Review of Condor flight Frankfurt Palma De Mallorca in Business

Airline Condor
Flight DE1498
Class Business
Seat 3K
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 02:05
Take-off 12 Jul 22, 15:00
Arrival at 12 Jul 22, 17:05
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By BRONZE 2524
Published on 16th December 2022


Traveling intra-European in business class is considered to be nothing special, being that the hard product is just an economy class recliner seat, with the middle seat staying vacant. Airlines usually operate narrow body aircraft on these routes. 

There are a few exceptions by the likes of Iberia, TAP Portugal and Finnair, who are using wide body aircraft on select intra-European routes.

In early 2022 German leisure carrier Condor leased a handful of Airbus A330-200 aircraft and deployed them onto short haul routes in order to train and certify crew members for upcoming long-haul operation. 

This presented the chance to test a fully lie-flat seat on the A330, instead of the recliner seats you normally get on the A320 family and B757 aircraft operating this route.

ground experience

Condor is operating from Terminal 1 in Frankfurt Airport. Check-In was a breeze thanks to the dedicated business class counters. Flying business class also gives you access to the security fast lane. Security was therefore cleared in a matter of a few minutes. Time to head to the lounge.

Airport Lounge

Since Condor doesn’t have their own airline lounges, you get complementary access to the Lufthansa Business Class Lounges in Terminal 1 with a business class ticket. I chose to visit the Lounge at Gate A 13, mainly because it used to be a first class lounge with showers, before it was transfomed into a business class lounge.

The entrance of the Lufthansa Business Class Lounge A13:

photo img_20220712_140058_defaced

The lounge consists of one long room with several seating options, a bar and a food area.

photo img_20220712_130217_defaced

The food offering was decent with several hot and cold options to choose from. 

photo img_20220712_132725_defaced

Drinks were also available as expected, although not as diverse and premium compared to other full service airlines.

photo img_20220712_130116_defaced

The lounge was furnished in the typical Lufthansa finish, which I found to be quite elegant and modern.

photo img_20220712_130128

The lounge provided a view on the tarmac which is always an advantage in my books.

Nevertheless, the lounge became very crowded during my visit.    

photo img_20220712_130213


Carrier:                         Condor
Type:                              Airbus A330-200
Registration:               D-AIYC
First flight:                   21/11/2008
Cabin configuration: 22J / 234Y

Cabin / Seat

The Condor A330-200 fleet is made out of former Etihad Airways aircraft. The cabin layout has not been changed much, with a total of 256 seats in a two-class layout. The small business class section is located between doors 1 and 2, while the economy class section occupies the rest of the aircraft in two big sections.

photo de-332

Condor Airbus A330-200 business class layout (@aerolopa)

Business class is laid out in a staggered 1-2-1 configuration, which you can also find on other carriers like Iberia, Asiana or Thai Airways. There are six rows in total, while row 1 only has two middle seats, resulting in a total of 22 business class seats. Regardless of where you are sitting, you get direct aisle access. The cabin felt quite airy since the airline decided against installing overhead bins in the middle. 

What are the best seats for couples?
I would recommend to book the ‘honeymoon’ middle seats in the odd numbered rows (1E+F, 3E+F, 5E+F), since they are closest together and furthest away from the aisle.

What are the best seats for solo travelers?
For solo travelers I would say your best bet are the odd numbered window seats (3A, 5A, 3K, 5K), which offer the most privacy of all the seats onboard this aircraft. These seats are closer to the window, having the console between the seat and the aisle. There are no privacy dividers though.   

photo img_20220712_150833

My seat for todays flight was 3K, an odd numbered window seat. There was a small pillow and a small bag provided for the flight. 

photo img_20220712_152617

I kept the so called 'shoe bag' as a small bag for travel. Not sure if I would call this an amenity kit.
But I didn't expect one anyway. 

photo img_20220712_151327

The seat still features a lot of Etihad Airways colors, not that this is a bad thing at all. The head cover has been swapped out and is now bearing the Condor logo. The seat is slowly showing its age though, seen in the antique looking reading light and IFE-controller. The IFE-controller is located on the left side of the seat, just beneath the seat controls.

photo img_20220712_151428_defaced

Seat 3K gave you access to two (and a half) windows, always a plus for a flight crossing over the Alps. The table is stowed to the left of the IFE-screen. The table swivels and allows you to get out of the seat, if it is deployed during meal service.

photo img_20220712_150952

There is plenty of legroom available to stretch out your legs. The storage space below the footwell would accommodate a small backpack, even though it is labelled as a no stowage space for some reason. I decided to put my shoes (could have used the 'shoe bag' here) into that space, once we were airbourne. Note that there is also ample space on the right side of the footwell, to store blankets which were sadly not provided on this flight. This space decreases due to the curviture of the cabin as you move closer to the nose of the plane, but this wasn't an issue in row 3.

photo img_20220712_160148

I wanted to show you the even numbered seats, to illustrate how exposed these seats are to the aisle. Since there is no separation between the aisle and the footwell, there is a chance of flight attendants and other passengers nudging you, as they pass by. As you can see, there is also no privacy partition between the upper part of the seat and the aisle whatsoever.

photo img_20220712_150915

food / beverages

As this was a leisure airline after all, I didn’t expect much from the food service and its presentation on this flight. I booked my meal in advance and there were several meals to choose from. 

The crew offered a welcome drink before pushback. I chose the prosecco, but there was also water and orange juice on offer. The prosecco came in a plastic cup, but was fine otherwise.

photo img_20220712_151549

The meal service commenced shortly after reaching cruising altitude. I opted for the roast beef with potatoes and beans, which were a little bit oily, but tasted better than anticipated. The meal was accompanied by a small selection of white and red wine, as well as non-alcoholic beverages. As desert Condor served two muffis, which tasted really good. Not bad for a two-hour flight.

photo img_20220712_164801

Lie-flat bed

The seat converts into a fully lie-flat bed. I am 180cm tall and had plenty of room to stretch out.

I found the bed to be really comfortable. The armrests automatically move down, when putting the seat into bed-mode. There was enough space around the arms and it didn't feel claustrophobic. 

photo img_20220712_170020

Leg space was also not an issue at all. I would say that foot cubby is spacious enough even for side sleepers. This can't be said about every airline.

photo img_20220712_163812


The crew on this flight were overall friendly. Nothing more, nothing less. But once the meal service was done, I didn’t see them again for quite some time. I then asked if there were blankets available, on which the male flight attendant replied, that he will look for one. I never saw him again.

I knew that I could’t expect the same attentive service like on full service carriers, so I kind of expected that service is going to be just okay. And it was.


The inflight entertainment had not been fully implemented at the time of the flight. There were no movies or media available (as far as I can remember), so I sticked to the moving map which has also seen better days and felt outdated. This wasn't a huge problem, since the Alps down below provided spectacular views anyway. Furthermore the screen brightness was far from great. I couldn't see anything with the window blinds open. Not a huge issue, but something to be aware of.

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Cabin crew6.0

Lufthansa Business Lounge A13 - A


Frankfurt - FRA


Palma De Mallorca - PMI



Overall I would say that this was one of the most memorable flights to the Balearic Islands for me, due to the fact that I could fly in a seat which turned fully flat. Privacy and personal space never were issues on this flight. In my opinion there is no other airline which can compete with the hard product of Condors A330-200 on this route at the moment. Even though Lufthansa used their B747-8i on this route for a while, I think Condor still offers the better seat, even though it is older than the current Lufthansa seat.
The soft product on the other hand could be improved in the service department. The food was more than you could expect on a two hour flight.

I would not hesitate to fly Condor again in the future.

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  • Comment 617177 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6417 Comments
    Hi RedJon97,

    A very nice first flight-report! Very cool to see a review on the recently acquired ex-Etihad A330s--it's definitely one of the best Business class experiences you can have on intra-European flights.

    The cabins look nice and fresh despite the age of the aircraft and Condor did a good job swapping out the EY branding, except for the seat colours, though that's not an issue as you mentioned. Too bad the IFE wasn't quite working, but I'm not surprised since they rushed these birds into the operation--hopefully they'll have that fixed soon enough.

    The meal looks quite good (despite being oily). Though all the plastic isn't particularly premium--still fine for a 2h flight.

    A beautifully photographed and well-written report!
    Thanks for sharing and welcome!
  • Comment 617189 by
    NGO85 GOLD 1917 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR with us!

    tried to sell last minute upgrades to business class for 60€

    A bargain, no wonder the bloodlust of the passengers to get the prize. I wonder if it was oversold in Y and they wanted to make some money versus just op-up passengers to clear the Y seats.

    Man, that’s a pretty light touch up on EY’s planes prior to service entry: attach an antimacassar, replace the pictures on the bulkhead, and slap some German language stickers over the Arabic. I actually liked these EY A332 cabins for the reasons you pointed out, the windows seats actually get decent sized foot space compared to modern seats. They are old cabins though and the IFE is likely 10 years old so can’t compete with modern hard products. That said, it still beats LH’s offering on this route.

    Compared to what LH offers on a similar flight, the catering looks quite good. I agree the pool of grease on the plate does make it look unappetizing though. Minus the use of plastic, it still looks nice for intra-European J.

    Thanks again for sharing and welcome to the site!

    PS. It’s easier to read if the text is before the pictures.
    • Comment 617222 by
      Redjon97 BRONZE AUTHOR 17 Comments
      I totally agree with you. I've read something about the seat being introduced all the way back in 2007. That is quite a time now, hence the worn out IFE system....

      But overall, i am not complaining about the product :)

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