Review of Luxair flight Fuerteventura Island Luxembourg in Economy

Airline Luxair
Flight LG732
Class Economy
Seat 17A
Aircraft Boeing 737-700
Flight time 04:05
Take-off 23 Feb 23, 17:40
Arrival at 23 Feb 23, 22:45
LG   #41 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 97 reviews
Published on 16th July 2023


Hi everyone !

Nice to meet you again for a new FR !

Return flight to Luxembourg after a week's vacation on Fuerteventura.

Fuerteventura is served by Luxair with 2 direct flights per week (Thursday and Saturday), without direct competition.
The price makes you react immediately (395 € on the outbound flight and 320 € for this flight for one person !) but it is understandable because Luxair is a tour operator to the Canaries.

This flight will also for me one of the last on a 737-700 of Luxair, indeed the company announced on March 03, 2023 that it was renewing its fleet by 737-8 Max and 737-7 Max more fuel efficient and with lower CO2 emissions compared to the previous generation of aircraft.


The same flight in the opposite direction :



We are approaching Fuerteventura El Matorral airport after 50 minutes drive from Costa Calma.

photo 1photo 2photo 3

This way for rental cars.

photo 4photo 5photo 6

The rental car returned in less than 5 minutes, direction now the terminal.

photo 7

There are a few car rental companies at the airport, as this sign with all the rental company logos indicates.

photo 8

This is Fuerteventura's only terminal :

photo 9photo 10

An overview of the airport's development over the years.  

photo 11

The flight is delayed by about 20 minutes.

photo 12

Here are the departing flights : we're the only flight delayed ! 

photo 13

Arrivals :

photo 14


The baggage check-in desks are empty at the moment.

photo 15

After more than an hour of waiting, the suitcases were checked.

photo img_4015-25371

Here's the boarding pass :

photo capture-decran-2023-05-28-a-154058

Next : The security.

photo img_3996


We passed through security very quickly, and less than 10 minutes later we were already on the airside.

photo img_4017-15155-42230photo img_4024

Here's the gate : our plane hasn't landed yet, so I decide to walk around the terminal looking for other planes to spot.

photo img_4027photo img_4030

Luxair immediately informed us of this delay by SMS and email.

photo img_4037-46386

A lounge is available in the airport but unfortunately it was closed when I was there.

photo img_4040-25874


A small Canaryfly ATR 72-500.

photo img_4043photo img_4055

A TUI 737-800 takes off.

photo img_4079


The doors were closed, the lounge was very comfortable on our last visit.

photo 28

Our plane is the same as on the outbound flight : Lima Golf Sierra (LX-LGS).

photo 29

Our plane finally landed, and the outbound flight arrives on time but for the flight to luxembourg it is delayed ! 

photo 30

A Smartwings B737-800 taxiing for take-off.

photo 31


photo 32photo 33

Luggage and passengers will be disembarked quickly.

photo 34


Boarding begins on time.

photo 35photo 36

Some information about the plane :

Type : Boeing 737-7C9

Registration : LX-LGS

First flight : January 2005

Age : 18 years old.

It was delivered new to Luxair on January 21, 2005, it is not equipped with Split Scimitars winglet.

Bye bye Fuerteventura, see you soon I hope !

photo 37

The bridge becomes blind.

photo 38

The cleaning teams are busy for preparing the aircraft.

photo 39

Fuselage shot (sorry about the visibility, the window was really dirty)

photo 40


photo 41

Cabin configured in 3 - 3.

photo 42photo 43

As on the outward flight, I would be sitting in row 17 seat A.

photo 44

The view is perfect !

photo 45

Some magazines are available in the seat in front of us.

photo 46photo 47

The Safety Card is glued to the front seat ! No USB socket on board.

photo 48

Correct pitch, but you don't have to be 2 metres tall!

photo 49

Boarding continues, the plane will be full !

photo 50photo 51

Boarding ends and we're welcomed on board !

photo 52


We're pushing back just fifteen minutes behind schedule.

photo 53photo 54

Taxiing to the runway in the sunshine.

photo 55photo 56

Take off.

Take-off on runway 01.

photo 57

See you soon in Fuertvetura !

photo 58

Passing over Puerto del Rosario.

photo 59photo 60photo 61

We pass quickly above the clouds.

photo 62

Direction now the spain ! 

photo 63photo 64

A sea of clouds in below us !

photo 65

A beautiful sunset in front of us ! 

The sun is slowly setting.

photo 71photo 72photo 73

In the cabin, Mood Lighting is activated.

photo 74

The headrests are branded with the company's name.   

photo 75photo 76


The service begins over Spain around 1h30 after take-off.

photo 77

At the online check-in, a different meal was available for purchase (15 €), for the price, we'll settle for the included meal !

The meal includes : a hot dish of sausages, vegetables and mashed potatoes, a fresh bread roll, an apple and almond "mille-feuille" and a small Camembert cheese from the box. 

photo 78photo 79

The drinks will arrive a few moments after the meal. 

photo 80

The service ends over Biarritz.

photo 81

The only IFE available on board.

photo 92

The tray will leave empty !

photo 83


As the IFE only offers stupid shows with 10 year olds playing pranks, so I decided to build my plane, which I had bought in Luxembourg on the outward flight.

It's a little Dash Q400 with the breast cancer livery. 

photo 84photo 85photo 86


Shortly before the descent, the crew offers us a second drink service.

photo 87photo 88

DESCENT TO Luxembourg.

The descent start 20 minutes after the second service.

photo 89

The first light appears.

photo 90


Night landing in Luxembourg.

photo 91

Taxiing to the terminal, we quickly clear the runway, a Cargolux 747 is on final approach just behind us.

photo 93photo 94photo 95

Last turn.

photo 96photo 97

Arrival at gate A06.

photo 98photo 99


Bye Bye 17A !

photo 100

The cabin was emptied of passengers ! 

photo 101

Welcome to Luxembourg !

photo 102

Goodbye Lima Golf Sierra ;)

photo 103

Now to the luggage carousel.

photo 104photo 105photo 106


photo 107


A few people are already waiting.

photo 108

Tonight it will be the carousel 2.

photo 109photo 110photo 111

The exit is here !

photo 112

Next stop : car park A.

photo 113photo 114photo 115

Still so many cars here !

photo 116

Goodbye Luxembourg airport and see you soon !!!

photo 117photo 118
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Cabin crew6.0

Fuerteventura Island - FUE


Luxembourg - LUX



Luxair :

Cabin : Comfortable seat with adjustable head cushion, correct legroom : 08/10
Crew : Ordinary crew, not very helpful : 6/10
Entertainment : No personal IFE on this aircraft, Wifi not working, no USB plug, good selection of magazines in the seat : 7/10
Catering : Excellent hot dish and a dessert : 8/10

Fuerteventura :

Fluidity : Short waits at security and fast boarding : 9/10
Access : RAS : 8,5/10
Services : There are lots of shops with a wide range of products available: 8/10.
Cleanliness : RAS : 10/10

Luxembourg :

Fluidity : A bit of a wait to get the luggage, but it's still very reasonable : 8/10
Access : Super-fast terminal exit : 10/10.
Services : When we arrived all the shops were closed (normal given the time of arrival ): 8/10
Cleanliness : RAS : 10/10

Conclusion :

An excellent flight to the sun on a "holiday" route operated by LuxairTour on a small 737 - 700. Cabin with a correct pitch, WI-FI not functional this is not a strike. No USB plug on board, excellent meal and crew not always helpful !

See you soon for more FR !!!

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La durée moyenne des vols est de 4 heures et 5 minutes.

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6885 Comments
    A very good overall product from Luxair. The seats look very comfortable and much thicker than most seats these days. It's too bad about the Wi-Fi streaming entertainment not working--it seems that happens often. Hopefully it will get better. The star of the show is the free hot meal though, which is so rare on intra-European flights anymore. And yes, with such a decent free offer, I can't imagine many people spend 15 EUR for an upgraded meal.

    Thanks for sharing!

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