and when we reach the stairs, we immediately understand that the wind-chill factor is not some funny creation by scientists and weathermen. Note its variations before dawn, linked to the actual wind speed.

photo 5549709382_e729b990c5_b

No, this airport is not under siege. Ground staff here vitally need adequate clothes when the wind-chill factor is 30 degrees below, like that morning.

photo 5549108363_be17566a11_b

I wonder how many layers of clothing this monk in ochre traditional wear was actually wearing, but one sure thing is that he did not wear sandals. Religious faith does not mean being crazy.

Why go to Harbin in January? Because of its worldwide famous Ice and Snow Festival, whose ice and snow sculptures are built of quasi industrially extracted ice blocks hacked out of the frozen SonHua river, and lit from the inside by fluorescent tubes (there is no risk of short circuits: fresh water ice is an excellent insulator). This sculpture greets the visitors just outside the terminal – the police car gives its scale.

photo 5549692168_5f713b363f_b

We are very far from snowmen, that Harbin kids would have a hard time to build, because the snow fall is minimal in Harbin. Here and there, ice sculptures decorate the entrance of companies or housing blocks, like this ubiquitous decoration which reminds of Pacman from the 80's.

photo P1250249a

The focal point is outside the city, all enclosed by a wall of ice. There are few visitors in the daytime, but it is crowded at the turnstiles at night.

photo P1250089a

The bright sun through the super dry and super cold here made wonders.

photo P1250142a

There are snow sculptures too, but the opacity of snow makes for less flattering results..

photo P1250137a

It is even more impressive at night. The semi-legendary palace of the Qin

photo P1250165a

This roman cloister is not a copy of any existing or past monument.

photo P1250214a

The ice horses are just as impressive at night

photo P1250223a
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China Southern

Cabin crew9.0

Beijing - PEK


Harbin - HRB



For once, and although this is winter, having or not a jetty is not an issue when you are going to spend the day and the early evening outside. It actually MUST be cold, otherwise, the whole purpose for the trip just melts down.
Apart from that, this flight was not different from any other Chinese domestic flight of a similar duration.

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6105 Comments

    Thanks for sharing! Like you say, although the food on-board might be repetitive or predictable, it is definitely a good thing that meals exist on short domestic flights in China unlike in the US and Europe. The Harbin ice festival is legendary--the sculptures are very impressive.

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