Review of Sky Airline flight Santiago Valdivia in Economy

Airline Sky Airline
Flight H2 121
Class Economy
Seat 34A
Aircraft Airbus A321neo
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 05 Sep 22, 12:15
Arrival at 05 Sep 22, 13:45
H2   #69 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 57 reviews
Published on 20th November 2022

Should I write another report on this route?

I look at Rucio, who watches me in silence from my bedroom door. He understands my questioning face and says "Meow."

Wise cat.

The day after

Only the night before I was coming back from Pichilemu, where I went to vote on accepting or rejecting a new constitution for my country. You can read all the details in my previous report.

Now it's time to go back home. Actually, I should be working today - a Monday - but I'm on a leave of absence.

Thinking how wonderful it is to swap a classroom full of noisy students for a flight, I stroll happily along the domestic terminal…

photo img_20220905_102610

…towards security check…

photo img_20220905_103547

…which is full today!

photo img_20220905_103558

The process is always quick here, though.

I find this very particular trash bin by one of the tables after safety check. "Shoe covers only." I wonder what's so special about shoe covers that they deserve a dedicated trash bin.

photo img_20220905_105204

We have to wait a little in our descent from the third floor to the second as we board…

photo img_20220905_125212

…while barely-one-year-old CC-DCA waits on the apron. You should know that CC-DCA is more than an Airbus 321neo. It's an NX!! Ooh! What does it mean?

photo img_20220905_125247

Well, according to this information posted on Quora, "The X, stands for the Airbus A321neo equipped with Airbus Cabin Flex configuration, which means the interior of the aircraft can be easily reconfigured by the airline or operator, and, the NX aircraft features a different door and emergency exits configurations than on the A321CEO and early Airbus A321neo aircraft (along with some airlines ordering the old door configuration like ANA). The different door/window exits increases the aircraft’s overall capacity. The most common configuration is that the second door on early A321 are replaced by either a pair or two pairs of overwing emergency exits, while some aircraft have the 3rd door disabled."

So please, show some respect.

"No students today," I said? Think again Pilpintu!

Meet Vicente, who was just coming back from Dominican Republic with his mother. A good boy. Well, You could say I'm one of the few who tolerate him! haha He reminds me so much of myself when I was his age, particularly because of his love of dark humor and his offensive, nonsensical remarks (in an effort to be funny.) He even tried to make fun of me when he saw rainbow flag pins on my backpack. Go figure! But he reacted well to some friendly treatment. They say that "familiarity breeds contempt." It's not always so. Even if they want to appear rebellious, young people long for the approval of adults who treat them as if they were family. Even that of the gay teacher!

photo img_20220905_125649

Et voilà, our nx cabin. I like square seatbacks (rather than JetSmart's rounded seatbacks) They look wider, and they seem to give more room for your head and your back, and even some more privacy! Or maybe they ARE wider? I will take Cecilio (my measuring tape) with me in my next trip.

photo img_20220905_130909

Legroom is OK. (I'm 170cm in height)

photo img_20220905_130855

And there's a USB port for each passenger right in front of your face.

photo img_20220905_130935

I didn't recline my seat this time, but the possibility is there.

photo img_20220905_131003

I can lower the large tray table comfortably. It doesn't stick into my belly, which has happened on other airlines. (Shame on me, and shame on the airline!)

photo img_20220905_131846

Some things seem to be here to stay after the pandemic, like the QR-code menus. Good thing, too! Less wasted paper.

photo img_20220905_131913

Unfortunately, the BOB is unimpressive (even though it's better than JetSmart's) AAAAND… whatever happened to my mechada sandwich??!!

photo screenshot_2022-11-19-18-16-20-311_orgmozillafirefox

Where am I??

Pushback at 12:25 and few minutes later…

photo img_20220905_133753

…we leave Santiago behind…

photo img_20220905_134059

…turn towards the coast above Talagante…

photo img_20220905_134326

… and enfilamos* southwards along the Cordillera de la Costa. (* see the third meaning. Mostly used in rural Chile)

photo img_20220905_134600

Cauquenes lies 320km south of Santiago, on river Cauquenes, which ran dry for the first time in 2020 due to a long drought.

photo img_20220905_140734

I like these angled photos. It looks like outer space! lol

photo img_20220905_141005

Quillón and its "municipal resort," Avendaño lagoon. I've seen videos of the lagoon in summer. Heavily crowded! Add to this the industrial pollution of the area, and the lagoon turns into…

photo img_20220905_141407

…a thick soup of toxic materials and all kinds of bodily fluids. EW!! So toxic that the access to the lagoon was banned last February…

photo img_20220905_141349

…after a series of cases of dermatitis.

photo 2022-11-20-104305_1366x768_scrot

Definitely not a place for a squeamish guy like me!

Aah… this looks much better.

photo img_20220905_141723

Near Temuco we start descending slowly, with a view on lake Villarrica and volcanoes Villarrica and Quetrupillán.

photo img_20220905_143235

But they are too far away to get a good photo with my cellphone.

photo img_20220905_143326

The sight of this little airport puzzles me. Why haven't I seen it before?

photo img_20220905_144020

Hm… This is really weird. It looks too big to be a private airstrip. One thing I'm sure of - it reminds me much of Pichoy! (ZAL)

photo img_20220905_144027

But I'm completely lost. Were are we?  That river below… it looks much like river Pichoy.

photo img_20220905_144059

And this river looks a lot like river San Pedro, which becomes river Calle Calle as it flows through my city. Where on earth are we??

photo img_20220905_144225

And those roads… so similar to the south access road in my city, and Las Gaviotas neighborhood! We bank to the left and make a U-turn towards the north.

photo img_20220905_144320

Oh my…! So we are flying above…

photo img_20220905_144347


photo img_20220905_144358

I can't believe it! This is the first time I see my city from above.

photo img_20220905_144403

And I can literally see my house from here!

photo img_20220905_144403b

I could have brought my own parachute…

photo 2022-11-19-200959_1366x768_scrot

…and jumped straight into my backyard! XD (The red roof in the circle is my house)

photo 2022-11-19-201422_1366x768_scrot

This is why this region is called Los Ríos (The Rivers) And yes, we have a little problem with smog, too. Not as terrible as in Santiago, though. The air is clean most of the year.

photo img_20220905_144408

The wetlands around the city are a rather new geographical feature. They are a result of the 9.6 degree earthquake that shook Valdivia in 1960, the strongest earthquake ever recorded. Land sunk about two meters in some places, and was flooded by the surrounding rivers. Now they are home to beautiful black-neck swans and other birds.

photo img_20220905_144457

So the river that looked like river San Pedro WAS actually river San Pedro! lol Valdivia can still be seen in the distance.

photo img_20220905_144636

And of course, river Pichoy.

photo img_20220905_144806

What a nice surprise, that unexpected tour of the city! Now I can recognize Pichoy!

photo img_20220905_145320

Oh! You're spoiling me, Pichoy! I'll be treated to a stroll around the apron!

photo img_20220905_145529photo img_20220905_145712photo img_20220905_145741

As I've said before, Sky Airline feels like a balanced offer between an LCC and the comfort of a legacy airline. Not as posh as Latam, but not as meh as JetSmart.

photo img_20220905_150045

All the aircraft in their fleet are new. You know what you will get.

photo img_20220905_150053

Pichoy's imposing control tower. lol

photo img_20220905_150107

Cute plump nose!

photo img_20220905_150131

FIVE thous….!! My gosh!!

photo img_20220905_150541

I can't leave without leaving the details of this flight here, and without saying…

photo 2022-11-19-192748_1366x768_scrot

…thanks for reading!

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Sky Airline

Cabin crew10.0

Santiago - SCL


Valdivia - ZAL



Once more Sky shows why it's become my airline of choice for domestic flights. Modern aircraft, nice looking cabins, comfortable seats, good legroom, punctuality, reliability. Not as posh as Latam, perhaps, but much better than JetSmart. BOB menu could be improved, though. And - let's dream - what about onboard wifi??

Information on the route Santiago (SCL) Valdivia (ZAL)

The contributors of Flight-Report published 17 reviews of 3 airlines on the route Santiago (SCL) → Valdivia (ZAL).


The airline with the best average rating is LATAM with 7.2/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 29 minutes.

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  • Comment 616096 by
    NGO85 GOLD 1871 Comments

    Hola Nelson, your cat is wise since we have not seen the A321neo yet in H2 livery. The cabin looks good for a LCC, has good amenities (USB charging) without over the top advertisement placement. Thanks again for sharing!

    I wonder what's so special about shoe covers that they deserve a dedicated trash bin.

    Might depend on if it is construction or medical requiring specialized waste treatment.

    So please, show some respect.

    *raises hand* But why does it only have 238 seats? W6’s A321NX has 239, what did Sky do to increase comfort by removing 1 seat?

    whatever happened to my mechada sandwich??!!

    I was right! It was supposed to be pesto on that Italian sandwich you had last time versus the avocado that they served on your sandwich. You should request a refund.

    I'll be treated to a stroll around the apron!

    They deplane from both jet bridge and apron? Very exotic.

    • Comment 616113 by
      Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE AUTHOR 934 Comments

      But why does it only have 238 seats?

      Bump. I didn't know they had 238 seats and I doubt one less seat can improve the experience. So, I have no idea!! I hope Sky is reading this and can enlighten us.

      You should request a refund.

      I'VE - BEEN - SCAMMED!! And with pesto!

      They deplane from both jet bridge and apron? Very exotic.

      Oh! I didn't expect something like that to be "exotic." It happens all the time at small airports down here!

      Thanks for reading!! :)

  • Comment 616424 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6103 Comments

    SKY do have a good looking, modern cabin. Certainly better than JetSmart's cabins or LATAM's older cabins, about on par with LATAM's new cabins. It would be nice if SKY began offering a Premium Economy option like LATAM with blocked middle seats and a few extra perks like free drinks and snacks in the first row or two of the cabin.

    I love that I now kind of know what I'm looking at in your beautiful aerials! Except the toxic lagoon....that one I didn't know haha.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Comment 616669 by
    Chibcha SILVER 507 Comments

    Hola Nelson!

    Seats look way better than the crap they've installed on AV. I wonder why they didn't install the bigger overhead compartments that are available for new A32Xs

    I love the views of Valdivia and the rivers around, its so beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 616727 by
      Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE AUTHOR 934 Comments

      Seats look way better than the crap they've installed on AV.

      Fíjate que también estoy super complacido con lo que Sky ha hecho desde mi primer informe. Un montón de mejoras! Leyendo otros informes aquí, tengo la impresión de que sus cabinas son más modernas que las de muchas aerolíneas principales, Avianca incluída. Como comentaba Kevin por ahí, ojalá que se animen a incluir algunas opciones para atraer pasajeros que esperan un poco más, como asientos del medio bloqueados, más espacio, etc. Creo que mi Tío Rico interior se ablandaría un poco con esos estímulos!!

      I love the views of Valdivia and the rivers around, its so beautiful!

      Sí, pero como decía José José, "hasta la belleza cansa, el amor acaba." jajaj Llevo más de 20 años aquí y el frío, la poca luz, el mal tiempo la mayor parte del año ya me tienen chato. Necesito más sooool! (Pero no calor)

      Gracias por pasar por aquí!

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