Review of Luxair flight Luxembourg Fuerteventura Island in Economy

Airline Luxair
Flight LG731
Class Economy
Seat 17A
Aircraft Boeing 737-700
Flight time 04:15
Take-off 18 Feb 23, 13:35
Arrival at 18 Feb 23, 16:50
LG   #41 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 97 reviews
Published on 29th May 2023


Hi everyone !

Nice to meet you again for a new FR more interesting than my last trips to Paris CDG ;)

Direction Spain and more precisely to the small Canary Islands !

Fuerteventura is served by Luxair with 2 direct flights per week (Thursday and Saturday), without direct competition.
The price makes you react immediately (395 € one way for one person !) but it is understandable because Luxair is a tour operator to the Canaries.
Late departure in the day (2 pm) for a Saturday, too bad because if the flight left earlier, we could enjoy more the island !

Departure from the airport of Luxembourg and arrival with an impressive approach over the ocean due to the strong cross winds caused by the proximity of the airport with the sea.

This flight will also for me one of the last on a 737-700 of Luxair, indeed the company announced on March 03, 2023 that it was renewing its fleet by 737-8 Max more fuel efficient and with lower CO2 emissions compared to the previous generation of aircraft.


The routing could not be simpler :


  • LG731 - Economique - Luxembourg → Fuerteventura Island - Boeing 737-700 You are here
  • LG732 - Economique - Fuerteventura Island → Luxembourg - Boeing 737-700 Coming soon

ARRIVAL at the airport

We are approaching Luxembourg airport after one hour and a half drive from Nancy.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-29-a-180059

Arrival at the entrance of the parking B.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-29-a-180028

The parking is already full on this day of departure for vacation ! 

photo img_3473

Arrival at the departure terminal.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-29-a-180142

Small check of the FIDS to verify if the flight is on time. 

photo capture-decran-2023-03-29-a-180332


Direction now the Luxair Drop-off to drop off my suitcase, which I had previously checked online at

photo capture-decran-2023-03-29-a-180537-91534photo capture-decran-2023-03-29-a-180402-73554

I am received without waiting in the Drop off zone by a pleasant staff.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-29-a-180717-14067

Direction the security.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-29-a-180833-41402photo capture-decran-2023-04-04-a-193818-57324


Passage on the airside in less than 15 minutes since I entered in the airport.

photo capture-decran-2023-04-04-a-194203-46529

Obligatory passage through the DutyFree.

photo capture-decran-2023-04-04-a-194302-15077photo capture-decran-2023-04-04-a-194332-15236

Some models with the effigy of Luxair and promotional items like sweaters, socks are also available for sale !

photo capture-decran-2023-04-04-a-194429

 I decide to buy a Dash Q400 wearing the breast cancer livery.

photo capture-decran-2023-04-04-a-194527

Now The gates

A short walk awaits me to the A10 gate, as the Luxembourg airport is certainly an international airport but it remains on a human scale !

photo capture-decran-2023-04-04-a-194604-41280

An A319 of TAP Portugal, at the pushback.

photo img_5654

Next to it, a B737-800 with the "60 years Luxair" livery. 

photo capture-decran-2023-03-29-a-123601


The boarding is quietly prepared in gate A10. 

photo capture-decran-2023-04-04-a-194700-49890

The boarding starts with a good half hour of advance.

photo capture-decran-2023-04-04-a-194808-55855

Paxbus, we will wait at the bottom of the stairs !

photo capture-decran-2023-04-04-a-195009-96855

LX - LBB, small particularity of this plane it is the only Boeing 737-800 of Luxair not to have received Split Scimitar since Luxair was not the first customer of this plane, it was the defunct AirBerlin which was to receive it, it will never have had time to fly for the German company.

photo capture-decran-2023-04-04-a-195112

We can see the plane is just next to its big brother (LX-LGU 738).

photo capture-decran-2023-04-04-a-195141

Boarding from the ground with stairs.

photo capture-decran-2023-04-04-a-195226

Some information about the plane :

Type : Boeing 737-7C9 

Registration : LX-LGS

First flight : January 2005

Age : 18 years old.

It was delivered new to Luxair on January 21, 2005, it is not equipped with Split Scimitars winglet. 

A little hello to the pilot ! ?

photo capture-decran-2023-04-04-a-195252-52872


Small view from the cockpit :)

photo capture-decran-2023-04-04-a-195417

Cabin configured in 3 - 3.

Luxair, like almost all airlines, charges for seat reservations when you buy your flight. Being used to fly with this company, I discovered that by calling the airline on the phone, you could choose your seat without any charge !

⚠️  (This technique is only available if the flight is operated by Luxair Tours, even if the reservation is not made by the Tour Operator !)  ⚠️

I called Luxair about two months before the flight to reserve my seat and as always, the seat of my choice was reserved for free !

Today it's row 17, seat A. I hesitated for a long time with other rows but I finally chose this row which is located behind the wing so as not to be disturbed and to have a sufficiently clear view of the landscape !

photo capture-decran-2023-05-06-a-153219photo capture-decran-2023-04-04-a-195508photo capture-decran-2023-04-04-a-195522

The view is perfect !

photo capture-decran-2023-03-29-a-171441

On each seat there is a label indicating that Wi - Fi is available on board. My joy is quickly diminished when a very nice steward come to me to tell me that the Wi - Fi network is not functional on board today. 

photo img_3548

The Safety Card is glued to the front seat ! No USB socket on board.

photo capture-decran-2023-04-05-a-124140

Pitch correct, don't mind the mess ? !

photo capture-decran-2023-03-29-a-171328

Boarding continues as normal, the plane will be full !

photo capture-decran-2023-04-05-a-124018-69324

A lot of PAX are still waiting outside !

photo capture-decran-2023-04-05-a-124206

As there are still few people in the cabin, I take the opportunity to take some pictures on the other side of the wing.

photo capture-decran-2023-04-05-a-124113

The boarding is complete, we are welcomed on board ! 

photo capture-decran-2023-03-29-a-171410-89889


We pushback at to 1.30 pm with 5 minutes advance.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-29-a-171512

Presentation of safety instructions in English and French.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-29-a-171619-37359

Lots of 747Fs from Cargolux today !

photo capture-decran-2023-04-05-a-133852photo capture-decran-2023-04-05-a-133916


We arrive on the only runway in LUX that I am starting to know well.

photo capture-decran-2023-04-05-a-134043

.and take off at 1.35 pm ! Bye bye LUX and see you soon in a week !

photo capture-decran-2023-04-05-a-134120

Passing over the Cargolux hangars and the new Luxair maintenance hangar.

photo capture-decran-2023-04-05-a-134142photo capture-decran-2023-04-13-a-231833

Turning over Paris, heading now for Spain.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-29-a-172033-25072

A beautiful sea of clouds is passing below us !

photo capture-decran-2023-03-29-a-171730


The service starts about 1 hour after take-off. 

photo img_3511-26571

At the online check-in, a different meal was available for purchase (15 €), for the price, we'll settle for the included meal !

The meal includes : a potato salad, a fresh bread roll, a cream puff and a small camembert cheese president hidden in the box.

photo capture-decran-2023-04-06-a-095542

The drinks will arrive a few moments after the meal.

photo capture-decran-2023-04-06-a-095642

Luxair always provides metal cutlery, which is nicer than the bamboo or plastic cutlery that other airlines offer their customers in Economy !

photo capture-decran-2023-04-06-a-095702

Cheers to all FRists ! :)

photo img_3506

The only IFE available on board.

photo capture-decran-2023-04-06-a-100926-80061

The service ends at Portugal Point.

photo img_5728

The tray will leave empty ! 

photo capture-decran-2023-03-29-a-172248


As the IFE only offers stupid shows with 10 year olds playing pranks, I decide to read the magazine on board !

Only two articles are about Luxair, the first one presenting the new beer offer with the 60  years Luxair livery.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-29-a-172447

And the second with the breast cancer livery.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-29-a-172509

The crew remained available and attentive during the flight.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-29-a-171730photo capture-decran-2023-03-29-a-172329

Comfortable and spacious seat, it is really the best to work in good conditions !

photo capture-decran-2023-04-06-a-102517-96273photo capture-decran-2023-03-29-a-172401


Shortly before the descent, the crew offers us a second drink service.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-29-a-172615-88468photo capture-decran-2023-04-07-a-095524photo capture-decran-2023-04-07-a-095630


The descent start 10 minutes after the second service.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-29-a-172541

The ocean is slowly coming closer.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-29-a-172657photo capture-decran-2023-04-07-a-100508

Beautiful turn over the ocean and dunes of Corralejo ! The blue of the ocean and the dunes form a superb landscape !

photo capture-decran-2023-04-07-a-100535

Once aligned with the runway, the flaps is extend.

photo capture-decran-2023-04-07-a-100604

Passing over Puerto del Rosario, which is the main city of the island !

photo capture-decran-2023-04-07-a-100629


Landing with the sun at Fuerteventura.

photo capture-decran-2023-04-07-a-100706

Landing at 4.40pm after a 4H05 hour flight. 

photo capture-decran-2023-04-07-a-100747

Taxing now to the terminal, we quickly clear the runway, another 737 is on final approach just behind us !

photo capture-decran-2023-04-07-a-100810

Last turn.

photo capture-decran-2023-04-07-a-100842

Arrival at 4.50pm.

photo capture-decran-2023-04-07-a-100917

A TUI 737 with RUI livery is positioned right next to us.

photo img_3687

ARRIVAL AT fuerteventura

Paxbus, we will wait at the bottom of the stairs !

photo capture-decran-2023-04-07-a-101013photo capture-decran-2023-04-07-a-101037-85405-23735

Bye Bye 17A !

photo capture-decran-2023-04-07-a-101112

Corporate photo ❤️

photo capture-decran-2023-04-07-a-101151

A beautiful view of the entire wing !

photo capture-decran-2023-04-07-a-101240

Goodbye Lima Golf Sierra ;)

photo capture-decran-2023-04-07-a-101342-48551

Face to Face.

photo capture-decran-2023-04-07-a-101407

The fuel is being refuelled.

photo capture-decran-2023-04-07-a-101429-95628

It's the first time I've been on a Paxbus at FUE, which gives me a good view of the different aircraft that are present today !

An A320 from Eurowings is being pushed back.

photo capture-decran-2023-04-07-a-101454

An Easyjet A320Neo wearing the "NEO" livery.

photo capture-decran-2023-04-07-a-101538-20391

A Vueling A321 preparing for pushback.

photo capture-decran-2023-04-07-a-101603photo capture-decran-2023-04-07-a-101626

Another angle of view in the terminal of the Vueling A321 as it prepares for pushback.

photo capture-decran-2023-04-07-a-101705

Now to the luggage carousel.

photo capture-decran-2023-04-07-a-101737


This afternoon it will be the carousel 10.

photo capture-decran-2023-04-07-a-101756photo capture-decran-2023-04-07-a-101818-21923

A little wait to get the rental car.

photo capture-decran-2023-04-09-a-102936-57633

The Terminal has a really special architecture with this huge hall where the light rushes in from both sides !

photo capture-decran-2023-04-09-a-103041

A Jet2 B738 passes overhead as we leave the airport !

photo capture-decran-2023-04-09-a-103456

Arriving 1 hour later at the location, the holiday can now begin !

photo capture-decran-2023-03-29-a-172832

See you soon for the return !

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Cabin crew9.0

Luxembourg - LUX


Fuerteventura Island - FUE



Luxair :

Cabin : Comfortable seat with adjustable head cushion, correct legroom : 08/10
Crew : Very friendly and helpful steward who remained available throughout the flight : 9/10
Entertainment : No personal IFE on this aircraft, Wifi not working, no USB plug, good selection of magazines in the seat : 7/10
Catering : Correct meal and careful presentation : 7.5/10

Luxembourg :

Fluidity : Little waiting at the security and fast boarding : 9/10
Access : Clear : 10/10
Services : The Duty Free offers a large choice of Luxair goodies, which makes the " AVGEEKS " happy : 10/10
Cleanliness : No soap in the toilets, too bad : 9,5/10

Fuerteventura :

Fluidity : A little bit of waiting to look for the rental car but it remains very reasonable : 9/10
Access : Super fast exit from the terminal : 8,5/10.
Services : Many car rental companies are present in the terminal : 8/10
Cleanliness : Clear : 10/10

Conclusion :

An excellent flight to the sun on a "holiday" route operated by LuxairTour on a small 737 - 700. Cabin with a correct pitch, WI-FI not functional this is not a strike. No USB plug on board, good snacks and helpful crew.

See you soon for the return trip!

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6885 Comments
    Nice to see a review on Luxair. Too bad the new IFE system wasn't working, but nice to have when it is working. The 700s lack the USB ports the 800s have, which is a shame for longer flights like this--hopefully they'll upgrade the 700 cabins as well. The seats look quite comfortable and spacious however.

    At the online check-in, a different meal was available for purchase (15 €), for the price, we'll settle for the included meal !

    Yeah, that's a really good free meal for Economy within Europe so definitely not worth paying extra for more.

    Thanks for sharing!

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