Review of Air China flight Beijing Harbin in Economy

Airline Air China
Flight CA1643
Class Economy
Seat 29A
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 01:33
Take-off 26 Jul 19, 08:55
Arrival at 26 Jul 19, 10:28
CA 183 reviews
By 767
Published on 24th November 2019


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photo dsc08935

After my lovely 12 hour flight from Los Angeles, I have a 3 hour connection before flying home to Manchuria.

It said no picture on the gate but oh well didn't see it.

photo img_6486

Chinese immigration: Not friendly, but they can't deport me
American immigration: Friendly until they put me in the detention centre.

Beijing capital international airport terminal 3 international to domestic transfer

photo img_6487

Golly this airport is hot! (Not its appearance but its lack of air conditioning).

photo img_6489

Follow the domestic transfer sign. (No need to reclaim my bags since Air China would check them straight to my destination HRB.)

photo img_6490

Gotta swipe my boarding pass to get in the transit area.

photo img_6491

And it led up domestic security.

photo img_6492

Transfer done within 10 minutes!

tulip garden - beijing edition

photo img_6494photo img_6495photo img_6496

Well, I expected real tulip…

air china terminal 3c domestic lounge

photo img_6500

My mom went inside with her business class ticket. I have priority pass and a boarding pass in economy so I have to wait until 6am for it to open up for PP guests. (Second time she had abandoned me today)

photo img_6497

Thanks American Express. I saved $15 from eating airport food!

Decent lounge for domestic flights. My only complaint is that the fridge is not cold enough!

photo img_6503-68659

Breakfast. Chinese tropicana comes in a glass bottle but no straw.  

photo img_6504-84869

And ham sandwich with no ham and chinese yogurt with a straw that's too short for my tropicanna.

photo dsc08945

I have a dream that one day passengers will be able to plane spot from longues. I have a dream that one day we will not have to choose between the lounge and the public area with no outlets to plane spot. I have a dream that one day PEK will take down those annoying steel glass frame.

photo dsc08943

There is a map…


photo dsc08946

Book store selling fancy airpods

photo dsc08947

My gate was only a short 3 minute walk from the lounge. 

photo dsc08948

Thundershower? Nah it's Manchuria we don't really care.

photo dsc08949

Funny thing. When I booked the flight, the seat map showed a 332, and so did flightradar24. But it was changed into a 321 2 days before departure.

photo dsc08953

You would think we're boarding from the jetbridge. 

photo dsc08955

Brand new Air China A350-900.

photo dsc08957

We didn't. Instead, we were put on a crowded bus with no AC to remote ramp.

photo dsc08958

Here it's my ride today, a good old boring A321.

photo dsc08960

Really hoping that one of them fall over so that I can enjoy real world dominoes.

photo dsc08965

It may be boring but still billion times better than the plane I fly in the states (Cessna 172).

photo dsc08966

ANA going to Japan. Coming soon March and April 2020.

air china a321 economy

photo dsc08969

Metal tube for the next 2 hours or so.

photo dsc08971

Legroom is wonderful. I really did wear matching clothes today!

photo img_6556

Non adjustable headrest but plenty of padding.

photo dsc08973

Pushing Back

photo dsc08975

And the passengers switched seats in the middle of pushback.

photo dsc08974

FA did nothing to stop them.

photo dsc08978

Spoilers checks. (Ugh dirty window)

photo dsc08985

And we are off. WTH we took off on schedule? This never happens!

photo dsc08988

Somewhere, China.

photo dsc08989

Snack box on a 90 minute flight!

photo dsc08990

I'll take the kit kat and the jelly. Not bad, eh?  
Exact same food serve on this very flight CA1643 last year…

photo img_6525

No entertainment onboard. I brought a magazine with me. It was hardly entertaining… 

photo dsc08994

Before I knew it, we started our descent.

photo img_6548

On final for runway 23. Back to where I was 6 hours ago!

photo img_6557

Swift taxi to the terminal.

photo img_6559

Walked over to baggage claim. Bag came out 5 minutes after. I was already in the parking lot before our schedules arrival time. This trip has been so smooth and calm so far… 

photo img_6561

Welcome to Harbin, China!

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Air China

Cabin crew9.5

Air China First Class Lounge - 3


Beijing - PEK


Harbin - HRB



Easy transfer, decent lounge, painless domestic flight, and low fares. Thanks for another great trip Air China!
Coming November 2019
China Southern Domestic A320 Economy Class
"A trip to the terracotta warriors"

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est China Southern avec 7.6/10.

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6182 Comments
    Hey Harry, thanks for sharing! It's always interesting to see domestic China reports, especially since the products are so hit or miss depending on whether you get a newer aircraft or not...then again, it's exactly the same here in the US lol.

    Golly this airport is hot! (Not its appearance but its lack of air conditioning).

    This made me laugh because I always notice how warm airports feel outside the US. I guess I'm too used to the air conditioning being set to Arctic-Blast ❄ in the US haha

    WTH we took off on schedule? This never happens!

    A big win for a domestic China flight!

    The seats look nicely padded and the legroom looks really good. I would have though you were in the Extra Legroom seats up towards the front so was suprised to see you were in 29A.

    Thanks for sharing!

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