Review of ANA flight Fukuoka Naha in Economy

Airline ANA
Flight NH1209
Class Economy
Seat 30F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 23 Jan 16, 13:15
Arrival at 23 Jan 16, 15:00
NH 210 reviews
By GOLD 504
Published on 15th December 2022


This series will cover a quick weekend trip on NH using UA miles for some warmer weather. The goal of this series was to fly to Miyako-jima (宮古島) and the trip cost 12,000 UA miles (no tax/fees on NH award tickets). At that time, Miyako-jima (MMY) was only accessible via OKA and ISG (HND service didn't start until 2016 followed by NGO/KIX). When I was searching for the outbound flight, I saw some options via FUK so I jumped on them in order to catch a 7G flight. For the return, I originally planned on spending a 6-hour layover in OKA sightseeing, but those plans disintegrated quickly as I’ll discuss later. So the routing is fairly straightforward minus the hitch to FUK.


This report will cover the flight from the islands of Kyushu to Okinawa on NH's domestic B738.


After a quick lunch near Hakata Station, I took the metro back to the airport, which is just 2 stops away on the Kūkō Line. Cross-integration of transit networks has improved drastically, so my manaca IC card can be used here.

photo 1-68494

Arriving at the airport, the FIDS for domestic departures. Like most airports in Japan, it's a 50-50 split between NH/JL. They don't separate each other so there are flights from both carriers being operated from both terminals. There is a legend at the bottom that will let you know which routes are served by which terminals. Since I'm heading to OKA, my flight is listed for departure from Terminal 2 regardless of carrier (except for those rebels MM).

photo 2photo 3

There is an observation deck at FUK up on the 4th floor. There is a nice display of the tails serving this airport to help with identification. The KL tail a reminder of their short-lived service from AMS that was terminated in early 2016.

photo 4

Since the rain was very heavy, I just took 2 photos down Terminal 2's operations before heading back inside.

photo 5photo 6

My favorite part of most Japanese airports is the artwork they have from local school kids on display.

My next stop will be the ANA Lounge.

photo 11

The standard domestic offering, pretty much liquid only. The kelp machine is hard at work churning its green pulp waiting for a gullible taker. Since we are on Kyushu, the local nectar, shōchū, is on tap.

photo 12

The lounge was actually quite full, so I went to a quiet business area in the back.

photo 13-89861photo 14

My humble offering.

photo 15

At 12:55, 20 minutes to departure, I left the lounge to walk down to my gate on the Terminal 2 side of the airport.

photo 16photo 17

A NH B787 bound for HND getting its wings de-iced.

photo 18photo 19


All Nippon Airways, NH 1209
Equipment: Boeing B737-800 [JA63AN, delivered October 2010]
Departure: 13:15 (ATD: 13:45)
Arrival: 15:00 (ATA: 15:19)
Flight time: 1:34

Reaching Gate 9, where boarding promptly started at 13:00. NH Diamonds were boarding when I arrived.

photo 20

I walk over to take a photo of our B738.

photo 21

I then joined the queue and headed into the jet bridge.

photo 22

Joystick and 1L.

photo 23

My seat was in the 2nd to last row. As you can tell, there is no window seat in Row 31, so there is no seat behind me. I'm not suite sure what is the reason for the removal of this seat since the plane's curvature does not prohibit it from being installed.

photo 24

View forward as I take my window seat.

photo 25-29640

Seat pitch on these cookie cutter Recaro seats is perfectly fine for a domestic flight.

photo 26photo 27

There is an entertainment box under the window seats that blocks some storage.

photo 28

The tray table.

photo 29

Blankets were distributed by the crew during boarding.

photo 30

The seatback pocket contents.

photo 31

Safety card for this B738.

photo 32photo 33

Next door is a 7G A320.

photo 34

As boarding completes, we get our wings de-iced.

photo 35

Our neighbor pushes back.

photo 36

We push back as soon as the 7G A320 clears from behind us. All kinds of exotics at the far end that I have already sampled: a rare OC Dash8-200 (that is soon to be replaced by new ATR 42s, my report on this carrier for those not familiar with the archives) and also several FW CRJ-700s.

photo 37

Plenty of spotting as we make our way gradually over to Runway 34 for take off.

A JL B772 in OW livery arriving.

photo 38

The 7G A320 taking off.

photo 39

One of the aforementioned FW CRJ-700s ahead of us in the queue.

photo 40

LJ B738 landing.

photo 41

CA A319 taxing as the yellow JH ERJ-175 lands from Nagoya-Komaki (NKM).

photo 42

A sister ship is behind us as we approach the runway's threshold.

photo 43

Another JL B772 taking off in front of us.

photo 44

And finally a sneaky little JL Saab 340 arrives.

photo 45

We have our turn and take off over the rainy city center on Runway 34 just as we arrived.

photo 46photo 47

Blue skies await us as we clear the clouds.

photo 48

The sleepy cabin as we reach cruising altitude. Some deadheading crew were in my row and the row behind me so it was quite quiet in the back of the bus.

photo 49b-40846

Drink service was done by cart and I took a coffee.

photo 50

NH's route map of the Ryukyu Islands showing the limited connections to ISG and MMY.

photo 51

Not as fancy as OZ's exercise video, but NH also has some stretches in the in-flight magazine.

photo 52

NH's in-flight entertainment at its finest. Hopefully not a premonition for our landing…

photo 54

I just watch the clouds outside and write the FR for Part 1 of this series as we slowly made our way down to Okinawa.

photo 53

A second drink service was done about 30 minutes to arrival as FA's offered cups of water from a tray.

photo 55

We soon started our final descent that dropped us below the clouds and the ocean became visible.

photo 56

We do the standard approach into OKA to align for arrival on Runway 36.

photo 57

The Kyan Fishing Port.

photo 58

Nashiro Beach near some of the southern resorts.

photo 59

South Shore Park.

photo 60

Crossing the shipyard.

photo 61photo 62photo 63

We coast into Runway 36 with a smooth landing.

We cross the sea of JMSDF Lockheed P-3Cs parked in formation.

photo 70

And then onto some local wildlife as we cross a sea of NU tails.

photo 71

NU B734 in Sakura Jinbei livery. This one is retired and now a B738 has this livery.

photo 73

We arrive at the NH side of the airport. The observation deck is visible on the left just above the wing.

photo 74

View of the cabin as we deplane.

photo 75

Orchids lining the jetbridge, welcome to Naha.

photo 76

Naha is not my final destination, so I follow the track to my connecting flight, which is about to board so I will head straight to the gate.

photo 77

I will leave of this series here as I start my layover in OKA, thanks for stopping by!

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Cabin crew8.0

ANA Lounge


Fukuoka - FUK


Naha - OKA



A standard domestic flight on NH with good punctuality, clean cabins, and a comfortable seat.

- Very accessible airport to the city center via subway, clean, and easy to navigate.
- Standard domestic NH Lounge that pretty much is limited to liquid refreshments. This lounge being on Kyushu, did have shōchū on tap^^

- Standard domestic B738 in all Y configuration. Seats are sufficient for any domestic flight.
- IFE is limited to variety programming on the overhead monitor and seat back contents.
- Crew did 2 drink services so no complaints about them.
- 2 drink services, which is good for domestic standards although the 2nd service was limited to water since right before landing.

- Clean and easy transits. If not transiting, easy access to the city via the monorail.



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  • Comment 617181 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6105 Comments

    Japan is such a great country for both AvGeeks and train geeks. The unique geography makes flying a necessity and Japanese carriers do it so well and efficiently. I hesitated a lot on whether to book domestic flights within Japan for my Feb trip but in the end I'll be staying within Honshu so opted for the train. Airline fares, though decently low, just can't beat the JR rail pass. Plus it's been yeaaars since I've been on a Shinkansen and I think my kid will really get a kick out of it.

    A blanket on a domestic flight seems like such a foreign concept now. I assume that's not happening anymore since Covid. Two drinks services on a 1.5h flight is really good. AA barely do two on 6h transcons in Y!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 617234 by
      NGO85 GOLD AUTHOR 1871 Comments

      Hi Kevin, thanks for stopping by!

      I think my kid will really get a kick out of it.

      With kids, definitely easier to go the train route and cut out the long connections from airports to the city centers. Plus, with snow causing potential delays, I would avoid air travel unless necessary. The exotic vending machines at the JR stations offsets the beer dispensers in the lounges^^

      A blanket on a domestic flight seems like such a foreign concept now.

      I had one on my SFO-IAH redeye ;)

  • Comment 617208 by
    Esteban GOLD 17974 Comments

    Merci Michael for this report!

    I am a bit surprise by the lav configuration at the rear of the aircraft, look like the airspace config of the Airbus A32S.

    Otherwise a classic japanese domestic flight, nothing to write home about but it made its job.

    A bientôt !

    • Comment 617233 by
      NGO85 GOLD AUTHOR 1871 Comments

      Thank you for stopping by!

      I am a bit surprise by the lav configuration at the rear of the aircraft

      They only have 1 lavatory in the rear to allow for the installation of an additional row of seats. It is standard for Japanese carriers to have high density on domestic planes, just look at the NH B773s with >500 seats.

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