Review of Thai Smile flight Ubon Bangkok in Economy

Airline Thai Smile
Flight WE21
Class Economy
Seat 52F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 28 Dec 22, 08:25
Arrival at 28 Dec 22, 09:30
WE   #50 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 36 reviews
Published on 7th January 2023

After spending a few nights with my wife at their parents house in Sisaket, It was now time for us to enjoy the remainder of our time in Thailand and the first stop would be Chiang Mai. The plan was originally to take the direct flight of Nok Air from Ubon to Chiang Mai, but about a month prior to the flight we received a notification that the flight had been canceled for operational reasons and yet to date I am waiting for the refund to be paid back…. Nok Air didn't give me any solution either to get to Chiang Mai via Don Meaung, so i decided to book a different ticket with WE & PG to get us to Chiang Mai.

Given the early departure and a good solid drive of an hour, the parents of my wife insisted to us that they'll drop us off at the airport, so we left Sisaket at around 6 AM to catch our flight of 8.25 AM from Ubon Ratchathani's Airport.

photo 20221228_061046

With about 1 hour 20 min to departure, the family dropped us in front of the terminal and our goodbyes were said.

photo 20221228_065908

The terminal building isn't the newest nor is it the most beautiful in design, yet it is practical, clean and does the job.

photo 20221228_070456

Three check-in counters were used to check us in for our flight to Bangkok, which was more than sufficient as it took only five minutes or so for us to be helped by one of the ground agents. 

photo 20221228_070104-38322

Given that there isn't a lot to do past security, we decided to grab us a cup of coffee with a small snack to fill our tummies for the early morning with Black Canyon Coffee as we didn't eat anything till now.

photo 20221228_071655

With about 20 minutes to boarding, we decided to go through security which did not take more than five minutes or so. Security is a bit tedious for me as I usually have plenty of electronics with me, so somehow my bag is always picked out with most of my electronics already being separated in a different bin. They always manage to find something else….. This time it was the bottle of water of Thai Smile from my previous flight, which I simply forgot I've had with me all this time.

Luckily Gate 5 was in use for our flight today, which is the gate they're using for the jetbridges. 

photo 20221228_074047

Just as we were about to proceed to the gate, Thai Smile's inbound flight to Ubon just landed on Runway 05.

photo 20221228_074957

Today's flight would be operated by HS-TXR, an 8.1 year old Airbus A320 that has solely been flying for Thai Smile since december 2014 and has been named after the Thai province of Trat. 

photo 20221228_075524photo 20221228_081214

While the seating area for the footgates was kind of deserted, the seating near the gate was more lively and boarding was called soon after. Boarding was called by certain rows and those who were not in the bunch of rows were directed back to their seat by ground agents.

photo 20221228_080940

Once it was our turn, my wife and me were greeted by the friendly and chatty flight attendant and gave us directions to our seat. Seat 52F somehow felt more spacious to me than seat 50A.

photo 20221228_081739

Individual airvents and reading lights are available at your seat. Despite the very short turnaround in Ubon, the cabin was pretty clean and showed almost no signs of wear, which is impressive for a bird that has been in service for more than 8 years.

photo 20221228_081950

Boarding was still in process.

photo 20221228_082003

The literature was still the same as the previous flight containing a safety card for the Airbus A320 of Thai Smile, a sickbag and a card promoting that you'll receive miles or discounts if you spent for a certain over an certain amount of money on their website for products.

photo 20221228_081856-41511

Pushback was one minute ahead of our scheduled departure with a short taxi to our departing runway, though we had to hold there for a few minutes due to an incoming Boeing 737-800 of Thai LionAir.

photo 20221228_083714

With an early 180 left turn, the aircraft was soon in the correct direction for a straight line to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi.

photo 20221228_083728photo 20221228_083739

Shortly after departure we received another light meal like the previous flight with the same context. Though the decoration for the cake was now changed to a Santa Claus decoration on a chocolate cake, which tasted just as chemically as the green one from the first flight.

photo 20221228_084635

The usual advertisement of Thai Smile was shown once again during the mealserivce.

photo 20221228_084645

The advertisement of Thai Smile runs for about three minutes and by the time it was finished, the tea / coffee service was already performed by the flight attendants.

photo 20221228_085323

Took my usual cup of coffee.

photo 20221228_085257

The cup of coffee comes as usual with a very beautiful view.

photo 20221228_090153

The captain checked in with us informing us that we would be landing in Suvarnabhumi about 10 minutes past our scheduled arrival time due to the fact they were scheduled for 01L, which meant that we had to fly down to the coast before making a right turn and lining up for the runway.

photo 20221228_092746

Touchdown was quite smooth.

photo 20221228_093237

I guess we lost the taxi battle against this beautiful designed Boeing 787 of China Southern. 

photo 20221228_093745

Disembarkation followed soon after!

photo 20221228_094302

A new feature is available at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi (if accurate, I do not know), which displays the amount of available toilets in both the female and male toilets. I saw the numbers change regularly, but I have no idea whether it was actually showing the true numbers. It also displays the closest next toilet with it's availability.

photo 20221228_095431

Luggage was on belt about 20 minutes after and once obtained, we walked into the landside of the terminal which showed us this sign of 2023 already!

photo img-20221228-wa0004

Now we had about 2.5 hours for our next departure to reach Chiang Mai.

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Cabin crew9.0

Ubon - UBP


Bangkok - BKK



For the price they are charging, WE does a very good job in bringing you from A to B. The aircraft are in a good state, the flight attendants have always been nice to me and never had a large delay with them either.

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  • Comment 619496 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6427 Comments
    Another good flight with Thai Smile.

    Seat 52F somehow felt more spacious to me than seat 50A.

    Looks like maybe you got one of the planes with a less dense configuration than the outbound flight.

    LOL the Santa Claus cake is cute!

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 619522 by
      ThomasDutch SILVER AUTHOR 618 Comments
      That was new to me that they're using two different configurations though with Thai Smile, but yeah, the cake was cute, if only the taste would have been better 😉. Thanks for stopping by!

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